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This presentation contains info about the importance of preparation illustrated with an example.

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  • Hafiz Annus start
  • The word prepare is a verb.Literally it,means to make ready in advance.Now, living ahead of the game means to have an advantage in a competitive situation. For example, you are sitting in your class and you are informed that you’ll be giving a test about a certain topic, the very next day. If you have studied the topic thoroughly before, you’ll only need to revise key-points and thus making your preparation easy and the result will be good marks.Planning is an important part of the preparation process. If you have to perform some task or have to do some work, you might consider planning your approach towards that particular task. Organizing, comes after you have planned your approach and you organize the steps in your plan. Planning and organizing early before the task is performed is considered as ‘preparation’ for the task.Hafiz Annus End
  • UsmanSafder StartNormally, when you perform a certain task with little or no preparation, you still expect to get better results. Usually, this doesn’t happen. Although, if you are thoroughly prepared for a task, you will not only get better results but you will virtually attain them faster than expected.By preparing thoroughly, you can achieve your goal with minimum number of drawbacks and hindrances. You’ll have a clear path to your goal and you will have a planned methodology to tackle problems along the way.By preparing for a certain task, you’ll gain the confidence to perform that task efficiently and similarly you’ll gain discipline by planning during preparation.Preparing for a task ahead, saves your valuable time. For example, you enjoyed your weekend and have to go to your educational institute on Monday. On Sunday evening, if you prepare your outfit and pack your books/bag, you’ll save time of doing these tasks on Monday morning just before going to the institute. It will ease the tension on your mind plus you’ll get ample time to eat your breakfast. LOLUsmanSafder End
  • Noaman Ahmed StartYou might have heard the phrase “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. This is true for interviews and anything else. Prepare well and you’ll improve your peformance.
  • Researching the job company Research the Company and job and make notes. You would be surprised how many people arrive for interviews knowing little and sometimes nothing about the Company or what they will be doing day to day in the job for which they are applying. Not only will you be prepared, but you'll look professional too, right at the start. Ask to refer to your notes in the interview just to show you have prepared! Plan your arrival and your clothes/appearance. Do not create a bad first impression. What you say will count for more with most interviewers, but why give them anything to worry about. Write down likely questions and suitable answers. This is key. Too many interviewees fail because they do not expect and are therefore not prepared for certain questions.List some questions to ask. Even if you have none, ask at least 1. It shows you are genuinely interested and serious about choosing the right position.Noaman Ahmed End
  • Preparation

    1. 1. A solution to any kind of problem
    3. 3. Presented by Hafiz Annus Mehmood – CIIT/SP10-BEC-015/LHR Noaman Ahmed – CIIT/SP10-BEC-037/LHR Usman Safder – CIIT/SP10-BEC-049/LHR
    4. 4. Quotes “A winning effort begins with preparation.” – Joe Gibbs “The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.” – Joe Paterno
    5. 5. What is Preparation ? To make ready in advance To live “ahead of the game” To plan and organize early for a task ahead
    6. 6. Importance of Preparation Helps you get results exponentially faster Helps you achieve your goal with minimum drawbacks Helps you gain confidence and makes your life disciplined Saves time
    7. 7. EXAMPLE: Preparing for a jobinterview Research shows that people who prepare well for interviews,  Feel more relaxed  Have thorough information about the job  Anticipate most of the asked questions  Have answers prepared for those questions  Represent themselves most effectively  Come out of the interview, feeling they did their best
    8. 8. EXAMPLE: Preparing for a jobinterview cont. Some important tips when preparing for a job interview  Research the job company and make notes  Plan your arrival and appearance  Write down likely questions and suitable answers, at home  List some questions that you may ask the interviewer
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    10. 10. Questionsarewelcomed