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  • Welcome to XYZ’s presentation on Joining the Evolving World of Social MediaMy name is Jason Foss. I am the account executive, and I’ll be explaining the whole process to you and fielding any questions you may have.Throughout this slideshow, I will explain the reasons for utilizing Social Media, and the methods we will use to make it happen.
  • Iwill use the 5 W’s to explain the benefit of Social Media for Northwestern Technologies
  • Stress the importance of interactive dialog, and what that meansAsk if everyone recognizes these symbols & ask them why?It’s important to understand the difference between B2B and B2C applications on social mediaB2B consists of well researched and concise information relayed to clients and employees through blogs and webinars.B2C is more engaging through the use of business accounts on public social media sites. It’s important to understand and embrace the difference between the 2(Be prepared to field questions about this subject. It could be the biggest selling factor of our presentation)
  • It’s important to stress that business accounts be set up for this. If you encourage your employees to venture into twitter and facebook, it will be important to educate them on sending the proper message. This can be a very effective tool, but used incorrectly could have an adverse effect.Our company will set up a Northwestern Technologies Blog and train your employees how to create webinars and post informative content.We will have weekly meetings with your team to share our results through these methods and guide you all through the evolution of the social media process.We will identify the strengths and weaknesses as we move forward and create opportunity by focusing on both.
  • This study shows that 2/3 of B2B companies are moderately engaging in social media. Only 9% aren’t engaged at allDon’t get left behind!
  • Once our system is in place, the momentum that you create helps you to stay relevant while keeping your cost low.It allows you to target decision makers and engage them through the use of webinars & blog posts that provide resources that prove the validity and usefulness or your product.Results can be tracked by us at XYZ through the footprint left behind by both your clients/potential clients and your team.
  • With your decision to hire us as your leaders in the social media movementWe will develop your company blog and train everyone how to apply effective and strategic posts to raise their credibility Using our methods of tracking and analysis, we will report to you every week and create weekly goals for your team to work toward
  • With XYZ we will usher you into the future through the practical use of Social Media(ask if anyone has any further question)Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you all today
  • Imkt120 unit5 foss_jason

    1. 1. + Northwestern Technologies Joining the Evolving Word of Social Media
    2. 2. + 5 W’s of Social Media  What is Social Media?  Where should we start?  Why is Social Media a good fit for Northwestern Technologies?  When should we move forward with Social Media?  How do we begin?
    3. 3. + What is Social Media?  The term Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue (Social).  Business to business has moved to methods like blogging and webinars to enhance the credibility of their product and employees.  Some of the most popular & widely used websites for the corporate application of Social Media (What).  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  YouTube Sources Cited “Social media.” Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 13 Nov. 2011. Web. 14 Nov.2011 “What is a Video CV?.” TalentRooster, Inc. Web. 14 Nov. 2011.
    4. 4. + Where should Northwestern Technology start?  Establish what messages you want to convey to build brand awareness  Build a marketing strategy with us, based around these brand awareness messages  Launch the active Social Media strategy plan by establishing business accounts with selected websites.  Track the results with available research tools  Surveys  Content Analysis  Experiments  Data Mining
    5. 5. + When should we should we move forward with Social Media?  Now is the time to strike! Source Cited “B2B Marketers Still Unsure about Social Media Strategies.” eMarketer Inc. 11 Nov. 2011. Web. 19 Nov. 2011
    6. 6. + Why is Social Media a good fit for Northwestern Technologies?  Low Cost  Easy to target your Audience & build strong relationships with clients early in the buying process  Provides effective analysis and allows you change your approach in real-time
    7. 7. + How do we begin?  Hire us to lead your team!  We will provide the structure and plan  Working together with your Marketing Team we will guide you through the process the whole way.
    8. 8. + Thank you! We look forward to the opportunity to join your team & grow your business through the engagement of social media
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