Petition To Win: Benefits & Best Practices for Online Petitions


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Pink Slime. The Boy Scouts of America. Trayvon Martin. Online petitions are all over the news these days, but the big news is that they really do work. In the information age, online petitions have become an important tactic for advocacy campaigns and a crucial channel for list growth to support direct email fundraising. Listen in to learn best practices for online petitions that has gleaned from hundreds of thousands of campaigns started on the world’s petition platform.

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Petition To Win: Benefits & Best Practices for Online Petitions

  1. 1. Petition To Win: Benefits & Best Practices for Online Petitions Lawrence Grodeska February 26, 2013A Service Of: Sponsored by:
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  5. 5. Petition To Win:Benefits & Best Practicesfor Online PetitionsPromote your campaign. Pressure decision-makers. Generate media. Grow your base. Win.
  6. 6. Agenda: Presenter :• Why online petitions?• What makes a winning petition?• How to start yourED2D23 petition• Sponsored Campaigns Lawrence Grodeska Nonprofit Community• Q&A ManagerHashtag: #petition2win
  7. 7. 10,000,000 Active users permonth150 Countries20,000 Organizations havecollected40,000,000 Signatures
  8. 8. #petition2win Takeaway:Online petitions are highly socialobjects that compliment traditionaladvocacy tactics.
  9. 9. Winning Petitions Are“DIRTy”:Dramatic, Inspiring,Relevant & Timely
  10. 10. #petition2win Takeaway:People on create moments.Nonprofits are using Change.orgto create movements.
  11. 11. Create a profile for your organization.
  12. 12. Start a petition!
  13. 13. #petition2win Takeaway:Winning petition checklist:achievable ask, specific targeting,compelling story, provocative image,engaging title.
  14. 14. Promoting Your Petition• Use your email list• Share on Facebook & Twitter• Embed widget on your website or blog• Reach out to local bloggers & allies• Include link in press releases
  15. 15. Communicate with your supporters!
  16. 16. Close the loop with a petition delivery.
  17. 17. What are YOU changing? • • @ChangeOrgs • /ChangeOrgs •
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