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The Volunteer Leadership Training Series is a peer-to-peer program researched, complied and created through an initiative of KAVCO members. This series of training is focused on sharing the vital elements of leading volunteers.

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  1. 1. Volunteer Leadership TrainingRecognizing and Appreciation How to better recognize your volunteers April 2012 Module 4 of 4 Created by C.Piggott
  2. 2. Question?Why is volunteer recognition so important? Vo lunte e rs are ve ry spe cial pe o ple who se do natio n o f time and e ffo rt warrants spe cial co nside ratio n. The y sho uld always bee nco urag e d to g ro w, le arn and se e k fulfillme nt as the y he lp an o rg anizatio n, e ve n if it me ans acce pting the re ality that no t e ve ryo ne is pe rfe ct fo r e ve ry jo b.
  3. 3. Question?Why do we leave it to once a year to recognize our volunteers? There are thousands of ways to recognize people for their efforts… a smile, a thank-youfor…, newsletter/press releases, reimbursementof expenses when possible, name tags, letters of appreciation, banquets, special occasion cards, calendars, baby-sitting services, a picnic…we do not have to wait for one day …once a year.
  4. 4. Don’ t know how to start?• Brainstorm Ideas – List Their Hobbies and Interests• What do they read?• How do they dress?• Do they like to cook?• What have they mentioned in conversation?• What time are they available?• Do they like sports? These areas will reveal new forms of recognition that are creative, appropriate and user-friendly .
  5. 5. Ideas for informal recognition• A personal note of thanks, either after an event orperiodically• Sending a picture of the volunteer at the event oractivity as a keepsake• Giving out stickers: you would be surprised howmany people like stickers•Inviting the volunteers to a staff meeting to talkabout the success of the event
  6. 6. Ideas for informal recognition• Sending or giving cards for many occasions;remembering a special personal event• Providing an area where the volunteers can relax•Creating a wall of fame• Saying thank you, offering on the job praise•Setting aside time to evaluate their performance
  7. 7. Ideas for informal recognition•Sending a letter of thanks to the volunteer, theirsupervisor at work or teacher at school•Giving opportunities for learning by providingworkshops and educational opportunities•Writing an article in a newsletter, website, journal orlocal publication
  8. 8. Ideas for formal recognition•Awarding certificates and plaques•Distributing formal evaluation and volunteerplacement feedback surveys•Providing a timely orientation and training andprovide proper supervision•Holding an annual event that is both timely andappropriate to your volunteers
  9. 9. Ideas for formal recognition•Offering letters of recommendation•Providing individuals with meaningful volunteerwork that reflects their personal goals•Nominating them for local, provincial and nationalvolunteer awards•Highlighting their accomplishments at the annualAGM or board meeting
  10. 10. VideoIf you can’ t see the video follow this link http://youtu.be/bffTWt1r9_w
  11. 11. Finally, To develop best practices in volunteer recognition, you need to plan ahead and know what you want to do. It is important to share your ideas with staff and volunteers. Remember that recognition should be a priority if you want to retain good volunteers. We all need to know we are doing well at our jobs, as ithelps motivate us to continue our work. Most importantly, you need to be sincere about saying thank you. Make every occasion count and make sure that your thanks are meaningful and appropriate for your volunteers and truly reflect the impact they have had at your organization.
  12. 12. Test You have now completed Module 4 of the KAVCOVolunteer Leadership Training. Please follow this link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HQLYFSH to complete the quiz.
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