Unilever: Product Mix & Dimensions (Unilever)


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Unilever: Product Mix & Dimensions (Unilever)

  1. 1. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority A presentation on Product Mix & Dimensions By: Noman Khan (57154) Marketing Management Instructor: Usman Aleem PAF KIET (Nursery Branch)
  3. 3. UnileverUnilever Product Mix & Dimensions By:By: Noman KhanNoman Khan (57154)(57154)
  4. 4.  The total composite of products offered by a particular organization.  Total no of product lines in which company is dealing is called product mix  Product lines  Individual Product  Group of products within the product mix that are closely related  Closely related products under the same product, which may differ in the price, color, characteristics A product is a distinct unit within the product line Product Mix everything organization sells.
  5. 5. the total composite of products offered by a particular organization. Product Mix  Product lines  They function in a similar manner  They are sold to the same customer groups  They are marketed through the same types of outlets  or fall within given price ranges  Individual Product:  Size  Appearance  Prize  Other attributes
  6. 6. WIDTH - The number of different product lines the company carries - No of products under single product line is “line width” LENGTH The total number of items the company carries within its product lines DEPTH - The number of versions offered of each product in the line - A product line contains a number of items, this number being called product line depth. CONSISTENCY How closely related the various product lines DIMENSIONS
  7. 7. 7 We all want to be pampered, to look and feel great, to enjoy that moment when anything seems possible. And that's just what Lux offers you on a daily basis at a price you can afford  LUX has always been synonymous with beauty and the enigma of a woman. Since its launch in Pakistan in 1954, it has been hailed as the 'soap of the stars' capturing the imagination of its target audience with the allure of Pakistan's leading glamorous ladies.  50th year anniversary of Lux. the massive advertising campaign - featured the top four female models of Pakistan along with the Legendary Pakistani Film Actress Babra Sharif  In 2002, LUX initiated the First “Lux Style Awards” boosting the immense talent in Pakistan and giving them a platform for performing arts LUX
  8. 8. 8   Peach & Cream Strawberry & Cream Nature Pure Aqua Sparkle Crystal Shine Peach and Cream hand wash Strawberry and Cream hand wash  Magical Beauty(Purple) Strawberry and CreamPeach and Cream LUX
  9. 9. 9 We all want to be pampered, to look and feel great, to enjoy that moment when anything seems possible. And that's just what Lux offers you on a daily basis at a price you can afford  Sunsilk introduces 1st ever shampoo for covered hair in Pakistan!  Sunsilk Clean & Fresh helps remove this sebum, giving you lasting freshness and clean sensation.  One brand; seven experts. A long-term relationship; SUNSILK
  10. 10. 10 THICK AND LONG – influential hair stylist Teddy Charleshas collaborated with photographers such as Mario Testino and his styling regularly appears on the front cover of fashion bible Vogue. His Sunsilk range contains Keratin Yogurt Nutri complex for long-lasting volume with natural body and bounce. HAIR FALL SOLUTION / ANTI-DANDRUFF – Dr. Francesca Fusco, a New York based dermatologist and physician who examines single strands of hair to diagnose hair fall and scalp problems. Her Hair fall product range is packed full of Mustard Oil Complex for hair with boosted strength and density that oozes health and radiance. The Anti-Dandruff range, enriched with Egg and Yogurt ZPTO Complex, thoroughly cleanses and refreshes while purifying the scalp to eliminate dandruff from the first wash and protect hair’s natural condition from dryness. BLACK SHINE – LA-based Jamal Hammadi, is renowned for his charismatic work for international haute couture houses such as Chanel, Dior, Gaultier and Galliano. His Sunsilk product range contains Amla Pearl Complex along with a conditioning system which reveals your hair’s natural shine so it glows brilliantly from the inside out. SOFT & SMOOTH – Thomas Taw, edgy London hair stylist, whose client list includes world famous musicians, models and actors, is obsessive in his passion for repairing damaged hair. His Sunsilk product range contains exclusive product Ceramide Egg Complex to dramatically improve hair texture by penetrating deeper and filling damaged cracks layer by layer, strand by strand. VIBRANT COLOUR PROTECTION – Rita Hazan is one of the most sought-after colourists in the world, known for setting beauty trends and reinventing celebrities with her vibrant colour work. Her Sunsilk product range repairs surface damage and rejuvenates the hair fibres, leaving hair in the ultimate condition to transmit brilliant colour. DEFINED CURLS – Ouidad, world-famous ‘Queen of Curls’ and owner of two exclusive curl salons in the US, is passionate about empowering women worldwide to create the perfect curl. Her Sunsilk product range defines curls; controlling their volume and reducing frizz. PERFECT STRAIGHT – Co-created by Yuko Yamashita: hair beautician, lecturer and the inspiration behind hair straightening process patented in several countries that is used in thousands of salons worldwide, Yuko strives to minimise friction between individual hairs so they glide across each other for ultimate sleekness. Her Sunsilk product range aligns rebellious hair from root to tip to reduce frizz. SUNSILK
  11. 11. From our range Soft & Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner Clean and Fresh Shampoo Black Shine Shampoo Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner Hairfall Solution Shampoo & Conditioner Thick & Long Shampoo & Conditioner
  12. 12. 12  Hair and skin care products  body wash,  body lotion,  hand cream,  shampoo and conditioner,  hair styling products,  deodorant, body mists, and  men's care deep clean body & face bar Brand's mission 'to make more women feel beautiful everyday, by widening today's view of beauty and by inspiring women to take great care of themselves’ DOVE
  13. 13. Dove Conditioner Dove Mask ON-Treatment Dove Serum Dove Shampoo Dove soap
  14. 14. 14 Tandurust rahain, mast rahain Each family has its own unique tradition and ways to enjoy their cup of tea, Brooke Bond Supreme has played a very important role in this tradition for nearly three decades. It has brought families closer together over joyous tea drinking occasions Testament to this is the fact that it is the largest selling tea brand of the country, with undoubtedly the widest geographical spread. SUPREME
  15. 15. SUPREME
  16. 16. 16 Tagline: ‘Daag tou achay hotay hain / Dirt is good’. But this is much more than just a tagline. It is a central philosophy that the brand lives by, with an intrinsic passion to ensure child development through tactile learning. Over the years, the brand has worked hard to build awareness on the importance of child learning through experience.  Healthy activities involving dirt are essential to development. It's how kids learn to express their creativity and it bolsters their immune systems. SURF EXCEL
  17. 17. SURF EXCEL
  18. 18. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority A presentation on Product Mix & Dimensions By: Noman Khan (57154) Thank you