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Peter Emmerich Hansen_Nordic Health and Welfare Innovation Arena

  1. 1. The Nordichealthcare systems:Innovation PotentialsNordic Health and Welfare Innovation ArenaStockholm, May 22, 2013320 consultants Leadership IT Management Strategy & Growth Operational Excellence
  2. 2. 2NHS Scotland: Projected demographic changesStatistics produced by the Scottish Government Health DirectorateA new 600 bed hospital every 3 years for 20 yearsA new 50 bed care home every 2 weeks for 20 yearsVirtually all school leavers into the care sector by 2030The perspectives for Scotland…Scotland’s 65+ population is projected to:» Rise by 21% by 2016» Rise by 62% by 2031For the 85+ age group specifically, the population is projected to:» Rise by 38% by 2016» Rise by 144% by 2031
  3. 3. 3”Reality check”• Presently, the tender process does not foster innovation1) It supports buying at the lowest cost2) It supports existing processes and structures3) It does not support innovation – neither on the customerside or on the vendor side.• Presently, public/private cooperation does not foster innovationand innovative business growth. Promising examples can befound, but on a general level – we are not yet there!• Presently, the research institutions and universities are playinga role – but they are mainly interested in the “innovationmoney” for institutional purposes … they are not really in it tohelp with the (business) development of innovative services
  4. 4. 4”Reality check”• (In many ways) present economic incentives favorsincreases in hospital based activity – more of the same …ina situation, where it is generally recognized, that we cannotgo on with traditional forms of healthcare delivery … where itis generally recognized that innovation in healthcaredeliveries are needed.• Do we invest in healthcare innovation on a level,corresponding to the hype, we have created – healthcareinnovation as a kind of great savior?
  5. 5. 5”Reality check”05101520253035404550Overall Healthcare Healthcare innovation5012.50.9Research and development resources. Public and private. Nordic countries.Billion US $.
  6. 6. 6Viewpoint from ”Mini survey expert”“Our own self image: Is it actually build on facts, when it is stated, that“There is a huge potential for the Nordic public sector to foster innovativeand smart healthcare solutions – building on already established solutionsand pilots.” What exactly are the great pilots and the great solutionsdeveloped in the Nordic countries – that are outstanding andspecial, compared to initiatives and solutions in the rest of the world?Are we aware, that healthcare innovation is not a business to be created –that healthcare innovation is already a global business – with innovationtaking place in US, China and elsewhere, involving major healthcarechains and hospital systems … often with very little time span fromthought to execution. And often with huge funds.”
  7. 7. 7“Talking about IT-solutions: Companies in the Nordic countries make goodprofits with proprietary solutions sold to the Nordic countries: This is acomfortable market – but is decreasing the ambitions (necessity) of Nordiccompanies to try to enter non-Nordic markets.Also, with this tradition, new companies are prevented from entering theNordic market. The solutions often do not comply to international standardsand are therefore not very competitive outside the Nordic countries.”….”I think, you find many regional and local entities in the Nordic countries –each having their own will power, their own say. Do the national levels inthe Nordic countries have an efficient eHealth strategy?Viewpoint from ”Mini survey expert” (Austria)
  8. 8. 8The innovative Nordic countries“The overall ranking remains relatively stable with Swedenconfirming its innovation leadership.”“The performance of Denmark, Finland, Germany andSweden is well above that of the EU27 average.These countries are the innovation leaders.”European Commission, Innovation Union Scoreboard. 2013
  9. 9. 9Some of the preconditions are there:• We have skilled people with great understanding for acting inan international world.• We have skilled population, who is actually capable of usinghealthcare innovative products services, requiring the ability ofcitizens/patients to act within the sphere of information andcommunications technology.The innovative Nordic countries – doing it!
  10. 10. 10Some of the preconditions are there:• We have a setup and a culture within the healthcare sectormaking it possible to engage with healthcare professionals oninnovation. innovative dialog.• When it comes to identification and documentation (personalid, personal data, level of documentation on healthcarecontacts, interventions etc.), the Nordic countries are quiteunique globally – actually, an infrastructure for healthcareinnovative solutions that are the envy of many other countries.The innovative Nordic countries – doing it!
  11. 11. 11The Healthcare Quality StrategyWe will have to involve the people of Scotlandto a greater extent in the „co-production‟ ofhealth and healthcare.We will need major investments in telehealth and ehealth tosupport more people at home achieving better outcomes at lesscost.Developments in technology and in information andcommunications technology, will give us the tools tofundamentally reshape how healthcare is delivered …”“We must encourage whole system improvement …transform the way we deliver and engage in ourhealthcare system.”
  12. 12. 12“… we would have to make sure, that healthcare innovativesolutions are not seen as a kind of supplementary to a statichealthcare system, as being “on top of an unchangedhealthcare system” – but are seen as one of the major waysto support necessary transformation of and within thehealthcare system …”- one of the major ways to create more cost-effectivehealthcare solutions,- one of the major ways to make sure, that expensive hospitalresources and capacity are used efficiently,- one of the major ways to involve and make citizensresponsible for their own health and healthcare provisionThe innovative Nordic countries – doing it!
  13. 13. 13The health care deliverysystem – basically thesame, only adjustmentsare neededHealthcareinnovationThe innovative Nordic countries – doing it!Transformation of provisionof health and delivery ofhealthcareHealthcareinnovation
  14. 14. 14In a perspective towards 2020/2025, the Nordic countries – in a publicallysupported and strategic drive, promoting healthcare innovation andhealthcare innovative market possibilities, could• increase resource and investment levels on healthcare innovation• pilot innovative public/private cooperation on healthcare innovation• pilot business growth within the healthcare innovation fieldOn the basis of a shared set of specific strategic targets for healthprovision and healthcare delivery.The innovative Nordic countries – doing it!
  15. 15. 15• We need two or three geographical areas in the Nordic countries – in each ofthe areas involving a hospital, GP´s, municipalities and citizens• We need 5-10 private companies, having the capacity to develop healthcareinnovative solutions• We need the private companies to accept the frame, set by the shared,specific strategic targets• We need the hospitals, GP´s, municipalities to accept being “test lab´s” forhealthcare innovation and being first movers on new healthcare innovativesolutions• We need to accept, that the hospitals, GP´s, municipalities are compensatedin their role as “test lab´s”• We need the chosen private companies to use the selected hospitals, GP´s,municipalities, GP´s as “test labs” and as first movers with operationalsolutionsThe innovative Nordic countries – doing it!
  16. 16. 16352525105Prioritities on healthcare innovation.Perspective towards 2020/2025.Structured storage of / access to informationAccess to/sharing of information - healthcare suppliersCitizens/patients and healthcare suppliers - shared acess to citizen/patient and supplier informationHome based healthcare solutions (products and services)Intelligent housing facilities (censors etc.)
  17. 17. 17352525105Prioritities on healthcare innovation.Perspective towards 2020/2025.Structured storage of / access to informationAccess to/sharing of information - healthcare suppliersCitizens/patients and healthcare suppliers - shared acess to citizen/patient and supplier informationHome based healthcare solutions (products and services)Intelligent housing facilities (censors etc.)IT infrastructure/ architecture –structured storage ofdata andinformation, facilities/applications, accessingand being able to usedataPublic funding!
  18. 18. 1820NHS Scotland – major investments in tele Health and e Health in the period from 2006.Part of the ”shift of balance”-policy (towards integration of healthcare and social care andtowards community healthcare) and a major program for supporting the overall HealthcareQuality Strategy.Approximately 30.000 citizens / patients involved in the program in the period 2006-2011.Evaluation (2011):- Reduced length of stay in hospitals- Reduced number of unplanned hospital admissions and outpatient visits- Reduced needs for nursing home capacityNew national e Health strategy, 2012-2017- Support people to communicate with NHS Scotland- Support people to manage their own health and wellbeing- Support people to become more active participants in the care and services they receive- Contribute to care integration- Support people with long term conditions- Improve the availability of appropriate information for healthcare workers- Improve the safety of people taking medicines and their effective use- Secure information and technology across the health and social care spectrumNHS Scotland tele Health /e Health