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Instagram, a photo-sharing and photo-filtering app, has taken the mobile space by storm. Recently hitting over 100 million users, and experiencing a 1179% growth rate in the first 6 months since it's nearly billion dollar acquisition from social media giant Facebook, Instagram provides non-profits a perfect opportunity to connect with constituent and to collect unique content from their community's perspective. *This webinar will focus primarily in case use of Instagram in education, but provides lessons that all non-profits can apply.*

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InstaEngagement: Instagram in Advancement

  1. 1. InstaEngagement: Instagram in Advancement Harvey Simmons March 5, 2013A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Protecting and Preserving the Institutional Memories of Nonprofits Since 1993 (866) 598-0430 info@cjwconsulting.comA Service Of: Sponsored by:
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  4. 4. Today’s Speaker Harvey Simmons Dean of Marketing Affairs EverTrueAssisting with chat questions: Hosting:Jamie Maloney, Nonprofit Webinars Cheri J Weissman, CJW Consulting & Services, Inc.A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  5. 5. Harvey SimmonsDean of Marketing Affairs@hosimmons4
  6. 6. Trends,Tips & Tools #INSTAENGAGE
  7. 7. Photos Produced By... “Our staff photographer and manager of media relations” “Misc. We have no true system for that.” “People either email us images or post them on our Facebook profile” 139.75 6.53.25 0 Facebook Profesionals/Staff Email Twitter
  8. 8. Photos Shared Via... “We upload alumni photos to Flickr and Facebook” “Picasa to store/archive, Facebook/Twitter to share” “Flickr, SmugMug and Facebook” 1511.25 7.5 3.75 0 Facebook Flikr SmugMug Website Picassa #INSTACAMPUS
  9. 9. How is different? “Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with yourmobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image intoa memory to keep around forever. Were building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos.”
  10. 10. Over 5 billion photos have been sharedon Instagram #INSTACAMPUS
  11. 11. Over 40% of the World’s Top 100Brands have an Instagram Account
  12. 12. Every SECOND Instagram Users Perform 575 Likes and 81 Comments
  13. 13. “How often do college students like taking photos on their phones?” 3% 12% 49% 36% Often Sometimes Seldom Never
  14. 14. Let’s See it In Action
  15. 15. Inside InstagramHome Feed Explore Following/News Profile
  16. 16. Filters... Lo-fi BrannanOriginal 1977 Valencia
  17. 17. Is Instagram aToolbox or a Tool?
  18. 18. “Photo A Day” Challenges @charitywater#INSTACAMPUS
  19. 19. Photo Editing
  20. 20. Tag, You’re It#INSTACAMPUS
  21. 21. Sharing is Caring
  22. 22. Engage
  23. 23. curate. snap. hashtag. REPEAT 20
  24. 24. Instagram Photo Contest: May 2012Resulted in: - 23 new page likes over the next two weeks - 414 page views on May 16 - Reached 16,000 unique Facebook users between 5/15 and 5/27 - 19 users shared the album with their friends - 134 votes for the winning photo
  25. 25. Instagram’s AppealPerspective Intangibility
  26. 26. @robinhoodnyc
  27. 27. @invisiblechildren 25
  28. 28. #redcross
  29. 29. statigr.amA Central Place for Your Account Stats
  30. 30. sitckygr.amAn Easy Way to Make Your Favorite Shots Into Magnets
  31. 31. postagr.amSend Your Favorite Shots On The Go To Major Donors
  32. 32. thank you!
  33. 33. Find listings for our current season of webinars and register at: NonprofitWebinars.comA Service Of: Sponsored by: