Evaluation Quick Tricks and Easy Tools for Nonprofits


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Non-profits leaders are responsible for attracting, retaining, and growing the financial, human, and capital resources required to deliver programs and work towards satisfying the mission. Often this work is done with lean staff and budgets. Although leaders understand the importance of performance and outcome evaluation, they often lack the staff, resources, time, and expertise to fully utilize these efforts. This interactive workshop will explore five easy and effective elements of evaluation. These strategies and tools are inexpensive and simple to implement. Participants will learn how to effectively capture and use data and information to achieve desired results. An overview of specific methods for measuring your mission and transforming results into powerful communication tools will be presented.

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Evaluation Quick Tricks and Easy Tools for Nonprofits

  1. 1. Evaluation Quick Tricks and Easy Tools for Nonprofits Sheri Chaney Jones February 13, 2012A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Protecting and Preserving the www.cjwconsulting.com Institutional Memories of Nonprofits Since 1993 (866) 598-0430 info@cjwconsulting.comA Service Of: Sponsored by:
  3. 3. Affordable collaborative data management in the cloud.A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  4. 4. Today’s Speaker Sheri Chaney Jones President Measurement Resources CompanyAssisting with chat questions: Hosting:April Hunt, Nonprofit Webinars Cheri J Weissman, CJW Consulting & Services, Inc.A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  5. 5. Measurement Resources Companywww.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  6. 6.  Facts are better than dreams” ◦ -Winston Churchill “Great organizations gather, confront, and use the brutal facts to make organizational decisions.” ◦ -Jim Collins “Good to Great” Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  7. 7. Good Measurement Practices Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  8. 8. Comparison of Measurement Culture and Effective Accomplishment of Organizational OutcomesOrganizational Outcomes % Moderate % High Culture % Low Culture Culture Reporting Reporting Reporting Effectiveness Effectiveness EffectivenessOrganizational Efficiencies 83% 50% 17%External Relations 75% 50% 33%Internal Relations 83% 27% 17%Increased Revenues 67% 23% 17%StrengtheningOrganizational Culture 100% 64% 17%Successful OrganizationalChange 75% 27% 17% Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  9. 9. Non-Profit  Not Enough Time 68% Evaluation  Not Enough Funding 51% Fully Utilized Challenges  Not Enough Evaluation Signifcant Struggle Expertise 50% 10%  Not Enough Staff 49% 45%  Not Enough Trained Staff 46% 45%Source: Carman, J. & Fredericks, K. (2010) Evaluation Capacity and Non-ProfitsOrganizations. American Journal of Evaluation. 31 (1) 84-101 Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  10. 10.  Evaluation is Essential ◦ It is easy ◦ It is fun ◦ It can fit in your budget ◦ Done with your staff ◦ Lead to positive outcomes Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  11. 11.  Situation 1: FY10-11 Budget: Significant budget cuts resulting in long waitlists for programs Measurement Resources Company 11 www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  12. 12.  Culture Clarify Capture Communicate Change and/or Celebrate Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  13. 13. “Take away my people, butleave my factories, and soongrass will grow on thefactory floors. Take away myfactories, but leave mypeople, and soon we willhave a new and betterfactory.”-- Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  14. 14.  Evaluation more than external accountability tool Variety of data collected and used Positive internal management Results educate and bond Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  15. 15.  High Measurement Culture– Already been working towards this -- staff satisfaction surveys, 360 degree leadership assessments, performance goals, regularly generating feedback from staff, “coins in the cushion program” Measurement Resources Company 15 www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  16. 16. Measurement Resources Companywww.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  17. 17.  “Most communicated and relevant measures get done” Must have clear mission/ vision in order to evaluate and measure what is important. Measurement Resources Companywww.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  18. 18.  Why do you do what you do? ◦ Why, so that ◦ Why, so that ◦ Why, so that ◦ Why, so that ◦ Why, so that Why do your funders/ partners what to partner with you? Why do your participants/ clients participate? What do they hope to accomplish? Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  19. 19.  Long and lengthy  “Promoting choice, mission and vision independence, and quality of life for all statement that no one Aging Ohioans” could remember Very siloed and each program thought of goals separatelyBefore After Measurement Resources Company 19 www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  20. 20.  Logical linkages among ◦ program resources (inputs), ◦ activities (outputs), ◦ Audiences (participants), ◦ and short-, intermediate-, and long-term outcomes. This is the framework for demonstrating how your program or services will achieve the funders expected outcomes (your “whys”) Resources: http://www.wkkf.org/knowledge- center/resources/2010/Logic-Model- Development-Guide.aspx Measurement Resources Company 20 www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  21. 21. Measurement Resources Company 21www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  22. 22. Measurement Resources Companywww.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  23. 23.  Demographic data on participants Activities/ services received ◦ Start and end date Pre-test, post-test data ◦ Knowledge, skill, attitudes, readiness, etc. Costs Participant and stakeholder feedback (satisfaction data) Outcomes (Your True Profit) Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  24. 24. 1. Increased knowledge and 7. Increased social status learning 8. Increased economic2. Changed attitudes conditions3. Increased readiness 9. Increased health conditions4. Reduction of undesirable 10. Reduction in administrative behavior costs5. Increased desirable behavior 11. Increased economic development6. Maintenance of new behavior 12. Participant, employee, and/ or stakeholder satisfaction Measurement Resources Company 24 www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  25. 25. 1. Are these measures related to important policy and practice issues?2. Are these measures relevant and apply to practitioners?3. Can these measures be communicated in a way that will influence outcomes4. Are incentives built into the system for collecting and acting on these data?5. Are the measures linked to the stakeholders interests? Measurement Resources Company 25 www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  26. 26. Ratio of Individuals over 60 for Home Ratio of Expenditures for Home and and Community Based Care/ Nursing Community Based Care/ Nursing Facility Utilization Facility Utilization for Clients over 60100% 100%90% 90% 61%80% 80% 82%70% 56% 70% 60% 75%60%50% 50%40% 40%30% 30%20% 39% 44% 20% 10% 18% 25%10% 0% 0% FY 2008 FY2011 Goal FY 2008 FY2011 Goal Home/ Community Care Nursing Facility Care Home/ Community Care Nursing Facility Care Measurement Resources Company 26 www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  27. 27. Measurement Resources Companywww.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  28. 28.  “The greatest problem with communication is the illusion it has been accomplished.” --George Bernard Shaw  Share your story with all stakeholders  Try different methods Measurement Resources Companywww.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  29. 29. Measurement Resources Companywww.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  30. 30.  Use results to confidently make improvements  Celebrate your impact Measurement Resources Companywww.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  31. 31.  Increased communication  Program funding fully and awareness around the relationship between restored in March 2010 home and community- based waivers and  “If mom and dad want nursing facility funding. to stay at home or go Clearly showed savings into a nursing home, we should make that A partnership between happen…and taxpayers state agencies formed to use this framework to will save a bundle of estimate diversion and money” Governor transition efforts. Kasich 3/7/11Change Celebrate Measurement Resources Company 31 www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  32. 32.  Culture ◦ Measurement Culture  Communicate Survey ◦ Excel graphs ◦ Survey Monkey Clarify Reports ◦ Five “Whys” ◦ Meetings, website, press release, funding applications, Capture bulletin board ◦ Excel ◦ Survey Monkey,  Change and Celebrate! Zoomerang Measurement Resources Company www.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  33. 33. Measurement Resources Companywww.measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773
  34. 34. Measurement Resources Company Sheri Chaney Jones scjones@measurementresourcesco.com 614-893-0773 www.measurementresourcesco.com
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