Accountable Fundraising: You Can Integrate Achievement, Long-term Success and Stewardship


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Suggested practices in this webinar will significantly improve your bottom line as you gain better results for your cause, increases loyalty from staff and board, and deepens the level of appreciation from those who support your mission.

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Accountable Fundraising: You Can Integrate Achievement, Long-term Success and Stewardship

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  5. 5. Accountable Fundraising: You Can Combine Achievement, Long-term Success and Stewardship Ron and Susan Rescigno 708.974.2600
  6. 6. Don’t Squander The goal of what we are calling Accountable Fundraising is a PRODUCTIVE, NON- WASTEFUL, program that reflects positively on your mission as it motivates support from your data base.
  7. 7. No More Spray and Pray Here is what we suggest: •Refine lists •Cut quantities •Take better care of existing donors •Engage and Cultivate new or moderate active donors •Keep clean, current data •Build donors up the giving pyramid
  8. 8. Your challenge: • Examine your practices • Pay more attention • Respond to demands Seeing the Future
  9. 9. Welcome to 21st Century Fundraising What does the NEW ERA OF ACCOUNTABILITY mean to YOU? A solid, accountable fundraising program:  Is a win-win  It improves results  Builds morale among staff, volunteers and boards  Positions your cause well in the eyes of the community
  10. 10. 21st Century Fundraising: The Tried and Still The True •We continue to find that direct mail is the major stimulus for making a gift •While continuing your direct mail marketing, it is important to incorporate new media •Multi-channel marketing initiatives are the way of the 21st Century
  11. 11. Basic Principles That Have Stood the Test of Time •Donors are not all the same •Preach, preach, preach to your choir •Learn, track, gather and analyze your data •Test •Apply what you have learned in future communications •Develop a consistent policy for data entry •Think globally Yes, times have changed. But it’s evolutionary, not revolutionary change.
  12. 12. Laws of Accountability: If You Want to Succeed Focus on HOW to be ready for CHANGE  Be flexible  Be aware of differences  Be environmentally aware  Be metrics wise  Be a reliable recorder of history
  13. 13.  Specific lists by name source  Contacts and dates  Materials  Responses  Gift amounts  Date of response What YOU Should Be Tracking:
  14. 14. The dangers and questions of communication channels:  Who will replace the charitable donors of the 20th century?  Will Baby Boomers be willing and able to pick up the slack left by the 20th century’s Greatest Generation?  What’s the wisest use of our time and money?  Can any hope be held out for the texters of the next generation? Data: Even More Important in the 21st Century
  15. 15. 5 Suggestions to Survive and Thrive in the New Era of Channel Expansion: 1. Don’t assume 2. Track and measure everything 3. Don’t be lazy 4. Add to your collection of data ALL the time 5. Learn and understand the differences in your donors 6. Use and act on your data analysis reports
  16. 16. Data Analysis & Market Research Data Analysis tells you what has happened and what your donors have done or may be likely to do Market Research allows you to take a look into the minds and hearts of the giving population PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DONORS & PROSPECTS: they will help you construct a strong communication plan How? Conduct donor satisfaction questionnaires or surveys Request donor preferences Talk with your various constituents and use both the personal information and statistics to construct powerful strategies and relationships For a free sample of a donor appreciation survey that we use with our clients, just email us at:
  17. 17. Hindrances to Accountable Fundraising Bad Data and its Consequences (ALL BAD!): •It is a waste of materials and postage •It is costly to fix the mistakes •It loses or misplaces valuable donors •Errors in coding = Errors in analysis •The message it sends to donors who get several of the same mailing pieces is, “If they can afford to mail me all that stuff, they don’t need my money” •Survivors get upset when you mail to deceased spouses or loved ones •It downgrades response rates
  18. 18. Wasteful Production + Down the Drain $ = Fundraising that is NOT Accountable  Review your organization’s obstacles  Improving or changing/enhancing practices can break down obstacles to Accountable Fundraising success
  19. 19. If the road to fundraising success begins at your database, it makes sense that the path should be:  Clear  Clean  Free of any obstacles  Easy to get on Removing Obstacles: Implementing a Superhighway of Information
  20. 20. A common database creates great conveniences Your comprehensive database will result in: •More thorough analytics •Sharing knowledge gained •A flow of donor communications that is easier to follow Be Kind… SHARE!
  21. 21. There Must Be Zero Tolerance for Sloppy or Poor Data Entry Developing firm and consistent standards for data entry always pays dividends The cost and effort involved in cleaning up a sloppy data entry is much greater than doing it right the first time How to do it right the FIRST time:  Cleanse it regularly and relentlessly  Make repairs right away  Answer who responded to: What? When? How? Why?  Make sure to record the sources of every donor interaction
  22. 22. Tearing Down the Obstacles: Your Battle Plan •Know your strong points and your obstacles •Have a well thought out plan from the BEGINNING to the END of the campaign year •Know what communication channels you will be utilizing •Know WHEN and HOW you will get your communication channels to interact with one another •Continue to MAIL, as it is your greatest ally, but do NOT ignore other media uses •Use email and social media to maintain conversations with donors •Keep donors involved between mailings •Re-inforce the POWER OF THE GIFT •Use social media to make your friends your proponents
  23. 23. Get More Bang for Your Buck •Where the ROI is greatest is where you should invest most of your efforts •Invest in building powerful commitments from current and long term donors •Lost donors MUST be replaced •Use GOOD donor profiling to help zero in on who the best donor prospects may be
  24. 24. Control Through Technology = Real Power As a 21st century fundraiser, you have an amazing cache of firepower at your disposal: Classical •Direct mail •Telemarketing •PR •Advertising •Events Mature •Email •Internet •Affinity Marketing New •Social Media •SEO •Mobile •Pay-per-click ads on the web The challenge is to pull them ALL together cohesively
  25. 25. Technology: Problem or Solution? •New technologies do present challenges, they also provide solutions •There are technological helpers to increase, apply, and react to what you learn about your donors •Through the use of technology, you can track your popularity on social media •There are tools that help you: •Automate communications with donors •Create virtual back office that improves accuracy •Improve efficiency, timeliness, and the cost of communication
  26. 26. Create a Command Center Your Command Center should include: •Communication building blocks •Complete brochure and letter templates •Ads, commercials, YouTube videos, music clips •Correspondence templates
  27. 27. Foundation of Accountable Fundraising Technologically based systems are the foundations of a more practical, Accountable way of fundraising with huge, practical, responsible benefits: •More timely and focused communications •Just-in-time production of print materials •Better use of staff and volunteer time •Efficient customization of materials
  28. 28. Why don’t we do this in house…? •It will be too expensive •Your time is much better focused on raising money •The system should be linked to printing and mailing capabilities •By the time it is ready to use, it will be obsolete •You will have to maintain it, train others, upgrade, and make additions – very expensive •The revolving door will leave you starting from scratch
  29. 29. Looking to Partner Up? The right marketing service provider should offer you most, if not all, of the following capabilities: •Stability •Agility •Capability Strengths that Match Your Media Mix •Personality •Connections •Accountability
  30. 30. Commitment to Accountability Making the commitment to optimize all of your resources: •Financial •Personnel •Natural Create good will and are the very definition of Accountable Fundraising Every step you take toward doing away with waste and making the best use of resources speaks to your nonprofit’s worthiness of future support
  31. 31. Thank You! Any Questions?? 708.974.2600
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