35 Ways to Maximize Fundraising through Your Website


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Your website has two strategic objectives – first, to inform the website visitor about your organization and its mission. However, the second, more important objective is to get the website visitor to SUPPORT your nonprofit.

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35 Ways to Maximize Fundraising through Your Website

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  5. 5. 36 Ways to Maximize Fundraising Through Your Website Nonprofit Webinars January 29, 2013Presented by:Allan Pressel, CEO/founderPowerSite123 (formerly known as CharityFinders)877-456-3210www.PowerSite123.comAllan@PowerSite123.com
  6. 6. Online Fundraising Tips 36. Inbound marketing • Goals • Maximize inbound, online leads • Maximize lead quality • Maximize conversion rate • Techniques • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Search engine marketing (SEM) • Pay-per-click (PPC) • Blogging • Content creation • E-newsletters • Articles • Social media • Website 35. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. 7. Search Engine Optimization (part 1) 1. What are the key search engines? 2. How do they work? • 200+ ranking factors! 3. How can you optimize your search engine standing? a. Metatags • Description • < 150 characters • Keyword b. Choosing and using keywords • < 5 keywords per page • Use keywords/phrases liberally in: • Content • Headings • Image tags • URL • Page title • Use HTML tags to denote headings (e.g., H1, H2, etc.) • Use different keywords on different pages • Keep them updated
  8. 8. Search Engine Optimization (part 2) c. Keyword selector tools • http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion • Google Zeitgeist - www.google.com/press/zeitgeist.html • Google AdWords Keyword Tool - https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal • Google Trends - www.google.com/trends • MSN Search Insider - www.imagine-msn.com/insider • Yahoo Buzz Index: http://buzz.yahoo.com d. Links • Incoming • Count your link:in Google, type “link:www.yournonprofit.org” • Choose relevant, reputable sites • Outgoing • Twitter account • # followers • Tweet/retweets
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization (part 3) d. Use blogs • Within your site • Interactivity • Offer RSS feeds • Lots of incoming links • Submit your blog to technorati.com • Submit your blog to bloggrader.com e. Avoid splash pages f. Don’t require cookies g. Use alt text (on every image) h. Robots.txt i. Search engines prefer HTML j. Search engines prefer text over graphics k. Don’t use frames l. Be careful with Flash and JavaScript m. Create a site map n. All pages should be easy to navigate to (esp. home) o. Create focused pages
  10. 10. Search Engine Optimization (part 4) q. Get listed in important directories: • The Open Directory Project: www.dmoz.org • Yahoo Directory: http://dir.yahoo.com • ZoomInfo Directory: www.zoominfo.com r. Use conversion forms s. Page titles should be descriptive (<70 characters) t. Buy domain name (URL) for as long as possible
  11. 11. Search Engine Optimization (part 5) u. Get your traffic rank at www.alexa.com v. Your site should display with or without the “www” • set up a permanent “301” redirect w. Keep your site updated frequently x. Videos y. Register with search engines • Unpaid • Paid SEO is based on unknown and changing algorithms!
  12. 12. Online Fundraising Tips34. Get your 990 in shape www.charitablegift.org/your- charitable-plan/evaluating/form- 990.shtml33. Register with GuideStar32. Register with volunteer sites – VolunteerMatch – ServeNet – AmeriCorps – SeniorCorps – Idealist
  13. 13. Online Fundraising Tips31. Google Alerts – www.google.com/alerts 30. Google Grants – www.google.com/grants
  14. 14. 29. Prospect research/wealth screening of your database – Target Analytics (www.blackbaud.com/targetanalytics)
  15. 15. 28. Zillow (www.zillow.com)
  16. 16. 27. Grant sources – Grantstation – Guidestar – Grant Explorer – Foundation Center – NOZA Search
  17. 17. Online Fundraising Tips26. Create/promote content• Articles• White papers• Videos• Webinars• Blog posts• Social media posts• Content promotion sites25. Social media• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube• LinkedIn
  18. 18. Online Fundraising Tips24. Donor thank you videos23. Forum marketing22. Ebay Giving Works• Community Selling• Direct Selling• Donate now• Give at Checkout• Shop for a Cause• Featured Charity21. QR codes
  19. 19. Private Internet ConsultationI’d like to offer each of you a free private Internet consultation• One hour• Consultation includes: – PowerSite123’s assessment of your site/social media/SEO/marketing – Recommendations – How to easily implement all recommendations• In person or by webinar• Include anyone you want (e.g., CEO/ED, board, etc.)• In one location or several• We’ll contact you in 1-2 days to schedule the consultation
  20. 20. Online Fundraising Tips20. Groupon• Grassroots• Fundraising/educational event19. Affiliate marketing18. Toolbars17. Register multiple versions of your domain name (e.g., .org, .com. .net, .cc, etc.)
  21. 21. Online Fundraising Tips16. Develop a privacy/security policywww.freeprivacypolicy.com15. Collect e-mail addresses (for as many constituents as possible)14. E-mail list management13. Spam minimization12. E-newsletters
  22. 22. Online Fundraising Tips11. Voice broadcasting10. Ask for referrals9. Develop an Internet strategy
  23. 23. Online Fundraising Tips8. Integrate online & offline fundraising initiatives7. Press releases (e.g., announce your new site, etc.)6. Develop strategies to attract donors to your site
  24. 24. Online Fundraising Tips5. Create compelling website content – text4. Create compelling website content – images3. Solicit input on your site from your constituents2. “Soft launch” versus a “hard launch”
  25. 25. Online Fundraising Tips1. Build a secure, interactive, “e-philanthropy” website
  26. 26. Thanks!Allan Presselallan@PowerSite123.comwww.PowerSite123.com310-793-9707310-793-877-456-3210877-456-PowerSite1232323 Vanderbilt LaneRedondo Beach, CA 90278
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