New Nordic food and regional tourism


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New Nordic food and regional tourism

  1. 1. New Nordic food and regional tourism- how can itprovide the tourism industry with sustainable businessopportunities?Ivar H. Kristensen, DirectorMelita Ringvold Hasle, Communication Manager
  2. 2. Our vision The Nordic countries as a world-leading region for innovation and sustainable growth Initiate co-operation and challenge Nordic actors through new competence and action Implement political initiatives and International communicate the overview- results We orchestrate increased Nordic insight value creation through international co-operation Develop and share Work to improve new competence, conditions for create platforms innovation and cross-border tradeWe will be known for Our core valuesProfessionalism Fostering co-operationTransparency Taking the initiativeNordic added value Sharing competence
  3. 3. Nordic Innovation’s conseption of innovation” a new product, service or process thatcreates economic or other societal value.Innovation is important in all sectors”
  4. 4. It is about people and passion
  5. 5. The customer who wants value for money
  6. 6. Employees who want to be innovative
  7. 7. Innovation- Historical developement
  8. 8. Holistic innovation: Vital to the service sectorFor the service and public sectors, creative businesses, tourism and thefinancial services industry where the customer is offered a service, thekey source of innovation is; • The employee perspective, and not the tally of patentsIntegrated and holistic governance is one of the five main goals of theOECDs innovation strategy for 2010.Tourism Trends and Policies 2010. The OECD sees innovation as thekey to the development of sustainable products and services. They arecurrently identifying how various concepts can be developed andcombined with new tourism initiatives
  9. 9. Business model innovationTourism and ExperienceThe one-year project30 Nordic-OECD company casesIdentify drivers and barriers to successful greeninnovation in tourism and experience industriesCase studies of successful green innovation inthese businessesWhere innovation takes place in the tourism andsector today
  10. 10. Offering Ecosystem Platform Solution Channel Supply Chain Customer Need Management Customer Experience Value Capture Communication Process 11© Examples Jørn B. Andersen: Adapted fromMohan Sawhney and Jiyao Chen’s Innovation Radar 2.0
  11. 11. Nordic tourism companyInnovation Radar profile & green INNOVATIONRADAR profile
  12. 12. Company participation Norway Iceland Portugal • The Øya Festival • Íshestar Travel • Zmar Eco Campo Resort & • Høve Støtt Hallingdal • Icelandic Mountain Spa AS Guides • Robinson Club Quinta da • XXLofoten AS • Icelandic Farm Ria Holidays • EDIA/Noudar Nature Park Sweden •Ystad Saltsjöbad AB Denmark Mexico • Ramundbergets Alpina • Tivoli • Centro Banamex • Company, tbc • Scandic • Grupo Vidanta • Company, tbc • Grupo Xcaret Finland • Muumimaailma Oy Austria Korea • Koli Cultura • Boutiquehotel Stadthalle • Yongpyung Resort • Ruka-Pyhä • Naturhotel Chesa Valisa • Intercontinental Hotel • Alpbach Tourismus • COEX Convention and GmbH Exhibition Centre Russia TBC
  13. 13. NEW NORDIC FOOD– a world of opportunities新的北欧食物Nordic Innovation boostedcommercialisation by innovationin the food, tourism andexperience industries in twoprograms with New nordic food
  14. 14. Noma dared to stand out
  15. 15. An example taken from oneof our projectsThe EXPLORE project:One of Nordic Innovation’s "New Nordic Food projects”: Studiedrestaurant and cafe business models and value chains in the fartherflung regions of the Nordic countries.Demonstrated, that everyday cafes, such as the BIOS Cafe inNordreisa in the county of Troms, can play an active role as driversof profitability in the local experience economy.Entrepreneurs want to be part of experience economy clustersFocus on the development of value chains rather than viewing theindividual entrepreneur and her "product or service" in isolation
  16. 16. Whats the story? - whats so special about nordic building sector?20 November 7, 2011 Presentasjonsmal for Nordisk InnovationsCenter
  17. 17. 21 November 7, 2011 Presentasjonsmal for Nordisk InnovationsCenter
  18. 18. 22 07.11.2011
  19. 19. Business model - value proposition Customer Value Proposition Key KeyResources Processes Profit Formula Key Brand values
  20. 20. Why will sustainable be good business?•Requires businesses that use sustainablility as their source ofprofitability•Use experiences as a source of growth and broad value creationin association with market opportunities and customer value”•The Nordic region has good credibility and within sustainability, achance to create uniqie cutsomers experiences•Focus on holistic experiences wich includes the whole valuechain•Sustainable to sell local products, services and experiences,focus on experiences opposed to mass produced chineseproducts
  21. 21. Learn more about our organisation