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Published on

Razum …

Presenter: Ziga Hajdukovic
9.6.2010 at the Nokia App Forum Slovenia event

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  • 1. Nokia App Forum Slovenija © Razum 2010
  • 2. Starting up Razum, a mobile game dev. studio - The Experience: 2 men 1 IS project 1 rented student room a.k.a. „ garage“ 1 distant future (6 months) plan for one Hitachi project 1 contact to recommend us -> Telargo -> Blackberry app developed in a weekend -> success! -> Hong kong, New Jersey, Dubai .. -> Hitachi, London, Japan -> Awards (Monaco) and patented (by partners) tech development © Razum 2010
  • 3. Razum today: 8 talented and experienced developers 1 Wii sports 1 Guitar Hero 1 Rock Band 1 information system platform MANY mobile games and tech developed LOTS of experimenting and prototyping ALL bleeding edge high-tech projects © Razum 2010
  • 4. Ž iga, Razum and Nokia > Nokia while at Cocoasoft > Mobile Game Development - Car Racer 2 (racing FRP), Pahtum (board game, AI) > Mobile Apps Development > Nokia – bleeding edge in j2me (latest APIs..) > Nokia bike charger – nice! > Java Mobile Edition Game Development course at The Faculty for Computer Science, University of Ljubljana 6 lessons, 2 groups, 60 students, game dev. competition w/ awards! Nokia N-Gage - 1st prize! > Nokia NFC -> Oystar goes to Monaco >>> 1st European NFC Competition 2007 >>> Grand Prize - YAY! © Razum 2010
  • 5. Razum and Nokia > Oystar Oystar Small Business Loyalty an NFC/RFID based loyalty scheme for small businesses, developed in co-op with Project Bureau. Awarded at the 1st NFC conference in Monaco (WIMA) Coming soon by the name Loyalo! > Nokia 6131 NFC (Oystar) > Nokia 6212 NFC (Loyalo) © Razum 2010
  • 6. Razum > Enterprise Mobile Applications Mobile Fleet Management for Blackberry Telargo mobile Fleet Management application and Telargo mobile Public Transit monitoring and control application with map overview of vehicle locations, bus on route interval and arrival delays display Mobile SMS Passenger Bus Arrivals Predictions via SMS for Public Transport solution © Razum 2010
  • 7. iPhone Games Rings of Saturn developed for Moject Patented (by our friends and partners Dave&Adie of Project Bureau) mobile projection technology friHockey – co-op with Matej Jan and FRI GameTeam! air hockey for two players Main theme: FRI :-) More mobile games by Razum coming soon! © Razum 2010
  • 8. © Razum 2010
  • 9. Mobile technology Little Red Riding Hood Scalable vector graphics engine and Interactive story-flow engine. > Player decision controlled story flow engine >“ Choose Your Own Adventure“ style interactive gameplay > Vector graphics engine > All graphics scalable to different screen sizes! > J2ME download: > Web demo: © Razum 2010
  • 10. Notable non-mobile Razum projects Hitachi smart home energy monitoring complex Flash UI with backend database of energy measurements and integration with smart wireless devices Telargo Fleet Management Public Transport control center operation monitoring and controlling web portal, deployed world-wide (Ljubljana/Slovenia, Hong Kong, New Jersey, ..) Telargo concrete delivery planning and execution Complex Windows .NET (WPF, WCF) UI for monitoring concrete delivery, developed for the most demanding customers in Dubai Nova business information system platform easing development, maintenance and upgrade path of information systems, deployed to various medium-sized business and public organizations © Razum 2010
  • 11. Typical Game Development cycle (coding, graphics, sound) In 3 „ easy“ steps! 1. Iterative “ gameplay testing ‹-› development” cycle 2. Iterative “ (Porting ‹) Testing › Bugfixing” cycle adjustments and optimizations for actual devices 3. Release – woohoo! > Tight developer coordination with graphics and audio designers! © Razum 2010
  • 12. Present and Future > folding e-paper, bendable LED screens, (built-in) pico projectors > 3G › 4G + WiFi (Kb/s › Mb/s) > LBA – GPS almost ubiquitous > MMORPG > Ads – bad and good! > mobile payment .. ! app stores, in app purchases! > NFC, RFID, QR codes? > battery! .. ? Nokia E52 ! > MMS apps? Tomi Ahonen.. > implants!? Computer virus... :-) > Google: future, trends, mobile, game, development .. © Razum 2010
  • 13. Mobile Game development - Shoot first, ask questions later! ? © Razum 2010