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workshop delivered at SMART event …

workshop delivered at SMART event
please note this presentation was delivered as speaker support material and is intended for reference by attendees not for use as a stand-alone resource

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  • Jon Clemo CEO Housekeeping Questions
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  • 1. Supporting Communities … Rural Advocacy… Developing Solutions Taking Communities Online
  • 2. What do we mean by socialnetwork?
  • 3. So communities are naturalsocial networks Doing this online is about using a new set of tools
  • 4. Opportunity• Opportunity to address isolation• Keep the connection going after the event• Better monitoring and understanding• Mutually supportive online and offline – Promote events – Gather information – Get feedback – Support planning• And my first starting point for anything is google
  • 5. Communication Basics Who are we talking to? What do they want to know How do they like to receive information?How can we make it two-way?/what do we want from them
  • 6. So what are some of thetools we can use?
  • 7. Content is king!•Develop content chunks –Pictures from our last event –Newsletter –Keep short but regular•Develop a plan say 1-3 items a week
  • 8. Checklist• Take baby steps• Decide the priorities
  • 9. Checklist basic• Collect emails of key contacts/users attendees• Email newsletter• Any website presence• More than 1 person can use it• It is accurate• We update at least once a month• We use this online presence to support our offline activities e.g. the village hall website tells you how to book!• Through offline activities we tell people about our online presence (website on flyer)
  • 10. Checklist medium• We have accounts on – Facebook – Twitter• We update these regularly• We use survey tools to get feedback• We have a content plan• We have a content policy• More than 1 person can do all these things
  • 11. Checklist advanced• We use many platforms• We post frequently and in different media• We integrate our website with social media and drive traffic to our site• We monitor usage and feedback online• We have active online discussions• Whatever you can imagine…
  • 12. Thoughts and questions?