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  • 1. Machine Scavenger Hunt Simple Machines- slides 2-8 Compound Machines- slides 9+10
  • 2. Gears
    • A gear is a rotating machine part having cut teeth, or cogs, which mesh with another toothed part in order to transmit torque. Helps things operate and move.
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  • 3. Inclined Plane
    • It is a flat surface whose endpoints are at different heights. By moving an object up an inclined plane rather than completely vertical, the amount of force required is reduced, at the expense of increasing the distance the object must travel.
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  • 4. Lever
    • Is a rigid object that is used with an appropriate fulcrum or pivot point to multiply the mechanical force (effort) that can be applied to another object (load). Helps open up tight things.
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  • 5. Pulley
    • is composed of a wheel on an axle that may have a groove between two flanges around its circumference. A rope, cable, belt, or chain usually runs over the wheel and inside the groove, if present. Pulleys are used to change the direction of an applied force, transmit rotational motion, or realize a mechanical advantage in either a linear or rotational system of motion. Helps lift heavy things.
    My fathers work Morton Grove library
  • 6. Screw
    • A screw is like a nail except wrapped around by an inclined plane. The space in between on a screw are called Pitches. Screws are used to hold things in place.
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  • 7. Wedge
    • Something sharp that can go through a surface. A wedge can be used for splitting something.
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  • 8. Wheel and axle
    • A Wheel and axle is a modified lever of the first class that rotates in a circle around a center point or fulcrum. The larger wheel (or outside) rotates around the smaller wheel (axle). Used to help carry heavy loads.
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  • 9. Compound machine # 1
    • Stapler- The two simple machines that make up a stapler are a lever and a Wedge. The part you push down on is the lever and the part that shoots the staples or the staples is the wedge.
  • 10. Compound machine # 2
    • Can opener- The four simple machines that make up a can opener are a lever, Gear, Wedge, and a Wheel and axle.