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Towns of Dagestan

Towns of Dagestan

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  • 1. Kizilyurt Mikhail Nokhov Gymnasium # 1 Khasavyurt.
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    • The town is situated on the banks of the Sulak River, 64 kilometers from Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan. Kizilyurt is the youngest town in as compared with other cities and towns in Dagestan. The name of the is translated as the “Red Village”. It unites such settlements as Chiryurt, Kizilyurt and Bovtugai, which are situated not far from each other.
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    • The first settlement in the place where Kizilyurt now stands there appeared in the 18-th century. At that time there were built fortresses and coastal fortifications on the banks of the rivers the Sunzha, the Terek and the Sulak.
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    • In the place where the mountainous river the Sulak flows from the mountain canyons on to the flat surface of the Kumic plain there was built a fortification of Kizilyurt, which started the building of a new town.
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    • Like many other fortifications built at that time it served as a base station in defense of the southern boarders of Russian Empire.
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    • In 1886 there were resettled to the “state acres” in the region of the lower Chiryurt the population of Saratov province. The local population and the resettlers were mostly busy with arable farming on the acres along the Sulak river, vegetable - growing and cattle breeding.
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    • Before the revolt in 1917, the population of this territory was very poor. The process of the riving of the kumic steppe was long and it hasn’t been over yet. During the second half of XX century there were built new irrigational canals, new electric transmission equipment, new settlements equipped with modern services and utilities which changed this region greatly.
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    • Kizilyurt nowadays is a modern town with tall buildings and well developed infrastructure. There are many industrial enterprises there. The town is green and beautiful.
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