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  • Wat bedoel je met geprofessionaliseerd en geinstitutionaliseerd?? professionaliZed at the end of 2002 and institutionalized / instituted Stichting: Foundation
  • Afbeeldingen
  • 2 voorbeelden van regionale maatschappelijke aangelegenheden
  • Feiten 1.200.000 bezoeken; trend In kader: your partner needs a job too 80% vervulde banen; wat bedoel je met 80% vervulde banen??
  • Medewerkersportretten It makes a great difference… etc. : a big difference. Verder: ik kan niet in het kader wijzigen, dat is lastig.
  • Advisors and Consultants Novice = beginnende of beginner (entry, novice, tyro)
  • Feit 160 opgeleide deelnemers management Encourage = aanzetten tot
  • Municipality
  • Watvoor vrijwillerswerk
  • Platform 13x per jaar
  • About Noorderlink

    1. 1. Noorderlink
    2. 2. NOORDERLINK … Is a unique network organization in the North of Holland with distinctive products For participants And by participants
    3. 3. HISTORY, 25 years in business Founded in the early spring of 1986, called “Het Instellingsoverleg” as a taskforce of the local government / town council, the university and Hanze-academy and the university hospital; all non-profit organizations. Professionalized at the end of 2002 and institutionalized in 2005 2011: Foundation Bestuursbureau Noorderlink
    4. 4. ORGANIZATIONCurrently: More than 30 Co-creators, in business 75.000 Employees General Board consists of all HRM directors; they set the direction (decisionmakers), goalsetting Daily Board > 5 members Accomplishment: 1 Central Office for Support
    5. 5. CO-CREATORS / MEMBERS Akzo Nobel Noorderpoort Alfa-college N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie AVEBE Openbaar Onderwijs Groep Groningen Belastingdienst Noord Provincie Drenthe Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs Provincie Groningen GasTerra Provincie Fryslân Gemeente Assen Rabobank Gemeente Groningen Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Grontmij Nederland SCA / UcM Hoogezand Hanzehogeschool Groningen SNN Koninklijke Wagenborg SWNN Lentis TSN / Thuiszorg Groningen Martini Ziekenhuis TKP Pensioen Ministerie van Economische Zaken UMC Groningen Menzis UWV district Noord NAM Waterbedrijf Groningen Nationale Politie Yacht-Randstad NOM
    7. 7. STATEGIC GOALS Exchange of knowledge, expertise and best practices Put in motion and increase the employability of staff of the organizations collaborating in Noorderlink Positively profiling the North as an attractive place to work and live To be involved in regional social events
    8. 8. NOORDERLINK LINKS! HRM Professionals Organizations Directors Managers Coaches Youngsters Projectmanagers Employees
    9. 9. CORE BUSINESS‘The Fundamentals’ Jobs on the Website/ vacancies Training Tryouts Courses Master Classes Noorderlinkdays Younglink
    10. 10. & MORE BUSINESS  Coachlink  Mediationlink  Projectlink  Seminars  Task forces  Internships  Learning jobs
    11. 11. JOBS ON THE WEBSITE Noorderlink.nl: the labourmarketportal Living in the North of Holland: we use our employees as ambassadors: their experience, their work, their home etc.
    12. 12. NOORDERLINK.NL: Labourmarketportal
    13. 13. NOORDERLINK.NL: Living in the North of Holland
    14. 14. TRAINING TRYOUT To inspire and determine whether you can use a training or a workshop in your organization For managers, HR consultants and professionals
    15. 15. COURSESProven effectiveness individual and organizational levelStarting leadershipLeadership(Policy) advisors and -consultantsNovice projectleadersExpert projectleaders
    16. 16. MASTER CLASSESSuccesfull change Diagnosis en change strategy Part 1 – inspiring speakers Part 2 – Interactive: co-creator provides case and best practice
    17. 17. NOORDERLINKDAYS 2004 @ UMC Groningen 2006 @ Gasunie 2008 @ Hanze Academy 2010 @ Municipality and Province ofGroningen 2012 @ Noorderpoort: Euroborg (11 Oct. )
    18. 18. ... In portrait 2010 @ Martinikerk
    19. 19. ... and for example 2008 @ Hanzehogeschool
    20. 20.  Younglink offers an active network that addsvalue to young professionals and graduatesworking for one of the Noorderlink co-creators Bachelor / master < 35 years
    21. 21. Events 2011 “My company, a great place to meet” : Discover other companies Networking party/drinks Volunteering “Uproar at the table” : Diner with CEO ’s from different companies
    22. 22. Visit our website (Dutch) Events calender Pictures ReportsFind us on:
    23. 23. COACHLINK Exchange of Noorderlink-coaches of different Noorderlink-organizations Development of the coaches; experience Cost effective / savings
    24. 24. PROJECTLINK Sharing knowledge, seminars, encounter events & a forum on the internet Education, project management, in collaboration with others HRM market places: matching supply and demand; matching project Managers with projects etc. Development and cost effective / saving
    25. 25. SEMINARS about Labour market Communication Mobility Education and labour market Flex working Diversity
    26. 26. PLATFORMS Labor law & Labor conditions Mobility Professionalisation
    27. 27. INTERNSHIP – “bank” (as part of formal education)
    28. 28. LEARNING JOBS (to obtain work experience) Initiated July 2009 First Job experience in 2010
    29. 29. INITIATIVES 2011 Collaboration with: AIESEC, EBF-congres, SIB, Seniors Academy and Emplooi Noorderlef Welcome Centre North-Netherlands
    30. 30. NUMBERS3 seminars each year13 task forces gathering5 General Board of Directors and 10 Daily Boardmeetings160 trained participants management80% fulfilled vacancies1.200.000 visits each year1.000 visitors Noorderlinkdays
    31. 31. Noorderlink