The Nolitan Hotel


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Welcome to the Neighborhood: Located at the corner of Kenmare and Elizabeth Streets, The Nolitan Hotel is the first boutique hotel to open in Nolita"North of Little Italy" – one of the most endearing and authentic neighborhoods in New York City. It offers guests much more than just luxurious design accommodations, unique amenities and fantastic food 24/7. It offers a genuine New York experience and real community. Linger. Enjoy. Imagine. Make friends. Experience life like a Nolitan.

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The Nolitan Hotel

  1. 1. next  30 Kenmare St reet, neW YOr K , nY 10012 telephone 1 877 nOLItan / +1 212 925 2555 facsimile +1 212 925 2556 nOLItanhOteL.cOm
  2. 2.  previous next  WeLcOme Welcome to Nolita. When we open our doors in Fall 2010, you will experience one of New York’s most authentic and endearing neighborhoods in an entirely new way. Our 55-room luxury hotel will provide the perfect home in Nolita – impeccable, attentive, stylish and all about you. We’ll be your entrée into a real New York neighborhood that is creative, cool, international and historic. Linger. Enjoy. Imagine. Make friends. Experience life like a Nolitan.
  3. 3.  previous next  the nOLItan FactS OpenIng rOOm amenItIeS Fall 2010 Custom Bath and Body Products by Red Flower, 37" HD Flat Screen Television by LG with Premium Entertainment and Gaming Systems, LOcatIOn Complimentary WiFi Internet Access, Complimentary Local and 30 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012 Toll-Free Phone, Surcharge Free Long Distance, Daily Newspaper, (corner of Kenmare and Elizabeth Streets) Evening Turndown Service, Private Terrace, Luxury Robes, iPod Stereo Systems by Vers. Telephone: +1 212 925 2555 Website: FOOD anD bever age Renowned restaurateur and chef Jimmy Bradley, who brought hOteL DeSIgn The Red Cat and The Harrison to New York, will create, J&S Food Grzywinski+Pons (Design Architects) Hall a unique dining experience at The Nolitan. The restaurant Meyer Davis (Interior Design) will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and will provide hotel lobby lounge service and 24-hour in-room dining. the hOteL – Main Floor: Reception, Lounge and Restaurant ServIce by Jimmy Bradley and Steven Eckler 24-Hour Services: Front Desk/Concierge, In-Room Dining, – Room Types: 55 Non-Smoking Guest Rooms Security, Valet, Car Services, Personal Packing and Unpacking and more… Neighborhood Room (12), Neighborhood Balcony (14), Cityscape (8), Cityscape Balcony (11), Neighborhood Corner (4), Cityscape Corner (2), Neighborhood LOcaL tOucheS Accessible (3), Neighborhood Suite (1) Complimentary Bicycles, Skateboards and Full Access Equinox Membership. Pets welcome. Outdoor Space: Rooftop Lounge, Private Terraces and Decks, Sidewalk Restaurant Service
  4. 4.  previous next  the nOLItanS The charm and the character that defines Nolita are derived from those who inhabit the streets and breathe life into this community. Meet the Nolitans…
  5. 5.  previous next  the nOLItanS spr ing str eet pr ince str eet Duncan quInn anD theODOre crISpInO, Se LIma SaL aun , DeSIgner , Se LIma Op tIque taILOrS, Duncan quInn
  6. 6. previous next the nOLItanS el iz a beth str eet k enm a r e str eet je nnIFe r marIe SImS anD marIO hugO gOnz aLe z , nIchOL aS cOx, che F, L a eSquIna artISt manage me nt, hugO anD marIe
  7. 7.  previous next  the nOLItanS pr ince str eet el iz a beth str eet nIna anD juLIa We rman , Ke Ith phILLIpS, SaLeS aSSOcIate anD bOutIque OWne rS, vaLLeY nYc vISuaL merchanDISer , me & rO
  8. 8.  previous next  the nOLItanS mul ber ry str eet mot t str eet carOLIne prInce , haIr St YLISt Luc Lev Y, OWner , caFe gItane
  9. 9.  previous next  the neIghbOrhOOD From Houston to Broome, from Lafayette to the Bowery and all the streets in between, you can explore Nolita with us. From the historic architecture of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral to the enticing offerings at Calypso, Charlotte Ronson, John Fluevog and Ralph Lauren. From the lunch trucks to the sidewalk tables at Café Gitane, to the dining rooms of Bread and Peasant. Nolita offers something for everyone. It’s simultaneously cosmopolitan and quotidian. Come experience one of New York’s most authentic and endearing neighborhoods.
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  11. 11.  previous next  the neIghbOrhOOD
  12. 12.  previous next  the neIghbOrhOOD
  13. 13.  previous next  the neIghbOrhOOD
  14. 14.  previous next  the neIghbOrhOOD
  15. 15.  previous next  the neIghbOrhOOD
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  17. 17.  previous next  the neIghbOrhOOD
  18. 18.  previous next  the neIghbOrhOOD
  19. 19.  previous next  the neIghbOrhOOD restaurants and bars 37 01 balthazar 02 cafe gitane 44 03 cafe habana 04 cafe select 05 despana 06 emporio 07 la esquina 08 lombardi’s 38 09 peasant 10 pulino’s 11 public 10 12 spring street lounge 34 13 tartinery 01 21 14 torrisi specialties 16 15 travertine 26 32 24 27 retails 23 41 02 16 anya ponorovskaya 17 bridal studio 03 17 bio 18 calypso 14 30 19 coco de mer 20 duncan quinn 29 21 etiqueta negra 06 31 22 girlcat 35 23 john fluevog 25 24 john varvatos 33 25 lord willy’s 26 mcnally jackson 42 27 me&ro 43 28 odin 29 red flower 30 selima optique 11 31 sigerson morrison 32 belle by sigerson 12 09 morrison 33 tendenza 04 19 34 tory burch 13 08 35 vince 18 health and beauty 07 28 40 36 ashtanga yoga 05 37 deva spa 36 38 equinox 22 20 39 pipino 40 rodney cutler 15 41 valley j& sf landmarks oo dh al 42 old st. patrick’s cathedral l 43 the new museum 45 44 the puck building 45 police station 39
  20. 20.  previous next  the experIence When you live at The Nolitan, you’ll feel at home. Warm and inviting spaces, rooms you can settle into and, of course, windows onto a neighborhood like no other. Stay with us and experience life like a Nolitan.
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  25. 25.  previous next  the experIence View from The Nolitan rooftop terrace and most guest rooms on the higher floors.
  26. 26.  previous next  the archItecture The Nolitan was designed by the architectural team Grzywinski+Pons. Grzywinski+Pons is a New York City based practice led by principals Matthew Grzywinski and Amador Pons. Their practice is committed to design excellence predicated on quality, beauty, innovation and a rigorous approach to detail. Dedication to this pursuit has led to significant levels of experience in designing and administrating the construction of the built environment. With each commission, while anchored in a specific site and circumstance, Grzywinski+Pons endeavors to serve the programmatic and functional essence of the project through the application of concept driven design. Elements like light, form, means of circulation and material selection address function, aesthetic and experience cohesively. As a LEED accredited firm Grzywinski+Pons embraces principles of sustainability in their design. They have developed a diverse body of work including retail, commercial, hospitality and residential commission which have garnered international attention. The young firm is currently at work on several hospitality and multifamily residential projects in New York and further afield as well as a handful of private residences. A number of these building are scheduled for completion in 2010. amador pons and matthew grzywinski, grzywinski+pons
  27. 27.  previous next  the InterIOrS The Nolitan interiors are the work of interior design firm Meyer Davis. Meyer Davis Studio Inc. is a comprehensive, award-winning architectural design firm based in New York City. Founded in 1999 by Will Meyer and Gray Davis, it has established itself at the forefront of the nation’s high end residential and commercial practices. Residential clients have benefited from the diversity of the Meyer Davis lexicon; a varied language referencing principles that range from modernist architecture to traditional design. Commissions from select giants of fashion retail have included Oscar de la Renta’s in-store boutiques as well as his stores in Los Angeles, London, Athens, Madrid, and Dubai among many others. John Varvatos selected the firm’s warm modernist aesthetic for the expansion of his empire of rock ‘n’ roll chic, including stores in New York, and, most recently, Las Vegas. Numerous hospitality projects include the beloved New York restaurants Mas (an exceptional interpretation of a French Farmhouse), Boqueria (a sleek reinvention of traditional Barcelona tapas bars), Locanda Verde (a critics’ darling owned by Robert DeNiro), and 10 Downing (a sophisticated Art Gallery and fine food establishment). A unique achievement was made with The Gym, an exclusive fitness club owned by Steve Hanson and Danny Errico of Equinox Fitness fame. MDSI was also chosen to design the VIP Lounge in the American Pavilion at the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan. will meyer and gray davis, meyer davis
  28. 28.  previous next  the FOOD With the Nolitan comes the next New York dining destination from Jimmy Bradley and Steven Eckler. The chef-owner of two popular New York City restaurants – The Red Cat and The Harrison – Jimmy Bradley presides over neighborhood joints that have become destinations for guests from around the city, and the country. A purveyor of straightforward, occasionally irreverent, food and contagious conviviality, all of it wrapped up in an attitude-free package, Bradley has helped contemporary diners rediscover the intrinsic value of classic Mediterranean cuisine, jimmy bradley, chef and reinterpreted for a modern American clientele. He and his recipes are regularly featured in restaurant owner The New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, and other food publications, as well as on local and national television programs. His first cookbook, The Red Cat Cookbook, was published by Clarkson Potter in fall 2006. Here’s a recipe from Jimmy and Steven for you…
  29. 29.  previous next  the FOOD FrIeD green beanS WIth prOceDure SWeet hOt muStarD muStarD (ServeS 4) Put the Dijon, dry mustard, hot sauce, soy and honey in a saucepan and set over low heat. Whisk until all ingredients are incorporated and the sauce is warm, IngreDIentS approximately 5 minutes. Transfer to a small serving bowl and set aside to cool. muStarD green beanS 1 ¼ cups Dijon mustard Line a plate or platter with paper towels. Pour the oil into a large pot to a depth 1/8 tsp. dry mustard of 4 inches and heat over medium-high heat until the oil reaches 350 degrees. 1 tbsp. plus 1 tsp. hot sauce Meanwhile, in a large bowl, whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form. Whisk 3 tbsp. light soy sauce in the flour and club soda. Dip the beans into the batter, letting any excess batter ¾ cup honey run off, and carefully lower the beans into the oil in small batches, so they do not stick together. (Do not overcrowd or the oil can overflow and the beans will not green beanS cook evenly.) Cook the beans, stirring periodically to keep them from sticking 1 pound green beans, trimmed together, until light golden brown, approximately 3 minutes. Remove the beans from the oil using a slotted spoon and transfer them to the paper towel-lined 4 egg whites plate. Season immediately with salt. 3 cups flour 2 ¾ cups plus 2 tbsp. club soda or seltzer Let the oil return to a temperature of 350 degrees and repeat with another batch Salt of beans. Continue to repeat until all of the beans have been battered and fried. Canola oil for frying tO Serve Serve the beans hot in a bowl or on a platter, passing the mustard sauce alongside for dipping.
  30. 30.  previous next  the amenItIeS The Nolitan’s in-room bath and body amenities are created exclusively by Red Flower – a Nolita native. Red Flower encourages the enjoyment of simple experiences and celebrates life through the purity and freshness of flowers. Each botanically based product is created in harmony with nature. Always blended to positively impact on health, the environment, and a powerful, luxurious, unforgettable experience. Launched in October 1999 with six petal topped candles and organic flower teas, Yael Alkalay (Red Flower founder) set out to create a beauty and personal care line founded with the intention of transforming simple everyday experiences to their utmost, inspiring a desire to be present, a sense of living fully and optimism about creating environmental change. Red Flower has grown to include a collection of 100% biodegradable body washes and lotions, certified organic perfume and three therapeutic bath house inspired home spa collections. Red Flower is founded on the principles of sustainability, world traditions, well being and aesthetics. yael alkalay, founder red flower
  31. 31.  previous cOntactS Press: Susan Ainsworth Vicki Elkins President Managing Director Ainsworth Associates Ainsworth Associates Telephone +1 212 228 4325 Telephone +1 212 228 4325 Fax +1 212 271 3304 Fax +1 212 271 3304