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  • 1. Part N Applying theories of Todorov • Opening Sequence – Everything started good- him proposing – Then, becomes complicated- she sees John with someone else, suspicion – New equilibrium- for the audience to watch and find out more • Whole Story – He proposes to Lily, she moved in with John and started to be over protective – Lily saw Nevaeh’s text to John and followed him and saw Nevaeh with him – They broke up because Lily thinks that he’s cheating – But went back together knowing that Nevaeh is only his close friend
  • 2. Applying the Theories of Propp• Opening Sequence and Whole Story – Main character is John as the story revolves around him – Second character is Lily, because she is the one who will react on the first and second scenes – Villain is Nevaeh, because she is the one that will make Lily feel jealous
  • 3. Part P Applying theories of Strauss • We didn’t use his theory of Binary Opposition, because there are no characters that are evil in our Opening Sequence • There are no good and bad • All of the characters are equal (no one is stronger than the other)
  • 4. Part Q Target Audience • Age: 15-25 • Gender: Both • Social Class: Working class • Hobbies: exploring, going out, • Lifestyle: Teenagers, young adults • Location: London
  • 5. Part Q Interviews Results Draft 1 3.5 3 2.5 15-18 years old 2 19-21 years old 1.5 1 0.5 0
  • 6. Part Q Interview Results Draft 2 • 6/6 people thinks that the Genre: Drama is interesting • 6/6 people thinks that the Genre: Drama is for expressing feelings • 6/6 people thinks that the Genre: Drama is for entertainment • 4/6 people liked the storyline and the emotions in a drama film • 3/6 people liked the different characters in a film • 1/6 people liked watching drama films, because its interesting • 3/6 people expects a sad story in a drama film
  • 7. Part Q Interview Results Draft 2 • 1/6 people expects a good ending or a twist at the end of the film • 1/6 people expects death or romance • 4/6 people thinks that the purpose of the Opening Sequence is to give a bit of idea of the film • 4/6 people thinks that the Opening Sequence is to capture the viewers attention • 6/6 people would watch our Opening sequence because they think it’s a suspense and thrilling • 4/6 people says that “it depends” if our Opening Sequence is a good/bad example of young couples
  • 8. Part Q Interview Results Draft 2 • 1/6 people thinks that our Opening Sequence is a bad example of young couples • 1/6 people thinks that our Opening Sequence is a good example of young couples • 3/6 people thinks that the Age Group for our Opening Sequence is for Young Adults • 1/6 people thinks that the Age Group for our Opening Sequence is for 16-20 years old • 2/6 people thinks that the Age Group for our Opening Sequence is for 14 and up years old
  • 9. Part R Film Distributor and why Draft 1 • One of the six major movie studios • One of the oldest American movie studios • Industry: Film • In the film industry since 1912 • Founded: 30th April, 1912 – Its products are motion pictures • Headquarters: California, US • They also distribute drama films – The Phantom of the Opera (1925) • Products: Motion Pictures – The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) • Founder: Carl Laemmle
  • 10. Part R Film Distributor and why Draft 2 • Setup so that filmmakers can get a better deal • originally concentrated on foreign films, including such titles as Don’t Move, • In 2005 Dogwoof launched the UK Digital• Industry: Motion pictures, Television Screen Network DSN at the Curzon Soho• Headquarters: London (UK) cinema• Founded: 2004 • controlling costs, and actually having the• Founder: Any Whittaker chance of seeing revenues and profits. Anna Godas Why we choose Dogwoof • It’s a U.K based • Not a big well known company like universal • Do foreign film http://dogwoof.com/about/dogwoof_in die/
  • 11. Part S BBFC Standard The British Board of Film Classification are the Law that Filming Companies have to follow to have the correct information of what a film can actually have. Different Classifications of different films (Age Rate) and what sort of things they’re supposed to have
  • 12. Part S Our Age Rate of the Film BBFC Standard Our Age Rate and what we will have • Taking drugs can be shown, but cannot be used to encourage people. • We will have some strong • Strong threat and menace language on the Whole Story • Dangerous behaviour is – When the couples argue allowed, but will not have a lot of • We will not have the use of drugs detail • Frequent use of strong language • Sexual context, but no strong details • Sexual activity can be portrayed without any strong details • Violence can be strong, but cannot dwell on pain or injury, no strong details
  • 13. Part T Evidence- Title and credits (fonts) Draft 1 • As a group we decided to use font Times new roman – It will be helpful for our opening sequence title easy to read and eye catching – To express a range of voices and emotions . – Versatile and comfortable to work with, this title are like a favourite pair for our group opening sequence Draft 2. This is an example of what Font we will be using for our Opening Sequence.
  • 14. Part T Title and Credits (fonts) Draft 2 • As a group we decided to pick: – The font ‘Harlow Solid Italic’ – It is eye catching – Elegant – Can show that it is about love This is our Title Another word for Resentful ‘Jealousy’
  • 15. Part T Inspired Films for Title and Credits • We got inspired by the film ‘Water for Elephants’ – Also a Drama film Introducing the distributors – There are no opening credits at the start of the opening sequence • We also got inspired by the The text fading in and film ‘Black Swan’ out – A drama film Always in the middle of the screen The title is also in the The credits are all in middle of the screen & in capital letters capitals