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Amazon Web Services

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  • Discussion Leader Aws

    1. 1. Amazon Web Services What It Is and How To Use It
    2. 2. What is it?
    3. 3. What Amazon Web Services Provides Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a myriad of services for companies and developers to use that include web development products, services, and solutions as well as the ability to develop and store content in the cloud.
    4. 4. Amazon Web Services is Based on Cloud Computing Cloud computing allows businesses to store content and data in a shared cloud server, creating a safe and reliable IT infrastructure and making it easy to share information.
    5. 5. How It Works •Amazon has been developing the technology for over a decade, but began offering the service to companies in early 2006. •Amazon Web Services provides an online web services infrastructure platform for cloud based computer storage. •AWS provides companies of various sizes the ability to utilize the same global cloud based computer infrastructure that supports all of it’s content on Amazon.com.
    6. 6. Cloud Computing Platforms Amazon CloudFront - high performance, globally distributed content delivery. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) - provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) - provides resizable capacity for MySQL deployments in the cloud, while managing time-consuming tasks like backup, scaling, and patching. Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) - makes it easy to send notifications from the cloud. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) - an interface that can be used to store and retrieve large amounts of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.
    7. 7. Reduced Redundancy Amazon just announced yesterday what they call Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage which is a new storage option within Amazon’s Simple Storage platform that allows customers to “store non-critical, reproducible data at lower levels of redundancy than Amazon S3's standard storage.”
    8. 8. Other AWS Solutions •Application Hosting •High Performance Computing •Backup & Storage •Media Hosting •Content Delivery •On-Demand Work Force •Databases •Search Engines •E-Commerce •Web Hosting •Enterprise IT •Facebook & iPhone Apps
    9. 9. How It’s Used •Companies have the option to only pay for what they use. •Amazon Web Services claims it to be a resilient, secure and reliable infrastructure for highly confidential content and databases. •How applications are used are flexible, and any application can be built using any platform or programming models. •Amazon refers to it as the “cost-effective IT alternative.”
    10. 10. Other Products and Services •Compute •Messaging •Storage •Content Delivery •Monitoring •Support •Database •Networking •Web Traffic •E-Commerce •Payments and Billing •Work Force
    11. 11. Developer Resources • Amazon Machine Images • Articles & Tutorials • AWS Management Console • Developer Tools • Public Data Sets • A security center
    12. 12. Access Resources Through developer resources, AWS also offer developer access resources that allow developers to create content in the cloud using Java, PHP, Ruby or Windows & .Net.
    13. 13. Companies Using AWS • Banks • Pharmaceuticals • Entertainment/Media • Technology
    14. 14. Why It’s Important Amazon Web Services is a valuable service provided to companies because it utilizes cloud content storage, which is the future of IT infrastructure and will only continue to grow and evolve. As more people use this technology, the cost will continue to decrease. This is the future of data storage.
    15. 15. References Amazon Web Services http://aws.amazon.com/ Amazon Web Services Overview White Paper