Making Your Organization Accessible to People With Disabilities


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One out of five people live with some type of a disability. If the environment or information is not sufficiently designed, people with disabilities are not able to participate in the life of an organization.

In this presentation we are going to look at the needs of people with disabilities (sight, hearing, extremities), how can we make a difference in their lives, and how this effort benefits everyone.

The following topics will be covered:

Physical accessibility
Accessibility of information
Extending services to all
Legislation and the right things to do
How do people with disabilities access services and information?
How helping to involve others can benefit you

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Making Your Organization Accessible to People With Disabilities

  1. 1. Making Your Organization Accessible to People With Disabilities Tom Babinszki October 23, 2012A Service Of: Sponsored by:
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  5. 5. • What is accessibility?• Why is it important?
  6. 6. • Physical accessibility • Extending services to all people• Accessibility of information • Legislation and the right things to do
  7. 7. • How people with disabilities access services and information? disabilities-use-the-computer
  8. 8. • People without sight • People who cannot use their hands or legs• People without hearing
  9. 9. What you do to involve others can help you as wellTools and software that make peoples lives easierMainstream tools and specialized solutions
  10. 10. Demonstration of examples • Money reader
  11. 11. Demonstration of examples • Screen reader
  12. 12. Demonstration of examples • Using iPhone
  13. 13. • What is your building like?• Can all people access your events and meetings?• If not, do you have anything in place?
  14. 14. • How are you communicating information?• Do you have alternatives for paper based information?• How is peoples experience when they call you on the phone?
  15. 15. A Few Last Things to Consider • Web and software accessibility • Is it keyboard accessible? • Do you have alternatives for images, videos and audio?
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