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Providing the tools for growth with cleantech
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Providing the tools for growth with cleantech


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Presentation by Lassi Noponen, Chairman of Cleantech Invest, held at the Nordic Seed Capital Summit in Stockholm, 19 May 2011.

Presentation by Lassi Noponen, Chairman of Cleantech Invest, held at the Nordic Seed Capital Summit in Stockholm, 19 May 2011.

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  • 1. Providing the Tools for Growth within Cleantech   Presenta)on  to  Nordic  Seed  Capital  Summit     Stockholm  19.05.2011   Lassi  Noponen   Chairman   Cleantech  Invest  
  • 2. Cleantech Invest & Clean Future Fund•  Cleantech Invest (CTI) is a fund management and investment advisory firm•  CTI has served large institutional clients in the Nordic area since 2005•  The CTI team has a long and successful track record in clean technologies as entrepreneurs, investors and investment advisors•  CTI has been mandated official cleantech accelerator status by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy•  CTI is the manager of early stage cleantech investment fund, Clean Future Fund (CFF)
  • 3. About General Market/Investment Environment…•  Many investors perceive the current global financial situation negatively…•  However, the global financial crisis has changed the landscape in favor of strategic investors…•  These factors create a terrific venture capital opportunity for those who can balance risk and Confidential
  • 4. Foundations Behind Cleantech Boom•  Globally, we have entered a period where we realize there are finite resources•  Resources   Basic   Energy   Food   Fuel   Arable  Land   Water   Materials  •  The world is becoming strained by rising demand•  Public awareness of these trends is significantly affecting society•  These trends will not subside until massive amount of new technologies and solutions are deployed
  • 5. Overview of Cleantech Areas •  Cleantech as an investment theme cuts across multiple industrial sectors New     Clean  industrial   Energy   Waste   Water   materials   processes   Renewable  energy   Hazardous  waste   Industrial  pollu)on   Nanotech   treatment   abatement   Energy  storage  and   Purifica)on   distribu)on   Light  materials   Recycling   Air  pollu)on  control   Desalina)on   Energy  efficiency  and   Biomaterials   Sensing  &  Control   Power  plant  conversion   reliability   Irriga)on   efficiency  improvements   Chemical  subs)tutes   Waste  minimiza)on   Environmental  metering 5
  • 6. Overview of Growth Drivers .   Increasing  cost  of   Climate  policy  &   Energy  security  &   Water  scarcity  &   Decreasing  cost  of  new  energy  and  natural   environmental   geopoli)cs   pollu)on   technologies   resources   regula)on 6
  • 7. Where is the growth opportunity?•  The truly innovative technologies, that will have to be separated from the massive branding “green wash” of traditional industry, involve •  new clean resources •  displacement of unsustainable traditional ones •  Material and energy efficiency•  Population growth not sustainable in relation to and resource scarcity to be greater growth driver than climate change •  Supply and demand •  Energy vs materials •  Absolute vs relative •  down shifting and declining standard of living?
  • 8. Some Cleantech Sweetspots for Nordics•  Nordic area produces large and disproportionate number of high quality innovations but industrial investments into Nordic area will be limited in coming years..•  Build from national strengths and seek leadership in high value added activites and value chains dominating segmets •  Energy efficient buildings •  Energy efficiency in industry •  Electrification of transportations •  Forestry: new materials vs energy •  Offshore / Ocean: energy and biomass•  Technology increasingly sold as a service
  • 9. Policy Matters•  How do we get Nordic companies to be the solutions providers and brands in growing international cleantech market? •  Advanced / leading home market is a big benefit •  How to finance pilots? •  PPP model in financing growth companies •  Education •  Nordic countries role in global economy – early stage ”Idea Engineering”, production of new product and process
  • 10. Strategy in
  • 11. Thank YouLassi Noponen | +358 40 501 5127 |