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  • Public Services Innovation Lab- we run innovative programmes that test new, cheaper and more effective, ways of delivering public services and tackling major social issues.currently focussing on:Local govermentsAgeing of populationHealthcareDigital educationOne of the things we’re particularly interested in the role that users of public services and the wider public can play in re-imagining public services.Big Green Challenge was the first major thing we did in the area of ‘people-powered’ public services. Launched in 2007, it then became part of the Public Services Lab when that launched in 2009.
  • Nesta, the innovation foundation in the UK has set up a Centre for Challenge Prizes.
  • A challenge prize offers a reward to whoever can first, or most effectively, meet a defined challengePrescribes the what but not the who or how
  • Example Ansari x-prize
  • Offering cash prizes to incentives breakthrough innovations is a time honoured practice. In the past prize competition have been vital to solve problems like food preservation or measuring the longitude.
  • Aramand Hammer - 1m US prize to find a cure for some form of cancer – no solution but encouraged advances in hormone based treatmentsRockefeller prize - 1993 prize of US$1 million for the development of an inexpensive rapid simple test to detect genital chlamydial or gonococcal infection. The prize was never claimed and was withdrawn in 1998NHS Innovation prize – Current 150k Achieve a 10% reduction in numbers of pre-term births through the better management of risks. – RESULT – NEW surveillance clinicGlobal Security Prize - mPedigree in Ghana upload nformation of each pack of medicine into the central registry to verify Nesta – social challenge – new business models for community cafes, tools company for disbaility,
  • Robotic aircraft ability to "sense and avoid" other air trafficDarpa – robotscapable of executing complex tasks in dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments – for diaster relief Nesta - The Big Green Challenge. Launched in 2007, this was a £1million prize for people-powered solutions to climate change. We wanted to prove to government, to companies and to communities themselves that communities can be radical sources of innovation to combat climate change. The prize was set around a clear, measurable goal – who could reduce CO2 emissions by the most in their community in a year? reductions achieved by Finalists across the Big Green Challenge year to be 10-46% . Included diverse solutions from behaviour change to local energy generation – with one scottish island virtually slefsuffcentExtend the life of a mouse with motor neurone disease by 25% - not won yet Oil clean up – clear parameters
  • 1. UNDP – cheaper, more portable and flexible/user friednly2. ALT – expensive, embarassing to use, not user frudednly3. US Department of Veterans Affairs and gave Veterans and their families access to health records. The first version was limited to text.The solution reduced waiting times and booking for veterans
  • 1Cycling prize 2The L Prize (replacing light bulbs)3X-Prize Space flight Longitude The Saltire Prize
  • Tris Dyson_Nordic Health and Welfare Innovation Arena

    1. 1. Tris Dyson, DirectorCentre for Challenge Prizes, Nesta
    2. 2. Public Services Lab The Public Services Lab works with a wide network ofpartners to develop and test new ways of meeting socialneeds Focus on people powered public services and the publicand social innovation system v Innovation in Giving
    3. 3. Nesta Impact InvestmentInvesting for impact in early stage social ventures£25 million to invest in social ventures with innovative products or services that areaddressing some of the UK’s most pressing challenges.In particular, seeking innovations that have a positive impact on:• The health and wellbeing of an ageing population;• The educational attainment and employability of children and young people;• The social and environmental sustainability of communities.NestaImpact Investment are looking for organisations that have high potential socialimpact that can be evidenced, and a financially viable business model capable ofproducing a return on investment.For more information -
    4. 4. What? A hub to bring together expertise on challenge prizes and to runchallenge prizes to solve challenges for the public good.Why? To increase practical evidence and understanding about challengeprizes so they can be used effectively by governments, charities andbusinesses. To have a tangible positive impact on society throughchallenge prizes.
    5. 5. What is a Challenge Prize?First Most
    6. 6. What is NOT a Challenge Prize?Recognition Subjective
    7. 7. NASA Criteria of Successful Problemsa) The simpler, the betterb) Relevant to Missionc) The right level of difficultyd) Interest for sponsors and competitorse) Follow on Opportunitiesf) Public ExcitementGood Problem
    8. 8. 1795 Napoleon’s Preservation Prize1869 Napoleon III Butter Substitute PrizeHistory of Prizes…1714 Longitude Prize
    9. 9. The Resurgence in Prizes…
    10. 10. 1. Armand Hammer Cancer Prize2. Rockefeller Prize for Rapid STD Test3. NHS Innovation Prize4. Global Security Prize5. Nesta Challenge to reduce social isolation of OlderPeoplePrizes in Health & Welfare
    11. 11. Why are Challenge Prizes effective?1. Cost Effective2. Galvaniser3. Profile Raiser
    12. 12. What Makes a Prize Worthy Problem?Solvable but not too solvable1Solution will be accelerated2Solutions can come from many sources3Solution is relevant to improving lives4Solution will be adopted (taken to market)5NASA - Unmanned Aircraft SystemsAirspace Operations Challenge(UAS OC) $500 USDARPA Robotics Challenge($10m US - Contract)Nesta Big Green Challenge(£1m GBP Prize Pot)Prize for Life($1m US)Wendy Schmidt Oil Clean Up Challenge($1m US)Examples
    13. 13. Prizes for ProcurementUNDP Renewable Energy Challenge1The ‘Maker Prize’ Assisted Living Technology2US Health Design Challenge3
    14. 14. Prizes for AwardsExtending MarketBoundaries /Creating newmarkets£50-£100kExtendedProductionBoundaryStimulatingPrize-AmenableMarketsScope to ExtendResource CapacityMany SmallInnovationsStep Change Large ScaleInnovationsMarket MakingNew innovation /existing marketDisrupt an existing ordeveloping market1£250-£1M £10-£100MStimulatingInnovations inexisting Markets1232Entirely newsolution/market3
    15. 15. In Health?Make cancer a containable disease in 10 yearsA person can affordably have a full DNA screening in their supermarketPoint of care testing to eliminate child mortality from malariaEarly diagnosis of cancer with bio-markers monitored by a robotic devicethat can transfer information to your mobile phoneHalt a flu pandemic within 1 monthHalt a Flu pandemic with a vaccine based on new structural informationA real time check on calorific balanceAlternative to Antibiotics
    16. 16. NASA Criteria of Successful Problemsa) The simpler, the betterb) Relevant to Missionc) The right level of difficultyd) Interest for sponsors and competitorse) Follow on Opportunitiesf) Public ExcitementWhat is a Good Problem for you?