Crowdfunding for Nonprofits

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Online giving surged by over 35% last year, with gifts over $1,000 becoming increasingly commonplace. What are the keys to successful nonprofit fundraising online, especially through social media? …

Online giving surged by over 35% last year, with gifts over $1,000 becoming increasingly commonplace. What are the keys to successful nonprofit fundraising online, especially through social media? Join us for this webinar and learn how to raise big bucks for your cause online.

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  • 1. Sponsored by:Crowdfunding for NonprofitsDarian Rodriguez HeymanandLesley MansfordMay 21, 2013Use Twitter Hashtag #npwebPartOf:
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  • 5. Lesley MansfordCEO, Razoo@lesleymansford, @razooLesley@razoo.comwww.razoo.comDarian Rodriguez HeymanCo-Founder, Social Mediafor Nonprofits@sheyman, @sm4nonprofitsDarian@SM4NP.orgWho Are We?
  • 6. • Why Crowdfunding?• Launching your Campaign• Using Social Media• Celebrate: Thank Your DonorsAgenda
  • 7. Why Crowdfunding?
  • 8. Why Crowdfunding?• People Give to People• The Most Powerful Form of Ask is a “Peer Ask”• Turn Your Donors Into Fundraisers
  • 9. $300 Billiondonated by individuals each yearWhy Crowdfunding?Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • 10. Online Giving:13%Why Crowdfunding?
  • 11. Growing at:35% - 55%Why Crowdfunding?
  • 12. It Increases YourDonor BaseIt’s Here to StayIt’s EasyIt’s EfficientIt’s SocialWhy Crowdfunding?
  • 13. The power of social: your network trumps your wallet.You are hereYour LinkedIn network#vmlearnWhy Crowdfunding?
  • 14. “Donating makes me feelwonderful, it gives me agreat sense of self-worth.”– Donor, Millennial75%63%70%solicited donations from theirnetwork for a causevolunteered in 2011of millennials donated in 2011A new generation of givers are online.Why Crowdfunding?
  • 15. Launching Your Campaign
  • 16. Launching Your CampaignHow NOT to launch…
  • 17. Launching Your CampaignHow TO Launch
  • 18. Just Do ItFail Fast, Fail ForwardHow to Launch
  • 19. 1) Set a SMART goal & a deadline2) Tell a compelling story3) Map donations to impact4) Start with your inner circle4) Start!5) Don’t be afraid to askPlan AheadHow to Launch
  • 20. Pick a Well-Defined Goal & DeadlineHow to Launch• $20,000• By July 1, 2013• SFES Playground• For 647 Kids
  • 21. Start EndYour fundraisershould look like thispromotepromote Deadline panic. Promote!promote promoteNot like thisFundraiser = CampaignHow to LaunchStart End
  • 22. Tell Your Story and Be CreativeHow to Launch
  • 23. How to LaunchUploadContent
  • 24. Images are Powerful…How to Launch
  • 25. Fundraisers withvideos typicallyearn 4X more!…Videos Even More SoHow to Launch
  • 26. How to LaunchMap Donations to ImpactThink Incrementally
  • 27. WebsiteWidgetSocial MediaPress ReleasesPromote Your FundraiserHow to Launch
  • 28. Build momentum, then branch out• Staff• Board of Directors• Key Influencers• Donors• Your Social Network• Volunteers• FriendsHow to LaunchStart With Your Inner Circle
  • 29. Ask ClearlyTie to Direct Impact“$10 provides 500 liters of clean drinkingwater to refugees in Somalia.”“”How to LaunchDon’t Be Afraid to Ask
  • 30. Using Social Media
  • 31. • Editorial Calendar• Facebook < 3 / Day• Twitter 1+ / Day• P2P Asks Are Key• Seed the Tip JarUsing Social MediaPlan for Success
  • 32. • Mornings: 8 – 9AM• Lunch: 12 – 1PM• End of Day: 4:30 – 6PM• Nights: 9:30 – 11PM•Weekends vs. Wednesdays!Using Social MediaActive Social Media Times
  • 33. • ? Vs. .• Media: Photos, Vids• Tag Everyone!• Emoticons Rock! :)• URLs: Less Vs. More• Respond, Recognize & RetweetUsing Social MediaROI = Realization of Influence
  • 34. =$18Using Social MediaShare & Ask for Shares
  • 35. Using Social MediaThink 50/50
  • 36. The Ask: 5 Minutes/WeekUsing Social MediaForm a Social Media Marketing Committee
  • 37. #vmlearnCELEBRATE!Thank Your Donors
  • 38. • Announce when milestones are met• Send “thank you” notes• Show donors their impactThank Your DonorsStay In Touch
  • 39. #vmlearnThank Your DonorsShow Donors Their Impact
  • 40. Thank You!Darian@SM4NP.orgTwitter: @dheymanLesley@Razoo.comTwitter: @LesleyMansford
  • 41. Sponsored by:Find listings for our current seasonof webinars and register at:NonprofitWebinars.comPartOf: