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Uk booklet_opportunity_19.05.10



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 2. Welcome to Tahitian Noni International! We are grateful to have you as a new Independent Product Consultant (IPC) and as part of our family. Tahitian Noni International (TNI) is dedicated to helping people. Our mission is to spread the most valuable and effective noni products throughout the world. Extensive research is helping us fulfill this mission by bringing a solid understanding of the nutritional benefits noni has to offer. You now have access to a collection of a great variety of healthy products based on the exotic noni fruit. Tahitian Noni™ products have won critical acclaim worldwide and have been the subject of intense scientific research. It is our goal that no other noni beverage comes even close to the efficacy of Tahitian Noni™. With a company like TNI — a company focused on providing unique, beneficial products — the distribution of better, balanced health reaches every corner of the globe. And because Tahitian Noni International has established itself at the forefront of the health and wellness industry, the company is able to reward people for their efforts with an exceptional compensation. Thousands of people have already joined TNI. They are people from over 70 different countries, all with different backgrounds and dreams. They are people just like you. Some of them could use extra cash every month to pay off the car more quickly, to afford dance lessons for their kids or to put toward a dream holiday. Others want to be their own boss, set their own schedules and take a chance at turning their lives around for the better. They’re people like you who are looking for something new. Something fitting. Something meaningful. We are not aware of any other company in the industry where you’ll make more. More of a difference in people’s lives. More of a difference for you and your family. With diverse and extraordinary products, along with opportunities to teach, help and earn, you can make someone’s life better. You can make your life better. We look forward to your success! Best wishes, John J. Wadsworth President, Tahitian Noni International
  • 3. The Story of TNI: The Power of Direct Selling Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science Early in John Wadsworth’s efforts to bring noni to the world, he had a vision that people across the globe could benefit from its nutritional value and beneficial More than fifteen years ago, a food scientist from Utah named John Wadsworth properties. John and his partners chose direct sales as the model to take Tahitian - later to become one of the founders of Tahitian Noni International - received a Noni International to the world. The person-to-person, direct sales distribution package from a friend in Tahiti containing a sample of a fruit John had never heard model works. The reason is that in direct sales, the power is in the people. People of. “Noni” was what native Tahitians called the fruit. experience the products. People get involved. People share their satisfaction with Coincidentally, John had been searching for potential natural foods or ingredients others. They turn campaigns into causes. around which he could develop a new wellness product. Within a short time, John travelled to Tahiti, where he searched for and gathered any type of information he John’s vision of taking noni to the world — now shared by millions of people — has could find regarding noni. John also sought out traditional health practitioners who not been disappointing. In fact, it has been one of the biggest success stories in had firsthand knowledge of the generations-old traditions that preserved the noni the health and wellness industry. Since 1996, when noni was first introduced to the plant’s ancient beneficial applications. John quickly realised the potential of noni world by TNI, the company has seen incredible growth, with annual sales averaging and worked towards adding its benefits to today’s diet. in the hundreds of millions. The company also has over one million IPCs worldwide and its Tahitian Noni™ Original continues to be a bestseller — in fact, 20 bottles The result was the formulation of a product unlike any the world had ever seen — are sold every minute. In addition, Tahitian Noni International has developed and Tahitian Noni™ Original. And with it came the desire by John and others to share it released several other products that feature noni as their key ingredient, further and the goodness of noni with people throughout the world. proof of the remarkable value and versatility of the fruit. 3
  • 4. The TNI History: A Timeline 1993 1997 2001 After coming across the research Tahitian Noni International posts $33 Tahitian Noni International is of Dr. Heinicke, food scientist million in sales during its first year in ranked #26 on Inc. Magazine’s John Wadsworth travels to Tahiti business. International expansion begins. and confirms the existence of a list of 500 fastest growing private companies in the U.S. The company’s 2002 commercially viable source of new 150,000-square-foot world Griffin Hill, an independent noni. He conducts interviews headquarters opens in Provo, Utah. marketing research firm, publishes with natives and government a study stating that “Tahitian Noni officials, and searches libraries 1996 International is one of the fastest- for historical documents. He With a combination of food science 2000 growing private companies in discovers various scientific papers expertise, industry experience, and business Tahitian Noni International founders meet America, and fewer than ten private referring to noni, its traditional use and marketing acumen, the foundation is with the government of French Polynesia to companies in the history of the world and its benefits. laid for the creation of a revolutionary new sign a special agreement that will bring the have been able to equal Tahitian venture: Tahitian Noni International. country new jobs and significant investment. Noni International’s first six years of growth.” 2003 2008 2010 Cumulative sales The company reaches a sales milestone of over TNI introduces four new beverages to its Tahitian Noni™ Beverage line: reach $2 billion, $4 billion in cumulative sales and over $2.1 Pure, Family Grape, Family Apple - Mango - Passionfruit and Extra. With with more than $1 billion in cumulative commissions paid back the addition of these four beverages, Tahitian Noni International continues billion in cumulative to IPCs. TNI has also paid over $100 million in its distinction of providing the world with the most valuable noni products commissions paid additional incentives to its IPCs. based on consumers’ needs. back to IPCs. 2004 2009 Dozens of new products are introduced, all of which centre around the key The 14th clinical study on Tahitian Noni™ Original elements of the noni plant: fruit, leaf and seed. is published. All numbers above are noted as US dollars.
  • 5. Excellence in Numbers 14 MORE THAN Number of human clinical studies 100 MILLION 52 on Tahitian Noni™ Original. 1 litre bottles of Tahitian Noni™ Original that have been sold global patents FEWER THAN 10 granted, owned $4.5 BILLION 20 Number of bottles of by TNI on Total sales of TNI products since Tahitian Noni™ Original its products, 1996 development OVER 200 sold each minute and processing Number of companies in modern history €350 Average monthly income of TNI’s first Number of TNI millionaires who can claim leadership position (Jade) — one of to rival TNI’s the industry’s highest** hypergrowth* $2.2 BILLION within the first 75 $100,000,000 six years Quantity in commissions paid to TNI (Griffin Hill) Total amount of paid out in Independent Product Consultants incentives and recognition Number of paid to TNI IPCs in MORE THAN 4,000 countries in addition to one of the most Number of individuals sent to Tahiti on all-expense-paid trips which TNI is recognised revenue sharing paid for by TNI. operating plan in the entire industry. *Griffin Hill Consulting **See TNI official income disclosure statement on All numbers above are noted as US dollars
  • 6. A Real Opportunity This is the most important time for wellness in modern history. We live at breakneck speed. Far too often our modern life is crammed with stress, anxiety and unhealthy eating habits. We want to make sure that our lives and our health are not getting out of balance. As a result, the health and wellness industry has exploded from a $200 billion global industry in 2002 to an almost $1 trillion dollar industry in 2009. Consumers are looking for ways to enhance their physical, emotional and mental health. Tahitian Noni International offers people that opportunity to help make someone’s life better — including their own. You and your family can benefit from being associated with TNI – physically as well as financially. Real Products with Proven Benefits In a time when people are looking for solutions to their health concerns, Tahitian Noni International is engaged in helping families take control. TNI’s products are enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide and they feature unparalleled research, development and support. In short, Tahitian Noni™ products are unique and their benefits are real. Real products for a real opportunity. 9
  • 7. Real Compensation In addition to the need for improved health and wellness, most of us recognise the need for financial security, especially in times of rising living costs, increasing problems of unemployment and job safety and overall economic instability. Tahitian Noni International provides one of the industry’s top opportunities to achieve extra income while helping yourself and others enjoy enhanced wellness. Incredible as TNI’s expansion has been, it’s easy to see why it’s grown like it has: • Only 17% of Europeans are content with their present job. • 41% of Europeans expect their children and grandchildren to work until the age of 75. • 63% of Europeans would like to be their own boss. • 50% of Europeans are convinced they will have more than one employer in the future, as they expect to depend on a second job to earn enough money. Hundreds of thousands across the globe use Tahitian Noni International as a second income source. With an industry-leading 53% payout, TNI’s compensation plan is real, stable and proven. Having paid out over $2.2 billion, more than 200 millionaires (in terms of turnover) have been created since TNI’s inception. 10 11
  • 8. 3 Ways to Earn Personal Customers: Tahitian Noni™ products have unique benefits that people everywhere can enjoy. Earn a commission on all sales from your customers. Organisation Revenue Sharing: As you introduce the Tahitian Noni™ products to others, they in turn will want to share the amazing benefits with people they know. Earn revenue sharing through eight levels of your organisation. Growth Bonuses: TNI’s proven compensation plan offers unique bonuses that reward leaders as they share the Tahitian Noni™ products with the world: • €600 to €32,448 — Coral to Pearl Elite Part-time average income / year • €60,156 to €299,124 — Diamond Pearl to Triple Diamond Pearl average income / year Earning Potential Unlike a typical corporate or 9-to-5 job, your potential income with Tahitian Noni International has no set limits and will correspond to the time and effort you commit to it. This is not to say that creating a significant revenue stream with TNI does not require hard work, commitment and other elements normally required to be successful. But just like most businesses, a TNI business offers significant income potential for those willing to dedicate the necessary time, effort and resources. And Tahitian Noni International is poised for even greater growth in the future. 1. It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. 2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. 12 13
  • 9. Consider the Following • Since Tahitian Noni International was formed in 1996, the noni industry has grown each year to become a $1.2 billion industry – per year! • The benefits of Tahitian Noni™ Original are unique and supported by more than a dozen human clinical trials focusing on efficacy and safety. • With our unparalleled growth potential, record-setting compensation and unique products packed with benefits, Tahitian Noni International is your best opportunity to help you achieve your personal financial goals. 14 15
  • 10. Lifestyle Rewards Each year Tahitian Noni International rewards its Independent Product Consultants with various trips and events that provide everything from luxurious relaxation to training with top field leaders and company executives. Leadership Conventions: Earn complimentary flights and hotel rooms for TNI’s leadership conventions, the most exciting and spectacular events in the industry! Pearl Camp: Come to TNI’s corporate headquarters in Utah to experience our roots, meet the company’s founders and tour our corporate and bottling facilities. Qualifiers have all expenses paid by Tahitian Noni International. Vision Retreat: Every other year Tahitian Noni International sends top-performing IPCs to an exotic location for a week of luxury and pampering. Past trips have included Maui, Monaco, Oahu and Switzerland. Outrigger Club: Spend 7 days in paradise as you discover the roots of Tahitian Noni International in Tahiti. TNI has sent more than 4,000 individuals to Tahiti since 1996. Black Pearl Club: Members of this prestigious club enjoy a 10-day, all-expense-paid luxury cruise to the islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora, Tahaa, Raiatea and Moorea. Explore paradise with other top leaders and the founders of Tahitian Noni International. 16 17
  • 11. Real Success Tahitian Noni Independent Product Consultants are redefining success as they gain financial freedom, enjoy unique product experiences and improve their family and personal lives through the company’s unique business opportunity. In many cases, these success stories are plentiful and awe-inspiring. What they have in common is the life-changing potential that Tahitian Noni International provides. “Tahitian Noni™ Beverages have positively changed my life!” – Andy Chalmers “Once I started drinking Tahitian Noni™ Original Beverage, I knew I had to tell everyone about the great way I was feeling. My family started drinking too and noticed positive results too. I heard about the business opportunity and realised this was truly a gift that had to be shared”. – Nicola Hull “We started to use Tahitian Noni™ Original because my friend sent it to me for my birthday to give to my husband! Without wanting to, the business followed automatically because we couldn’t keep quiet about it and wanted to help others. It is the best thing that has happened to me and my family because it gives total freedom in every way imaginable. And now with all the exciting things happening, everything is possible not just for us but for everyone, everywhere, every day!” – Janiene Adamse Tahitian Noni™ Original is a source of naturally occurring Manganese. Drink 60ml a day to provide your body with the right amount of this remarkable trace element. 18 19
  • 12. I was shown Tahitian Noni International in 2003 by someone I really trusted. In the years I have been involved with TNI, the amazing integrity of the Founders and the powerful results of Tahitian Noni™ Original have never Average Incomes of European IPCs waivered. I have enjoyed it and helped many individuals to benefit from Individual income results may vary depending upon IPC effort and skill. The table drinking Tahitian Noni™ Original Beverage. below provides a complete breakdown of average earnings for TNI's IPCs in Europe. Through doing this business the rewards have been extremely generous All figures refer to monthly income. with trips abroad, which extends to IPCs being taken to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Switzerland, Hollywood and Monaco - just to mention a few of the excellent IPCs at this rank as a % Average Median lifestyle offered by TNI. Rank of all IPCs High income Low income at income at this income at this at this rank this rank – Ann Whittaker receiving rank rank cheques Not 7.76% 887.33 3.97 38.03 27.20 Qualified “For more than 20 years I worked as an Operating Department Practitioner IPC 0.52% 239.98 5.04 37.67 23.64 for the NHS, dedicated to helping sick and injured people regain their life. I Coral 62.87% 1,092.08 2.85 50.85 33.07 enjoyed my job, enjoyed the challenges, but the long hours and stress was Coral Elite 14.57% 1,253.97 4.52 92.03 77.46 taking its toll on me. I realised that if I didn’t make some changes, I would Jade 9.62% 3,630.59 5.06 350.77 303.60 soon end up on the ‘scrap heap’ with nothing to show for it. A good friend Jade Elite 2.58% 3,666.83 5.60 793.27 730.56 introduced me to Tahitian Noni International. After investigating and finding Pearl 1.20% 7,178.46 8.57 1,670.36 1,467.05 out about this amazing fruit, the dedicated founders and the phenomenal growth of this company, I just had to get involved. For me it was a ‘no Pearl Elite 0.34% 6,921.92 143.33 2,704.23 2,335.70 brainer.’ My search for a genuine vehicle that produces both financial and Diamond 0.37% 18,693.89 86.87 5,013.44 3,993.96 Pearl time freedom has now come to and end with the finding of this incredible opportunity.” Diamond 0.11% 34,436.79 3,057.01 12,259.26 8,665.15 Pearl Elite – Ashraf Mohamed Double Diamond 0.03% 32,135.81 6,954.50 15,865.22 14,251.83 Pearl I started taking Tahitian Noni™ Original Beverage 8 years ago. Now I am Triple Diamond 0.02% 44,103.31 15,411.25 24,927.22 23,095.34 feeling much better and that is because of Tahitian Noni Original! It is so Pearl easy to talk about this product. Life is as it should be, full of roses. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, that is where the fruit is. In 2009, a total of 70.58% of all Europe IPCs did not earn any commission. All figures refer to monthly income in Euros. – Katrina O’ Neill TNI UK would like to remind their IPCs that they are responsible for their own legal obligations surrounding their TNI business, including those relating to income tax, national insurance. If you Tahitian Noni™ Original is a source of naturally occurring Manganese. Drink are unsure of what this entails, we recommend that you contact your tax advisor or look on websites 60ml a day to provide your body with the right amount of this remarkable trace (for UK) or (for Ireland) for further details. element. 20
  • 13. 301815 © 2010 Tahitian Noni International, Inc. Printed in Europe. All rights reserved.