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Friday December 9, 2011 Post Paper

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  1. 1. HOME OF THE BIG RED ONE THE 1ST INFANTRY DIVISION POST  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2011 Vol. 3, No. 49  FORT RILEY, KAN. Fort RileyIN BRIEF ‘Tis the season The weekend Dining Facil-ity schedule is as follows: TheDemon Diner and Devil’s Denare open Dec. 10 to 11 from 9:30a.m. to 1 p.m. for brunch andfrom 5 to 6 p.m. for dinner. TheCantigny DFAC is closed this no longerweekend. Fort Riley will host the an-nual Wreaths Across America requiresobservance in conjunction withthe Veterans of Foreign Wars Post1281, Dec. 10 at 11 a.m. at thepost cemetery. decals SPECIAL TO THE POST Units, housing occupants andactivities desiring cedar and pine On Dec. 1, the Vehicle Registra-boughs to decorate the interior tion Center, located in Building 885 atand exterior of their buildings can Henry Gate, stopped issuing installa-pick up this material at the Direc- tion decals, known as DD Form 2220.torate of Public Works parking lot This stems from recent Army guidanceon Dickman Avenue, across from that prompted the decision to discon-Building 364, Main Post, on a tinue on-post vehicle registration re-first-come, first-serve basis, from until Dec. 23. While Installation decals will not Extreme care should be be required, all privately owned ve-taken in using these to avoid fire hicles must continue to be properlyhazards. Frequent misting or licensed, registered and insured insprinkling of boughs with water accordance with state laws. Rental ve-is recommended to prevent their hicles are considered privately owneddrying out. All units, housing oc- Shandi Pase | POST vehicles for purposes of post entry,cupants and activities are remind- Fort Riley community members gather to light a ceremonial tree Dec. 3 during the holiday and rental contracts serve as proof tree lighting ceremony on Ware Parade Field in front of garrison headquarters. Pictured are,ed that cutting pine and cedar from left, in the back row, Brig. Gen. Paul Funk, deputy commanding general for maneuver, for proper licensing, registration andtrees or branches anywhere on the 1st Inf. Div.; Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Colvin Bennett Sr; Lt. Allen Hartung, 299th BSB, 2nd insurance. Disposition of current de-installation is strictly prohibited. HBCT, 1st Inf. Div.; Amy Hartung and Caitlyn Hartung; and from left, in the front row, Cwynn, cals on privately owned vehicles is atFor more information, call 785- Calleya and Colby Hartung. the discretion of the owner, however239-3908. it is recommend they be removed/ On Dec. 13 the Irwin ArmyCommunity Hospital appoint- Post kicks off holiday season with tree lighting destroyed prior to the vehicle being transferred or sold. Fort Riley security forces will con-ment line will introduce a new tinue to vet 100 percent of personnelset of choices when making an By Shandi Pase entering the installation by comparingappointment. Patients will be 1ST INF. DIV. POST a valid government-issued ID card toprompted to select the Primary the individual who presents the ID.Care Medical Home Clinic they Caitlyn Hartung described Individuals with questions are en-are assigned to – such as IACH, Christmas time at Fort Riley as couraged to call the Fort Riley Police,Farrelly Health Clinic or Custer magical, following the holiday tree Access Control Branch, at 785-239-Hill Health Clinic. The ap- lighting ceremony Dec. 3 in front 3577.pointment line will then directly of the garrison headquarters atconnect patients to their clinics. Ware Parade Field. WolfPatients need to know what medi- Hartung is the daughter of home clinic they are assigned Allen Hartung, 299th Brigadeto in order to make a selection. Support Battalion, 2nd Heavy Clinic assignments by brigade: Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infan- lauds IACH- MEDDAC, DENTAC, try Division.Active Duty and Reserve Soldiers This year, the Hartung Familyand dependents and retirees. – Allen and Amy, along with their Farrelly Health Clinic- 4th four children, Caitlyn, Colby, Cal- safetyIBCT active-duty Soldiers and leya and Cwynn – had the privi-their Family members, retirees and lege of lighting Fort Riley’s holi-their Family members; 1st HBCT day Soldiers and their “We thought it was amazing. recordFamily members, retirees and their This is our first time spendingFamily members; DHHB, 84th Christmas here at Fort Riley, andEOD, 1st Eng. Bn., 41st Eng., Daddy just got back from Iraq a72nd Eng., Sapper Co. 3rd Eng., month ago with the 299th BSB,97th MP Bn. and their Family and, so for us, this is a new tradi- tion, and it was something we are By Mollie Millermembers; CAB Family members, 1ST INF. DIV. PUBLIC AFFAIRSretirees and their Family members. very honored to be able to light Custer Hill Health Clinic- the tree, so we were very excited,” Shandi Pase | POST The strong commitment to safetyCAB Family members and retirees Amy said. TOP: Santa Claus talks with the audience at the holiday tree that is driving the 1st Infantry Divi-and their Family members; 2nd lighting ceremony Dec. 3 at Ware Parade Field in front of gar- Allen said it felt great to be sion’s growing record of motorcycle-HBCT active-duty Soldiers, 1st rison headquarters. back home with the kids. and vehicle-fatality-Sust. Bde. active-duty Soldiers. “You can only do and see so free days is something BOTTOM: Santa Claus arrives at the holiday tree lighting much on Skype,” he said. “Being to celebrate and em- The semi-annual postwide ceremony Dec. 3 at Ware Parade Field. Santa was escorted by the CGMCG. phasize during thecombined graduation ceremony See TREE LIGHTING, page 9 upcoming high-riskwill be at 1 p.m. Dec. 16 at the holiday months, saidCamp Funston Deployment Sup- the Director of Army ‘Big Red One’ unveils new law buildingport Facility. Safety Nov. 30. Counseling Services and “This (record) is a Brig. Gen.Education Services will be closed Wolf tribute to the Soldiersbeginning 10:30 a.m. due to the who are part of thegraduation ceremony. For more By Mollie Miller Staff Judge ‘Big Red One’ and to the leaders whoinformation, call 785-239-6481. 1ST INF. DIV. PUBLIC AFFAIRS Advocate Lt. are looking out for them,” said Brig. Col. Dan Gen. William Wolf, commanding Fort Riley residents and per- The 1st Infantry Division’s legal Brookhart, left, general, U.S. Army Combat Readi-sonnel are reminded to call 911 team is now practicing all the core dis- and Maj. Gen. ness/Safety Center, during a two-dayin the event of an emergency. The ciplines of military law in what some William Mayville, visit to this Central Kansas post. “BeMilitary Police number, 785-239- consider the finest facility in the U.S. 1st Inf. Div. and proud of the significance of what youMPMP (6767), should only be Army. Fort Riley com- have done here and continue to focusused in non-emergency situations. Lt. Col. Dan Brookhart, 1st Inf. manding gener- on taking care of each other.” Div. staff judge advocate, and Maj. al, right, cut the More than 370 days have passedSAFETY HOLIDAY Gen. William Mayville, 1st Inf. Div. ribbon on Clau- since a 1st Inf. Div. Soldier, FamilyAs of Tuesday, Dec. 8, and Fort Riley commanding general, sen Hall Dec. 1. member or civilian assigned to Fort unveiled Clausen Hall during a rib- Clausen Hall, Riley has died in a privately owned376 bon-cutting ceremony Dec. 1 on Main Post. Clausen Hall is named after Maj. Gen. Hugh Clausen, former Army judge advocate general, and houses the Building 216 on Main Post, is the new home vehicle or privately owned motorcycle accident. The last recorded fatality oc- curred in the early morning hours of Nov. 25, 2010, when a division Sol- of the division’sdays have passed since the post’s legal assistance, administrative dier was killed in a vehicle rollover inlast vehicular fatality on Fort legal team. law and military justice offices. Oklahoma City.Riley. With 68 more, the postwill celebrate with a safety Mollie Miller Paul Inman, 1st Inf. Div. safety di-holiday to take place at each See CLAUSEN HALL, page 12 1ST INF. DIV. rector, attributes the division’s notableunit’s discretion. safety record to a combination of fac- tors including good leadership, educa- The next USAG Resilience Day Off will be: ‘Devils’ honor fallen ‘Dreadnaught’ tion and a Big Red One culture that emphasizes the importance of Soldiers taking care of Soldiers. “It’s all about the taking care of 1ST HBCT HBCT died Nov. 9 in Kandahar seum. He also volunteered his time to your brother mentality,” Inman said. Province, Afghanistan from wounds help restore old vehicles and gained “Leadership can only go so far be- DEC. The 1st Heavy Brigade Combat suffered when enemy forces attacked knowledge about the weaponry on cause leaders can’t be everywhere all Team, 1st Infantry Division and Fort his unit with small arms fire. display. He was known as the one the time. We are all comrades in arms 23 Riley honored one of their own Dec. 1 during a memorial ceremony at Morris Hill Chapel. Pfc. Cody R. Norris, 2nd Bat- Norris, a native of Houston, Tex- as, enlisted in the Army as a machine gunner. According to his Family, while attending high school, Norris who would always volunteer for tasks and gave his best when called to do so, according to his friends, members and need to look out for each other – BRO Soldiers do that very well.” Inman said a command empha- talion, 34th Armor Regiment, 1st spent hours at the local military mu- See MEMORIAL, page 11 See WOLF, page 10
  2. 2. 2 | DECEMBER 9, 2011 HOME OF THE BIG RED ONEIACH preps for Soldier increase Guest speaker to discussBy Shandi Pase1ST INF. DIV. POST effects of drunk driving HOMECOMING 2012 National Committee Quality Assurance certification on the medical homes at Fort Riley. Editor’s note: This is the fifth This certification will pro- By Shandi Pase tion coordinator, ASAP. “Once Estes spent two weeks in ain a series of articles about the tient-centered medical homes vide IACH reassurance they are 1ST INF. DIV. POST we have the survey’s turned coma and endured an exten-“2012 Homecoming” as Fort Ri- based on the Soldier’s unit. providing the highest quality in, and we compile the data, sive period of recovery for se-ley prepares for its highest troop For example, Soldiers and health care to their patients. December is considered we are going to see how they vere burns and injuries.level on post since 1994. their dependents in the 4th In- “That will be a major hur- National 3D Month. Not the match up with actual statis- Since the accident, Estes fantry Brigade Combat Team, dle for us, since that will really 3D as in 3D movies or televi- tics on Fort Riley. We will also has traveled to schools and Irwin Army Community 1st Infantry Division, are seen validate that we’re doing things sion, but rather 3D as in the have displays set up through- military installations to helpHospital provides care to more at Farrelly Health Clinic on to the industry standard in the three D’s in Drugged and out Fort Riley.” raise awareness about drunkthan 55,000 beneficiaries, in- Custer Hill. U.S. and we’re really working Drunk Driving. Jared Estes will speak at Ri- driving.cluding active-duty Soldiers, “This keeps the Soldier and to improve continuity with our Fort Riley’s Army Substance ley’s Conference Center Dec. “The message that Jared de-Families and retirees within 40 his or her Family together in a patients. That’s been really the Abuse Program will be having 13. There will be two sessions livers is to make people awaremiles of Fort Riley. common medical home where backbone of our success in the several events throughout the at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. that their actions and decision The hospital has seen pa- their team of doctors is knowl- primary care arena in the past month to bring awareness to Estes, a Wichita, Kan., resi- have consequences, and theytient traffic almost double edgeable about the whole Fam- year,” Heimall said. Soldiers and Family members dent lost his wife, Paige, in a are not always positive. Jaredsince 2005, when it had about ily,” said Katherine Rosario, about the observance. car accident involving a drunk is a down-to-earth person who33,000 beneficiaries. In 2010, public affairs specialist, IACH. APPOINTMENTS “ASAP will be handing out driver in March 2005, six puts what he has went throughwhen Col. Michael Heimall, When a patient makes an a ‘Drug and Alcohol Attitude’ months after their marriage. in a really good perspective,”IACH commander, took com- appointment to see a doctor, Patients are encouraged to survey to Soldiers on post all The accident involved Bowman said.mand, IACH provided care to they are seen in the assigned be understanding while chang- December to help gage what the couple and two of their In memory of his wife, Es-more than 55,000 beneficiaries. medical home by the assigned es take place to improve sys- the Soldiers’ thoughts and be- friends. Estes and the friends tes began a memorial founda- There are about 44,000 doctor or a doctor on the medi- tems and processes. liefs are regarding drug and managed to escape the burn- tion in her name. For morebeneficiaries who rely solely on cal home’s team. IACH asks that beneficia- alcohol use on Fort Riley,” ing wreckage; however, Paige information, visit www.pai-IACH and its outlying clinics “This provides continuity ries use Tricare online at www. said Chris Bowman, preven- was not as lucky. receive care. The remaining for the patient and the doctor. to book andabout 10,000 receive care pri- The doctor is aware of the pa- cancel appointments and refillmarily from providers off post. tient’s history and can make ed- prescriptions.Retirees, their Families andother beneficiaries go to off- ucated decisions on how to best Patients also can call 785- treat the patient,” Rosario said. 239-DOCS to cancel appoint- CRIME REPORT RECENT RESULTS OF COURTS-MARSHALL AT FORT RILEYpost facilities to receive health Patient satisfaction rates ments 24/7 by leaving a voice-care. have increased drastically with mail. Tricare offers two types of the patient-centered medical “If a patient is unable to On Oct. 28, Master Sgt. E-1, to be confined for commit larceny. Thecoverage – prime and standard. home. make it to an appointment, we Carl Bjornstal, Co. B, six months and to be military judge sentenced “For patients who get to see ask they cancel it so we can al- WTB, MEDDAC, was tried discharged with a Bad- Tripp to be reduced to Standard coverage allows at a Special Court- Conduct Discharge. the grade of E-1, tobeneficiaries to go to off-post their physician, their satisfac- lot that appointment to anoth- Martial and was found forfeit all pay andfacilities for appointments, tion rate with the care they re- er Soldier or Family member,” guilty of four On Nov. 15, Staff Sgt. allowances, to bewhile the prime coverage re- ceive is 97 to 100 percent. For Rosario said. specifications of wearing Brandon Tripp, Btry. A, confined for five yearsquires patients to be seen on those who don’t get to see their About 10 to 12 percent of unauthorized tabs and 2nd Bn., 32nd FA Regt., and to be dischargedpost for all visits, unless referred physician, it’s about 92-percent patients who schedule appoint- badges on his uniform 4th IBCT, was tried at a with a Bad-Conductby the clinic to an off-post pro- satisfaction with the visit they ments don’t come to the ap- and one specification of General Court-Martial Discharge.vider. have here,” Heimall said. “We pointment or call to cancel. signing an official and was found guilty of need to continue to capitalize “That hurts the rest of the document with the one specification of On Nov. 15, Private 1st PROVIDERS and refine the improvements community because we could intent to deceive. The AWOL terminated by Class Bobby Leonard, we made to our primary care have allotted the appointment military judge sentenced apprehension, one 1st Bn., 18th Inf. Regt., Bjornstal to be reduced specification of 2nd HBCT, was tried at a As more Soldiers and Fami- system.” to someone who needed to see to the grade of E-6. escaping from custody, Special Court-Martiallies arrive at Fort Riley with In September 2011, the de- their doctor. To help counter three specifications of and was found guilty ofHomecoming 2012, IACH is mand for clinic visits was up inefficient use of our system, On Oct. 28, PV2 Chad conspiracy to commit two specifications ofcontinuing to hire more pro- 143 percent from March 2006. we have an appointment can- McCullough, 1st Bn., 7th larceny, one desertion terminated byviders to help ease the antici- In Fiscal Year 2011, IACH av- cellation line that patients can FA Regt., 2nd HBCT, was specification of apprehension. Thepated increase in services pa- eraged 41,000 clinic visits per call any time of day to cancel an tried at a Special Court- conspiracy to commit military judge sentencedtients require. month, which is up from less appointment,” Heimall said. Martial and was found burglary, four Leonard to be reduced To help alleviate strain on than 17,000 in March 2006. Beneficiaries also can access guilty of two specifications of larceny to the grade of E-1, toa particular health care facility, By the end of summer 2012, specifications of of a value of more than forfeit $200 pay per IACH plans to apply for the See HOMECOMING, page 11 desertion terminated by $500, one specification month for seven months,patients are grouped into pa- apprehension. The of larceny of property of to be confined for seven TRAFFIC REPORT military judge sentenced some value and one months and to be McCullough to be specification of unlawful discharged with a Bad- CLOSURES Friday, to facilitate Trooper/Henry: 24/7 reduced to the grade of entry with the intent to Conduct Discharge. Estes ACP closure. Rifle Range: 5 a.m. to Estes Access Control 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 to 8 Everybody’s talking about what’s in the classifieds. Point is closed for about 12 to 18 months for major construction. ACP HOURS OF OPERATION p.m., Monday to Friday, closed on federal holidays HOUSE FILL AD Traffic will be re-routed The Directorate of Estes: Closed 222 W. Sixth St, Junction City, KS • 762-5000 Paul Mitchell to Four Corners on Emergency Services 12th Street: 5 a.m. to 7 Vinton School Road. would like to bring p.m., Monday to Friday Rifle Range Access attention to the Grant: 5 a.m. to 7 p.m., Control Point is open available access control Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. from 5 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. points for normal and to 5 p.m. Saturdays, and from 3:30 p.m. to 8 federal holiday hours. closed Sundays and on Salon Day Spa p.m., Monday through Four Corners/Ogden/ federal holidays. re Holiday Open House o Get mDa nily Rocking M FaRM FaRM nion: Offering a Variety of Ulow us o “Fresh” Fraser Fir, Scotch Pine & Austrain Pine Christmas December 10th 10am - 4pm ol F HOUSE Trees k FILLoAD H Fresh Christmas WreathsFa cebo H Superior Tree Stands 10402 Junction Road • 785-238-2298 HOURS: Tues-Fri 5:30 - 8pm Sat. 10am-7pm • Sun Noon - 4pm r witte Exit 300T I-70 2.5 Miles South HWY 57 Tierny Carl, Paris Felton, Livny Smik, Nicholas Rodriguez, Tae Kim, Lindsay May, Johnlog on @ 10402 Junction Road Rodriguez Jr., Rachel Tipton, Marilu Rodriguez, Christina Mills, Dejah Ingle, Melissa Operation Santa Claus The Daily Union is a drop off point for Upscale Pampering Operation Santa Claus. New, unwrapped Hair Cut, Shampoo & Style, Hair Color, Massages, Facials, Laser Treatment, Manicure/ toys may be dropped off at: Pedicure, Special Event Styles, Tannings The Daily Union. 222 W. 6th St. Gift Certificates Available 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Ask About Special Offers 306 E. Chestnut, Junction City • 785.238.4999
  3. 3. HOME OF THE BIG RED ONE DECEMBER 9, 2011 | 3Tully retires after decades of Fort Riley Housing Servicesservice with Army, Fort Riley Office utilizes AHRN.comBy Shandi Pase HOUSING SERVICES OFFICE With the Internet, incom- Services Office is working to1ST INF. DIV. POST ing military members and expand its pro- Sometimes it can be dif- Families are able to reach out gram by encouraging local Steve Tully, former direc- ficult to find good housing from anywhere and get an up- property managers to registertor of Fort Riley’s Directorate across the nation and even dated list of available housing in the system. The larger theof Family and Morale, Welfare sometimes across town. The from a much larger pool of database, the more useful itand Recreation, Steve Tully, Fort Riley Housing Services diverse properties that will be will be to people searching forhas worn many hats in his 30 Office has an internet-based available upon their arrival. places to live. To make regis-years with DFMWR. housing referral system called is free of tering properties a worry-free On Nov. 30, he hung them the Automated Housing Refer- charge and local property proposition, in-all up when he retired from his ral Network at to managers and military mem- corporates several layers of pri-director position after more overcome that problem. bers can register their available vacy protection.than four years. is a nation- properties on the site, often- In return for registering Other hats Tully has worn wide, joint service, Depart- times several months before their properties, AHRN.comduring his career with Fort Ri- ment of Defense-sponsored the property will be available. provides property owners withley’s DFMWR includes deputy website that offers a 24/7/365 The properties are then visible a consistent resource of qualitydirector, from 2005 to 2007; single source of available to incoming personnel when tenants.recreation division chief, from housing to incoming military they search the site for avail- For more information2003 to 2005; management members and their Families. able housing. It is the Fort Ri- about the local AHRN.comanalyst, from 2001 to 2003; directly connects ley Housing Services Office’s website, contact the Fort Ri-and art specialist, from 1991 service members with local job to promote the site to all ley Housing Services Office atto 2001. property managers via the local stakeholders to ensure it 800-643-8991, Ext. 1, or 785- Prior to coming to Fort Ri- Internet, often facilitating a builds momentum and syn- 239-3525, Ext. 1, or visit theley, Tully was an art specialist door-to-door move that saves ergy. website at toat several other installations, time, expenses and headaches. The Fort Riley Housing list a property or search for one.including the military districtof Washington, from 1988 to1991; Giessen Military Com-munity, Germany, from 1984 Shandi Pase | POST Steve Tully, director of DFMWR, left, talks with col- STACKINGto 1988; and Fort Campbell, leagues during his retirement reception Nov. 30 at theKy., from 1981 to 1984. Warrior Zone on Custer Hill. Tully retired with 30 years In his 30 years of experi- working for various DFMWR organizations.ence, Tully said he has enjoyed kids’ faces every day,” he said. Army.“the satisfaction of seeing suc- The Ceremony of Remem- Tully describes his time atcessful Family and MWR pro- brance also is one of the events Fort Riley as a privilege.grams delivered to our com- Tully said he has enjoyed while “It’s been a privilege for memunity and the friendships at Fort Riley. to work as director of DFM-that come from working with “There have been so many WR during one of the mostgreat professional Soldiers and great Fort Riley events over the dynamic times in Fort Riley’sArmy civilians.” years, it’s hard to pick a favor- history,” he said. His favorite memory, he ite,” he said. Over the past five years,said, was working with his staff A couple of the many events Fort Riley has opened five newto create the Fort Riley Cer- at Fort Riley throughout the child development centers, theemony of Remembrance. years that stand out for Tully, first Warrior Zone in the Army, “It is the finest tribute to he said, are the 2008 Month of the Resiliency Campus, Soldierthe children of fallen Soldiers the Military Child Celebration and Family Assistance Centerin the Army. I keep a photo- with the Ceremony of Remem- and the Fort Riley Marina atgraph of the first ceremony in brance and the grand openingmy office and look at those of the first Warrior Zone in the See TULLY, page 11 Sgt. Keven Parry | CAB A Soldier with the Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, directs a vehicle up the loading ramp as part of rail load training Nov. 29 at Camp Fun- ston, Fort Riley. CAB Soldiers were taught how to properly load vehicles onto railroad cars, as well as how to effectively stack equipment onto shipping pal- lets for air transport during the training. FES names Kozak top employee for fourth quarter, Hall for third By Shandi Pase he had no intention of being you,” he said. “My question is, 1ST INF. DIV. POST a full-time firefighter. Instead, ‘Why doesn’t everybody want he was attending Kansas State to be a firefighter?’” Jamez Kozak was re- University with plans of going In his short time at Fort Ri- cently named the Fort Riley to law school. ley, Kozak said he has seen that Fire and Emergency Services “Some of my fellow vol- the fire department “is a pro- Employee of the Quarter for unteer firefighters were apply- fessional and well run depart- the fourth quarter. ing here and suggested that ment filled with great people, Kozak, a Norwood, I should ‘throw my name in but just like anything else, it Mass., native, was chosen the hat,’ too,” Kozak said. “I can always use some improv- Amanda Kim Stairett | 1ST INF. DIV. for his work with the de- did not think I would be of- ing.”Sgt. Holly M. Chestnut, Co. C, STB, 4th IBCT; Sgt. Christopher D. Hartley, Btry. A, 2nd partment’s radio program, fered the job, but I went for “If it didn’t, I wouldn’t feelBn., 32nd FA Regt. 4th IBCT; Staff Sgt. Christopher A. Reyes, Co. B, STB, 4th IBCT; in which he organized the it anyway. Accepting the job the need to work so hard toSgt. Cleet M. Anderson, Btry. B, 1st Bn., 7th FA Regt., 2nd HBCT; Sgt. Joshua J. Bell, accountability and mainte- was easy. I already knew I loved make change, and I would haveBtry. B, 1st Bn., 7th FA Regt., 2nd HBCT; Staff Sgt. Jeremy A. Stafford, Headquarters nance program, potentially firefighting. Now, I had the never received this award,” heBattery, 1st Bn., 7th FA Regt., 2nd HBCT; and Staff Sgt. Health D. Wells, Co. D, 1st Bn., saving the department about opportunity to do it profes- said.18th Inf. Regt., 2nd HBCT, stand at attention Dec. 1 at the 1st Inf. Div. headquarters $27,000. sionally.” Ryan Hall was the FES Em-after being presented with medals and certificates marking their induction into the Now a Manhattan resi- Kozak has been a volunteer ployee of the Month for theSergeant Audie Murphy Club. dent, Kozak has worked firefighter off and on since third quarter. CHRISTMAS TREES at Fort Riley since Aug. 2, 1999.12 Fort Riley NCOs get inducted 2010, following six years “Firefighting is an opportu- Best Selection in Town stationed here in the Army. nity to help people, protect the Prior to his Army service, community and play with big Wreaths • Tree Stands • Garland Kozak served in the U.S. expensive toys, while workingto Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Marine Corps, stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., from as a Family with those around MANHATTAN OPTIMIST CLUB 1998 to 2002.By Amanda Kim Stairrett portant” accomplishment in questions about leadership, After completing his1ST INF. DIV. PUBLIC AFFAIRS her daughter’s Army career. training, real-world events and Optimist Park military service, Kozak said Twelve Fort Riley non- the club’s namesake, Audie 317 Plymate Lane HEY! Sgt. Holly M. Chestnut’s commissioned officers were Murphy. (East on Amherst, past Little Appleparents drove more than nine inducted into the club during Murphy, who was rejected Honda - follow signs)hours from Illinois Dec. 1 tosee her inducted into the Ser-geant Audie Murphy Club at JC the ceremony at the 1st Infan- try Division headquarters. Those interested in joining for enlistment by the Marines and Air Force in the early 1940s, is regarded as the great- HOUSE You looked. Mon.-Fri. 4-8pm, Sat. & Sun. 9am-8pmFort Riley. It was a long trip, but worth the club must be recommend- ed by their chains of command est combat Soldier, receiving the Medal of Honor, Distin- FILL AD So will your customers. Advertise today. 8825 E. Highway 24 Manhattan, KS 66502 ALL PROFITS STAY IN MANHATTAN TO BENEFIT YOUTH PROJECTS & ACTIVITIESit for Michelle Chestnut, she and then go before a board 762-5000 785-537-7447said, to see this “very, very im- of sergeants major to answer See SAMC, page 11 HOUSE FILLOn Cruise AD In Exciting educational opportunity in the baking industry Home Grown Poinsettias for those seeking a career as ProducTion SuPerviSor TO THE CLASSIFIEDS AIB International School of Baking will offer the course: Baking Science & Technology Many Colors & Sizes - Delivery Available Manhattan & WamegoGuidons, 222 W. Sixth St. • (785) 762-5000 February 2-May 23, 2012 This 4 month course will help prepare you for a position - 10 or more – 10% off Cyclamen, Christmas Cactus, AmaryllisUnit Crests • embroidery • sCreenprinting as a Production Supervisor in the commercial, wholesale Orchids, African Violets, Paperwhites - 601 and industrial baking industry. Experience in the food service industry a plus - but not required. Financial Aid is available and tuition is available Outdoor Winter Arrangements Ready to Go, Custom Made, DIY D through the post 911 GI Education Benefits bill for those who qualify. Fresh Cut Greens & Wreaths For course and enrollment information contact: - Ken embers Christmas Decor, Bird Supplies, Pottery, Lots of Gift Ideas 115 e. 7th st., downtown JUnCtion City 1-800-633-5137 sCreen mAChine sports AIB International School of Baking Horticultural Services Garden Center 2 mi E. of M anhattan o n Hwy. 24 785.762.3081 1213 Bakers Way 776-5764 M-Sat. 9-6 Sun. 12-6 Manhattan, Kansas Since 1970
  4. 4. 4 | DECEMBER 9, 2011 HOME OF THE BIG RED ONEFort Riley reports 1st case of flu FACES OF IACH Irwin Army Community Hospital’s goals are to provide health care for warriors, military Families and retirees; support theIACH PUBLIC HEALTH es many cases of influenza year- If diagnosed early enough nia, need to be treated. deployment of medically ready forces; and ly. Last year, the most prevalent – within 72 hours of symp- To prevent the flu, benefi- remain agile to meet diverse requirements. strain was the H3N2 strain. tom onset – certain antiviral ciaries may visit their primary One IACH employee who assists in A case of influenza type A accomplishing that mission is spotlightedwas reported recently on post “We are fortunate that the medicines may be helpful, es- care clinic from 3 p.m. to 5:30 each a child. Unfortunately, the strains of influenza identified pecially in the older and very p.m., Monday through Friday,patient was not immunized thus far in the Army are covered young population or those with to receive a flu vaccine. Mary MARY VANDER POL Vander Polagainst influenza. The report by this year’s vaccine,” said Lt. chronic health issues. Other- Public Health officials LEAD CLINIC NURSE/GENERALwas confirmed by Fort Riley Col. (Dr.) Paul Benne, chief, wise treatment is generally sup- strongly encourage vaccination, SURGERYPublic Health from a patient Fort Riley’s Public Health. portive in nature. Make sure to particularly ahead of holiday Hometown: Manhattan, Kan.treated at the Irwin Army Com- Signs and symptoms of control fever and muscle aches, gatherings and travel. Start date at IACH: June 1987munity Hospital. influenza include fever, head- ensure adequate hydration, rest For other vaccination events The flu season is in full aches, muscle aches, cough and and possibly isolation. Compli- and opportunities, call the post Years in area of specialty: 15 yearsswing and Fort Riley experienc- sore throat. cating illnesses, like pneumo- flu hotline at 785-240-4358. What do you like most about working for IACH? “The diversity of staff and patients, both military andHOLIDAY SAFETY civilian.” What should patients know about you? “TheMake sure Christmas toys are safe before buying patients can trust what I say.” How are you dedicated to wellness and inspiring trust? “I love taking care of patients and their Families. I work especially close with breastBy Lisa J. Young which can lead to injury. If suddenly inhaled, they can edges. cancer patients.”U.S. ARMY PUBLIC HEALTH Keep in mind these tips cause suffocation. • Ensure tips of arrows andCOMMAND when shopping for holiday • Read the instructions darts are blunt, made of soft toys: before buying a toy. Look for rubber or plastic, and securelyT IRWINFORMATION his season, choose toys • Think big when choosing labels that give age recommen- fastened to the shaft. that will make the holi- toys. All toy parts should be dations and use that informa- • Reserve hobby kits, like day season a safe one. larger than the child’s mouth tion as a guide. chemistry sets, for a childToys should be a source of fun to prevent choking and other • Parents should hold older than 12. Provide proper “I need to have my doc- the medications they needand learning for children. Too injuries. noisemaking toys next to their supervision for children ages tor refill my prescription, refilled and how much of aoften toys with poor design, • Never give any toy with own ear to determine whether 12 to 15. but can’t get an appoint- supply they have left beforetoys that are too old for a small parts to a child under it will be too loud for a young For information on recent ment before I run out of their supply runs out. Bechild or a toy in bad repair 3, and keep small parts away child. recalls and product safety medication. How can I get sure to verify with the pro-can lead to serious, even fatal from older children who still • Look for sturdy toy con- news, visit the U.S. Consumer my refill without an ap- vider what pharmacy theyinjuries. When choosing a toy, put toys in their mouths. struction. The eyes, nose and Product Safety Commission at pointment?” are sending the prescriptionmake sure to match the toy to • Make sure small parts of other small parts on soft toys or the Ameri- to. Telephone consultationsthe child’s abilities. A toy that larger toys cannot break off. and stuffed animals should be can Academy of Pediatrics at Patients who need their will be answered within 72is too advanced or too simple • Keep deflated or broken securely fastened. doctor to refill a prescrip- hours in the order they arefor a child may be misused, balloons away from children. • Avoid toys with sharp cgi/collection/health_alerts. tion and cannot get an received. The prescription appointment before their will be available within 48 medication runs out or hours. those who don’t want to When picking up yourTriwest beneficiaries help support take up an appointment for a refill question can call their primary care clinic and ask for a telephone medications, make sure to select the “new prescrip- tion” button to receive the correct ticket. Although themilitary Families by going paperless consultation with their physician. When patients call their physician, they need to be medication is a refill of an existing medication, it is considered a new prescrip- tion. Special order prescrip-TRIWEST HEALTHCARE ALLIANCE care, while at the same time ways: ily members and survivors when sure to know their physi- tions can only be picked up boosting morale and well-being • Armed Services YMCA – in need. cian’s name, the name of at the hospital’s pharmacy. PHOENIX – Tricare West for military families,” said Tri- Funds will assist Junior Enlisted • Army Homefront Fund –Region beneficiaries can make West President and CEO David Air Force Families across the Helps wounded soldiers return If you have a question for IrwINformation, send it tomanaging their health care easier J. McIntyre Jr. “As part of our West Region by providing ac- to duty or transition successfully or call 785-239-8414.and support military families at ‘Mission to Serve’ military Fami- cess to youth development and back to civilian life by providingthe same time – just by choosing lies, we constantly look at inno- education, Family strengthen- emergency assistance with rent/paperless options as part of Tri-West Healthcare Alliance’s “Go vative ways to improve customer service, including connecting ing, and health and well-being programs. mortgage, utilities, home repair, food, child care and critical baby Get ResultsGreen and Give” campaign. Beginning Dec. 7, when Tri- our beneficiaries with a conve- nient and secure way of manag- • Coast Guard Foundation – Dedicated to enhancing the lives items, vehicle repair, moving as- sistance and health care withoutcare beneficiaries “Go Green” ing their healthcare needs online of the brave men and women ofwith TriWest and opt in to re-ceive secure, electronic health- or from their mobile phones.” the Coast Guard, who enforce maritime law, protect our home- IT’S EASY TO “GO GREEN AND GIVE” BReAKINGcare statements via email or text,TriWest donates $5 to one offour military support organiza- SUPPORTING MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS, FAMILIES land and preserve the environ- ment, through providing educa- tion, support and relief for Coast Tricare West Region benefi- ciaries must be registered users tHe BANK Pictures speak a thousand words,tions of their choice. Guard Families. of to partici- and carefully selected images can The inaugural “Go Greenand Give” campaign helped net Beneficiaries who go paper- less with TriWest will support • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society – Provides financial, ed- pate. Start an account and then choose to get paperless Tricare HOUSE FILL AD maximize the effectiveness of your ad and the value ofmilitary charities $85,000 in these four military charities, ucational and other assistance to communications, such as refer- your advertising dollar.contributions from TriWest. which help active-duty service active-duty, retired and reserve rals and authorizations, claims, At The Daily Union, we have access “It has long been TriWest’s members, veterans, retirees and members of the Navy and Ma- explanation of coverage and en- to thousands of stock photographymission to provide quality health their Families in a number of rine Corps, as well as their Fam- rollment fee statements. images and professionally illustrated artwork at no extra cost to the The Daily Union. advertiser.Tricare Young Adult Prime Option available Jan. 1 222 W. 6Th STreeT When you place an ad with us, be sure to ask about images from 785.762.5000 Metro Newspaper Services andTRICARE MANAGEMENT ACTIVITY In addition to TYA Prime, of three months of premiums at Prime coverage begins Feb. 1, MultiAdBuilder. young adult dependents also a Tricare Service Center or send 2012. FALLS CHURCH, Va. – may be eligible for TYA Stan- them by mail or fax to their re- Dependent eligibility forThe Tricare Young Adult, or dard, which has been available gional health care contractor. TRICARE previously ended atTYA, Prime option was avail- since May 2011. With monthly Once the initial payment is age 21, or age 23 for full-timeable for purchase beginning premiums of $186, Standard of- made, monthly premiums must students. Similar to provisionsDec. 1, with coverage begin- fers eligible dependents the flex- be paid in advance through au- in the 2010 Patient Protectionning Jan. 1, 2012. TYA Prime ibility to see Tricare-authorized tomated electronic payment. and Affordable Care Act, TYAwill offer young adult beneficia- network and non-network pro- TYA Prime enrollment will offers eligible young adults upries Tricare Prime coverage for viders of their choice, wherever follow the Tricare Prime “20th to age 26 the option to con-monthly premiums of $201. they live or travel. The Standard of the month rule.” As long as tinue TRICARE Standard or To purchase TYA Prime, de- monthly premium is dropping the TYA enrollment application Prime coverage, as long as theirpendents must be under age 26, to $176 on Jan. 1, 2012. is received by the 20th of the sponsor is still eligible for TRI-unmarried and not eligible for Complete information and month, coverage can begin on CARE. Unlike employer spon-their own employer-sponsored application forms are available the first day of the next month. sored health plans, TYA is avail-health care coverage. at Spon- For example, if an applicant able only to unmarried young TYA Prime is a managed sors and their adult dependents wants TYA Prime to start Jan adult care option with low are encouraged to explore both 1, 2012, the application and To receive e-alerts on TYAout-of-pocket costs. Care is de- commercial and military health initial three-month payment and other Tricare news, signlivered through military clinics care plan options and costs must be received by Dec. 20. If up at hospitals and the Tricare when choosing a plan that best it’s received after Dec. 20, TYA of civilian providers. meets their needs.Uniformed services dependents Young adults consideringmay qualify to purchase TYA TYA should determine if theyPrime if they live in a designat- are eligible before completinged Prime Service Area and their and sending in an application.sponsor’s status makes them eli- Eligible dependents may dropgible for Prime coverage. off the application and payment 425 Poyntz Avenue • Downtown Manhattan • 776-7821 x MixES bUSiNESS WHEN YOU’RE OUT pLEASURiNG. Distinctive Jewelry Sometimes even a little play takes work. That’s why our spray-on truck bedliners and protective coatings are engineered to endure both. A 1:1 ratio of iso-to-resin makes for a less rubbery, more durable surface that provides superior impact and abrasion protection for all your toys. Chemical Quality Diamonds perfection. It’s what gives us our X factor. For retailers visit Across from the Courthouse Downtown Manhattan bE OvERpROTEcTivE.™ pROTEcTivE. Line-X of Manhattan 1728 Hayes Drive • 785-537-7855