Inspirational scenes from films


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Inspirational scenes from films

  1. 1. Inspirational Scenes from Films Ina Francia Bayson
  2. 2. Closer• Genre o Drama o Romance• Conventions o Relationships o Arguments/Conflicts o Love
  3. 3. CloserScene 1: The Opening SceneWhen Dan (Jude Law) and Alice(Natalie Portman) saw each other inthe crowded city. Mid-shot Special Effects The people around them are moving in slow motion Music Uses a slow type of music with an Close-up acoustic guitar and violin Long shotThey’re both coming closer toeach other UwLLi8
  4. 4. CloserScene 2: Anna told Larry (her husband)that she’s seeing Dan. Close up of Anna to hug Larry Two shot of him Showing crying while sadness she’s hugging himReverse shot of hertelling him that she’s Conventions of Genreseeing another guy. Meet the genre because this is a serious conversation with a lot of emotions
  5. 5. Closer Scene 3: Larry met Alice in a club Mid-shot of Larry putting money to Alice’s leg, asking for her real nameOver the Shoulder shot of himasking her when she start 2 shot of Larryworking as this. and Alice Two shot
  6. 6. Precious• Genre: o Drama o Biography• Conventions: o Arguments o Conflicts o Real situation o Isolation
  7. 7. PreciousScene 1: Opening Scene, under a Musicbridge There is no background music Shows that this have isolation Font Hand writing of someone, maybe the mainDenotation character’s writingA piece of red clothConnotationCan show someone’s loneliness,as the cloth is by itself in adeserted place
  8. 8. PreciousScene 1: Confrontation scene onPrecious’ mum and her Shows how Low angry she is Angle Show that High she is hurt Angle Close-up s4ar0
  9. 9. PreciousScene 3: Precious came homewith her new baby, she and hermum fight. The reality A photograph of the real ‘Precious’ with baby Two shot of her mum Two shot of both of them confronting her and she’s fighting answering back Music started and shows a picture of a Mid shot of her falling real situation down
  10. 10. North Country• Genre: o Drama o Biography• Conventions: o Abuse o Conflict
  11. 11. North CountryScene 1: Mother told herdaughter to goupstairs, because her dadis coming. Target Audience Age 15 and up, because Close-up of her with there’s a little violence blood, she just got beaten up High angle of her Music daughter running up A low, slow music to show the stairs that she is in pain EffectLong shot of her lying in Voice over of her in thethe floor court telling her story
  12. 12. North CountryScene 2: Scene when a femaleworker getting harassed by othermale workers in the mine Left a big space to show that something bad is happening Long shot of the toilet fell with Close up of a female worker her inside scared Shows how female are harassedMid shot of male workers movingthe toilet
  13. 13. North CountryScene 3: Flashback of Josiewhen she got rape by her Musicteacher A medium paced guitar tune Close up of woman’s reaction of finding out her past Mid shot of him seeing her, he’s shocked