Armor Branch                                                      Newsletter    INSIDE THIS      ISSUE:                   ...
PAGE       2                   Armor Branch Chief continued                   officers are rushing prior to the CPTs board...
VOLUME       I,   ISSUE     II                                                                                PAGE   3COL‘...
PAGE     4LTC‘s DESK                                                            LTC CARTER PRICE          Gentlemen, this ...
VOLUME         I,   ISSUE    II MAJORS‘ DESKILE and other MEL4 Programs:                                          MAJ TIMO...
SENIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK                                                                         MAJ JERRY WOOD JR. Team,    ...
PAGE   7   SENIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK                                             (continued)  Advanced Civil Schooling:       ...
Recommend Professional Reading List                                                   Links:
JUNIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK                                  (continued)       Junior Officer Broadening Assign-                ...
JUNIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK                                                                                             PAGE    ...
LIEUTENANT’S DESK                                   (continued)         Fiscal Year 2012 Captains Board Update            ...
USAR DESK                                                                             CPT Matthew Mount        I am proud ...
CONTACTS                                                                  REFERENCESArmor Branch Website:https://www.hrc.a...
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Armor Newsletter 2nd Quarter - 2012


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Armor Newsletter 2nd Quarter - 2012

  1. 1. Armor Branch Newsletter INSIDE THIS ISSUE: V O L U M E I , I S S U E I I S U M M E R 2 0 1 2 Changes within the Armor Branch. Branch Chief ILE changes still pending LTC John Cushing, Armor Branch Career Broaden- Fellow Tankers and Cavarlymen, the OER. One initiative is to develop multiple ing opportunities I am truly humbled and honored to be serving OERs; one for Company Grade officers, one for you all as the current Armor Branch Chief. Hav- Field Grade officers and one for COL and above. MEL4 Programs ing just passed the 90 day mark, I will spend some Another initiative is looking to redefine the senior time in the following paragraphs discussing my rater box check options and their associated la- Board Files initial thoughts on a handful of topics that I have bels. More to follow as we get more details. already dealt with. Photos. This is the first item boards usually Communication. ―The most difficult thing see and first impressions matter when it comes to we do is communicate.‖ It is critical for you and board selections. Bottom line is: Look profes- Armor Branch to communicate effectively. sional! Do your best to keep your photo updated Please do not hesitate to email or call us with any and don‘t leave the photo lab unless you are satis- and all questions. We stand ready to serve. If fied. You may never know when your file is be- you do not feel that you are getting the answers ing looked at, so an up to date, professional photo you deserve, please contact me directly. I would speaks volumes about your commitment to your ask that, as you look at your next assignment, let profession. us know early (6 months) what your desires are so Show Cause. Just recently, we have beenINSIDE THIS we can shape it accordingly. BN CDRs: Do not asked to recommend whether or not Armor offi-ISSUE: hesitate to call or email about your officers so we cers who have received letters of reprimand and/ can find the right assignment for all involved. or referred reports should go before a show causeBranch Chief 1-2 Armor Webpage ( board. The show cause board will determine if an Officer/AR%20Officer%20Home). We are trying officer should be eliminated or retained on active to make this a ―one-stop shop.‖ The main page is duty. Armor Branch looks at each officer andCOLs Desk 3 designed to give you quick answers to your ques- makes a recommendation. Our recommendation tions. Please take a look at the website and ensure coupled with the officer‘s chain of command rec-LTCs Desk 4 it meets your needs. We acknowledge that this is ommendation will be presented to the HRC CG our ―first impression‖ with many officers and for final decision. What is critical to note is that want to put our best foot forward. each letter of reprimand and/or referred reportMAJs Desk 5 OERs. First and foremost, I recommend that starts this process. all officers continue to do the best they can in LTs Desk. Encourage your junior officers to each job regardless of whether it is a key and de- get the files in order early. This includes photosSr. CPTs Desk 6-7 velopmental billet or not. Each evaluation, no and college transcripts. Unfortunately, many matter the job, matters. Immediately after arriv- ing here at HRC, I had the opportunity to conductJr. CPTs Desk 8-10 a ―mock‖ board. I reviewed over 60 files and it quickly became apparent how important it is toLTs Desk 10-11 clearly enumerate your officers. Comments such as ―CPT X is the #1 of 34 officers that I senior rate‖ is far more powerful than ―CPT X is one of the best officers that I senior rate.‖ For those of “Clearly enumerate yourUSAR Desk 12 you who are writing OERs, I would ask you to subordinates and leave no doubt clearly enumerate your subordinates and leave no with the board members who doubt with the board members who you are se- lecting for promotion or command. The CSA you are selecting for promotion asked for an Army Evaluation System review and or command.” I believe we will continue to see some changes to
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Armor Branch Chief continued officers are rushing prior to the CPTs board to square BDE/BN CSL Analysis. Brigade Command away their files and simply run out of time. has been and will always be an extremely tough CPTs Desk. I recently had a great conversation cut and this board proved that once again. His- with a sitting Division G3 about CPTs on Division torically speaking, we have averaged 4 maneuver Staff. We are prepared to support CPTs staying for commands over the last 6 years. We saw a high an additional year after Company Command to serve of "8" last year with a low of "2" this year and in “Brigade on Division Staffs as long as their timeline supports 2008. As we look across all command categories, it and all parties acknowledge. I recently sat on the we have averaged "8" commands over the last 6 Olmstead Fellowship panel and was extremely im- years, with "4" this year, and a high of "12" in Command pressed with the Armor officers competing for these 2010. As many of you know the BCT selection is positions. I would ask that if you or your officers primarily based on officer performance, but howhas been and intend on competing for a fellowship that everyone the Armor Branch fairs has a lot to do with the keeps the Branch informed so we can help complete categories we compete in (Combat Arms Maneu- will always the packet. We are also looking closely to post ver Operations, Armor Operations (11ACR), Ar- MCCC assignments. I am asking the junior CPTs mor Training, Combat Arms Strategic support, assignment officer to diversify our officers. For Combat Arms Installation, Branch Immaterial be an example, having an ABCT background as a lieuten- Recruiting, Branch Immaterial Installation), the ant and SBCT or IBCT assignment as a Company type of Commands available (11ACR), the qual- extremely Commander makes you a more diverse officer who ity/size of the year group and the selection board can serve the Armor community in multiple areas in dynamics. The number of commands available in tough cut the future. each category, the quality/size of the year group, MAJs Desk. The buzz surrounding the MAJs and board dynamics we cannot control, but we desk centers on the future of ILE. As of right now, may need to be more deliberate with some of our and this we are following the universal ILE program. I an- officers and encourage some to consider other ticipate receiving guidance in the near future as to command opportunities instead of just Combatboard proved the slating guidance for the winter 2013 class and the Arms Maneuver Operations if "quantity" of Ar- way ahead. I would encourage all those pre-ILE mor Commands is our goal. Having said all this, that once MAJs to keep their files updated so if by chance the the alternate list is loaded with great Armor offi- decision is made to go back to competitive ILE, your cers and the difference between those that were file is ready to go. selected and those on the alternate list is minimal. again.” LTCs Desk. BN / BDE CSL. The offer stands So the alternate list officers along with the next for those folks who are competing in either the BDE year group will make for a very competitive group or BN CSL contact Armor branch and have a candid next year. conversation pertaining to their selection chances With respect to the BN CSL we did extremely and which command categories they should compete well. This year we had 25 tactical BN CSL selec- in. As a result of a couple of conversations, I am not tees out of a possible 46. We did this with only convinced everyone understands how the selection half of the eligible officers as compared to Infan- and slating process occurs in the different categories try. By looking at our multiple Armor BN com- and what dynamics surround the alternate list. mands across ABCTs, IBCTs, and SBCTs we Please contact us if you have any questions. have spread the talent so we maximize the oppor- tunities for our officers and increase our chances FY12 SSC Board. Please review the for BCT commands in these types of units. SSC MILPER message carefully. This year officers competing will submit their preferences before the board convenes. The preference site will open on 15 July LTC John Cushing 2012 and close on 31 August 2012. Armor Branch Chief Those officers who have deferred atten- Officer Personnel Directorate dance must also submit their preferences. Human Resources Command This is the only opportunity that officers (502) 613-6046 (w) DSN: 312 will have to submit preferences prior to (502) 457– 2309 (c) the SSC slating panel. The following link will be used to access the SSC pref- erence site: https:// KNOXHRC16.HRC.ARMY.MIL/ AHRC/OSPP/HOME/HTDOCS/
  3. 3. VOLUME I, ISSUE II PAGE 3COL‘s DESK LTC STEVEN BARRY Gentlemen, packet to receive joint credit. First, I wanted to thank LTC Scott Wood- I can work with you to de- ward for a terrific transition. After four velop the JQS experience months as the Armor Colonel Assignment sheet and put together the Officer, I have had the pleasure of working remainder of the packet. with many of you and I look forward to serv- Please remember that you ing you over the next year. only have one year after your deployment to submit the experience for joint 2013 Movers: credit. We have a rigorous screening process that We just finished placing all Colonels on has had a high success rate before the joint certifi- assignment for this summer and I have begun cation board. Joint qualification not only broadens to refine which officers will move next year. an officer‘s career, but it opens up more opportuni- If you are moving next year, you should have ties for joint critical billets and jobs that prefer an received an email from me outlining the officer with joint experience. You can also receive Colonels assignment process. As I said in JQS points for J7 approved Joint Exercises. If you the note, an early dialogue will help us de- think you qualify, contact me and I can review the velop a quality as- exercise to determine how many points you can signment for you. If earn. “Joint qualification you have not heard not only broadens from me and believe DA Selection Boards: an officer’s career, you are moving next I would humbly ask that you please consider but it opens up year, please call or sitting DA selection boards when I contact you send an email so we about them or please send me a note if you would more opportunities can develop a course like to volunteer. As you know, Colonels make up for joint critical bil- of action. Colonels the vast majority of most selection boards. We lets and jobs that Management priori- work hard to find the appropriate Colonel to sit prefer an officer tizes the following these boards. Colonels Management normally re- with joint experi- assignments above ceives the board requirements four months before all others each year: the board meets. Many of the boards require five ence.” deployments working days or less. (approximately 160- AF and IZ), CSL, Joint, and Korea. Lastly, COMO Move: when we finalize the SSC visits, I will send a Finally, the Colonels Management office will note to all of the students so you are aware of move in mid-August to the Taylor Building in when we will visit. Crystal City, VA. If you are ever visiting the NCR, Pentagon, or Crystal City, please let me know and I Senior Service College, FY 12(AY13-14): would like to meet with you if you have the time. As a reminder, the SSC Board meets in Do not hesitate to contact me to assist you with any September. I have contacted all eligible issue. Colonels for this board and have completed a scrub of their files. If you think I missed you Steve Barry and you are eligible, please contact me so we AR COL HRM can begin to look at your file. Unlike in pre- LTC, AR vious years, you will select your preferences OCSA - Senior Leader Development Office before the board meets in September. (O): 703.696.4831; DSN 426 (BB): 703.459.5161 Joint Qualification: Email: If you have recently re-deployed from a CMO/SLD website: combat deployment, please consider develop- ing a Joint Qualification System (JQS)
  4. 4. PAGE 4LTC‘s DESK LTC CARTER PRICE Gentlemen, this will be my last input into our quarterly newsletter. I leave for Fort Hood later in July and will transi- tion my duties to MAJ Tim Baer. I want to thank all of you for all that you are doing for our force and for the professional na- ture of our personal interactions throughout the past 2 years. The recent movie Money- ball used the following Mickey Mantle quote in its opening: ―Its unbelievable how much you dont know about the game youve been playing all your life.‖ Having as leaders is counsel our subordinates who are served here at branch before, everyday not performing up to standard. Thanks to all of proves to be a rewarding yet challenging you who spend time with your subordinates con- experience and I am often reminded as to ducting performance counseling. Good, honest how much I still feedback through well documented counseling have to learn. definitely makes our job easier here at branch and“Its unbeliev- Here are a couple of allows us to better manage promotion and com- able how parting shots that I mand expectations. would like to ad- Battalion Command Selection Process. much you dress: As the Branch Chief said in his notes, there is dont know Patience. We at some confusion when it comes to the Battalion Armor Branch Command Selection Process. As we begin to about the spend a great deal prep for the next BN CSL board, please contact game youve of time trying to my replacement, MAJ Tim Baer, if you have anybeen playing make sureassigned officer is the right questions as to how the process works. We would prefer that each of you makes a well- all your life” the right job at the informed decision as to which categories you right time. In many would like to compete in and where we think you cases, especially at stand relative to your peers. the LTCs desk, assignments take a little bit DA Photos. As promotions and com- longer based on the types of assignments mands become more and more competitive the we are attempting to get. Many of the emphasis can easily swing to military bearing nominations and blackbook jobs have a and fitness to break ties. We would encourage long approval process. We appreciate your you to stay in shape and don‘t make your appear- patience throughout the process. We also ance in your DA photo a discriminator as to why appreciate your trust that we are always you didn‘t get the assignment your deserved. looking out for your best interest. Again, I‘d like to thank all of you for Professional counseling. One of your service to the Army, the branch and allow- the most challenging things we have to do ing me to assist you in shaping many of your as- signments. I truly appreciate the sacrifices that you and your families have made when called. I look forward to seeing you out in the field soon. Best of luck and God bless. LTC Carter Price AR Branch LTC Assignment Officer (502) 613-6039
  5. 5. VOLUME I, ISSUE II MAJORS‘ DESKILE and other MEL4 Programs: MAJ TIMOTHY BAER There has been a lot of discussion about potentialchanges to ILE and how officers will be slated for thiscourse in the future. While we are not certain whatthe final outcome of this will be, we anticipate theremay be changes to who will attend resident ILE andhow those officers will be identified. We also expectthat there will be additional ILE options for those of-ficers that are not identified for a resident ILE pro-gram. All this is still in flux and we do not knowwhen the final decision will be made or how quicklyit will go into effect. With that being said, we willwait to finalize the Winter 13 ILE slate until the final a good hair cut, etc.decision and guidance is released. Once the final ILE Don‘t wear CAV Brass for your DA photo.decision is made, we will release a message breaking Even if you are not up for a board this fall, yourdown the decision and the impacts it will have on the files are viewed on a regular basis for considerationforce. for all types of jobs and other opportunities. A good, Additionally, this year‘s Sister Service, Inter- current photo goes a long way toward making a posi-agency and Foreign ILE MILPER Message 12-214 tive first impression.was released on 10 July. Please thoroughly review You must have a new DA photo every five yearsthe message to ensure you are qualified to apply for (or your photo will be removed from your file andone of these programs and ensure you submit a com- will not be visible). However, we recommend a newplete packet. These are very competitive programs so photo every two years or within a year of an upcom-please contact us early to ensure you are able to ap- ing board so it is current and accurate.ply. Missing Award Documentation. Ensure that there are award certificates on file for all the awards youSAMS: have earned to include CAB, airborne and air assault Congratulations to the six Armor officers that were badges. Your photo should match what is reflectedselected for the SAMS program for this coming win- on your ORB and should also match the certificates inter class. The selected officers‘ range from those cur- your OMPF. If all three of these match, then your filerently attending ILE (or other MEL4 program) to KD is tight.complete majors who applied from the field and range Missing College Degree Transcripts. There are ain year groups from 1996 to 2003. This pool of offi- large number of officers that are missing their undercers has a variety of experience which will certainly graduate and/or masters transcripts. Look at yourbenefit the SAMS community. Good luck in your OMPF and if you don‘t see it just send a scannedupcoming studies. copy and we‘ll get it added Check your ORB and OMPF regularly for accu-PMS and CSL Board Prep and File Maintenance: racy and completeness and submit updates and cor- With the upcoming CSL and PMS boards, we will rections as needed; this will make it much easierconduct a large number of file scrubs here at branch come board time to ensure your file represents you into assist officers with their preparation for the upcom- the best way possible. A good rule of thumb is toing boards. With that being said, it is your responsi- check you file once a year (even if no boards arebility to ensure your file is complete and accurate and pending). This way any changes /updates you have towe are here to assist you with that process. Below are make prior to a board should be minimal.common issues we see with officers‘ files: Remember, maintaining your file is your responsi- Outdated or Inaccurate Photos. Keep a current DA bility, the more effort you put into your file duringphoto on file, in the new Army Service Uniform your career, the less of an emergency it will be when(ASUs). The photo is the first thing a board member it comes time for your next board.will see when he/she opens your file. It immediately If you have any questions please contact me eithermakes a first impression (good or bad) which could by email or give me a call.impact the results of how that board member votes onyour file. Do yourself a favor and take the time to MAJ Timothy Baerget a new photo in a clean uniform (ASU) that fits Majors Armor Branch Assignment Officerproperly with all the proper awards and badges, with (502)613-6042 PAGE 5
  6. 6. SENIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK MAJ JERRY WOOD JR. Team, I trust that all is well. As I am blessed to serve as your Assignment officer, I often inter- act with Squadron and Brigade commanders who cannot stop talking about the tremendous job you guys are doing; great job and keep it up! FY 2013 MAJ Board: We mentioned in our last Armor newsletter that the board will be quickly upon us, and we want to ensure that you have your best foot forward. As I scrub the YG 04-05 officers‘ files, I have noticed the following trends: able officers, and I am working your Courses 1) DA Photos are lacking. Our DA photos of Action. If you are available to PCS during are expired or we are wearing our Class A uni- the 13-01 Manning Cycle and have not con- forms. Although the Class A‘s uniform is au- tacted me, please do so immediately. Addition- thorized, the new standard is the Army Service ally, If you anticipate being available to move Uniform (ASU) and we should all have an up between 01FEB13-31MAY13 (13-02 Manning to date DA photo while wearing our ASU uni- Cycle), please contact me in October 2012 with form. The DA photo is the first item that the board members review, and it is one of the your top five preferences to start working your most important items that HRC uses to deter- follow-on assignment. mine your future assignment (especially when we consider you for a nominative assignment). Fellowships: 2) Assignment information is not current. We had a great showing for this year‘s Fellowship “Your I have reviewed several of our Officer Records Briefs that state the wrong or expired current Selection Boards (we dou- bled the amount of applicants reputation assignment. I have often seen our ORBs state Executive Officer for current assignment when competing for each cate- begins gory). The boards are con- the officer has over six months of command time. Also, if Incoming Personnel or Surplus vening as we speak and we with your should have the results in Soldier is reflected on your ORB, ensure that you have it removed immediately. September 2012. Also, DA 3) Officers are not aware that this will be a Best qualified and not a Fully qualified around September-October 2012, the next Fellowship Photo!” board. This means that officers who have re- MILPER message will be ceived a Fully Qualified OER (Not left justi- released. I noticed that the major factor for Ar- fied) as a Captain are at extreme risk for not mor Officers not competing in this year‘s Fel- being selected for advancement to Major. If lowship Selection Boards was contributed to an you are an officer with a Fully Qualified OER, undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0. It is true and we have not discussed your options and that many of the fellowships require a 3.0 or way ahead, please give me a call or shoot me a better GPA. However, if you have a strong file note. you can still compete for most of the fellow- ships. You will simply need to submit an Aca- Assignments are available: demic Readiness Statement along with your The assignments for our officers moving fellowship packet. Bottom line- call me if you have any questions before you make a deci- between 01OCT12-31JAN13 (13-01 Manning sion! Cycle) will be published no later than 09JUL12. I have spoken with all of the avail- PAGE 6
  7. 7. PAGE 7 SENIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK (continued) Advanced Civil Schooling: 3. Your DA photo may be the most important por- ACS is currently a hot topic. However, please tion of your file; get a new one if it is more than understand that Armor Branch does not and will one year old. not be allocated an ACS slot that is not tied to a Fellowship, GRADSO, or EGSP program. We are 4. According to AR 640-30, you are required to not authorized ACS slots because there are zero take a new DA Photo when you receive an AR- authorizations for 19 series hard-coded assign- COM or higher award. ments that require a Graduate degree. We are currently working our GRADSO and 5. Any course/class that was more than 40 hours EGSP mandates. However, if you are a GRADSO can be added to your OMPF. There is no need to recipient who is currently waiting to attend ACS put CLS in your OMPF or on your ORB. please note that Armor Branch is currently fore- casted the following slots for the next two years: 6. Manage expectations; if you have a GOMOR, Fall 2013- two slots, Spring 2014- two slots, Sum- ―Fully Qualified‖ or referred OER you may be at mer 2014-four slots, and Fall 2014- six slots. If risk for promotion. you plan to utilize your GRADSO option within the next two years, ensure that you submit your 7. Most Army schools award an ASI; ensure it is packet to me no later than two months prior to annotated on your ORB. your packet being due to ACS. Also, ACS RFOs are not release until about 60 days prior to you 8. Your unit S1 has to update deployment/dwell starting your studies. entries in eMILPO; branch does not have that abil- ity. 9. Read your OER before signing it! At a mini- mum ensure all the admin data is correct and it is free of spelling errors. 10. The My Board File program is only a snap- shot in time. Just because you made a change to your file does not mean that it will automatically appear in My Board File. For any questions related to anything in the Senior Captains section please feel free to call or email. MAJ Jerry Wood Jr. FAQs: Senior Captains Assignment Officer What should I do to prep for the upcoming (502)613-6044 board? 1. Fix your file often and fix early. It is difficult for us at branch and your unit S1 to fix 7 years worth of errors in two months. 2. Anything on your ORB (minus unit awards) requires substantiating documents in your OMPF.
  8. 8. Recommend Professional Reading List Links: 20listFinal_Copy1.pdf CAPTAINS’ DESK MAJ DERRICK MURRAYManeuver Captains Career Course (MCCC) JUN 24 2013 – DEC 06 2013 YG 2007 and 2008 officers are the priority for SEP 03 2013 – MAR 04 2014MCCC attendance in 2012. Seats frequently open in “...your newthe course so call (502)-613-6045 if you have a res- Now that many of you have beenervation but are interested in earlier attendance promoted to CPT, it is time to update chain of(specifically YG 2007 or 2008). The 3 December your ORB. Your current S-1 is the best2012 course still has slots that will open to YG 2009 place to update your ORB. As soon as command willofficers in August if they remain unfilled. you are placed on orders at the career look to pull course your new chain of command will As we approach the release of FY12 CPTs board look to pull your ORB. It will be your your ORB. Itin late July/Early August there are a few things to first impression—make it a good one.note: No photo or incorrect data in the assign- will be your first FY 09 Officers will become the priority for atten- ment history section could affect yourdance in 2013. Email a DA Form 4187 to der- future senior rater‘s impression of you. impression— signed by your Battal-ion Commander to get a reserved seat. Class dates Schools are assignment dependent. make it a goodare listed below. As an example, you will attend airborne one.” FEB 25 2013 – AUG 06 2013 school if you are going to an airborne APR 15 2013 – SEP 25 2013 coded assignment. MAY 28 2013 – NOV 07 2013 PAGE 8
  9. 9. JUNIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK (continued) Junior Officer Broadening Assign- 2) FT Benning Assignments (most pany Command while also allowing ment (JOBA) prevalent), Fort Rucker, Fort Sill & you to take a break following your JOBA assignments are opportuni- Fort Jackson: deployment. Other JOBA assign- ties prior to your attendance to the * ITB: Serve in a variety of jobs ment considerations include family Maneuver Captains Career Course ranging from OCS Instructor where concerns such as EFMP or MACP. (MCCC). You must serve a mini- you will train and commission offi- mum of 18 months at your current cer candidates for all branches of the There are a variety of assign- duty station to be eligible to PCS Army to Basic Training Company ments available that allow you to with a time on station waiver. Commander where you will be re- meet your needs while also filling Taking a JOBA assignment al- sponsible for training Soldiers in critical Army requirements. They lows you to broaden your Army ex- Basic Combat and Armor-specific are broken into the following catego- perience and gives your family sta- skills in order to provide combat- ries: bility by placing you in a non de- ready Soldiers and leaders to the ploying unit for 12 to 18 months. Operational Army. 1) AC/RC: Utilization of Active Following the completion of the * BOLC/OCS: Educate, train, Component Soldiers to ensure the JOBA assignment you will attend and inspire current/future Armor training and readiness of the Reserve the Maneuver Captains Career Lieutenants so that upon BOLC Component Units. These jobs are Course and then PCS to a follow on graduation, they demonstrate the generally reserved for senior CPTs, unit for your Company Command competence, confidence, physical but opportunities currently exist for assignment. When considering the and mental toughness, and moral/ this unique and rewarding assign- units for application, identify your ethical fiber necessary to lead pla- ment. needs and consider what environ- toons in any operational environ- ment will help prepare you for Com- ment.PAGE 9
  10. 10. JUNIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK PAGE 10 (continued) Assignment Process at MCCC I will conduct a branch brief and personal interviews with every officer at MCCC. You are more than welcome to bring your spouse to one or both sessions, as it is an important decision for both you and your family. We will talk over your priorities: deployment/non-deployment, geographic location, family concerns, platform (H/S/IBCTs), short command queue, etc. During the interview I will weigh your personal priorities with the needs of the Army and offer some recommendations for you and your family. Since adopting this approach, 9 times out of 10 we are slating officers with one of their top three choices. However, there are times that I have mandatory deployment assignments or command positions that need to be filled. We will also discuss the op- portunities for follow on schools. This is done in the same way: priority versus avail- ability. If the slot is there for the school you wish to attend and we can justify attendance you will attend that school. MAJ Derrick Murray Junior CPTs Assignments (502) 613-6045 LIEUTENANTS’ DESK CPT Thomas Spolizino As the new Lieutenants Assignment officer, I‘d like to reiterate a few things you‘ve already heard. First off, all newly commissioned Officers entering Armor Basic Officer Leader Course (BLOC) are managed and scheduled by their specific commissioning source. Therefore, any re- quests to modify ABOLC class dates must be processed to the individuals commissioning source. Once at ABOLC, Mr. Gathright will assign students follow-on assignments with addi- tional military schooling associated to the gaining unit‘s mission requirements. ABOLC student “The most assignments are determined by the Total Army Personnel Strength Authorizations, Officer‘s Ac- tive Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) for location, professional development, availability to re- important port to assignment, and Officer‗s assignment preferences. Once you get to your first assignment CPT Thomas Spolizino at Armor Branch is your contact. After your CPTs Board and you be- thing is to do come promotable, MAJ Derrick Murray, the Junior Captains Assignment Officer becomes your POC.the job you are Second, familiarize yourself with DA PAM 600-3 Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management, Chapter 10. While branch strives to help each officergiven, and do it with their career, YOU are your best career manager, the more knowledge you have the better. This chapter will provide you with insight on what schools are available and which you are ex- well.” pected to take and will provide guidance on what assignments you should seek. There is no such thing as key developmental assignments for Armor Lieutenants. It is highly encouraged, but not required that you serve as a Platoon Leader and Executive Officer in a TOE operational unit, but the most important thing is to do the job you are given, and do it well.
  11. 11. LIEUTENANT’S DESK (continued) Fiscal Year 2012 Captains Board Update your degree posted in Section VII of your ORB before The FY‘12 Captains Board has completed and we you can be promoted to CPT. expect results to be released sometime in late July— 2. DA Photo: The DA photo is literally the first early August. Once the results are released you should thing a board sees, if your photo is substandard , this receive notification through your chain of command, but will be your first impression for the rest of the board. can check for publication on the HRC-Promotions Make sure your uniform fits properly, you have a hair- Branch webpage. cut, all of your awards are present and in the right order, you are not wearing unit awards you didn‘t earn, and FY’10 Officers you are not wearing Cavalry brass, Armor is your offi- If you have a date of rank to First Lieutenant between cial branch. 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2012, you should start scrub- 3. DA1059: If you went to a school that issued you bing your file for next year‘s board. You may have al- a DA1059 (BOLC, ARC, etc) that form should be in ready gotten an email from me about some issues in your OMPF. your file, but I will lay out some common pitfalls below: Start looking at your file early and get your Chain of 1. College Transcripts: You are required to have Command as well as your S1 to help you out. Contact your college transcripts uploaded into your OMPF and Armor Branch with questions. We will scrub your file “AR branch is before the board, but nobody will take better care This is the only realistic way you will PCS as always looking of your records than you. a Lieutenant other than to MCCC. Officers in Korea and Deactivating Units for Lieutenants Junior Officer Broadening Assignments If you are in Korea or you are tracking that AR branch is always looking for Lieutenants your unit is deactivating, you should contactto fill positions in to fill positions in TRADOC units, (Basic Train- branch six months from your DEROS or deacti- TRADOC units, ing, MCOE, etc) however not all officers‘ time- vation date. This will ensure that we can have a lines support these assignments. realistic dialog about your next assignment pref- however not all If you are interested in doing something differ- erences. We understand that most of you want to ent and are looking for an excellent developmen- get to deploying units. Please understand that we officers’ tal experience: will do what we can, but that may not always betimelines support 1. Talk to you chain of command and get their an option. Always ask about schools in route to endorsement, the first thing your assignment offi- your next duty assignment—we will accommo- these cer at branch will ask you is what your COC date when possible. thinks. assignments.” Branch Detailed Officers 2. Make sure your timeline supports. You should plan on attending MCCC in Year Group If you are branch detailed into AR from an- plus four (YG‘10 officers should be going in other Branch, you should make contact with both AR and your basic branch no later than 6 months 2014) and any PCS move requires you to be on from your expiration date. It is possible to stay station for two years before moving again. Armor, but the process takes some time so let us 3. Contact your assignment officer. We will know ASAP. talk you through the options and if it makes sense Please do not hesitate to call and ask ques- we will consider you for these types of assign- tions regarding your career or general branch/ ments. Army questions. We are here to assist you. 4. YG 2009 officers should take a look at the CPT Thomas Spolizino Mr. Earvin Gathright JR CPTs section of this newsletter and consider a 1LTAssignments 2LT Assignments JOBA assignment prior to the career course. (502)613-6040 (502)613-6035 PAGE 11 ARMOR BRANCH NEWSLETTER
  12. 12. USAR DESK CPT Matthew Mount I am proud to announce I have arrived and taken this position, this officer is num- over as your new Assignment Officer, replacing ber 1 (or whichever applies).‖ MAJ Edward McCray. I am getting to know you as This is the pattern used by Active I review your files and am working closely with Ms. Duty Component, as well it Hahne to ensure your information is updated and should be by the Reserve Com- accurate. I look forward to helping you with any ponent. upcoming issues and getting to know each of you over the coming years. Feel free to contact me or BOARD PREPARATION! Ms. Hahne if you have any questions or issues and As the MILPERs are released outlining the require- we will do all we can to assist. Thank you for your ments and actions to be taken for the upcoming Board service and support to the USAR! (Command, APL, etc.) make sure you READ the MILPER. Many of the problems would be eliminated “Now, more BE PREPARED! if the applying Service Member would read the MIL- PER and send the necessary documents to the correctthan ever, it is URL by the specified deadline. Don‘t wait until the As you know, there are majorimportant for changes ahead for the Army, last minute to send the necessary information. That you to place changes affecting the budget, unit leaves not time for final corrections. Plan to have eve- size and positions. Now, more rything turned in at least a week before the deadline so yourself in a when Murphy‘s Law happens, you‘ve got some time than ever, it is important for you toposition to be place yourself in a position to be to make things right. Check here for the upcoming the most the most qualified in order to con- Board Schedule with deadlines: https:// tinue your army career. Be pre- qualified in 20Selection%20Board%20Schedule. You will also pared! Be flexible! Be educated! order to Pursue your required military find the MILPER number with a link to said reference.continue your schools, as well as improve your civilian education to the best of CALL TO ACTIVE DUTYarmy career.” This program is closed to LTs and LTCs. Those that your ability. Increase your market- ability by acquiring an additional wish to apply must have the required background. Functional Area. A complete list of Functional Ar- Please see MILPER eas can be found in DA Pam 600-3. As cuts are 11-318 issued 18 made and opportunities are fewer, those with the Oct 11 for details. higher qualifications and training will benefit the https:// most. Milper/11-318. HONEST AND COMPLETE OERs! As you prepare the Officer Evaluation Report, CPT Matt Mount words are cheap, but that ACOM is limited. Ensure USAR Assignments that your ratings, when so merited, reflect not only (502)613-6072 your superior capabilities, but that you are enumer- ated in the report, i.e. ―Of the 15 officers I rate in PAGE 12
  13. 13. CONTACTS REFERENCESArmor Branch Website: Tools with all of these links: Board File: ORB: Policy Branch: Messages: PAGE 13