How Strategic Public Relations Can Help Nonprofits Break Through the Media Clutter


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Many non-profits don’t understand the benefits of public relations to help put their organization and mission into the spotlight of public opinion. Public Relations counsel can assist non-profits in boosting donations, increasing visibility for their leadership and getting mainstream support for their organization. In addition, success stories (case studies) of individuals who were helped by the non-profit can increase the numbers of volunteers they receive and boost their chances for grant monies.

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How Strategic Public Relations Can Help Nonprofits Break Through the Media Clutter

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  5. 5. How Strategic Public Relations Can Help Nonprofits BreakThrough the Media Clutter
  6. 6. Make sure your public relations plan coincides with the overall strategic plan of your organizationDevelop contacts with your local media and keep them on fileBecome a valuable information resource for the media
  7. 7. Continued....PR Tips for NonprofitsConsider hiring a professional consultant or agency to maximize your efforts and see if they will work within your budgetPrioritize on what you want to spend your public relations budget – don’t pay for a satellite media tour if you’d get better results appearing on a local morning television show
  8. 8. Continued: PR Tips for NonprofitsKeep your volunteers, clients, donors and staff apprised of your organizations’ activities and newsCreate co-marketing opportunities with other organizationsTrain one key executive as the organization’s spokesperson who responds to media inquiries
  9. 9. PR Tips for NonprofitsDevelop a crisis communications planMonitor the media to see whats being written and said about other nonprofits in your arena
  10. 10. PR Tips for NonprofitsSpend time “in the field” not just in your office, so you can create case studies that would generate interest in terms of your organization’s success.
  11. 11. PR TIPS FOR NONPROFITSFor example, if you work for a client that serves autistic children show how you helped an autistic child mainstream into public education after receiving your organization’s counseling. See if the parent would allow you to use their child’s success as an example of the impact of your staff. The more you can put a “face” on the work of your organization, the more success you will have.
  12. 12. PR Tips for NonprofitsCharlotte Tomic, President, Tomic Communications, has spent her entire career working with academia and nonprofits to put their brand and mission in the spotlight. She works only with senior level professional communicators and is persistent in maximizing visibility for her clients. For more information or for a free introductory consultation, please contact her at 917-882-5243 or For more on her company, please go to
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