Indie Publishing for the Nonprofit Leader

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A book or ebook is a great way to share your nonprofit’s experience and insights, bring more visibility to your cause, and establish yourself as a passionate authority. With the expanding universe of …

A book or ebook is a great way to share your nonprofit’s experience and insights, bring more visibility to your cause, and establish yourself as a passionate authority. With the expanding universe of independent publishing (a.k.a. self-publishing), the world is now your oyster. How do you make it work for you and your organization? In this webinar we will explore this new opportunity.

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  • 1. Indie Publishing for the Nonprofit Leader Dalya Massachi October 24, 2012A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  • 2. INTEGRATED PLANNING Advising nonprofits in: • Strategy • Planning (617) 969-1881 • Organizational Development info@synthesispartnership.comA Service Of: Sponsored by:
  • 3. www.mission.doA Service Of: Sponsored by:
  • 4. Today’s Speaker Dalya Massachi Founder Writing for Community SuccessAssisting with chat questions: Hosting:Jamie Maloney, Nonprofit Webinars Sam Frank, Synthesis PartnershipA Service Of: Sponsored by:
  • 5. Indie Publishing forthe Nonprofit Leader Presenter: Dalya F. Massachi
  • 7. SO WHAT HAS CHANGED?• Rise of independent publishing (formerly known as self-publishing)• Now a lot cheaper, easier and faster: new era• You can publish your book with less uncertainty and hassle than ever ©2012 Dalya F Massachi 8
  • 8. NO LONGER NEEDED• Literary agent• Traditional publishing house• Loss of control• Settle for a tiny fraction of sales• 1+ years to publish• Huge commercial market ©2012 Dalya F Massachi 9
  • 9. POLL #1 What stage are you in?1.Considering writing a book/indie publishing2.Drafting my manuscript3.Ready to edit/produce my book4.Already published and wondering what to do next ©2012 Dalya F Massachi 10
  • 10. OUTLINEI. Top 3 MythsII. What a book/ebook can do for youIII. 5 Things to expect when you’re expecting… to WRITE a bookIV. 4 Things to expect when you’re expecting… to PUBLISH your book ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 11. TOP 3 MYTHS1) Only people with natural talent should publish (“I can’t write!”)2) It takes too much time3) It’s a lonely endeavor ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 12. What a Book/Ebook. Can Do For Your Organization (and You) ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 13. “ Writing is the only thingthat, when I do it, I dontfeel I should be doingsomething else. ” ̶ Gloria Steinem ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 14. ULTIMATE FR & MARKETING TOOL1) Share your experience and insights with a worldwide audience/emerging prof’ls.2) Bring new visibility to your cause/message3) Add credibility, esp if new org or growing (e.g., local to national)4) Attract new colleagues, press, attention, opportunities ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 15. OUTSIDE OF BUSINESS CARD ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 16. INSIDE OF BUSINESS CARD ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 17. ULTIMATE FR & MARKETING TOOL5) Raise ongoing income. (book sales and new donors who learn of you)6) Use as membership/thank you gifts7) Process and share your thoughts with your board/staff so they can spread them8) Establish yourself as a passionate (author)ity ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 18. 5Things To Expect When You’re Expecting… to WRITE a Book ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 19. “Good writing does not come from fancyword processors or expensive typewriters or special pencils or hand-crafted quill pens. Good writing comes from good thinking.” – Ann Loring ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 20. #1: IT’S ALL ABOUT HOW BEST TO SERVE YOUR READERS Consider their interests, hopes, fears How can you improve on what’s already out there? What formats do they want? – book, ebook, video, audio, app, condensed version ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 21. ASK WHAT THEY WANT What do they want to get from reading your book? Data? Emotions? Probably a mixture. (Emotions trump facts.) What problems can you help your readers solve for themselves or their community? ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 22. DATA YOU NEED TO GATHER Their limitations (time, $, education) Why they care about issue/org What they already know or believe Relationship to your org or issue ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 23. POLL #2How does your organization gather info aboutwhat your community wants to know?1. Social media comments2. Focus groups3. Surveys4. Ask front-line staffers about FAQs5. Interviews6. Service/event evaluations7. Letters/notes8. Other ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 24. CONNECT PERSON-TO-PERSON Be reader-centered Think and write in terms of “you” (the reader) Briefly communicate shared values, needs, interests Use their language ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 25. #2: YOU ALREADY HAVE A LOT OF MATERIAL Blog entries Recorded conversations Answers to FAQ’s Presentations you’ve given Past work and network: examples/stories/ case histories ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 26. #3: IT’S A LARGER PROJECT THAN YOU FIRST THINK Similar to learning to ride a bike Prepare! Your book idea will evolve; let it Too big? Cut it down; set milestones Keep your eyes on the prize ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 27. #4: YOU WILL GET WRITER’S BLOCK Fight off the urge to procrastinate Write during your “peak” hours Be realistic about time: Start with 30 min./day; “do not disturb” chunks; sabbatical? retirement? Keep a running “swipe” file Know: a 1st draft should not be perfect ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 28. #5: YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO IT ALONE Get a Writing Buddy: accountability, exchange ideas, feedback Join a Writing Circle Use research assistants, peer reviewers, collaborators - via email, blog, in person ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 29. 4 Things To Expect When You’re Expecting…to PUBLISH a Book (thumbnail sketch) ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 30. #1: ALL WRITERS NEED GOOD EDITORS "The beautiful part of writing is that you dont have to getit right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon." —Robert Cormier  Different types of editors will help at different stages of manuscript preparation  This is a back-and-forth process to make sure that your book is shaping up as you envisioned it ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 31. #2: YOUR BOOK’S APPEARANCE IS CRUCIAL A graphic designer helps you see it move from your computer screen to a book. Your dream actually materializes before your eyes! Will make the book look professional, polished, accessible (interior and cover) ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 32. ©2012 Dalya F 33
  • 33. ©2012 Dalya F 34
  • 34. #3: MAKE FINALPREPARATIONS TO GO PUBLIC May include indexing the book, handling printing, book industry details Lots of resources out there to help with this final production step ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 35. #4: MARKET IT! This is it! Lots of ways to get your book in the hands of people who want to read it and support you Your constituents will want to help ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 36. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES Keystone book: The Self-Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter Printers/ebook creators:,, Book marketing:, (Independent Book Publishers Assn) Think Like a Publisher ( ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 37. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES Indie Publishing for the Social Change Agent (my ebook coming in early 2013): Get on the notification list Claim your copy of my detailed “What to Expect during the Indie Publishing Process” handout: ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 38. MANY OTHER WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS: Workshops/webinars Writing coaching (indiv. & group) Editing services (books, proposals, etc.) Free newsletter ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 39.  FREE feedback session by conference call 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month More info at: ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 40. WRAP-UP QUESTIONWhat is the mostvaluable thing you aretaking away fromtoday? And how willyou use that info? ©2012 Dalya F Massachi
  • 41. Find listings for our current season of webinars and register at: NonprofitWebinars.comA Service Of: Sponsored by: