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  1. 1. Chance byNon Bunpetch I’min love withthisgirl,butshe doesn’tknow it I triedto tell her,butshe won’thearany of it “You’re my bestfriend”she says, Alwayswasandalwayswill be Little doesshe knowshowmuchitpainsme But I neverlose hope,Icouldn’t As I standby herside throughthickand thin Watchingthisbeautiful angel,getshurtoverandoveragain Justgive me a chance!I said I knowI can do betterthanall of them Justone date,I’ll prove thatI’m the one I can make you feel like the onlygirl inthe world I can be yourswordand shield,toprotectyou,tofightfor you I can give youanything;Ican be your everything…. I triedto tell her,butshe won’thearany of it I’min love withthisgirl,butshe doesn’tknow it.
  2. 2. Critical Analysis- Structure- Thispoemisdividedinto4stanzas,withthe firstand lastthe same to emphasize itsimportance. There isno certainrhyme scheme inthispoem, butthere are some rhymingcoupletssuchas“Always was andalways will be Little doesshe knowshow muchitpainsme”and some off-rhymessuchas“As I standby her side throughthickandthinWatchingthisbeautiful angel,getshurtoverandoveragain”as “thin”and “again” sort of rhymes.The wayit isstructure help showsa movingstory,fromthe 2nd stanza describingtheirrelationship,tothe 3rd where itshowshisdesire tochange it. Tone- Tone changesthroughoutthe poem, Itbeginswithasad tone,“I’min love withthisgirl,butshe doesn’tknowitI triedtotell her,butshe won’thear anyof it” as the speakerisdesperate intryingto expresshisfeelingsas“she doesn’tknow it”.Andasthe poemprogressthe tone shiftstoa desire tone, as the speakerwantsthe girl to notice himmore than justfriends, butdoesn’thave the courage tosayit directly,ascan be seenin“Just give me a chance!I saidI know I can do betterthanall of them”. But theninthe end,itshiftsbackto sad tone as the speakerendsupthe same,watchingfromafar. Imagery- Thispoemcontainsverylittle imagery,asthe poemfocusdirectlyonthe conflictof the speaker withhimself. Butsome kinestheticimageryare shownwhenthe speakersaid“Justgive me achance”, “Just one date”as one can imagine the speakerbeggingtogive hima chance.But overall there are no strongimagerycontainedinthispoem.
  3. 3. OtherStylisticDevices- The poemcontainsan importanthyperbole asthe speakersaid“Itriedtotell her,butshe won’t hearany of it“,to make it seemslike he directlytriedtotell her.Butinrealitythe speakernevermade any move significance enoughforherto notice hisfeeling.Repetitionisusedinthe poemascan be seen in“I triedtotell her,butshe won’thear anyof itI’m inlove withthisgirl,butshe doesn’tknow it.” where itisstatedin the beginningandinthe end.Itisusedto create an emotional effectandtoshow the speakerstaticrelationshipwithherashe doesnothave the courage to change it.Anaphorais also usedquite oftenascan be seenin“I can make you feel like the onlygirl inthe worldIcanbe yoursword and shield,toprotectyou,tofightfor youI can give youanything;Ican be youreverything….”,where the beginningof eachphrase beginswith“Ican”.It is usedtotell how well the speakerwouldtreather but didn’tgettobecause hislackof courage. Theme- The main theme inthispoemisnotlove butrather courage;love isusedinthispoemto tell the readerthat youneedcourage inorder to getwhatyou want.As the speakerof thispoemisinlove with the girl,and the girl knowshowgreat of personhe is,but the chance of thembeingtogetherislostby the speakerlackof courage.The poempasson to the readerthat you can’tbe afraidof doingsomething simplybecause youfearof the uncertainresult,youtotrybecause at leastyouhave a chance of achievingthe resultyouwant. Personal Reflection- Thispoemrelatestome directly,because Ihave beeninasimilarposition.Iusedtolike thisgirl whowas my friend,butdidn’tgoanyfartherbecause Inevermade anymove to tell herthat I like her. What sucksabout itis that I nevergave myself a chance to beginwithbecause Ididn’thave anycourage,
  4. 4. I was afraidof the result.Fromthe experienceIlearnedthatyouneedcourage toachieve whatyou want,eventhroughthe chance of successmaybe dimbut it’sbetterthanno chance at all.Andthe feelingyougetwithatleasttryingisfar more satisfyingthannevertrying,because youwillalwayshave the “What if..”feelinginyourhead.