Building Donor Loyalty


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It’s much more expensive for you to find a new donor than it is for you to keep a current donor.
This webinar will explain the reasons donors often stop giving to your organization (it’s not the economy!) and how you can change that. You will learn what donors expect when they donate and how you can meet those expectations. Be prepared to receive lots of concrete strategies for increasing the number of donors who continue giving to your organization year after year.

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Building Donor Loyalty

  1. 1. Building Donor Loyalty:How to Keep Your Donors Giving in Any Economy Tina Cincotti Use Twitter Hashtag #npweb Special Thanks To Our Sponsors
  2. 2. Helping ordinary people raise extraordinary amounts for nonprofits is all we do, and we love it. A Proud Sponsor of
  3. 3. Today’s Speaker Tina Cincotti Funding Change Training & Consulting Hosting: Sam Frank, Synthesis Partnership Assisting with chat questions: April Hunt, Nonprofit Webinars
  4. 4. Building  Donor  Loyalty:    Best  prac5ces  for  success  in  any   economic  climate   Presented  by:  Tina  Cinco<,     Funding  Change  Training  &  Consul5ng   617-­‐477-­‐4505  
  5. 5. Average  aLri5on  rate  of  1st  5me   donors  in  U.S.  =  80%  
  6. 6. ica5 on    com mun isi5on  vs  of  acquC ost
  7. 7. So,  why  do  people   stop  giving?   (Brace  yourself  for  a   stat  a/ack…)  
  8. 8. It’s  not  the  economy,  stupid…   • 66  out  of  100  people   • Only  4   • 60%   • Only  20%  
  9. 9. Isn’t  there  any   good  news?  
  10. 10. Donor  Rela5ons  101  Three  things  donors  want:   1. Thanks   2.   ConfirmaAon   3.   Report  
  11. 11. Donor  Rela5ons  101  Do  these  3  things  and…   • 93%   • 64%   • 74%  
  12. 12. #1  –  Prompt,    personal  thanks.  
  13. 13. 48  Hours  or  less…  
  14. 14. “On  behalf  of  the   board  and  staff,  I  want  to  thank  you…   blah,  blah…”  
  15. 15. Does  your  “thank  you”  leLer…?  •  Start  with  something  unique?  •  Personally  address  the  donor?  •  Give  the  donor  the  contact  info  for  a  real   person  they  can  be  in  touch  with?  •  Tell  the  donor  what  will  be  possible  because  of   their  giP?  •  Talk  to  “you”  the  donor,  not  “we”  the   organizaAon?  •  Say  that  a  progress  report  will  be  sent?  
  16. 16. #2  –  Gi_  will  be  used  as  intended.  
  17. 17. #3  –  What  was  accomplished.  
  18. 18. Most  common  offenses  •  Not  donor  centered  •  Not  enough  “you”s  •  Weak  headlines  •  Long  leXer  from  Director  •  Too  much  educaAon,  not  enough  graAtude  •  No  stories  •  Full  of  jargon  &  acronyms  •  No  real  news  or  results  •  Too  much  text,  not  enough  photos/graphics  
  19. 19. More  ways  to  improve  donor   loyalty…  
  20. 20. Sa5sfac5on  is  #1  
  21. 21. Encourage  feedback  from  donors  
  22. 22. How  are  we  doing?  
  23. 23. Increase  commitment…  
  24. 24. Build  trust…  
  25. 25. Welcome  new  donors…  
  26. 26. Welcome  Kit  •  Personalized  cover  leXer  •  Most  recent  newsleXer  or  two  •  Annual  report  •  Recent  press  clip  or  two  •  InvitaAon  to  an  upcoming  program   or  event  
  27. 27. Offer  choice  in  communica5ons…  
  28. 28. Personalize  &  segment…  
  29. 29. Throw  cul5va5on  par5es…  
  30. 30. Your  Ac5on  Makes  A  Difference  Please  complete  this  form  and  we’ll  keep  in  touch.        I  will  be  a  voice.  I  will  speak  out  for  the  rights  of  women  and  girls.    Let  me  know  how.      I  want  to  be  counted.  Make  sure  I’m  on  the  EMA  Fund  mailing  list  and  e-­‐mail  alert  list.      I  want  to  help.  Send  me  informaAon  about  volunteer  opportuniAes.      I  want  to  fuel  the  fires  of  change.  I’m  sending  in  my  financial  giP  to  help  the  Women’s  Fund  do  its  important  work.      I  want  to  be  part  of  a  social  change  community.  Invite  me  to  gatherings  where  we  talk  about  the  issues  facing  women  and  girls,  and  figure  out  how  to  work  together  for  progressive  change.   I  know  I  can  make  a  difference.  Please  print  clearly.  Name  ____________________________________________________________  Address  __________________________________________________________  Telephone  number  __________________________________________________  E-­‐mail____________________________________________________________  
  31. 31. Don’t  treat  your  donors  like…  
  32. 32. Put  relaAonship  building  on  calendar…   Relationship Building SolicitationJanFebMarAprMayJune Minimize solicitationsJuly b/t Memorial DayAug and Labor Day.SeptOctNovDec
  33. 33. How  will  I  know  if  this  is  working?  
  34. 34. How  to  evaluate  donor  rela5ons  •     Donor  retenAon  rate  •     Donor  conversaAon  rate  •     No  ask  contacts  •     PersonalizaAon  •     Donor-­‐iniAated  contact  •     Donor-­‐centric  communicaAons  
  35. 35. MOST  WANTED:  OrganizaAonal   culture  of  philanthropy  
  36. 36. QuesAons?  
  37. 37. Thank  you!   Want  more  advice?      Sign  up  for  my  FREE  e-­‐newsle/er…   Subscribe  at    
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