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Please find attached this month’s 1ID and Fort Riley monthly news update, as well as the Network meeting slides. For your convenience it will be posted to the following link in the next few days: http://www.1id.army.mil/DocumentList.aspx?lib=1ID_FRG_Updates <http: />

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Jan 2012 1 ID Fort Riley Monthly Newsletter

  1. 1. 1ID and For t Riley Monthly News Update January 6, 2012 2012 Subsistence Military OneSource Allowance and Ta x P r o g r a m Calendar of H o u s i n g A l l ow a n c e In January Events: 2012, Military  January 6- FR Net- Ra t e s A n n o u n c e d OneSource Tax work Meeting Program will 10:30am The Department of Defense released the 2012 Basic Al- launch the H&R  January 12 - USO “No lowance for Housing (BAH) Block at Home® free electronic filling Dough” Dinner rates, which take effect tax service. File your Federal and 5:00pm January 1, 2012. Overall State taxes online for free! This is the  January 13-16— rates will increase an aver- same program you may have used Division Training age of 2 percent this year. before. If you have already created holiday an H&R Block account, your login  January 19 - Fort For members with dependents average in- creases in BAH are approximately $39 per credentials for that account will still Riley Tax Center month. A typical E-6 with dependents, for ex- work and you will be able to access Opens ample, will find his/her BAH about $35 per your personal tax information.  January 25 - Monthly month higher than last year, while an O-3 with Retirement Cere- dependents will receive about $40 more than Please wait for the service to launch mony 9:00am last year. at Military OneSource  January 25 - K-State ww.militaryonesourceeap.org be- Women’s Basket- In areas where rates will decrease, the de- fore trying to access your H&R Block ball-Partnership crease will only apply to members newly re- account. This will prevent any appli- Day 7:00pm porting to those locations. Members are pro- cable charges being applied to your  January 27 - Opera- tected by individual rate protection which en- sures that those already assigned to a given account when preparing to file your tion Homefront location will not see their BAH rate decrease; return. The free offer is only valid Celebration 6:00pm however, they will receive the increase if the through the Military OneSource site.  January 30 - Resilient rate goes up. This assures that members who Spouse Academy have made long-term commitments in the form 9:00am of a lease or contract are not penalized if the areas housing costs decrease. Three components are included in BAH com- putation: median current market rent; average See pages 12 & 13 for utilities (including electricity, heat, and water/ more calendar updates. sewer); and average renters insurance. For more information on BAH, visit www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/bah.cfm. The 2012 Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), which will also take effect January 1, is designed to cover the cost of food for service members who do not have access to military dining facilities. That allowance will increase from $325.04 to $348.44 for enlisted troops, and from $223.84 to $239.96 for officers.1
  2. 2. AAFES Coke Holiday Sweepstakes The Army and Air Force Exchange Service will award grand prizes of $2,600 in American Express gift cards to five lucky entrants of its ―Coke Holi- day Sweepstakes.‖ Military shoppers can enter the ―Coke Holiday Sweep- stakes‖ at their local Exchange. No purchase is necessary to enter and the drawing will take place on or about February 10, 2012. To learn more, please go to: http://www.military.com/ military-report/aafes-cokeholiday- sweepstakes (Courtesy of AUSA) TSP Contribution Limits to Increase The 2012 elective deferral limit for regular Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contributions has increased from $16,500 to $17,000 for 2012. The TSP catch-up plan contribution limit will remain at $5,500. Military mem- bers can contribute any whole per- centage up to 92 percent of basic pay, as long as the annual total does not exceed $17,000 for 2012. If con- GI Bill 2.0 Changes: Housing Allowance tributing from basic pay, Airmen may also invest all or part of their bonuses,A New Online Housing Allowance will be payable to stu- special pay, or incentive pay. Fordents enrolled solely in distance learning (including online more information about TSP, visit theeducation). The housing allowance is half the national av- Thrift Savings Plan website aterage BAH for an E-5 with dependents which averages at www.tsp.gov. Click on "Summary ofa rate of $673.50 for 2011). This is subject to prorating the Thrift Savings Plan" located underbased on the number of credits being taken, and was ef-fective as of October 1, 2011. This does not include active duty or their GI civilian or uniformed services TSPBill eligible spouses. Forms and Publications. For more on TSP and other military pay benefits,To see a list of this, and other GI Bill 2.0 Changes, please click: visit the Military.com Benefits Centerhttp://www.military.com/education/content/gi-bill/pending-gi- at: http://www.military.com/benefits.billchanges.html (Courtesy AUSA)(Courtesy AUSA)2
  3. 3. Applications Now ADPAAS Accounts for People … Not Just Accepted for 2012 Numbers Military Spouse In todays world of natural or man- Scholarships made disasters, it has become essen- tial to have a plan of action for deter- mining and minimizing the affect an The National Military event has on Army personnel and their Family Association Family members. Following Hurricane is now accepting Katrina, the search for a system to de- applications for its termine and report the whereabouts annual Joanne Hol- and the status of our Army began. brook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship The Army Disaster Personnel Account- Program. The Asso- ability and Assessment System (ADPAAS) was shortly introduced as the per- ciation recognizes sonnel accountability tool to meet these DOD instructions. More importantly,the unique challenges today’s military ADPAAS is designed to account, assess needs, and assist the Army to a rapidspouses face pursuing additional return to recovery and stability.training or education. Scholarships ofup to $1,000 are awarded to help The system enables the Army to assess disaster-related needs that may in-ease the financial obstacles that ac- clude housing, medical, financial assistance, employment, pay and benefits,company pursuing a higher educa- transportation, child care, counseling, and general legal matters. ADPAAStion. ensures contact is maintained with Army personnel and Family members to guarantee that the required assistance is provided.Scholarships are awarded in six cate-gories: If an emergency or disaster occurs, the Secretary of Defense may issue a di- General (High School GED, Eng- rective for all personnel to report on their status to their respective Service.lish as a Second Language, Post- Army personnel will be directed to report their status either to their unit, di-Secondary, Graduate) rectly to the ADPAAS Web site or through an Army contact center. ADPAAS can and should work in concert with an organizations alert notification sys- Licensing Fee tems to account for all its personnel. Organizations must include ADPAAS per- Science, Technology, Engineer- sonnel accountability in their emergency management plans.ing, or Math Degree (to include cer-tain healthcare fields) Beginning February 2012, disaster personnel accountability in accordance Spouses of Fallen Service Mem- with the DoD instructions and Army regulations will be inspected at all Armybers levels. The proper use of ADPAAS will ensure organizations are in compli- Spouses of Wounded Service ance.MembersVocational or Technical Certification In leveraging current technology, Army personnel and Family members willApplications will only be accepted soon be able to report their status using the iPhone, Android, iPad or anyonline and must be submitted by mid- other mobile devices with internet access. An application has been developed,night EST, January 31, 2012. tested and will soon be ready to launch.Spouses of uniformed service mem-bers (active duty, National Guard and ADPAAS can also offer reassurance to deployed Soldiers about the safety ofReserve, retirees, and survivors) their families, "The bottom line is that preparedness increases the resiliency offrom any branch or rank are eligible Americas fighting forces and supports Soldiers who are forward-deployed,"to apply. The scholarship funds may said LTC Serafin Alorro, the Army Personnel Accountability Program Man-be used to assist with tuition, fees, ager. "We want our Soldiers downrange to feel comfortable that their Familiesand school room and board. Apply are being taken care of at home. Taking care of our Families … thats our mis-Now at sion."This scholarship program is made In order to meet this mission, Army Families need to maintain accurate, up-to-possible by partnerships with BAE date contact information in ADPAAS. To access ADPAAS, log on to https://Systems and Folds of Honor Founda- adpaas.army.mil and click on the Army Military, DA Civilians, NAF Employees,tion. OCONUS Contractors and their Families button.(Courtesy National Military Family Contact information on the system can be updated at any time. For more infor-Association) mation call the ADPAAS Information Line at 1-800-833-6622 .3
  4. 4. At What Age Should Parents Nominations Now Open for 2012 Mili- Start Reading to Children tary Child of the Year Award Experts recommend that Operation Home- parents read to infants front recently an- before they can talk. Talk- nounced the ing, singing, and reading opening of the to your child are not only 2012 Military Child important for brain devel- of the Year award opment but a wonderful nomination period.bonding opportunity. When babies hear you say The award will be given to an outstanding military child from eachwords over and over, more speech and language Service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.connections develop. Keep in mind the following: The winners, who will each receive $5,000, will be flown with a By about six months, infants show their ex- parent or guardian to Washington for a special recognition cere- citement by widening their eyes and moving mony April 5, 2012. Nominations are being accepted online un- their arms and legs when looking at a book til Jan. 15, 2012, at www.OperationHomefront.net/MCOY. with pictures of babies or other familiar ob- jects. Ideal candidates for the Military Child of the Year award demon- strate resilience and strength of character and thrive in the face of Read stories in a way that encourages older the challenges of military life. They demonstrate leadership within babies and toddlers to participate—by an- their Families and within their communities. swering your questions, pointing out what they see in a picture book, telling you what "The sons and daughters of Americas service members learn what they think will happen next in the story, and patriotism is at a very young age," said Jim Knotts, chief executive repeating rhymes and refrains. officer, Operation Homefront. Telling the same stories and singing the "Children in military Families understand sacrifice and live with the same songs over and over may feel boring to concept of service. This is what the Military Child of the Year you, but not to children. Award honors."If you are a new parent, dont forget about the REQUIREMENTS FOR NOMINEESNew Parent Support Program, which is available  Must have valid military ID or currently be enrolled in DEERSat installations supporting family members world-  Must be between the ages of 8 to 18wide. Visit MilitaryHOMEFRONT at  Must be able to travel to Washington for the ceremony on Aprilhttp://www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil/l/ 5, 2012newparentsupport for more infor-mation. Finalists must have a background check to confirm the information provided in the nomination and must provide references. Recipi- ents of the 2011 awards are profiled in the book "Our Youngest Heroes." Five Tips to Banish Post Holiday BloatingMany have set their New Years Resolution again this year to lose weight. Here are a fewtips to help banish the post holiday bloating. Sweat your booty off! Give yourself a daily 60-minute sweat session three days in a row. No walking--go running or spinning. If you want to shrink fast, stick to egg whites, fish, chicken and veggies. Make friends with veggie drinks. Consume at least two all-veggie (no fruit) juices a day for three days and witness the return of your waist! Steam clean. Nothing beats bloat like a steam or sauna session. Drink water while sweating and flush out the holi- days. No eating late. You hear this trick all the time because it works. Pick a time three hours before bed and STOP eat- ing. Want to be sure you stick to it? Brush your teeth, close down the kitchen and update your Facebook status to "Done eating for the day!"4
  5. 5. Winter Weather Pet Tips Cold weather can be hard on pets, just like it can be hard on people. Some owners will leave their pets outside for extended periods of time, thinking that all animals are adapted to live outdoors. This can put their pets in danger of serious illness. When temperatures fall consider the following:  Bring your pets inside - even animals with thick coats can freeze in cold weather. If your pet is shivering, it’s too cold for them. If you have to take your pets out, stay outside with them. When you’re cold enough to go inside, they probably are too. Check to make sure your pet’s water isn’t frozen. Animals that don’t have access to clean, unfrozen water are more likely to drink out of puddles or gutters, which can be polluted with oil, antifreeze, household cleaners, and other chemicals. A dog house should be insulated and the opening should face south. Splinters, jagged edges, exposed nails and holes should be repaired. Bedding should be washed regularly and kept dry. Pet carriers are not dog houses and provide no protection from weather. Pets that go outside can pick up rock salt, ice, and ice melt in their foot pads. To keep the pads from getting chapped, wipe their feet with a washcloth. This will also keep them from licking the salt off, causing digestive tract inflammation. Be particularly gentle with elderly and arthritic pets during the winter. The cold can leave their joints extremely stiff and tender, and they may become more awkward than usual. Go ahead and put that sweater on Princess, if she’ll put up with it. It will help a little, but you can’t depend on it en- tirely to keep her warm. Keep an eye out for two serious conditions caused by cold weather - frostbite and hypothermia. Frostbite happens when the pet’s body gets cold and pulls blood from the extremities to the center to stay warm. Ice crystals can form in the tissue and damage it. Hypothermia occurs when a pet is not able to keep their body temperature from falling below normal. If you suspect either of these conditions, you need to get your pet warm and then take her to your veterinarian. In the case of possible frostbite, it’s important that you don’t rub the frostbitten tissue.If you take some precautions, you and your pet can have a fabulous time enjoying the winter weather! Attention! Walgreens is No Longer in the TRICARE Network Walgreens is no longer a part of the TRICARE retail pharmacy network as of January 1, 2012. Those impacted are beneficiaries who are currently using Walgreens to fill their medication prescriptions. Also, beneficiaries who occa- sionally use Walgreens, such as for a seasonal flu shot, will need to remember Walgreens will no longer be in the TRICARE retail network. What does this mean for the beneficiary? It means, when you use an out-of-network retail pharmacy, you will have to pay 100 percent of the prescription(s) costs and submit a paper claim for non-network reimbursement. This could be very expensive depending on the type of medication. ESI is recommending/encouraging beneficiaries impacted by this change to transfer your prescriptions to TRICARE Home Delivery or to another network retail pharmacy. Benefi- ciaries can find another network retail pharmacy by going to www.express-scripts.com/TRICARE/pharmacy. For more information on TRICARE Home Delivery, go to www.express-scripts.com/TRICARE and click on ―Get Started with Home Delivery‖ pill bottled link on the left-hand side of the screen. (Courtesy National Military Family Association)5
  6. 6. AIB International School of Baking Offers Scholarship to One Lucky PersonAIB International School of Baking in Manhattan has a full tuition scholarship fora person to attend AIBs 16 week Baking Science and Technology course, Feb. 2-May 24, 2012. AIB would like to announce that this scholarship is for a militaryveteran, active duty or spouse and is offered by representatives of the commer-cial baking industry to educate and encourage persons for positions of responsi-bility in the baking industry. Respond directly to Ken Embers(kembers@aibonline.org or 785-539-2819) for additional information. Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace Manhattan Military Relations Com- University” Being Offered at ACS mittee Luncheon’s Schedule for 2012ACS is offering the Dave Ramsey ―Financial Peace Uni-versity‖ There will be three class options. They will The Manhattan Military Relationshave a Tuesday night Committee meets the 1st Wednesdayclass that will be from of the month. They have a guest6:00pm to 8:00pm speaker each month speaking on vari- ous topics concerning the Military, Ft.beginning January Riley, Manhattans relationship with Ft.10th. They will offer a Riley, Wounded Warriors, etc. PleaseThursday class dur- come and join them, all are welcomeing the duty day from at the meetings.9:00am to 11:00ambeginning January Here are the dates for the next 5 months:12th. They will also offer a Saturday morning class, from Date: Feb. 110:00am to noon, starting February 4th. There is no Location: Hilton Garden Inn Manhattancost to participants. The Financial Peace University kits Speaker: TBAare being funded by the Fort Riley ACS. These kits Time: 11:30am -1:00pmwould normally cost participants $93. The kits include all13 lessons in a downloadable format, which you can Date: Mar. 7download wherever you wish; the FPU Workbook; a Location: Manhattan Country Clubcopy of ―Financial Peace Revisited‖; Dave Ramsey’s Speaker: Tempered Steel Wounded Warriors Time: 11:30am -1:00pmenvelope system; budgeting forms; and much more.Completion of this course also makes you a lifetime Date: Apr. 4member of the Dave Ramsey organization with access Location: Holiday Inn at the Campusto everything on their website, including the Member Speaker: TBAResource Center. Every single Soldier and every couple Time: 11:30am -1:00pmwill receive a kit. Space is limited, so the sooner youbook your class, the better. Date: May 2 Location: TBDYou can sign up or get more information by calling ACS Speaker: TBAat 785-239-9425. ―Couples are highly encouraged to Time: 11:30am -1:00pm attend together." You Date: June 6 must attend all Location: Clarion classes in order to Speaker: TBA keep the kits that are Time: 11:30am -1:00pm provided, To RSVP please contact Whitney at whiney@manhattan.org.6
  7. 7. Petals and Blooms in the ExchangeAre you preparing to deploy and don’twant to miss those special days whileyour gone. Check out the Petals andBlooms ―Flowers for a Year‖ program.They are located in the Exchange.Also, don’t forget Valentine’s is justaround the corner and they have greatspecials available. See their Flyer forsome of those specials. Reference herein to any specific commercial products, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the United States Government. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government, and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes7
  8. 8. OCSC 2012 Fund Disbursement ApplicationIt’s that time of year again! It is time to complete applications for funds disbursements in supportof deserving organizations/activities in our community. During the membership year, OCSCraises funds through events like our November Make It, Bake It, Fake It luncheon, Casino Royalebasket auction in March, and the opportunity drawings at each luncheon. To apply for the fundsthis year, individuals must complete the Application for Fund Disbursement and return the appli-cation via postal mail or email. Applications must be postmarked by February 24, 2012. Whileanyone may apply, special consideration is given to requests that benefit groups, have a lastingbenefit and are connected in some way to military personnel/families. Please note that we areunable to grant requests for funds in support of salaries, operating costs or FRGs.Applications can be found online at www.fortrileyocsc.com/community-assistance. For more information please contactSara Nauman at donations@fortrileyocsc.com . IACH Operations Her War Her Voice Support Group During Severe WeatherSo far winter has been mild We are breaking the silence. We hear your battle cry, your need tohere in Kansas. But you voice your struggle and the beauty in your victory. Here, we celebratenever know when that might you, support you, and commend you. This is a safe and anonymous support group with a grassroots approach. Upcoming dates arechange and when it does January 17th and February 21st. Group meets from 6:00pm –there are questions about 8:00pm. For more information contact (785)239-9435.Fort Riley’s hospital opera-tions. Below you find a fewguidelines they would like for their custom-ers to know: The hospital will maintain operations unless otherwise directed by the Hos- pital Commander Appointments may be delayed be- cause staff drives in the same road conditions and they want them to ar- rive safely Be patient as you may not see the provider with whom you had an ap- pointment Be patient as there may be a delay in being seen at your scheduled appoint- ment time HASFR 2012 Fund If you are unable to make your ap- pointment please cancel it. Disbursement ApplicationFor appointments or to cancel call (785) HASFR is accepting grant applications for their 2012 Spring Disburse-239-DOCS(3627) or 1-888-239-DOCS ment. For applications you can email hasfrevents@hotmail.com or see back page of newsletter for an application. Deadline to apply is 29(3627) February, 2012.8
  9. 9. Ever wish you could compliment someone for doing a good job or wanted to make complaint but did- n’t know where to go? Click on the following link and leave your ICE Comment and it goes to the appropriate personnel to take care of your concern. http://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=site&site_id=17 FREE Child Care for FRG Meet in gs!!!Fort Riley Child & Youth Ser-vices now provides free child-care for Family ReadinessGroup Meetings. This is opento all units on Fort Riley. Con-tact your FRG leader or FamilyReadiness Support Assistant (FRSA) to make yourchildcare reservation once CYS registration hasbeen completed. CYS registration of your child orchildren is mandatory!Location of childcare will be determined by the age IACH Offers Self Care Classes forof child/children; the sites of childcare are WarrenRoad Child Development Center, Bldg. 6950 and/or Over the Counter MedicationsSchool Age Services, Bldg. 5810. Time of childcareoffered is from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Reservations for Irwin Army Community Hospital’s Self Care program is on-care will be taken up to three days prior to sched- line. Click the following link and review the slidesuled childcare opening! http://iach.amedd.army.mil/sections/clinics/preventiveMedicinFuture dates of childcare are as follows: e/OTC_Dec_2009.pdf. Once your review is done, then take the online test. When a score of 70% or more is achieved,January - 10th & 24th print your results. Bring the results to the pharmacy and re-February - 14th & 28th ceive your pharmacy cards for Free over the counter medica- tions.For more information, please contact the CentralRegistration office at (785)239-9885 or stop by For more information call the Preventive Medicine Service atBldg. 6620 Normandy Dr. (785)239-7323.9
  10. 10. 10
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  12. 12. January 2012Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - LSEC Classes - Army Federal Job -101st BSB Change Begin Applications Work- of Command shop 1:00pm 9:00am - Manhattan MRC Luncheon 11:30am - Network Meeting 10:30am New Years Training Holiday 30 Dec– 02 JAN8 9 10 11 12 13 14 - AFTB Level 1 - - AFTB Level 1 Cont, - Army Federal Job 9:00am 9:00am Applications Work- shop 1:00pm MLK Training Holiday Jan 13– 1615 16 MLK Day 17 18 19 20 21 - ACS Instructor Train- - ACS Instructor - ACS Instructor - Starting Plants - Eagle Days at Milford 11:00am ing Course 9:00am Training Course Training Course Indoors10:00am 9:00am 9:00am - Her War Her Voice 6:00pm - MLK Observance - Fort Riley Tax Day 11:45am Center Opens - KSU VS Texas - Army Federal Job MLK Training Holiday Jan 13-16 Men’s BB 8:00pm Applications Work-22 23 24 25 26 27 28- Family Bingo @ - FRG Binder Require- - Monthly Retirement - Army Federal Job - Operation Home- - Flick n FloatRally Point ment Class 1:00pm Ceremony 9:00am Applications Work- front Celebration shop 1:00pm 6:00pm - Funds Custodian Training 10:00am29 30 31 Resilient Spouse Academy 30 - 3 Feb12
  13. 13. February 2012Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 - Manhattan MRC - UFF Fight at King -Comedy Night 8:00pm Luncheon 11:30am Field House 7:00pm5 6 7 8 9 10 11Super Bowl Sunday - VOQ Ceremony - 1001st MP Changeat Warrior Zone 6:00pm of Command 9:00am11:00am12 13 14 Valentines Day 15 16 17 18- Family Bingo - Valentine’s Day -Black History Month - A Night Out: cus-2:00pm Family Bowl and Observance 11:45am toms and Courte- Wacky Tournament sies for Military 11am Events 10:00am Master Resilience Training for Family Members Feb 13-16 9am- 3pm Division Training Holiday Feb 17-20 K-State Collegiate Rodeo 17-19 FEB19 20 President’s Day 21 22 23 24 25- Guess What YourMate Will Say12:00pm- KSU Military Appre-ciation Day at theRodeo Division Training Holiday Feb 17-20KSU Rodeo FRSA Training 22-23 FEB 9am –3pm26 27 28 29 -Monthly Retirement Ceremony 9:00am Resilient Spouse Academy 30 - 3 Feb13
  14. 14. Send your events, news, con-tact information, etc., to: On the Web!Stacie Dumas 1st Infantry Division & Fort Riley Homepage - www.riley.army.mil1st Inf. Div. FRSA Building580, Room 333 Fort Riley MWR - www.rileymwr.comAll information needs to be Army vFRG– www.armyfrg.orgreceived by January 26, 2012for the next monthly newslet- Fort Riley Religious Support - www.riley.army.mil/UnitPage.aspx?ter.Phone: (785)240-1251 US Army Homepage- www.army.milFax: (785)239-0416 MyPay - https://mypay.dfas.milE-mail:stacie.r.dumas.civ@mail.mil Irwin Army Community Hospital - http://iach.amedd.army.mil orstacie.dumas@us.army.mil Ready Army - www.riley.army.mil/areainfo/readyarmy.aspx Fort Riley MWR Twitter Page - http://twitter.com/rileyfmwrbear !!! N EWS GOT 1ID Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/1stInfantryDivision Fort Riley Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/FortRiley 1ID Flickr Page - http://www.flickr.com/photos/firstinfantrydivision/ D i d Yo u K n o w ?  Abraham Lincoln issued the  Civil Service system established, members aboard, January 28, Emancipation Proclamation January 16, 1883. 1986. January 1, 1863.  Amendment 18 to the Constitu-  Congress authorized purchase  In the northern half of the world, tion, prohibiting the sale of alco- of Thomas Jeffersons library as January is the coldest month. In holic beverages, ratified, January nucleus of the Library of Con- the southern half of the world, 16, 1919 gress, January 30, 1815. January is the warmest month.  Inauguration Day for the Presi-  January is National Soup Month  Kansas became the 34th state, dent every fourth year, beginning in the United States of America 1861. in January 20, 1937.  First American presidential elec-  Gold discovered in California, tion, January 7, 1789. January 24, 1848.  Amendment 11 to Constitution,  Transcontinental telephone ser- modifying the Supreme Courts vice established in United States, power, proclaimed, January 8, January 25, 1915 1798.  Thomas Edison granted the first  First UN General Assembly patent for his incandescent light, met, London, January 10, 1946. January 27, 1880. Cullinan diamond, worlds largest dia-  First great oil strike in Texas,  U.S. space shuttle Challenger mond, found January 26, 1905 January 10, 1901. exploded, killing all seven crew14
  15. 15. 15