Noosa Biosphere Review Presentation 1 - Vision


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A review of the Noosa Biosphere Management has been initiated by the Noosa Shire Council. After submissions were made a number of presenters were invited to present to the Councillor Working Party and interested public. This is the presentation made on behalf of Noosa Biosphere Ltd on Tuesday 4 March, 2013.

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Noosa Biosphere Review Presentation 1 - Vision

  1. 1. Noosa Biosphere Reserve Our vision Dr Susan Davis Noosa Biosphere Limited
  2. 2. The work biosphere comes from ‘Bios’ from the greek ‘for life’ and ‘Sphere’ which means a globe or ball. The biosphere includes all the parts of the land, sea, and atmosphere in which organisms are able to live WHAT IS IT? Biosphere vs Biosphere Reserve All the Earth's ecosystems are considered as part of one unit. The biosphere is the global ecological system integrating all living beings and their relationships, including their interaction with the elements of the land and rocks (the lithosphere), water (the hydrosphere) and the air (the atmosphere).
  3. 3. Noosa biosphere reserve – what is it? • Special UNESCO recognition – Some think of it as World Heritage Status without the rules and regulations • Biosphere reserves are places that have special environments BUT ALSO aim to promote and demonstrate a balanced relationship between humans and the environment • Over 621 biospheres exist worldwide found in 117 countries • Intended to be a testing grounds for actions / experimentation through the concept of ‘learning laboratories’ Whole UNESCO program in one Conflict is inherent in the concept – what’s important is how you work through that
  4. 4. Biosphere Reserves – zonation system • Core zones – for conservation, monitoring, research • Buffer zones – for activities compatible with sound ecological practices • Transition zones – for activities where stakeholders work together to sustainably manage resources 4
  5. 5. Biosphere Reserves – a dynamic system Conservation –environment & culture Learning and research Sustainable development Community forum & engagement
  6. 6. Vision • Noosa Biosphere Reserve will be a community and place that is recognised locally, nationally and internationally as a centre for learning and excellence in community engagement, sustainable economic & cultural development and environmental conservation. Mission • Noosa Biosphere Reserve promotes a balanced relationship between human interaction and the environment through partnerships and good governance, community engagement, innovative projects, advocacy, research and learning.
  7. 7. People are proud of their Biosphere By 2020 People know that environment and people can co-exist People are involved in and talking about biosphere projects People know the story and what UNESCO MaB status means People are consciously making an effort to conserve and sustain & to communicate knowledge (Biosphere principles) Local schools have biosphere information in their curriculum and are proud of it Positive relationships with different levels of Government UNESCO acknowledges our reputation & part we play in the strong network of Biosphere Reserves People understand their environment… Knowledge about local environment, birds, animals, the community available in multiple forms Regular workshop and seminar series, biennial conference Wide range of studies, Masters and PhDs completed around Biosphere topics Graduates of Biosphere learning and programs are in the community and around the world Knowledge of Indigenous peoples & culture embedded in learning programs Noosa Biosphere collaborative action for a healthy community and place People are actively engaged in Biosphere activities Extensive partnership and membership base of individuals, businesses, organisations and community groups Involved in Biosphere related programs, Acting for sustainability High levels of accreditation in programs such as Ecobiz, Living Smart, The Glossies Network Social diversity visible in the community and Noosa Biosphere activities Tourism operators say ‘Welcome to the Biosphere’, and know what it means The Noosa Biosphere brand is known Well designed signage and interpretive maps in important destinations & places Bins are branded Biosphere Art Prize and exhibitions promote local arts and culture Online presence is pervasive People know the Biosphere is good for business Quality/principled tourism & businesses, You can buy quality locally produced products/gifts featuring local designs Businesses are proud of their accreditation by Noosa Biosphere Retailers have biosphere logo and they enact what it means – staff know what it mean People are coming here because we are a destination of choice for sustainable tourism People live in the iconic landscapes Quality, sustainable design in built environment Planning Scheme (residential development, whole built environment) reflects Biosphere principles Iconic natural landscapes is protected and maintained Healthy Indigenous landscape 7
  8. 8. Can you make is simpler?? • A celebration of community and environment • Custodianship & connection
  9. 9. Biosphere Reserve - multiple entry points Conservation –environment & culture Learning and research Sustainable development Community forum & engagement
  10. 10. Where are we at? With whom? ✖
  11. 11. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CONSERVATION Partnership Players in this Realm NICA, NDLC, SCC SEQ Catchment, Environment Levy Support for sustainability events and programs Profililing heritage and environment At Balance-Unballance conference Climate Adaptation project and follow up State of the Biosphere Report – Phase I Advocacy to government Financial Reports Recruitment for Business Economic Board Partner Program Planning Leadership Corporate Relationships Next Steps Business Accreditation Forums (Ec) Management Watching Brief (Ec) Budget Development Review Plan Sector Board Meetings – advisory role Food Miles Community Gardens (depends on funding) Partner Program River Ecology Awareness (with Tourism Sector)? Involvement in Reconciliation Action Plan Centre of Excellence In Sustainability Centre NICA Fabric Design project Noosa Community Radio International Relationships Biosphere friends group proposal EDV Boundary Extension Discussion Biosphere Art Prize Pecha Kucha Night & community engagement Christie Fellows Award for Secondary Schools Benchmarking the Sociosphere Info Sheets Prod & Dist Floating Land Newspaper Articles Social Media Blogging, Facebook Possible NICA biosphere School Connection EDUCATION RESEARCH ENGAGEMENT LEARNING Social Accountability Clean Tech Collaboration Strengthen Partnership With Noosa Gallery & libraries Plastic Bag Reduction (Env) Support for UGA & other visitors Brand Development Balance/Unbalance Conference proposal Biosphere Day Sustainability Award
  12. 12. Can we do more? With who and what? Jeju Island Biosphere Reserve, Korea • World Heritage • Biosphere Reserve • Global GeoPark $30m Centre, $20m /year 12
  13. 13. Strategic projects and activities: • Expanded communications and knowledge sharing strategy and function; • Coordinated community forums, workshop and networking program promoted through a calendar of events; • Coordination of research, ecology management and monitoring activities; • Expanded partnerships program with different tiers that recognise and promote certified businesses and organisations; • Product recognition and branding; • Establishment of a Biosphere Reserve Centre (for example the Biosphere Institute of Sustainability: Noosa); • Development of eco and knowledge based tourism; and • Identified hero projects, eg. Responding to environmental threats and climate change.
  14. 14. Mr Han Qunli, Director of the UNESCO MAB program in Paris, “From the initiation of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve we have been very interested in following the progress made in Noosa BR. We have been particularly interested in the rather unique model of governance in this Biosphere Reserve that has incorporated strong commitment from local government and community members. Of particular interest for us is the ownership that the people of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve have to this... That was one of the reasons we were prompted to invite Noosa Biosphere Reserve to participate in our World Network of Island and Coastal Biosphere Reserve management meeting last year. We see great potential for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve to play a key role in helping energise the MAB network in Australia and potentially across the Asia-Pacific region.”
  15. 15. Key messages • Build on Noosa’s history of custodianship • Use the UNESCO Man and Biosphere principles to underpin our vision • It must be a partnership between govt, community, business – There needs to be multiple entry points and levels of involvement • It needs to be a coordinated approach • It needs to be resourced and have professional support and standards • We’re doing okay for five years in – let’s build on it!
  16. 16. Noosa Biosphere Reserve – Working together as a partnership of interests with the community, local government, industry, education groups and tourism.