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The value of partnering with Quiterian
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The value of partnering with Quiterian


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Quiterian offers a Partnership Program based on: …

Quiterian offers a Partnership Program based on:

- Differentiation: Quiterian DDWeb is the right complement of BI, the following step
to traditional BI. Our partners can stop competing in price and start to offer a unique, differentiated product, far away from the fierce competence of traditional products.
- Business opportunities: Reach new market niches along with Quiterian and its
advanced analytics solutions for business users on Big Data.
- High profitability: Quiterian’s partnership program offers wide margins as well as
the possibility of providing customers with many high-value professional services.
- Growth: Quiterian is the long-term technological partner to grow together with, in a balanced and close to high performance relationship.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Quiterian Business Partner NetworkThe value of partnering with QuiterianQuiterian offers a Partnership Program based on: Differentiation: Quiterian DDWeb is the right complement of BI, the following step to traditional BI. Our partners can stop competing in price and start to offer a unique, differentiated product, far away from the fierce competence of traditional products. Business opportunities: Reach new market niches along with Quiterian and its advanced analytics solutions for business users on Big Data. High profitability: Quiterian’s partnership program offers wide margins as well as the possibility of providing customers with many high-value professional services. Growth: Quiterian is the long-term technological partner to grow together with, in a balanced and close to high performance relationship.
  • 2. Quiterian, the right complement of traditional BI systemsAdvanced Analytics and instant predictions for better and faster decisionsQuiterian starts where traditional tools end. It does what traditional BI systems don’t. Making Advanced Analyticsand Predictive Analysis techniques accessible to business users, this 100% self-service and agile BI platform leavespredefined reporting, dynamic display and drill-down far behind.Quiterian DDWeb is the fastest and easiest self-service and agile Based on Advanced Analytics and Predictive techniques,BI platform for business users who manage unlimited volumes Quiterian allows its users to anticipate to competitors andof data and look for a flexible, limitless and dynamic interaction identify business opportunities early in advance, while reducingwith their data, from which to extract added value for the risks and costs. In addition to getting to know what happened,business instantly and self-sufficiently, while keeping a high it is possible to understand why something happenedperformance level. Quiterian enables to move from reporting and, furthermore, what will occur in the future. Companiesfocused on repeatable facts and “the official” truth or on what equipped with Quiterian DDWeb are ready to react quickly tois already known (monthly balance sheet, annual budget, KPIs ever-changing business needs and regulatory requirements,control, sales report) to analytical technology for a deeper, more speeding their strategic decision-making up, reducingvaluable analysis not for good decisions but for better and faster dependence on IT and gaining thus efficiency and effectivenessdecisions. in all their business processes.Positioning: Self-service and Agile BI ........................................... “ Quiterian and its Dynamic Data Web product (...) Effectively a large-scale data discovery offering, its core value proposition is easing the use of data mining and statistical analysis, and thus making these capabilities more broadly available ” Magic Quadrant Customer Survey research notes. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI Platforms, 2011 ........................................... Why to choose Quiterian DDWeb? If you are a Tier 1 or a business user on Big Data and thus look “ Defending the premise that Agility is the key for for a dynamic interaction with those data at the highest efficiency and effectiveness in business processes, Boris performance. Evelson establishes four types of ‘New Generation If you already have a predefined BI application but want to Technologies’ in his report ‘Trends 2011 and Beyond: complement it with self-service Advanced and Predictive Analytics Business Intelligence’: Automated, Unified, Pervasive and If, in addition to getting to know what happened, you need to Unlimited. Quiterian is featured in the four categories, know why it happened and what will happen next. strengthening its alignment with the ‘New BI’ and If you want to identify opportunities early in advance, reduce demonstrating that not only does the company provide risks and costs. If you need to react fast to your ever-changing business agility and self-sufficiency to users, but also that it is needs and regulatory requirements. consistent with the business goals ” If you wish for: More speed. Trends 2011 and Beyond: Business Intelligence. Self-service: user empowerment and ease of use. Reduction of IT’s workload and costs. EVELSON, Boris (Forrester) Improvement in efficiency and competitivity. March 31, 2011 ........................................... 2
  • 3. Customers that lead in their sectorsAmong Quiterian’s customers are leader companies in their sectors (Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange, Telepizza, Volkswagen, Renault,Bayer, Endesa, Bupa, El Corte Inglés, BBVA, La Caixa, Sanofi, Inversis, Air Miles), as well as some of the most advanced governmentinstitutions, security/police forces and health organizations within Europe. Marketing Advanced Analytics Customer Health Advanced Advanced Analytics Analytics Web Advanced Advanced Industry Analytics Solutions Self-service Business & Agile BI Competitiveness Analytics Solutions ........................................... “ We are excited to offer a cost-effective, powerful BI solution to our customers that will provide the agility and speed that is often lacking with traditional Quiterian’s partners profile BI implementations ” Distributor – Specialist in BI (VAR-Value Added Reseller): Holly Manzano, CEO A company specializing in Business Intelligence that sells BIS Consulting (USA & China) DDWeb together with its professional services, in order to extend Quiterian DDWeb’s capabilities in high-value projects. ........................................... ISV - OEM: Manufacturer specializing in vertical software, “ Our market demands fast solutions which adds DDWeb’s analytical and dynamic reporting implementation, bringing a kind of excellence in capabilities to its own transactional software as an OEM. business analysis, and we believe that Dynamic Implementation Consultants: Data Web is the enabler of the next step in Business Business consultants who render their professional service Intelligence applications ” (with certified-by-Quiterian’s staff ) in the implementation and use of Quiterian DDWeb when the customer demands it. They put their own business expertise into practice in high Newton Ide, CEO productive and valuable projects. Leega (Brazil) ........................................... 3
  • 4. Go-to-market strategy: 125+ Specific Business SolutionsAs a Solutions company willing to improve business competitiveness It’s been every so often demonstrated that,and efficiency of organizations, Quiterian has combined its own the more and better analysis a company makes,expertise with its customers and partners’ feedback plus accurate the more efficient and competitive it is.understanding of current companies and institutions’ ever-changing However, the percentage of companies that actually useneeds in order to build a go-to-market strategy based on 125+ advanced analytics techniques is still very lowSpecific Business Solutions (SBS). This means, a catalogue of multiplevertical and cross solutions is targeted to any organization,department or business area, regardless the sector they belong to and Advanced Analytics techniqueswith no need business users having technical skills, but goal-focusedand based on the belief Advanced Analytics and Predictive do causedeep impact on the business. Quiterian’s SBS are classified into sevenmain Advanced Analytics categories: Customer, Marketing, Web, BI,Industry, Business and Health. Customer Advanced Analytics C4.5 Decision Tree. Makes predictions that help identify Churn prediction, 360º customers view, cross and up selling , Basket business opportunities, threats and risks in advance. Analysis, future customer behaviour prediction, Cart path knowledge, customer allocation, customer value loosing soon identification, Share Wallet, RFM analysis,... Marketing Advanced Analytics Multiwave campaigns, smart segmentation, channels optimization, quick count & selection, multichannel campaign management, efficiency in campaigns workflow, best channel identification, Venn’s Diagram. Creates various groups of value, and looks opportunities based on market and rival analysis,... for coincidences and differences. Web Advanced Analytics Web Analytics integrating transactional data and campaigns, web visitors analytic behaviour, optimal web visits classification,... Business Competitiveness Solutions Data quality, fraud detection, IT’s workload reduction, phone cost reduction, quick response to unexpected matters, risk identification, Profile. Identifies which variables describe customers the failure profiles and key factors classification, improvement in call cen- best, and explains why something happens. ters, monitoring, automating and optimizing customers processes,... Advanced Industry Solutions eCommerce, financial services, Public Administration, Telecomms, police, public transportation, university & education,... Self-service & Agile BI Analytics Fast integration of miscellaneous data sources, immediate data Dynamic Reporting. Personalized and interactive dashboards model enrichment, Web Analytics & high scalable platform, highly that show the results of the analysis graphically or detached. secured analytic platform, intelligent monitoring and workflow,... Health & Pharma Advanced Analytics Efficiency in epidemiology and EHR analysis, fraud detenction in health services & prescriptions, hospital indicators and dynamic dashboards, improvement in emergency dispatchers, instant analysis, logistics & delivery optimization, product yield analysis,... u Have a look here at Quiterian’s iWorkflow. For processes automation, best practices Specific Business Solutions (SBS) Catalogue optimization, KPIs monitoring and resources maximization. 4
  • 5. Partnership’s value proposition: Differentiation, High profitability, GrowthWe are looking for partners with expertise on BI, current customers base, interested in being differentiated and enthusiasticabout providing Business Value to their customers, far away from professional BI services.For achieving this purpose, Quiterian makes miscellaneous resources available to its partners, throughout a supportive PartnershipProgram, and ensures they are to be gaining leads according to a strategic business plan together with its Leads Generation Activities.Lead Generation Activities and customized services Approach to our partners’ roles Access to a collection of high value, attractive, relevant, up- We do offer a differentiated product, with proven value andto-date and goal-focused documents, both from the technical which ensures quick wins, but expect from partners:and the business perspective, in order our partners can replicate High margin over licensee and maintenance (on-premise)our prior experiences with customers from different sectors. Professional services for implementation and future Customized communications plan aimed to promote the enhancementsstrategic alliance and to ensure leads generation, regardingwhich partners are provided with regular visits & alerts reports, Benefits: Less costs, more sales, less risksplus details about their organization are posted on Quiterian’s Maximizing the current customers base valuewebsite. They also benefit from the awareness we generate from Incremental value for customers portfolioseveral fronts (email marketing and adwords campaigns, events, Additional incomes with no extra customer acquisition costpublicity, press coverage, actions involving the Analysts,…) Gaining new customers from all competitive business Staff training (business, consultant, systems programmer) industries (health, telecomms, retail, police,...)and both a technical and a business manager assigned. Replicating Quiterian’s customers and success industries “Enterprises with a traditional BI platform standard also employ Quiterian Analytics SaaS complementary products for advanced visualization, with interactive user interfaces and in-memory architectures. An increasing number of As fast, user-friendly, customizable, scalable and transparent organizations, led by business users, are successfully deploying data discovery as the on-premise model but offering, in addition, flexible tools as the enterprise standard and alternative to traditional BI platforms” rental, immediate deployment and automatic updates, Rita L. Sallam transforming organizational capex into opex, and aligning ‘BI Platforms User Survey, 2011: Customers Rate Their BI Platform Vendors’ needs and requirements of business users and IT. April 4, 2011; Data security is furthermore ensured through SAS 70 Type II (for the USA) and TIER 3 (valid for the states in the EU) auditing standards. How Quiterian DDWeb complements traditional BI u For information in detail about Quiterian Analytics Reveals not only what has happened, but also why has it happened SaaS, visit and, furthermore, what will happen next Provides self-service and agile Advanced Analytics for business users Ensures the fastest and easiest Data Mining and Predictive Analysis Have a look at Quiterian DDWeb’s modules and available components at Delivers self-service capabilities to complement predefined reporting “Most of our customers currently use traditional BI platforms in You can ask for the whole Partnership Program addition to Quiterian DDWeb” at (Josep Arroyo, CEO of Quiterian) EMEA USA LATAM Francesc Viana Mode Baldeh Marcelo Arnone EMEA Channel Manager Inside Sales Channel VP EUROPE HEADQUARTERS - QUITERIAN BARCELONA USA HEADQUARTERS - QUITERIAN MIAMI C/ Frederic Mompou 5, Edif. Euro 3, Planta 3ª 2655 LeJeune Road, Suite 810 E-08960 Sant Just Desvern, BCN (Spain) Coral gables, FL 33134 +34 93 371 44 70 1-306-442-4890 5