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Leverage Your Expertise – Technology for Nonprofit Content Curation
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Leverage Your Expertise – Technology for Nonprofit Content Curation


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As nonprofit professionals, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the quantity and pace of information. So we all turn to trusted friends to help us “find the good stuff”. As an expert in your area, …

As nonprofit professionals, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the quantity and pace of information. So we all turn to trusted friends to help us “find the good stuff”. As an expert in your area, you have a unique opportunity (and responsibility) to build your credibility and leverage your expertise by helping others make sense of your world. By adding resources to your website or blog, you become a content curator. Because the source of power for networked nonprofits is no longer “what you know”, it is in “how you use and share” what you know.
Learn how nonprofits and associations use IdeaEncore and many other online tools to save time and money and engage members through custom online libraries and re-using others’ materials to leverage their expertise. It’s an opportunity to become a leader of the peer-to-peer learning movement that is sweeping the nonprofit community.

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  • 1. Leverage Your Expertise – Technology for Nonprofit Content Curation Scott Bechtler-Levin & Flo Green November 8, 2011A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  • 2. Protecting and Preserving the Institutional Memories of Nonprofits Since 1993 (866) 598-0430 info@cjwconsulting.comA Service Of: Sponsored by:
  • 3. Affordable collaborative data management in the cloud.A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  • 4. Today’s Speakers Scott Bechtler-Levin Flo Green Co-Founder / President, Co-Founder/Vice President, IdeaEncore Network IdeaEncore NetworkAssisting with chat questions: Hosting:April Hunt, Nonprofit Webinars Cheryl J Weissman, CJW Consulting & Services, Inc.A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  • 5. What is Content Curation?RobinGood Beth KanterNot just • Seek – Organizing + Filtering• Selection (gather/aggregate) • Sense - Making sense of• Edit (filter) • Share - the very best• Contextualization…But also• Collaboratively gathered• Organized• Grouped• Displayed (publish into a stream/channel/collection/bundle)• Distributed / syndicated / shared formats-beyond-news-portals-and-magazines/
  • 6. Why people curate• Inform and influence the direction of debate• Increase the network value of your brand / organization• Engage more people in your cause – By gaining visibility / credibility in your issue area• Magnify your impact• Learn faster and more directly – How to do the above better – How to refine your services – How to build the ecosystem / movement (not just your organization)
  • 7. Who has time to wander aimlessly?• 50 billion “things” on the internet by 2020 y_2020.php
  • 8. Opportunity - How information is displayed?• Order 95+% – Most recent – Most popular• Context – Title – Title + very short description• Findability – Search – Browse beyond-news-portals-and-magazines/ 9/6/11
  • 9. Opportunity - How information is displayed?• Order 5% – Most recent – Most popular – Customizable?• Context – Title – Title + very short description – Context before you click to a landing page?• Findability – Search – Browse – Faceted search beyond-news-portals-and-magazines/ 9/6/11
  • 10. How is Twitter working for you? Really?• A tweet has, on average, a 3-hour life• Are we just ‘replicating’ or ‘adding value’? Surely, some of what you share has some lasting value • And where does that “good stuff” go … so it doesn’t get lost (down river, in the chronological stream)?
  • 11. What happens to the ‘good stuff’?
  • 12. What makes information valuable? From
  • 13. What makes information valuable? From
  • 14. Trust ….… if inner fail, most progress outward Search Search Close friends Association Library Online Network
  • 15. Moving toward collective intelligence
  • 16. Curated format types1. Curated News Portal: Aggregates from multiple sources. Looks like a newspaper2. River of News: Linear, chronologically ordered, curated news digest on a specific topic ( )3. Superguide: Selection/collection of the best content on a specific topic4. Directory of Tools/Services: A list with basic information about each5. Mixtapes: Collection of audio/music tracks, including comiplations, thematics channels6. Twitter lists of people: Lists of individuals having a Twitter account with a common interest/skill7. Video channel: ion of video clips ordered and sequenced into a channel or compilation8. Web pages showcase: Sequence of web pages on a specific topic9. Visual maps of industry tools: Mind map or geographical map10. Comparison review tables: Scrollable and embeddable tables11. Collaborative toolkits: List of tools, products, or services created and curated collaboratively by multiple authors12. Curated app-sets, suites, packs and toolkits: Plugins, portable apps or other software tools, pre-selected and packaged for a specific need13. Multimedia digital magazines: Magazine-like format giving emphasis to images and title over content. Easy to browse and scan14. Curated report pages: multiple articles, reports, video clips, etc. are organized for a specific topic15. Visual itineraries: visual maps and itineraries to explore travel interests/destinations16. Slideshows: collections of tweets ro news delivered via a sequence of slides beyond-news-portals-and-magazines/ 9/6/11
  • 17. Curated format types17. (Animated) data maps: overlay data on maps and/or animated over time18. Guides – Learning Sites: custom created textbooks. The best courses and tutorials for a specific industry, topic or application19. Visual timelines: organize images and notes along a visual timeline ( Teacher curated textbooks: best and most relevant content drawn from multiple sources for a specific teacher/class21. Curated Color Palettes: grouping of colors and swatches22. Curated Films: created by curating contributions (crowdsourced) on a specific topic or theme23. Live video / music curation: curate “live” like a DJ does24. Summarized open questions: a synthesized view of multiple answers from an open forum / Q&A25. Social books: aggregating / curating personal social content posted online26. Infographics: collection of infographics. Picking and organizing different types of information and organizing them into a custom visual or bringing together related inforgraphics to get a bigger picture of a specific topic27. Visual compositions and galleries: image pinboards where curators can organize, manage, and publish visual sets around a topic / theme28. Search channels: search engine and channels do not rely exclusively on software algorithms but make large use fo user-driven selections and preferences (e.g.: #NPTech)29. Curated books: licensed content from multiple sources organized and formated in novel ways30. Curated calendars: set of events on a specific topic or theme31. Offers and coupons: groupon beyond-news-portals-and-magazines/ 9/6/11
  • 18. Echo chamber vs Innovation• Same ideas bouncing • New ideas come from around with same – Cross-pollination people – Intersections – Edges of disciplines
  • 19. Cross-sector Where can you be noticed? / ConsumerReach / Leverage Across Nonprofit subsectors “my website” / Resource Library Audience “my association” / Narrow “my blog” (sub-sector or Functional role) “like” / Original Replication Value Added content
  • 20. Technology is essential, but not sufficient• “my website”• “my blog”• Others’ blogs• Social bookmarking ( and dozens of others)• Social platforms (,,• (• Storify (• Delicious (• Diigo (• IdeaEncore Network (• SlideShare (• DocStoc (• Scribd (• And more and more added weekly Select 2-3 platforms based on features and audience
  • 21. - Aggregation /nonprofit-knowledge- sharing
  • 22. - Display curation-for-nonprofits
  • 23. Storify - Aggregation
  • 24. Storify - Display future-of-nonprofits-a-501-tech- event-with-dav
  • 25. Delicious - Aggregation
  • 26. Delicious - Display http://www. m/stacks/vie w/HBI3th
  • 27. Diigo - Aggregation
  • 28. Diigo - Display
  • 29. A knowledge sharing platform and service that: • Rewards those who share knowledge, • Makes it easy to find and re-use tools / templates • Increases the value of association membership • A repository of tools/templates to be embedded in others’ 1/5/11 p. 29
  • 30. Library (1 of 2): “Like it” 1/5/11 p. 30
  • 31. Library (2 of 2): “Categorize it” 1/5/11 p. 31
  • 32. Your branded online library page - hosted
  • 33. Your branded online library (embeded iFrame)Online Resource Library
  • 34. Leverage your expertise – Technology for nonprofit content curationScott Bechtler-Levin Flo GreenCo-Founder and President Co-Founder and Vice President858-204-4672 1/5/11 p. 34
  • 35. A Curated list of curator commentators• RobinGood ( MasterNewMedia):• Robert Scoble:• Beth Kanter (Beth’s Blog): www.bethkanter.og and• Oliver Starr (Pearltrees)• Content Curation World: Content• Idio Platform ( Why Curation? 8/19/11 yer_embedded#!• 30+ Cool content curation tools ( content-curation-tools-for-personal-professional-use-3922 )
  • 36. List of toolsFrom
  • 37. List of toolsFrom
  • 38. Huge proliferation of tools news-curation-the-complete-guide-part-6-the- tools-universe/
  • 39. Find listings for our current season of webinars and register at: NonprofitWebinars.comA Service Of: Sponsored by: