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e-Strategy for Your Nonprofit (Cast Your NET, Catch More Fish: Effective Internet Strategy For Your Nonprofit)
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e-Strategy for Your Nonprofit (Cast Your NET, Catch More Fish: Effective Internet Strategy For Your Nonprofit)


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This seminar shows how any nonprofit can develop and execute an Internet strategy to further its mission. We’ll examine how nonprofits are using the Internet, how they’d like to be using the Internet, …

This seminar shows how any nonprofit can develop and execute an Internet strategy to further its mission. We’ll examine how nonprofits are using the Internet, how they’d like to be using the Internet, and how they should be using the Internet (but may be unaware of) – and how to bridge that significant gap easily and quickly. You’ll learn how to drive more traffic to and fundraising through your site. We’ll give specific suggestions on how you can improve your website so it will offer lots for your website visitors to SEE and lots for them to DO.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • 1. e-Strategy for Your Nonprofit Cast Your NET, Catch More Fish: Effective Internet Strategy For Your Nonprofit Allan Pressel November 12, 2013 Use Twitter Hashtag #4Glearn Part Of: Sponsored by:
  • 2. Protecting and Preserving the Institutional Memories of Nonprofits Since 1993 Part Of: (866) 598-0430 Sponsored by:
  • 3. Coming Soon Part Of: Sponsored by:
  • 4. Today’s Speakers Allan Pressel CEO/Founder PowerSite123 Jamie Maloney Community Developer, 4Good Part Of: Hosting: Cheri J Weissman, CJW Consulting & Services, Inc. Sponsored by:
  • 5. Effective Internet Strategy For Your Organization Nonprofit Webinars November 12. 2013 Presented by: Allan Pressel, CEO/founder PowerSite123 (formerly known as CharityFinders) 877-456-3210
  • 6. 2012 Presidential Campaign - statistics 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Election was the most tweeted event in history Peak = 327K tweets/minute Total = 31M tweets 2nd place: 10M tweets during first debate (Oct. 2012) Obama’s Twitter edge over Romney: 8:1 Obama’s followers: 23M People tuned into election coverage: 2. TV = 67M Twitter = 11M 3. Facebook = 306M 1. 8. Most retweeted = 725K (Obama’s 4 more years tweet”) 1. 2. Including most tweeted image 3.9M Facebook likes
  • 7. 2012 Presidential Campaign - observations 1. 2. 3. "Twitter brought people closer to almost every aspect of the election this year.“ First thing Obama did after reelection: Tweet! Most tweeted prior to election day: 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. Big bird Binders full of women Obama vs. Romney support tweets: predicted results Obama used social media to get lots of small donations Obama used Facebook on election day to remind supporters to ask SPECIFIC friends to vote How did people use Twitter? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Get breaking news Interact with candidates Interact with each other Get out the vote Sharing debate experience Fact checking Gauge immediate public reaction National conversation
  • 8. 2012 Presidential Campaign – favorite tweets 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Big Bird: Mitt Romney still deciding which Mitt Romney will deliver Mitt Romney's concession speech. Colorado voted to legalize marijuana, because apparently being a mile high already just isn't quite high enough. Legal weed, gay marriage and a black president - take THAT, grandma! If Nate Silver is right, does this also mean that the climate is, in fact, changing, and that the earth is more than 6,000 years old? Tonight, I celebrate the reelection of Twitter. 4 MORE CHARACTERS! NBC just declared The Cayman Islands for Mitt Romney The US has discovered that once you go black, you never go back!
  • 9. Branding
  • 10. Home Page – Best Practices (part 1) • Pass the 10-second test • Compelling calls to action • Content • Sufficient amount • Dynamic • Search engine optimized • What users want to see (not what you want to tell them) • Cater to multiple constituents
  • 11. Home Page – Best Practices (part 2) • Design • Professional • Attractive • Well branded • Tag line • Hook statement • Contact info in footer • Current copyright statement • Social media links • Dynamic, drop-down menu (horizontal) • No automatic sound (except video spokesperson)
  • 12. Home Page – Best Practices (part 3) • • • • • • • • • • • Embed one video Most important content above the fold 100% accuracy, no typos Follow user’s eye from top left to bottom right No splash page Keep updated Incorporate testimonials, success stories, results Tie support to outcomes Register multiple versions of your URL Displays consistently across browsers Solicit feedback
  • 13. Cool technology • • • • • Client/donor thank you videos Video spokesperson Text to donate (or anything!) Animoto QR codes
  • 14. Private Internet Consultation I’d like to offer each of you a free private Internet consultation   One hour Consultation includes:  PowerSite123’s assessment of your: 1. 2. 3. 4.       Website Social media SEO Marketing Recommendations Easy implementation In person or by webinar Include anyone you want (CEO/ED, board members, etc.) In one location or several We’ll contact you in shortly to schedule the consultation
  • 15. Search Engine Optimization (part 1) 1. What are the key search engines? 2. How do they work? • 200+ ranking factors! 3. What can you do to optimize your search engine standings? a. Metatags • • Description • should be < 150 characters Keyword b. Choosing and Using Keywords • • • • • • • < 10 keywords per page Use keywords/phrases liberally in page title, headings, body Use HTML tags to denote headings (e.g., H1, H2, etc.) Use different keywords on different pages Keep them updated You should have a keyword that is in your website address. You should have a keyword that is in your page title
  • 16. Search Engine Optimization (part 2) c. Keyword selector tools • • • • • • Google Zeitgeist - Google AdWords Keyword Tool Google Trends - MSN Search Insider - Yahoo Buzz Index: d. Links • • • Incoming • Count your link:in Google, type “” • Choose relevant, reputable sites Outgoing Twitter account • # followers • Tweet/retweets
  • 17. Search Engine Optimization (part 3) d. Use blogs • • • • • • Within your site Interactivity Offer RSS feeds Lots of incoming links Submit your blog to Submit your blog to e. Avoid splash pages f. Don’t require cookies g. Use alt text (on every image) h. Robots.txt i. Search engines prefer HTML j. Search engines prefer text over graphics k. Don’t use frames l. Be careful with Flash and JavaScript m. Create a site map n. All pages should be easy to navigate to (esp. home page) o. Create focused pages
  • 18. Search Engine Optimization (part 4) q. Get listed in important directories: • • • The Open Directory Project: Yahoo Directory: ZoomInfo Directory: r. Use conversion forms s. Page titles should be descriptive, and <70 characters t. Purchase your domain name (URL) for as long a period as possible
  • 19. Search Engine Optimization (part 5) u. Get your traffic rank at v. Your site should display with or without the “www” • set up a permanent “301” redirect w. Keep your site updated frequently x. Videos y. Register with search engines • • Unpaid Paid SEO is based on unknown and changing algorithms!
  • 20. Online Fundraising Tips Create/promote content • • • • • • • Articles White papers Videos Webinars Blog posts Social media posts Content promotion sites Social media • • • • Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn
  • 21. How would nonprofits like to use the web? 1. Raise more $ 9. Motivate people to support/patroniz e the organization – immediately 8. More event attendees, members,, eadvocacy, etc. 7. Long-term relationships w/ constituents 2. Lower costs 3. Attract in-kind donations 4. Build capacity 5. Track user demographics 6. Recruit staff & volunteers …in a way that doesn’t take time and $ away from the mission
  • 22. 7 Key Goals of an Effective Website You should set these goals for your site: •Findability •Stickiness •Loyalty •Referability •Maximum conversion rate •Dynamism •Positive ROI
  • 23. Allan Pressel 310-793-9707 877-456-3210 Thanks! PowerSite123 641 21st St. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254