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Kascade corporate profile

  1. 1. Kascade Information Solutions S E A M L E S S K N O W L E D G E F L O WInfrastructure Management and Support I Cloud Computing I IT Consulting I Cloud ReadyERP/CRM/HRMS I Cloud Ready LMS /CMS I Enterprise Storage and Backup Solution ISoftware Development I Skill Management I Content Development (Medical, IT& General)I ISO 9001:2008 & NABH Consulting I Kascade Information Solutions: 20/21, 2nd floor, Chikkalasandra, Bengaluru -560061. Landmark : Opposite to Masala RestaurantPhone/Fax : +91-80-42244668 : Mobile : +91-8792067854: Email: sales@kascade.in,info@kascade.in Website: www.kascade.in Page 1 of 14
  2. 2. Introduction:Kascade Information Solutions is a next generation information center, into IT Training,Placement, Software development on open source and IT consulting. Kascade is the brainchildof a core team of executives who have versatile knowledge and experience in different sectorsof the IT industry. The corporate office is located at Bangalore, India.Kascade Information Solutions is not just a profit making organization. The intention of theorganization is to provide quality education and training, provide employment opportunities,provide best customer service with responsibility, take ownership and provide affordableservice. With cost-effective and modernized solutions, extensive and exclusive products,peerless quality of services, Kascade thrive in offering quality services, building long-termrelationship and brand image in the industry.  To be a leader in the information industry helping our customers gain Business Resilience and bridge business needs and Information Technology.  Build long term business relationship with clients by providing personalized cost-effective services and solutions in information industry.  To serve student community by being an incubator for sharpening soft skills and fashion their career on the upward trajectory.  To continuously improve and innovate to meet the industry needs and standards.  To provide equal opportunity and career path to employees.  To grow with our clients, partners, employees and society.  With every step in the business world, we respect and abide by the corporate values being a good and responsible corporate citizen.  Providing personalized solutions offering enhanced quality of services.  Maintaining a clear communication and steadfastly adhering to transparency in all our dealings. Page 2 of 14
  3. 3. Services  Infrastructure Support o Cloud ready LMS/CMS o Remote Infrastructure o Content Management Support o Cloud Computing Platform o Technical Helpdesk and Framework o Hosting Services o e-Campus and Online Portal  Cloud Computing Development o SAAS o Open Source Education o PAAS Training Products o IAAS  Skill Management  Disaster Recovery o Training  Backups and Recovery o Staffing  Replication Off-site  Content Development  Testing o Scientific and Medical  IT Consulting o IT o IT Infrastructure o General Topics Management  Quality Assurance Consultation o Virtualization & Consolidation o ISO 9001:2008 o ERP Implementation o NABH (Hospital Audits o Storage Solution  Others o Datacenter setup, o Others Management and Move o IT Technical manuals and  Software Development SOP o Cloud ready o Training documentation and ERP/CRM/HRMS CBTInfrastructure SupportKascade Infrastructure management services enable our clients to utilizeservices of subject matter experts, offering access to niche skills. Kascadeprovides end to end IT Infrastructure Management services in the areas likeRemote Infrastructure Management, Infrastructure Consulting, SystemIntegration, Data center Management, Hosting services, IT help deskservices, Managed security services and Desktop management.Technical HelpdeskKascade understands the resentment that a client faces, when he needs toreach right support personal. We believe in providing support first and thenother documentation and verification. Each of our clients are given a uniquecustomer Id and password. With this basic authentication they will get directaccess to available technical staff member. Our technical staff members arewell trained to handle incidents and service requests. They are trained onclient focus and have proved to committed support and solution to our clients. Page 3 of 14
  4. 4. Disaster RecoveryUnlike the "one size fits all" solutions of our competitors, we take a highly customizedapproach to disaster recovery planning. Our methodology encompasses:  Applying our proprietary risk analysis and management systems to conduct organization-specific security testing  Assessing and prioritizing the specific potential risks faced by each facet of your organization  Identifying your critical business processes and then organizing priorities and timescales for recovery around those processes.  Determining your preferred options for organizational recovery by simulating possible disaster scenarios and analyzing the effects on all levels  Implementing a focused, "organization-specific" disaster recovery plan that encompasses your organizations overall strategy and business recovery concerns, while developing detailed action plans for various disaster scenariosRemote Infrastructure ManagementKascade RIM includes:  Server Management  Storage Management  Database Management  Network Management  Security Management  Email Management  Desktop Support  Datacenter Virtualization, consolidation, management and migration Kascade Infrastructure Management Services When it comes to managing your mission critical infrastructure, choosing the right infrastructure management services outsourcing partner is half the battle won. With Kascade, you take the first step towards aligning IT with business goals and achieve much more than a simple reduction of costs. Kascade helps streamline your IT operations using global standards such as ITIL and provides you the flexibility to manage IT costs and operations tailored to your requirements. As a chosen infrastructure management services outsourcing partner for organizations hosting mission critical applications, Kascade provides the depth and breadth of expertise to professionally manage your critical IT infrastructure. Benefits of IT Infrastructure Management Service  Start enjoying new financial advantages.  Cost reduction of between 20-30% of IT operations.  Decoupling of IT costs from people and linked directly to Infrastructure.  Bring predictability to the IT costs. Page 4 of 14  Infrastructure Management Services reducing your Total Cost of Ownership(TCO).
  5. 5. Here are some components of the total cost of ownership that our infrastructure management services help lower :  Support Infrastructure costs (Desktops, phones, licenses)  Facility costs (Air conditioning, tables, real estate)  Training and Re-hiring costs (based on attrition)  Personnel Cost (salaries, perks, travel)  Administrative Overheads (HR costs etc) Kascade Small Business office on Cloud Kascade-Cloud (Kloud) computing enables an application to take advantage of idle or excess compute, storage and network capacity that is shared with other applications. The cloud is one of the keys to avoiding over provisioning and enabling efficient load balancing among your computing resources.  Focus on main stream business and not running IT department  Increase IT responsiveness and efficiency  Reduce capital expenditures and operational overhead  Provide greater business flexibility through an on-demand  Pay-as-you-go model that scales with your business  Get more choice in providers — use in-house or third-party vendors  Free up IT resources for innovation.Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)Enables your system administrators and developers to self-provision the compute, storage and networkresources they need to deploy and run applications and operating systems through Kascade cloud enginedriven by easy to use portal e.g. Sandbox, Development, Test, QA, and Production Servers.Platform as a service (PaaS)A software development and hosting environment with possibilities of  Development tools  Databases  Middleware  Infrastructure software.Software as a service (SaaS)  Human Resource management  Customer relationship management  Enterprise portal  Content Management and Delivery  E-Learning  Collaboration  Email  Enterprise Resource Management  Business Intelligence and many more application Page 5 of 14
  6. 6. Kascade Virtualization and Consolidation Consulting ServicesMost organizations today are faced with conflicting goals and challenges. Virtualization is seen as afundamental enabling technology for consolidation, allowing each server to be much more efficient utilized andgiving more flexibility to the infrastructure. Organizations are rapidly evaluating and implementing virtualizationas they look to further consolidate and reduce the hardware footprint in their IT environment. Togetherconsolidation and virtualization are said to produce these benefits  Simplified management  Improved data protection  Improved resource utilization  Easier revision control  Easier data protection and security  More flexibility  Reduced server and software costsKamel™ - ERP SolutionKamel™ is a perfect customized Cloud ready ERP system for easyand convenient data management.Kamel™ is a complete customized based accounting and businessmanagement.Where can one make use of Kamel™?Distributed businesses in  Wholesale  Distribution  Manufacturing Why Kamel™  One of the best in the market  Cost effective Support System  The confidentiality and security of client data  Disaster management enabled  The quality of the support is logically  The software customized exactly as per business requirement  features suitable for managing businesses  Simple menu  Easily accessible –  Features such as o multiple inventory locations o multiple currencies o lot and serial number tracking of inventory  All features are integrated with each other Page 6 of 14
  7. 7. Taxes  Very flexible taxation options suitable for Canada, US, South Africa,  UK, Australia, NZ and most other countries  Tax rates dependent on the type of product - using tax categories  Tax rates dependent on the location of the warehouse dispatched from  Tax rates dependent on the location of the customer  Multiple taxes payable to different tax authorities  Each tax posted to different user-definable general ledger accounts if linked to AR/APKascade ERP Implementation ServicesKascade promises ON-TIME implementation of ERP. Our "Go Live OnTime" program guarantees the customers on-time implementation ofintegrated ERP system at affordable cost. Kascade offers a full refundfor any implementation fees where the agreed-upon ERP go live date isdelayed, provided the customer meets all defined milestonedeliverables on time. Kascade is the only ERP solution provider thathas earned extremely high marks from their existing all customers forits customer support. The Go Live On Time is a simple demonstrationof deliverable confidence in Kascade.Kascade eliminates the monitory risk by assuring that the ERPimplementation will on time and at the price quoted, but this is providedthe customer meets all their obligations and responsibilities. Kascademakes ERP economically viable.Implementation methodologyAssuming a decision on an ERP has been taken, the implementation normally consists of five stages:  Design  Implementation  Stabilization  Continuous improvement  TransformationThe structured implementation program can speed system deployment and return on investment. This can bedone in the following manner:  Conducting an effective gap assessment  Business and technical processes  Organizational measures  Data conversion and data clean-up  Agreeing on the implementation boundaries  Project sponsorship and governance Page 7 of 14  The implementation strategy is ultimately built on a foundation of people, processes and product.
  8. 8. Kamelone™ - Storage Solution Kamelone™ ™ is a truly unified storage and manage with web based application.  NAS Features: CIFS, NFS and Http  SAN Features: ISCSI, FCP, ISNS, FCOE,  High Availability  Disaster Recovery: with block level replication on WAN/LAN  Backup: SNAP and BCV  Virtual Tape library  Virtual storage for cloud hosts.  Virtual Media JUKE BOX.  Scalable storage expansionKamelone™ includes support for volume-based partitioning, iSCSI (target and initiator), scheduled snapshots,  Web based Administrationresource quota, and a single unified interface for share management which makes allocating shares for variousnetwork file-system protocols a breeze.The following are just some of the features currently available (unless indicated otherwise) in Kamelone™.  Powerful block storage virtualization  Extensive share management features  Accounts management  Quota / resource allocation  Full industry-standard protocol suite  Other features Kascade Datacenter Management In today’s data center, effective IT management in a heterogeneous environment is vital to controlling costs. The need to streamline processes and deliver business value has become a growing requirement and with consolidations and vendor-independent, platforms, having a strategic focus on data center management becomes a necessity.  How IT staffs, monitors, and performs change management?  How the data center is designed to remain available despite network or power outages?  How the data center guards against damage from natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes? These are critical concerns affecting many. At Kascade. We have the trained staff to give support on those systems even if they are Page 8 of 14 proprietary and developed internally by the organization, or bought from enterprise software vendors.
  9. 9. Our services offered include:  Server Management Services  Database Administration Services  Backup and Storage Management Services  Web Infrastructure Services.  Consulting Services designing and deploying IT Operations Process along ITIL based process and standard operating procedures for service delivery.  Secure and redundant connectivity to your Data Center from our Operations Management Centers.  Using world-class ITIL-compliant service management tools.  Defining and implementing a robust transition management process.  Deploying efficient and effective program management and sophisticated real-time management dashboards/portals.  Technology Management.  ITIL Based Process Management.  End-to-end 24x7 IT Infrastructure Monitoring & Management, Service.  Availability, Performance and Capacity Monitoring & Management.  Data Center Environment Control.  Vendor and Third Party Supplier Management.  Service Levels Based Management and Governance.We support the major prevalent technologies across Operating Systems, Network Devices, Messaging andCollaboration environments, Web and Web application servers, Databases, Security Devices, besides Backupand Storage devices. Features of Kascades Datacenter Management service are:  Reduced cost of operations.  Single Point of Contact.  Improved Service availability to businesses.  Flexible and customized engagement models.Software DevelopmentCustom software development services include  C++ Programming  Java Programming  .Net technologies  Open source Applications  UNIX/Linux software development  Embedded software development  Database design & consulting  Application re-engineering and re-factoring  Creation of distribution packages with application installation  Packaging and CD cover design  Manufacturing packaged software  Internet/Intranet Software Development  E-learning Software Development  Computer-Based Training System  Learning Content Management System Page 9 of 14  Coaching System and Knowledge Bases
  10. 10. Staffing Services Kascade Information Solutions’ main focus has always been excellence in IT staffing— providing the right technical resources for your projects, when and how you need them. Kascade has built a reputation with IT managers and executives for delivering resources both qualified and suitable for the job. We can deliver:  A single resource or an entire team.  An individual project manager – or a project manager with a team.  A team of consultants with Kascade oversight and your project management.  Project outsourcing: onsite, offsite or offshore.  Vendor management solutions: onsite or vendor neutral, including recruitment process outsourcing and service procurement outsourcing. Staffing options include  Direct Hire  Temporary Staffing  Contract StaffingSkill Management (IT Training and Education)TRAINING AND EDUCATION AT KASCADE  Basket full of courses ranging from basics to cutting edge technology in information Infrastructure.  Training by specialists with excellent professional track record and industry experience.  Syllabus prepared by a panel of specialists with rich experience, covering industry expectations and contemporary developments in in the world.  World class high-end equipment and data-center to get hands on experience.  Focused and workshop based training and provide real world experience with access to world class infrastructure.  Provide complete understanding of business needs and processes and translate business needs into technological requirements.  Incorporate industry best practices, proven methodologies in every step of training.  Kascades Online Campus provide access to students for accessing study materials, participate in discussions and interact with the instructor individually.  Online Labs help students to practice their lab session at their convenient time from their convenient location. Page 10 of 14
  11. 11. Enterprise Curriculum (Z Courses)Our Unique Training currilum, The Enterprise Courses focus on a job role rather thana vendor specific product has become favourite among many of clientsEnterprise Course offerings  Enterprise System Administration Expert -AIX / LINUX - Z001  Enterprise High Availability Expert - HACMP / VCS - Z002  Enterprise Virtualization Expert - VIO / VMware - Z003  Enterprise Backup Administration Expert - TSM / NetBackup - Z004  Enterprise Storage Administration Expert - EMC / Clariion - Z005  Enterprise Database Administration Expert - Oracle / DB2 - Z006  Enterprise Disaster Recovery Expert - Z007  Enterprise Automation Expert - Z008  Enterprise Cloud Administration Expert - IBM Cloud / VMWare Cloud - Z009Other than this we offer almost 48 different courses on various vendor specificproducts Skill Management (Soft Skill Training) Every industry is aware of the fact that, the employees on board are technically very sound and excellent performers as far as their work is concerned. But, when it comes to communication, etiquettes and leadership qualities, the workforce of the company needs to be trained to be par with the work community. We at Kascade, help your employees achieve confidence and overall professional skill sets that are required in excelling in their profession. We work on the developing the following core competencies as a part of their Soft Skill training program. Leadership Working in Teams, Leadership Skills and Styles, Leadership and Teams, Team Building, Managerial Skills, Supervisory Skills, Creativity and Decision Making Skills Stress and Time Management Prioritizing, Planning & Organizing, Goal Setting, Procrastination, Time and Stress Management, Stress Management Skills, Change Management. Personality Development Success through Positive Mental Attitude, , Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolutions, Motivational and Attitudinal Workshop, 7 Habits, Ability for planning, organizing and coordinating. Page 11 of 14
  12. 12. Communication Better usage of English language/Vernacular, Basic Communication Skills, Business Communication, Assertiveness Skills, Negotiation Skills, Business Presentations Skills, Public Speaking, GD participation/facing techniques. Task, Video/Audio recording. Etiquette Business Etiquette & Manners, Corporate and Business Etiquette. Computer skills Basics of Computers, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Use of Internet and Email. METHODOLOGY: Class room training, Movie clips, games, examples, story/sharing questionnaire/role play/exercises/ Kascade Services for Educational Institutions Partnership in IT training solutions At Kascade, we clearly understand the corporate needs and their expectations from employees for handling mission critical applications and IT infrastructure. We have over 15 years of real world experience in managing IT infrastructure for global players. We train on real equipment’s costing a fortune. We provide world class training with high end infrastructure setup to ensure that candidates achieve and attain in-depth and up-to-date technical excellence demanded by the competitive marketplace.We believe in providing strong foundation, imparting basics, strictly adhering to industry methodologies andpractices in our training curriculum. This helps companies to realize maximum productivity from their staffreadymade at a lower cost. We have a firm belief in providing a strong and sound base for professionals toexperience a dramatic change in attitude, approach and work culture. We strive in imparting professionalismcoupled with proficiency in skills. Hence our training program is comprehensive and complete.Our specialized services include superlative Infrastructure training services by professional trainers who haveextensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the field. We ensure that the candidates go through a rigorousevaluation and testing process which includes practical and hands-on workshops to get accredited. Thecandidate thus accredited is given an opportunity to work in our organization as a trainee for a period of oneyear, so that they gain practical experience and capability to manage stressful and challenging situations, attainsoft skills and team spirit. During this cycle, we ensure that the candidates understand the business point of viewof the entire IT process, get hands-on experience in process-driven environment and are capable ofappreciating the industry best practices. Change management is considered as a circulatory system which isenmeshed in each and every student of ours.Our students have a unique advantage in the market as their curriculum is focused on the needs of industry. Ourstudents will be able to fill-up the acute shortages faced by the industry today. Students gain practical exposureand earning potential with our internship program.Kascade absorbs the graduated students for its internal projects and its clients staffing needs Page 12 of 14
  13. 13. Kascade – Medical Writing TrainingProfessional organizations for individuals involved in pharmaceuticalpublication planning include the International Society of MedicalPublication Professionals (ISMPP) and The International PublicationPlanning Association (TIPPA). The purpose of these organizations is tocreate a forum where individuals involved with pharmaceuticalpublication planning and biomedical publications can meet and shareknowledge and experience. They serve to promote career opportunitiesand professional development of individuals involved withpharmaceutical publication planning, as well as to promote standards ofexcellence in ethical professional medical writing and the biomedicalpublication process in disseminating scientific and clinical data onpharmaceutical products.Medical writing as a function became established in the pharmaceutical world because the industry recognized itrequires special skill to produce well-structured documents that present information clearly and concisely. Agrowing number of new drugs go through the increasingly complex process of clinical trials and regulatoryprocedures that lead to market approval. This drives a demand for well written, standards-compliant documentsthat science professionals can read and understand easily and quickly. Regardless of the type of medicalwriting, companies either assign it to an in-house writer, or "outsource" it to an external medical writer or medicalwriting service.Why Kascades Medical WritingConducted and taught by leading industry experts, having real industry experience and expertise on ClinicalResearch, Publication writing, Regulatory writing and Medical Writing. Online Campus available for remoteStudents.Course Conducted on  Publication Writing  Regulatory Writing o Pre Clinical Trial Documents o Post Clinical Trial Documents  Medical Communication o Electronic Learning module o Slide deck o Newsletters o Publication planning o Conference Coverage o Visual aids o Brochures o Patient Information leaflets Page 13 of 14
  14. 14. Content Developmento Scientific and Medical WritingWe cater to the needs of the regulatory bodies like FDA and EMEA in development of Clinical StudyReports, Investigational New Drug Annual Reports, Annual Satey update Report, Periodic Safety Updatereports, Serious Adverse Event Narratives, Clinical Trial Protocols, Investigator’s brochure to name a few.We also prepare medical communication documents like publications, E-learning scientific decks,brochures, Patient information leaflets for hospital and pharmaceutical companieso Technical Writingo IT Technical Manuals and SOP Preparationo General topic Newsletters, website content, blogs, marketing material are developed at Kascade.Quality Assurance ConsultingKascade provides consulting support for companies looking forward for ISO 9001:2008 andNational Accreditation Board for Hospitals Accreditations.Others  Training Documentation and CBT Preparation  Courseware Preparation Page 14 of 14