Ivar H. Kristensen Nordic Innovation


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Ivar H. Kristensen Nordic Innovation

  1. 1. Welcome to Nordic-European Public l di bliInvestor WorkshopIVAR H. KRISTENSEN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, NORDIC INNOVATIONSTOCKHOLM, NOVEMBER 23, 2011 29/11/20111
  2. 2. The formal co-operation between the Nordic countries is amongst the oldest and most extensive regional co-operation in the worldThe Nordic Council of MinistersBusiness, Energy and Regional affairs‐ Mi i Ministers of trade & industry f d &i d The Come back Most Innovative M tI ti kid EK NE/N + EK NE/E EK‐NE/N + EK‐NE/E Richest Ri h t Strongest brand ‐ Committees of senior officials Happiest Nordic Innovation  N di I ti Board  Nordic Innovation 
  3. 3. The Nordic - a world-leading region forinnovation and sustainable growth Initiate co-operation and challenge Nordic actors through new competence and action Implement political International initiatives and overview- communicate the We orchestrate increased Nordic insight results lt value creation through international co-operation Develop and share Work to improve new competence, conditions for create platforms t l tf innovation i ti and cross-border tradeWe will be known for Our core valuesProfessionalism Fostering co-operationTransparency Taking the initiativeNordic added value Sharing competence
  4. 4. Nordic Innovation– Orchestrating Nordic value creation h i di l i Nordic Innovation is a true Nordic institution without national agenda or considerations Nordic Innovation functions as a complement to, and cooperates with, the national public organizations - a catalyst for Nordic cooperation Initiatives involves private and public market players, Nordic ministries, legal experts and academia Nordic Investment Solutions, a Nordic advisory firm within private equity, has been engaged as coordinator since 2004
  5. 5. Why are we here today? Nordic initiatives have worked well to create relationships between public players and to influence public policy y y For example mandates for public fund-of-funds players have been changed from national to Nordic This model is now expanded to more countries for increased benefits Experience sharing on tools and models is one way of increasing the efficiency of public investing
  6. 6. The importance of public initiatives Public initiatives are vital for the development of well functioning venture capital markets There are no venture capital markets that have been established without public involvement and support The private venture capital market is currently under severe pressure and f fund raising for new funds is difficult f f ff EU policy and funding is important for the development of new innovative companies that can drive European growth
  7. 7. Developing a well functioning Nordic Risk Capital Market In order to develop a coherent and well buy-out functioning Nordic risk capital market it’s it s vital to focus on all stages of the so venture called food chain of capital. seed dNordic Innovation initiatives since 2004 stimulating an effective and integrated Nordic VC industry
  8. 8. Nordic Innovation’s current VC initiatives Innovation s Nordic Seed Capital Initiative N di S d C it l I iti ti 2010/2011 now in execution Nordic-European Public Investor Initiative I iti ti now i execution in ti Update: “Obstacles to Nordic Venture Capital Funds”; Legal issues regarding the t bli h th establishment of f d and cross t f funds d border investments Possible Nordic Innovation Fund w/EIF
  9. 9. Thank Y ! Th k You!Learn more about the organisation atwww.nordicinnovation.org