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12 2010 building online learning environments final presentation
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12 2010 building online learning environments final presentation


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Final Presentation

Final Presentation

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Building Online Learning Environments By Noreen Mancinelli
  • 2. My Purpose
    • Why did I enrolled in this course?
    • Because I thrive on stress!!!
    • Because I had to acquire CPE credits quickly!!!
    • However, I never waste my precious time so what I do, I do to increase my personal growth.
    • Being an educator, I knew I needed to enhance my knowledge and purpose in bringing technology into my classroom.
    • … And so I was off on my journey.
  • 3. Difficult? Yes!
    • I found it quite frustrating to be working independently in an area I quickly discovered I knew so little about.
    • I hit many bumps and road blocks on my journey.
    • I was screaming while pulling out my hair.
    • But I did not give up, I just kept pedaling along the “You Tube Highway” meeting many new internet Gurus along the way.
  • 4. My First Stop
    • Mr. Edmodo - I found him to be a great friend. Someone I could work along side with quite easily. I began to build my online classroom with his guidance.
    • I love being able to talk to my students using their language and avenues of learning.
      • Stop in and visit: My Online Learning Environment
        • Access codes:
        • Period A The code to access this group is: w0of2o
        • Period D The code to access this group is: 9h6q7s
    If the remainder of my Moodling is like Mr. Edmondo. I’m off to a good start.
  • 5. My Second Stop: Mrs. Ruby Star Rubric & her Sister Miss HotChalk Lesson
    • I quickly realized to see the big picture and to work backwards,
    • I had to get to know about Mrs. Ruby Star Rubric and why she thought a “4” was better than a “1”.
    • I found Miss Ruby Star the easiest of all to work with. She made it so easy to modify a template rubric that I could use for an upcoming project.
    • Take a peek:
    • Her sister, Miss HotChalk Lesson made it simple to borrow a lesson from her library rather than creating one of my own.
      • Read what she had to say:
  • 6. Hello Mr. Awesome Assessment
    • Wow! What a great experience meeting all your cousins who provided options for online quiz making.
    • My favorite was Miss Ruby Star’s brother, Quiz Star. I liked having the option of selecting the response format I desired from my students .
  • 7. Mr. Multimedia
    • Where a you been all my life? I’m glad I had you, Mr. Multimedia hang out in Mr. Edmodo’s classroom. The students found an array of opportunities to access online instructional media, followed up with online exercises for practice and then a quiz which provided my students with immediate feedback of their work.
    • It doesn’t get much better than Multimedia!
  • 8. In Conclusion
    • It has been a tremendous journey. I learned a lot, gained a few grey hairs and bold spots from pulling out my hair.
    • My preferred learning style is short lecture, with outlines in which I can take notes and examples to view and then try on my own. I need immediate feedback if only for a quick confirmation I’m headed in the right direction.
    • All that being said, I’ll be back for another online course in January. Wikis and blogging here I come.