Is that Jed Clampett or James Bond Hiding in Your Database?


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When peering into the deep of your donor base, it is critical not to “drown in a sea of opportunity.” There are many types of donors; how do you segment, manage and prioritize your time for a high-quality major gift portfolio? This course will teach participants to understand the passions and interests of individual donors and develop donor plans that meet the donors’ motivations.

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Is that Jed Clampett or James Bond Hiding in Your Database?

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  5. 5. Is Jed Clampett Hiding in Your Database? & © Copyright 2011. The Fundraising Resource Group, LLC. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. www.thefundraisingresource.comKnow Your Donors “Don’t drown in a sea of opportunity.” Doug Sherman Founder and President Immaculate Heart 6 Radio
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. THIS? 8
  9. 9. or THIS? 9
  10. 10. THIS? 10
  11. 11. or THIS? 11
  12. 12. THIS? or THIS? 12
  13. 13. Characteristics of a True Prospect Capacity Access Relevance 13
  14. 14. Capacity 14
  15. 15. Capacity What Would be Helpful to KnowSource of wealth Real estate holdings Pension Funds Public investments Liquidity events Philanthropic historyLifestyle Who’s Who Airplane/Yacht The Clampett Mansion 15
  16. 16. Capacity Sources Comprehensive Data from 30+ Where Can You Find That Info Personal Business & Philanthropic / Asset & Income Demographics Organizations Giving Acxiom Household  D&B – Business  Acxiom Household  Federal Election Profiles Profiles Profiles Contributions Dun & Bradstreet  D&B – State Business  DataQuick Real Estate  State Political Hoovers Business Registrations  LexisNexis Real Estate Donations Information  GuideStar Directors  Aircraft Registration –  Section 527 Marquis Who’s Who  GuideStar Foundations FAA Organization Reuter’s Market Guide  Section 527 Political  Boat Owners – Coast Donations Airmen Certificate – Organizations Guard & State Reg’s  Donations to tax Pilot license  Foundation Trustees  IRS Pension Holders exempt Physicians Profiles –  Reuter’s Market Guide organizations(IRS AMA  SEC – Insider Stock Section 501 (C)(3)) SSA Master Death (WealthID) Index Do Not Mail Registry
  17. 17. CapacityResults and Sources of Wealth Ratings P2G score 1-0 ECG $23,467,890 Annual Gift Range $50K- 100K 17
  18. 18. Capacity What You Need to KnowAn Estimate of whatthey could give ifproperly inspired.Next step determinewho can help youanswer “could they beproperly inspired”. 18
  19. 19. Access 19
  20. 20. Access What Would be Helpful to KnowRelationship to yourorganization’s innercirclePersonalconnectionsBusiness/Foundationconnections 20
  21. 21. Access Where You Can Get the InformationGuidestar ReportsBusiness Data Bases Hoover’s D&B Market GuidePersonal connections Links to your Inner Circle Social Activity 21
  22. 22. Find Access: Circle of Friends Marsden Family FoundationWho can open the Leslie Marsden Jean Harding door… Sam Marsden Wes Marsden Identify connections Link to your Inner Circle Easily track who knows who Create an invitation list to a Bosley block party or who should sit at the table for 8 Corporate Board Hospital Board Joe Smith Sarah Manson Jane Brown Charlie Jennifer Davis Nate Turner
  23. 23. Find Access: Circle of Friends Who can open the door… Circle of FriendsDun & BradstreetCompany Name TitleOracle Cable Inc. Coulson, Charles PrincipalOracle Corporation Catz, Safra A President Daley, Dorian Sr. Vice President-Gen Counsel-Secretary Epstein, Jeff Chief Financial Officer Henley, Jeffrey O Chairman Of The Board Hurd, Mark V Co-President Phillips, Charles E Chief Financial Officer Quinlivan, Mark Chief Operating Officer Wagner, Jan PresidentOracle Systems Corporation Catz, Safra A Chief Financial Officer Phillips, Charles PresidentOracle USA Inc. Catz, Safra A Chief Financial Officer Conway, Craig Principal Jordan, Ann Philliips, Charles Co-President
  24. 24. Access What You Need to KnowWho can open thedoor?How do they wantto be approached?What would mostappeal to them? Charlie 24
  25. 25. Relevance 25
  26. 26. Relevance What Would be Helpful to KnowReasons for givingPropensity to giveFrequency of givingSimilar organizationssupportedConnection to yourorganization 26
  27. 27. Relevance How You Can Get that InformationOther Charitable Giving Crowd-sourcing Perusing Annual Reports/ Website Political givingModel Likelihood to GiveRFM Recency Frequency Amount of largest or total giftsAsk 27
  28. 28. RelevancePutting Capacity and Relevance Together 28
  29. 29. Relevance What You Need to KnowWhat is theirpassion?Why you? 29
  30. 30. The Value of Research 30
  31. 31. Finding Capacity, Access and Relevance Details Who are the best donors and prospects? Analytics allows you to draw conclusions and make informed decisions. What can be learned about these people? In-depth, contextual information to better understand each prospects. How to find more prospects just like them? Leading tools to build a prospect pipeline and thoughtfully expand organizations reach. What strategies should be use to reach them? Customized insight and advice to develop and execute your fundraising strategy with precision, monitor it’s progress and measure it’s success. Fully integrated. Scalable. Best in class. Your results are ready.
  32. 32. Analytics: Provides Capacity, Relevance Access Transformational insight on donors and prospects so you can build effective fundraising programsIdentify donors Segment and Use Data to Custom modelswith the best prioritize clients drive cultivation to predict givingability & database and/or strategy for and determinepropensity to prospect lists each of your the right askgive donor/prospect pools
  33. 33. Wealth Appends to Identify the Right TargetsSegment and target donors for every fundraising campaign… Available with FindWealth 8 So You Can… Capacity Wealth Insight Scores  Extract More Value  Propensity to Give (P2G™)  Analyze Data Faster  Total Assets  Net Worth  Fundraise More Cost  Liquidity Effectively  Annual Donations Estimate  Enjoy Greater Flexibility  Make More Informed Wealth Attribute Scores Decisions  Estimated Giving Capacity  RFM  Planned Giving—Bequest, Annuity, Trust  Influence  Inclination: Giving  Inclination: Affiliation  Estimated Income
  34. 34. Propensity to Give (P2G) Score Quickly Defines Capacity and RelevanceP2G successfully predicts 80% of major donors so 75% - 85% of youryou can spend less time validating data total giving typically comes from donors in the P2G-1 & P2G-2P2G looks at: 30% - 35% scoring categories 5% - 10% the predictive value of data sources 45% - 50% the quality of match to those sources 15% - 25% the estimated giving capacity 10% - 15% < 5% 25% - 35% < 1% 40% - 45% 25% - 30%
  35. 35. Custom Analytics to find out who looks most like the Your Clampetts Segment and rank order constituent base Find new prospects that mirror the best donors Identify new prospects with connections to the donor base Develop strategies across the fundraising lifecycle Apply data-driven strategy to all of your fundraising efforts Planned Giving Annual Fund Likelihood toMajor Gift Model Model Model Give Model Next Gift Prospecting Gift Pyramid Donor 360⁰ Amount Lookalikes
  36. 36. Access, Relevance, Actual Capacity Values Picture of Who’s Who, Business Reports
  37. 37. And Your Very Own Ellie Mae Berkshire Hathaway Leslie Marsden Wes Marsdte Sam Marsden Bill Gates Warren Buffett Buffett Corporate Board Bill and Melinda Joe Smith Gates Jane Brown Jennifer Davis Foundation Howard Buffett Warren Buffett Charlie Nate Turner37
  38. 38. AnecdotalProspect Review 38
  39. 39. Prospect Review What It IsConfidential conversations withknowledgeable constituentsDiscussion to discover the passionsand interests of prospective donorsInformation gathering to prioritizeactivitiesSummary of all information todevelop donor plansValidation of donor research 39
  40. 40. Prospect Review What It Is NotNot a ratingsystemNot intrusive 40
  41. 41. Prospect Review What It DoesIdentifies prospectsversus “suspects”Validates thefinancial roadmapDeterminespriorities andactionsProvides direction 41
  42. 42. Prospect Review Validating the Goal$12 Million Objective At least one good prospect for each gift Preferably a 3:1 Ratio for the Top 10 gifts Cumulative value of 2 to 3 times the goal 42
  43. 43. Planning & Approach 43
  44. 44. Planning & Approach Using Research and ReviewSegment the donorbaseCreate portfoliosDevelop donorplansMeasure Results 44
  45. 45. Planning & Approach Segment the Donor Base Top 10 Next 20 Upper 70 Remaining 100 All the rest 45
  46. 46. Planning & Approach Segment the Donor Base 46
  47. 47. Planning & Approach Create Portfolios - The Formula 47
  48. 48. Planning & ApproachCreate Portfolios – Who and How Many Position % of Time Portfolio # Director of 60% 50 - 60 Development Major Gift Officer 100% 75 - 100 CEO 30% 20 - 30 Board Chair 10% 10 - 15 Others as appropriate Total 155 - 205 48
  49. 49. Planning & ApproachDevelop Donor Plans: a Donor-Centric Approach Based on research and review Match donor passion and interest Plan activities Plan approach Determine “ask” amount Document the plan Ask for the gift 49
  50. 50. Planning & Approach Plan Activities Qualify Fulfill Connect Invite 50
  51. 51. Alerts for Money in MotionBe more proactive and respond faster with Alerts… Notification of a change in liquidity Assets or financial position Monitoring of news for a change in a prospect’s business NEW Technology Income Significant Donation Happenings s • Alerts on executive management changes (hiring, firing, promotions, transfers) • Alerts on changes in philanthropic activities (large donations, new foundation, etc.) Activities
  52. 52. Document the Plan 52
  53. 53. Planning & Approach Measure Results Retain Upgrade New 53
  54. 54. Planning & Approach New Donors/Prospects Creative, targeted list services that get to the heart of your ideal prospect. Search for your best donors/clients and generate a list worthy of attention.Expand your reach Build your pipeline Create targeted listswith Circle of Friends with Prospect with DemographicNetworking Generator Appends 54
  55. 55. Identify Look-Alikes: Prospect GeneratorExpand your reach and build your pipeline of prospects… Find new prospects that meet the profile of your best donors • Generate a list of qualified prospects • Identify key attributes of your best prospects • Instantly drill down to get a clearer picture of their wealth, affinity and giving Your Best Donors • Looking at the test file • 88% matched in Political Donations • 92% have property • 85% connected to Foundation • 95% business connections
  56. 56. Planning & Approach Upgrades from the Donor Base 56
  57. 57. Planning & Approach Measure Results 57
  58. 58. This Only a Test 58
  59. 59. Know Your Donors Take the Test I know the characteristics of a prospect I understand the value of donor research I can interpret information returned from donor screening I know what anecdotal prospect review is I know what anecdotal prospect review is not I can use prospect research and review to validate financial goals I can use donor research and review to develop donor- centric plans I know what results to measure I will not drown in a sea of opportunity 59
  60. 60. 60
  61. 61. Is Jed Clampett Hiding in Your Database? & © Copyright 2011. The Fundraising Resource Group, LLC. All rights reserved.
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