NY de Volunteer Overview 2011
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NY de Volunteer Overview 2011






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  • We want to go global. We will bridge differences in societies beyond New York and Tokyo through our volunteer programs Former NYdV staff started TKdV in Tokyo – we want to keep expanding our organization to serve the world!
  • We would like to increase the number of beneficiaries. We will need more supporters and more volunteers. Here is how we can accomplish this…(next slide)
  • We have visited 20 locations so far – we can double the size in two years! There are sixteen hundred children currently participating in our Japanese cultural after-school program and we will serve thirty-two hundred children by 2013. Japanese Spa Day is done annualy -> We want to increase this event to 4 times a year. Explore Japanese Culture is the first step for many of the participating children to learn about different culture, and we’d like to take this to the next level! The Global Citizen Alumni Club will help them to have an opportunity to visit Japan.
  • Right now, the after school program covers these locations in blue. [CLICK] We want to double the number of locations in two years. [CLICK] By expanding, We can continue to deepen our involvement with local communities.
  • We would like to increase the number of volunteers from 600 a year to twelve hundred a year. We would also like to strengthen partnerships with Japan related organizations such as JET Alumni Association, JAJA (which is Japanese American and Japanese in America), and other organizations.
  • In addition, our goal includes raising next generation of leaders. We currently have two interns from Japan now. They came to NY especially to intern for NYdV. Yuki-san will be here for 3 months, and Sonoka-san will be here for one year! They are here to learn NPO management and other leadership skills – Yuki-san wants to work in the corporate social responsibility field, and Sonoka-san wants to work in a non-profit organization, when they return to Japan. Yuki-san was a project leader to arrange this party tonight with Maki-san. Yuki-san has only been here for two weeks but took leadership in making this event happen. I am sure that when she returns to Japan, she will be a great leader! I would like to acknowledge all volunteers involved in making this event happen -- Thank you so much! Let’s give them a hand!
  • I’d like to make a point here that NYdV historically relied on a few large supporters – US-Japan foundation and New York City. As you can imagine, NYC is going through budget cut after the economic crisis and reduced the budget for our EJC program. By increasing support from individuals, we can still achieve the short-term goals. We want to increase individual supporters by 5 times… to 500 people. We want to increase corporate supporters by 3 times to 120 organizations.
  • Simply read the table
  • We’d like to achieve our goals in two years and NYdV can be helped to get there! There are various ways you can help – 1. promote NYdV and provide referrals to us, 2. we need your knowledge and expertise, and 3. your contribution, either monetary or non-monetary mean a lot to us!!
  • We want more people to know us, and there is a limit where we can reach through our existing network / relationship. Please tell your friends, family, co-workers and community members about us! More people know about us, the more opportunities come up. We believe our programs can be applied to different places! If you know any organizations which might be interested in our program, please let us know!
  • As we discussed, we are now officially running five committees to manage NYdV day-to-day operations. We still need more committee members who have knowledge, experience and expertise in these areas.
  • Lastly but not least, we welcome your contributions in monetary or non-monetary form. We can help ONE child to become Global Citizen through our EJC program for $20 We can enrich ONE senior’s life through our Japanese Spa Day for $50 We can purchase clear-up equipment for ONE US-Japan Clean-Up program for $100 In-kind donation of products for our programs, such as yukata for kids, raffle prizes,clothing for fundraising bazzer or even event space for our fundraising parties are greatly appreciated!
  • Additional 470 supporters might sound very difficult to achieve… however, let’s say, we have 70 peopple here. everyone here talk to 3 people to join our support network, and they talk to 1 person to join -> then we’ll have 470 people in no time! I understand it easy to say, but I don’t think it’s impossible or too aggressive! We really need your help to involve more supporters to provide more EJC and Japanese Spa Day programs to children and seniors waiting for us!
  • We have also developed our own products – NY de Volunteer original bracelet and necklace. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these products will be donated to NY de Volunteer. You can purchase it today at the desk in the back.
  • Here is another way in which you can support NY de Volunteer. For $33, you can rent a yukata, obi, and have someone come to help you put it on.
  • We also have hand-made origami earrings You can pre-order them through the staff members here with the order form.

NY de Volunteer Overview 2011 NY de Volunteer Overview 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • NY de Volunteer (NYdV) 2011
  • Our Mission
    • To address critical needs in New York by empowering the local Japanese population and its friends to become positive change-makers through volunteerism and intercultural exchange .
  • Today’s Agenda
    • Part I: Introduction
      • History
      • Program
      • Award
      • Board of Directors and Key Facilitators
    • Part II: Future
      • Our Vision
      • Goals
      • 3 Needs
  • Introduction to NYdV
    • Part I
  • History Date Event May 2002 NYdV was established by Noriko Hino and Kazumi Terada The first program, “Spring Cleanup Day” was launched September 2002 “ 9/11 Floating Lantern Ceremony” started May 2004 Ex-NYdV staff established our sister organization in Japan, Tokyo de Volunteer (“TKdV”) November 2004 “ Japanese Spa Day” started January 2007 “ Explore Japanese Culture After School Program” was launched with support from New York City Park & Recreation Department
  • “ Experience + Education + Exchange “ Our Program “Experience + Education + Exchange “
  • Explore Japanese Culture After School
    • Award Wining program!
    • We served over 1,600 children at the New York City Park & Recreation Centers.
    Our Program “Experience + Education + Exchange “
  • Japanese Spa Day
    • We served 100 seniors at nursing homes to enrich the lives of seniors and introduce Japanese culture.
    • Featured as New Yorker of the Week on NY1 in 2005
    Our Program “Experience + Education + Exchange “
  • 9/11 Memorial Floating Lantern Ceremony
    • We support the Japanese traditional floating lantern ceremony which is held annually on September 11 to commemorate the victims of the World Trade Center tragedy.
    Our Program “Experience + Education + Exchange “
  • US-Japan Friendship Clean Up
    • Since 2002, the Japanese philanthropic clean up group, " Clean Up Japan" has come to New York to provide annual clean up event.
    Our Program “Experience + Education + Exchange “
  • New York Study Tour
    • We organized short and long term tours for Japanese individuals and organizations to engage in volunteering, non-profit organization research exchange and English Language study internships.
    Our Program “Experience + Education + Exchange “
  • Lectures on Non Profit Organization Management
    • We provide lectures about NPO management and volunteer promotion.
    Our Program “Experience + Education + Exchange “
  • Corporate volunteering
    • NYdV offers customized programs such as group volunteer programs, volunteer orientation and cause marketing programs.
    Our Program “Experience + Education + Exchange “
    • NYdV’s sister organization, Tokyo de Volunteer was formed in Tokyo, Japan under the same mission.
    • After the earthquake, we have been providing volunteering for beauty treatments at the damaged areas.
    Tokyo de Volunteer
  • Achievements
    • Since 2002, NYdV had
    • 7,000 volunteers
    • 700 events
    • 100,000 beneficiaries
    • Without your support, we are unable to accomplish it.
  • Recognition and Awards
    • Honor of Volunteerism reception in NYC Gracie Mansion
    • Awards
    • “ The New Yorker of the Week“
    • by NY1 News (2005)
    • "Lifestyle Expert”
    • by the Japanese Cabinet Office Policy Bureau Divisions (2005)
    • “ Distinguished Honored”
    • by NYC Comptroller (2007)
    • “ Volunteer Appreciation Award”
    • by New York City Park & Recreation Department (2010 & 2011)
  • Honorary Board: Naoko Taniguchi
    • Role at NYdV
      • Adviser of NYdV management (resides in Japan)
    • NPO experience
      • Chairperson of “Palette”
      • Executive director of “Palette International Japan”
      • Director of “Japan League on Intellectual Disabilities”
      • Vice Chairperson of “Social Innovation Japan”
    • Award
      • Yamato Welfare Foundation (2003)
      • Kazuo Itoga prize (2006)
    • Others
      • Member of
        • Social Business Initiatives committee in Ministry of Economy
        • Trade and Industry
        • New Social welfare in Cabinet Office
  • Director: Carl Taeusch
    • Role at NYdV
      • Chair of Nominating Committee
    • Career background
      • Retired pharmaceutical executive and lawyer
      • Lived in Japan for 20 years
      • Amateur Kyogen acting with Yutonokai in Japan
    • Volunteer Activities
      • Demonstrated Kyogen for community children in Explore Japanese Culture After School Program
  • Director: Paul Golin
    • Role at NYdV
      • Chair of Fundraising Committee
    • NPO experience
      • Associate Executive Director of
      • “ Jewish Outreach Institute”
    • Others
      • Author of “20 Things for Grandparents of Interfaith Grandchildren To Do (And Not Do) To Nurture Jewish Identity In Their Grandchildren”
      • Author of “How To Raise Jewish Children…Even When You’re Not Jewish Yourself”
  • Director: Kazumi Terada
    • Role at NYdV
      • Chair of Marketing Committee
    • NPO experience
      • Co-founder of NYdV
      • Treasurer for “Mahayogi Yoga Mission”
      • Key facilitator of “9/11 Floating Lantern Ceremony”
    • Career background
      • US-Japan cultural and linguistic consultant
      • Design project manager at Panasonic Design Center of America
  • Director: Taka Juba
    • Role at NYdV
      • Chair of Program Committee
    • NPO experience
      • Primary instructor of “Explore Japanese Culture After School Program
    • Academic background
      • Graduate of Claremont McKeena College with International Relations and Japanese Degree
      • Currently pursuing Fordham Law School
  • Director: Andrew Meehan
    • Role at NYdV
      • Member of Program Committee (resides in Japan)
    • NPO experience
      • Oversee NYdV Newsletter translation from Japanese to English
    • Career background
      • Founder and principal of a boutique consultancy specialized in American litigation support through English/ Japanese translation
  • Other Key Facilitators
    • Founder & Executive Director: Noriko Hino
    • Financial Director: Kenichi Takahashi, CPA
    • Adviser: Sachiko Uozumi
    • Adviser: Mike Toshi Kida
  • Our Future
    • Part II
  • Our Future - Beyond New York
  • Expanding the Organization
    • Increase the
    • number of
    Supporters Volunteers
      • Beneficiaries
  • Our Goals (2011 to 2013)
    • Beneficiaries:
      • 2x for “Explore Japanese Culture after School Program”
      • 4x for “Japanese Spa Day”
      • Create “Global Citizen Alumni Club” for beneficiaries and volunteer
  • Our Goals (2011 to 2013)
    • Volunteer: from 600 to 1,200
      • Recruit volunteer from various communities
        • Current: Japanese students and housewives
        • Future: Expand to Business community
        • and non-Japanese people
  • Our Goals (2011 to 2013)
    • Volunteer: Raise leaders of next generation
        • Formalize leadership training program
        • Increase internship program from Japan
        • Graduates expand NYdV spirits to the local communities.
  • Our Goals (2011 to 2013)
    • Supporters:
      • Individual supporters: 5x to 500
      • Corporate supporters: 3x to 120
        • EJC for +1,600 children = +$32,000
        • Japanese Spa Day for +300 seniors = +$15,000
        • TOTAL = +$47,000
        • ~470 additional individual supporters ($100/person)
  • Where we are Date November 2010 NYdV hired five board members April 2011 NYdV website was renewed ( www. nydevolunteer .org ) with new tagline and new mission May 2011 Noriko Hino, Executive Director, completed Not-for-Profit Management Program at Columbia Business School June 2011 Five committees were officially formed and chairperson was nominated July 2011 We are actively seeking new opportunities to provide our programs
  • NYdV’s Three Needs
    • You can support NYdV in various ways…
    • 1. Promotion & Referrals
    • 2. Knowledge & Expertise
    • 3. Monetary & Non-monetary Contributions
  • NYdV’s Three Needs
    • Promote NYdV & Provide Referrals
      • Increase visibility
      • More partners to provide our program
        • “ Explore Japanese Culture After School Program”
        • “ Japanese Spa Day”
      • Talk about us to your friends, co-workers and
      • your community members
  • NYdV’s Three Needs
    • Contribute Your Knowledge & Expertise
    • Your expertise can help us
      • In order to strengthen our organization, we need more committee members
        • Fundraising committee
        • Program committee
        • Marketing committee
        • Finance committee
  • NYdV’s Three Needs
    • Offer Monetary and Non-monetary Contributions
      • $20 donation = 1 child to become “Global Citizen”
      • <Explore Japanese Culture program>
        • More than 3,200 children are waiting for us!
      • $50 donation = 1 senior to receive beauty treatment
      • <Japanese Spa Day>
      • $100 donation = 1 event clean-up equipment
      • <US-Japan Clean-Up>
      • In-kind donation
        • Yukata for children
        • Raffle prizes / Event space for fundraising parties
        • Computer equipment for our office use
  • 70 persons 470 persons
  • NYdV Original Bracelet and Necklace Bracelet $30 50% will donate to NYdV You can purchase TODAY! Necklace $30
  • Yukata Rental $33 for Yukata Rental Set <Include Yukata, Obi, fitting> 50% will donate to NYdV
  • Crane Earring $10 for a pair 70% will donate to NYdV You can order TODAY!
    • With your support, we are moving toward our future!