Dawn of the Devils March 2012 Monthly Newsletter


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Dawn of the Devils March 2012 Monthly Newsletter : please pass along to Soldiers, Family and Friends of 1HBCT. You can always stay up to date with local events by going to 1st Infantry Division page at http://www.riley.army.mil/default.aspx or if you are having issues reading this you can click on this link to read the weekly news. http://www.riley.army.mil/UnitPage.aspx?unit=1bct

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Dawn of the Devils March 2012 Monthly Newsletter

  1. 1. Dawn of the DevilsAll Boots on the Ground
  2. 2. regulators Dreadnaughts Iron Rangers Pale RidersGuardians diehard Dawn of the Devils Volume 2, Issue 2 1/1 HBCT Commander Col. Michael PappalHamilton’s Own Defiants 1/1 HBCT Command Sergeant Major CSM Thomas Kenny Public Affairs Officer Maj. John Mini Public Affairs NCOIC Staff Sgt. Robert Dedeaux Public Affairs Journalist Sgt. Kerry Lawsonregulators Dreadnaughts Iron Rangers Pale Riders Public Affairs Journalist/Editor Hamilton’s Own Defiants Sgt. Kandi Huggins Public Affairs Broadcaster Sgt. Summer Woode 1/1 HBCT FRSA Noel Waterman The Dawn of the Devils is published in the interest of the Sol- diers, Families and Friends of the Devil Brigade. Contents of the Dawn of the Devils are not necessarily the official views of, or Guardians diehard endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, De- partment of the Army or 1st Infantry Division. All editorial con- tent of the Dawn of the Devils is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the Devil Brigade Public Affairs office.
  3. 3. 6 No Mission too Difficult. No Sacrifice too Great. Duty First. Devils! CSM John Jones, who did yeoman’s work in rebuilding the brigade after transition from training and getting everyone ready for their deployments. I know that all of us wish him well in his future endeavors after three de- cades of service to the nation. CSM Thomas Kenny has stepped into his seat and is doing February has been a month of honoring a superb job in this time of transition for the the Devil Brigade’s accomplishments while unit, while we wait for CSM Mark Kiefer toColonel Michael Pappal deployed, getting our staff systems estab- arrive in a few months, pending his return lished, and taking time to rebuild our teams from an OEF deployment. and reconnect with our loved ones. We’ve also said farewell to LTC Keith It was an honor for me to see and take Casey at 1-5 FA, CSM Tonia Walker at 1-1 part in the many awards and uncasing cer- BSTB and CSM Jeffrey Adams from the emonies that took place during this month. 101st BSB. The units each did their lineage 1-16 IN, 2-34 AR, and 4-4 CAV truly gave proud at the changes of command and respon- their Soldiers, the heroes, recognition that sibility ceremonies. LTC Scott Nolan, CSM they deserve. As their block leaves are Naamon Grimmett and CSM Franklin Jordan wrapping up, they have also demonstrated have stepped into the leadership roles and I’m that they are taking time to adjust to be- confident will continue ensure that their units ing back at Fort Riley and are ready to start are doing great things. another round of training to get the brigade As the Devil Brigade continues to reset team back together and in fighting form. and train for the next mission, I want to en- In the same spirit of teambuilding, it has sure that all units are welcoming in their new also been a distinct pleasure to welcome Soldiers and integrating them as full members the 1st Engineers back to the Devil Brigade of the team. All of you have forged friend- Team. The most storied engineer unit in the ships and built units under the strain of de- Army has always shared a close relationship ployments—now your challenge as leaders is with our brigade and we look forward to to integrate new members into the effective training with them, having their support, and teams that you have built so that the Devil supporting them as they prepare for their Brigade passes on knowledge and remains future missions. Their “Diehard Stakes” strong and ready. taking place this month was a great indica- No mission to difficult. No sacrifice too tion of what they are capable of doing. great. Duty First. Devils! There have been some leadership chang- es in the brigade and battalions. It has been an honor and privilege to work with
  4. 4. 7 No Mission too Difficult. No Sacrifice too Great. Duty First. Devil Brigade. You’ve all done a great service to this country over the past year; don’t jeopar- dize all that hard work and sacrifice by doingCommand Sergeant Major Thomas Kenny something your chain of command can’t help you with. Continue to enjoy your time home with a focus on competing the redeployment process and resiliency training over the next few weeks. Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to thank all of the Families, friends and sup- I would like to bid farewell and thank porters who continue to volunteer through CSM Jones and his Family for nearly 30 their selfless service and support to the Devil years of service with the last 10 served right Brigade, tis Soldiers and Family members here at Ft Riley, Kansas with the Big Red during the past year. Brigade-wide, we had One. His retirement ceremony will be held approximately 600 volunteers who dedicated at the Riley Conference Center on the 29th about 3 years (total number of hours was of February at 0900. I encourage everyone 24,212, which was about 1008 days and about available to stop by and show their sup- 2.7 years… so I rounded to 3 years) worth port for CSM Jones and his Family on this of volunteering hours during the 2011-2012 special occasion. I will fill the void left by timeframe alone. This level of support is very CSM Jones’ retirement and serve as the impressive and I commend you all for the hard interim Brigade Command Sergeant Ma- work and commitment you have given to the jor of the Devil Brigade until mid-summer. Devil Brigade Soldiers and Family members. In July, CSM Mark Kiefer is scheduled to Collectively, I cannot thank you enough for arrive from Hawaii to serve as the Devil your support, which allowed our deployed Sol- Brigade CSM. At that time I will transition diers to focus on the fight downrange. Again, to 4-4 CAV and serve as the CSM for the thank you all so much for your unwavering Pale Riders. support. As we come to the end of February we No Mission Too Difficult. No Sacrifice Too welcome all the Devil Brigade Soldiers Great. Duty First. Devil 7. back from their redeployment block leave. I hope you all enjoyed your leave and were able to spend some quality time with your Families, friends and loved ones. I encour- age you to continue to spend time with your Family, friends and loved ones while main- taining and upholding the standards of the
  5. 5. Dawn of the Devils February 20125
  6. 6. Dawn of the Devils February 20126
  7. 7. Man on the Street Dawn of the Devils February 2012 What does it mean to be Army Strong? Sgt. Carmencita Laboy, HHC, 1st HBCT “Being Army Strong means being physically and Staff Sgt. James Muller, HHB, 1-5 FA mentally fit.” “To me, Army Strong means setting the example for my soldiers to emulate. Being physically and mentally tough at all times, living the Army Values.” Spc. John Christian, HHB, 1-5 FA Staff Sgt. Thye Black, HHC, 1st HBCT “Army Strong is be- ing physically fit and “To me, Army Strong mentally prepared for means maintaining life.” a positive attitude and not holding any grudges.” Spc. Brad Butters, HHC, 1st HBCT “Army Strong means not being a slacker and putting forth your best effort in accomplish- ing your goals. It means America!” 7
  8. 8. Dawn of the Devils February 2012 “Iron Rangers” Receive Honors for Courageous ActsBy Sgt. Summer Woode1st HBCT Public AffairsFORT RILEY, Kan.— The 1st Battalion, 16th InfantryRegiment, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infan-try Division, honored ninety-four of its Soldiers duringan awards ceremony held Jan. 30 at building 727. Honorees received nearly 100 awards including sixPurple Hearts, 76 Bronze Stars, and six Army Commen-dation Medals for Valor. The Soldiers recently completed their tour andreturned home in January to loved ones and joined therest of their brigade at Fort Riley. Recognized as the most decorated infantry battalionin the Army, the unit, also known as the “Iron Rangers,”has served in nearly every major U.S. war, beginningwith the Civil War. While training for a deploymentto Iraq, the unit received new orders that changed theirmission to assisting with “Operation Enduring Free-dom,” in Afghanistan. Lt. Col. James Smith, battalion commander, said hisunit had only a short amount of time to prepare for theirnew mission. “Our mission changed and we only had forty-sixdays of notice,” Smith said. Assigned to support the “Combined Joint SpecialTask Force,” the “Iron Rangers” were deployed to fifty-eight remote locations across Afghanistan. They com-pleted over ten thousand missions as part of Village Stability Operations with the Afghan people. Theoperations connected the government of Afghanistan to the village level. Afghans learned the ways oftheir government through conducted training that educated them on their constitution. Smith said that he felt the mission was a success. “I felt a lot of pride. We trained transition teamsthat expanded to one thousand. I think we accomplished the mission superbly. We brought everyoneback home,” Smith said. With no personnel losses, the infantrymen stood in formation and were recognized with medals, fortheir courageous and meritorious service to their nation. Some Soldiers received multiple awards. Staff Sgt. Caleb Vanvoorhis, received both the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. He was wounded incombat on Jan. 19, 2011. Being in a combat zone, Vanvoorhis knows his situation could have turned outdifferently. He shared his gratitude towards his team. “I give all credit to the guys. We got a lot accomplished while we out there. The memory will stickwith me forever,” Vanvoorhis said. After a successful mission and another achievement added to the impressive lineage of the battalion,Smith shared his pride in his men. “Our Soldiers have grown into a lot of maturity. They have developed and are self-sustaining. A lotof thanks goes to the Families and Family Readiness Groups. The strength of our Family is the strengthof our Soldiers,” Smith said. 8
  9. 9. Dawn of the Devils February 20129
  10. 10. Dawn of the Devils February 201210
  11. 11. Dawn of the Devils February 201211
  12. 12. Dawn of the Devils February 201212
  13. 13. Dawn of the Devils February 2012 1-5 FA Change of Command 1-5 Field Artillery conducted a change of com- mand ceremony, bidding farewell to Lt. Col.Keith Casey and welcoming Lt. Col. Scott Nolan as their new commander. The ceremony tookplace at the Redeployment Center, February 15, 2012. 13
  14. 14. Dawn of the Devils February 2012 “Dreadnaughts” Mark Return with Uncasing of ColorsBy Sgt. Summer Woode1st HBCT Public AffairsFORT RILEY, Kan.— ference between the two. TheyThe Soldiers of the 2nd both had the same skills andBattalion, 34th Armor great attitude to win the fight,”Regiment, 1st Heavy Kidd said.Brigade Combat Team, Kidd told the story of the1st Infantry Division un- battalion and its accomplish-cased their colors during a ments by telling who they are,ceremony held Jan. 27 at where they have been and whatbuilding 727. they have done. The battalion, also “We are incomplete. Weknown as the “Dread- stand here today with too manynaughts,” recently re- out of ranks, recovering inturned from a year-long and out of hospitals and withdeployment, in support five less men than we startedof “Operation Enduring this mission with,” Kidd said,Freedom.” Standing up honoring those Soldiers whoonly two years ago as a were either injured or killed incombined arms battal- action while in Afghanistan.ion, the “Dreadnaughts” He also acknowledged theadapted quickly to every past “Dreadnaughts” and “Cen-new challenge they faced turions,” the previous name ofin Afghanistan. the battalion, who were able While preparing for to attend and those who couldtheir mission in support of not. Distinguished guests fromOperation New Dawn, the the regiment included retired‘Dreadnaughts’ received colonels and sergeant majors.new orders for deploy- The commander also recog-ment to Afghanistan. With only 60 days to prepare, the nized the Family Readiness Group—the part of thebattalion worked intensely to become mission-ready. “Dreadnaught” Family that does not wear the Army Lt. Col. Christopher Kidd, Dreadnaught Com- uniform.mander, expressed the pride he had in his Soldiers and Kidd commented that this day was about honoringtheir training. every single person who supported the battalion dur- “Through tough training, which included dis- ing their mission. The uncasing of the colors formallymounted day and night live-fire scenarios, these Sol- marked the end of the “Dreadnaughts” deployment,diers became equipped and ready to fight,” explained but Kidd acknowledged his unit must stay ready forKidd. “Tankers learned the skills of infantrymen, serv- the future.ing in every maneuver company within the battalion “We will draw our tanks and brads and start train-and conducting the majority of their air assaults.” ing for our next set of missions. These colors and Kidd considered his tankers one of the most adap- these guidons will be cased once more as we answertive forces of today. our nation’s call,” Kidd said. “I am incredibly proud to say that when you placedan armor Dreadnaught and an infantry Dreadnaughtside by side on a mission, you could not tell the dif- 14
  15. 15. Dawn of the Devils February 201215
  16. 16. Dawn of the Devils February 20121-1 BSTB Change of Responsibility The Defiants bid farwell to their first command sergeant major, during a change of responsibility ceremony held at Building 727, February 10, 2012. CSM Tonia Walker relinquished her responsibil- ity of the 1st BSTB to CSM Naamon Grimett to participate in the Army Congressional Fellowship Program in D.C. 16
  17. 17. Dawn of the Devils February 2012 Remaining Trained and Proficient: Epitomizing the Creed of Soldiers By Sgt. Kandi Huggins 1st HBCT Public AffairsFORT RILEY, Kan. – Soldiers ofthe 1st Special Troops Battalion,1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team,conducted a training exercisevalidating their basic knowledgeof being a Soldier at Fort Riley,February 22-24. The validation trainingconsisted of various tasks to testthe proficiency of their Soldiersperforming individual skills. Thetasks included land navigation,assembling and disassemblingan M4 Carbine, sending reports,evaluating a casualty andperforming a nine-line medicalevacuation. Because of the Soldiers’recent return from Iraq and theintegration of new Soldiers tothe unit, Cpt. William Viegas,commander, Headquarters andHeadquarters Company, 1stBSTB, said this training tookhis Soldiers back to square one,back to the fundamentals. His caches and conducted a patrol in another is a new task.company consisted of Soldiers a village during his company’s “This exercise is forcing us, asof many different specialties and training. a mechanism, to get things fixedbackgrounds, making the task “I think the training, overall, is and work out the kinks in our unit,”uniquely challenging at times. good training and it’s going well said Viegas. “We have processes “In Iraq we sacrificed individual for all of us,” said Lucas, a Rock and systems we need to figure outtask training for the operational Port, Mass. native. in order to better work togetherneeds in theater,” said the St. This three-day validation as an organization and training,Louis, Mo. native. “The caveat of training consisted of a day such as this one, helps bring thoseour return is to retask and organize of rehearsal, executing and deficiencies to light so we canour Soldiers and step one is to recovery, all of which added to the fix it, if it still works, or make itrebuild that foundation and train importance of the event, according better.”them on individual skills.” to Viegas. Overall, Viegas noted this as Specialist Derek Lucas, a signal Viegas explained how ‘just the a building block process and it isand intelligence analyst, Alpha muscle movement of equipment’ is better to find out now who needsCompany, 1st BSTB, said his squad training because the simple task of any additional training so they canwent on a mission to find weapon moving troops from one place to get it, than later. 17
  18. 18. Dawn of the Devils February 2012 Diehard Stakes Soldiers of 1st Engineer Battalion honed their skills during an ex-tensive training exercise called the Diehard Stakes. They completed the multi-tasked competition that evaluated their warrior tasks and drills while focusing on route clearance operations. 18
  19. 19. Dawn of the Devils February 2012‘Devil’ Volunteer of the Quarter 19
  20. 20. Dawn of the Devils February 2012 ‘Pale Riders’ Recognize Soldiers for Valor and Courage While DeployedBy Sgt. Kandi Huggins1st HBCT Public AffairsFORT RILEY, Kan.— The ‘PaleRiders’ 4th Squadron, 4th Cav-alry Regiment, 1st Heavy BrigadeCombat Team, 1st Infantry Divi-sion, conducted an awards ceremo-ny, honoring their troops for acts ofvalor and courage while deployedto Afghanistan, at the MarshallAirfield Hangar, January 25. Lt. Col. Michael Katonaand Command Sgt. Maj. CharlesCook, command team for the PaleRiders, honored 70 of their Soldierswith Purple Hearts, Bronze StarMedals and Army Accommoda-tion Medals with valor, during theceremony. “Today is about the PaleRider Soldiers, their incredibleindividual valorous actions andtheir leadership,” said Katona. “It’salso about wounds received from Kandahar province of Afghanistan, and Americans.”direct combat with the enemy in providing security for the locals “All of the Soldiers did excellentAfghanistan, the combat everyone and integrating the Afghan Army jobs in accomplishing their mis-in this Squadron was involved in and Police into their mission, in sion while deployed in support ofon a daily basis.” order to help the country build it’s Operation Enduring Freedom,” said The Pale Riders deployed to infrastructures build its forces. Rogers. “It was fabulous for theAfghanistan, late February 2011, to “We occupied eight tacti- Soldiers to be recognized duringwhat Katona described as a ‘tough, cal infrastructures,” said Rogers, a the awards ceremony as we honordismounted fight.’ Stockton, Calif., native. “We spread those standing in formation, those “Because of persistence, our squad’s footprint in order to present in the audience and thosevalor, courage and individual cover more ground and create more who did not return with us. None ofmotivation and discipline, we came Shuras (town hall, meeting place our sacrifices will be forgotten.”together as a team, defeating dis- for village elders) for the people.”mounted explosive devices, maneu- Although the achievementsvering through thousands of canals of the battalion remain impressive,and fighting an entrenched Taliban it was not one that came without aforce,” said Katona. price. Sergeant 1st Class James “We will always rememberRogers, platoon sergeant, 2nd the Soldiers killed in action and theplatoon, A Troop, 4th Squadron, 144 living Purple Heart recipients,”4th Cav. Reg., said the battalion said Katona. “They gave their livesoccupied the Zharay District in the for the freedom of both Afghans 20
  21. 21. Read the Post paper online! http://www.1divpost.com/ KEEP INFORMED AND UPDATED WITH 1ST BRIGADE BY FOLLOWING US ON THESE WEBSITES:1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley: www.riley.army.mil.Click on Units, 1ID Brigades, 1HBCT or just click on this link: http://www.riley.army.mil/Unit-Page.aspx?unit=1bct Facebook: www.facebook.com/1HBCTDEVILBRIGADE?v=wall&ref-sgm vFRG website: Family Members and Approved Personal can also go onto the vFRG and log intotheir Soldier’s BN’s vFRG site, where more information can be found. www.armyfrg.org ‘Devil’ PAO Email: 1stid.devil.pao@gmail.com