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Uttox voice issue 39 final lo res

  1. 1. Uttoxeter & Cheadle Uttoxeter & Cheadle FREE 13,000 COLOUR MAGAZINES PRINTED EACH ISSUE Issue 39 Your child, our passion... Exceptional childcare and education for children from 0-5 years Bramshall Road, Uttoxeter ST14 7PG Tel: 01889 562089 Email: midwayacademy@btconnect.com
  2. 2. 2 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. Stone - 01785 811558 A34 Walton Roundabout, Filleybrooks, Stone, ST15 0DJ. Open 7 days: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat and Sun 10am-4pm. Uttoxeter - 01889 566388 1 Smithfield Road, Uttoxeter, ST14 7LG. Open 6 days: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Except Thurs 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm. Stoke - 01782 398021 Head Office, 96a Grindley Lane, Meir Heath, Stoke-on Trent, ST3 7LP. Always wanted an orangery, well now you can. The region’s most competitive prices. Targetwindows, doors and conservatories the first choice for from Ultraframe The great British summer is here and what better way to enjoy it than in a brand-new, affordable orangerie? You see, we’re approved installers for Ultraframe’s ‘Livin Room’ range of orangeries. Livin Room, combines the light and sky of a conservatory with the walls and ceiling of an extension – creating a truly pleasant and permanent space for any manner of relaxation. And when installed and fitted by the experts here at Target Windows, you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of this fantastic addition to your home. So, call Target Windows today and see how we can install your orangery... ...The only thing we can’t guarantee is the Sun. www.targetwindows.co.uk well now you can. waAl ys wanted an orangerwaways wanted an orangerys wanted an orangerys wanted an oranger ,yys wanted an orangerys wanted an orangery ion’The reg well now you can. s most competitive prices.ion’ well now you can. s most competitive prices. well now you can. s most competitive prices. from Ultr t better way tohere and wha t British summer isThe grea ameafrfrom Ultr t better way to t British summer is the walls and ceiling of an extension – crea combines the light and sky of a conser Room’ range of orangeries.inin Room’ range of orangeries.‘Liv pproved installers for Ultraframe’we’re aou see,YYou see, affordable orangerie? y it than in a brand-newenjo t better way tohere and wha tingthe walls and ceiling of an extension – crea y withtorvacombines the light and sky of a conser Room,inin Room,LivRoom’ range of orangeries. spproved installers for Ultraframe’ affordable orangerie? ,y it than in a brand-new t better way to ...The only thing we can’t guarantee is the Sun. ...yinstall your oranger ws today and see hoWindoargetTTargetcallSo, benefits of this fantastic addition to your home. you’ll soon be enjows,WindoargetTTargetta And when installed and fitted by the experts here tion.manner of relaxa a truly pleasant and permanent space for an ...The only thing we can’t guarantee is the Sun. w we canws today and see ho benefits of this fantastic addition to your home. ying theyou’ll soon be enjo And when installed and fitted by the experts here ya truly pleasant and permanent space for an Sat and Sun 10am-4pm. Open 7 days: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, ooks, Stone, ST15 0DJ.Filleybr alton Roundabout,A34 WA34 W Stone - 01785 811558 ...The only thing we can’t guarantee is the Sun. Except Thurs 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm. Open 6 days: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Uttoxeter 1 Smithfield Road, Uttoxeter - 01889 566388 Sat and Sun 10am-4pm. Open 7 days: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, ooks, Stone, ST15 0DJ. alton Roundabout, Stone - 01785 811558 ...The only thing we can’t guarantee is the Sun. Except Thurs 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm. Open 6 days: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, , ST14 7LG.Uttoxeter 1 Smithfield Road, Uttoxeter - 01889 566388 Meir Heath, Stoke-on T Head Office, 96a Grindley Lane, Stoke - 01782 398021 Except Thurs 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm. .ent, ST3 7LPent, ST3 7LP.rMeir Heath, Stoke-on TMeir Heath, Stoke-on Tr Head Office, 96a Grindley Lane, Stoke - 01782 398021 Sat and Sun 10am-4pm. windows, argetTTarget Except Thurs 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm. orchoice f the first toriesvaconserdoors and arget Except Thurs 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm. .targetwindows.co.ukwww Except Thurs 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm. .targetwindows.co.uk.targetwindows.co.uk
  3. 3. 3Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. Publisher and Editor: Nigel Titterton The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice is published by Community Voice Publications Ltd Telephone 01538 751629 e-mail uttoxetervoice@hotmail.co.uk The views expressed in this publication are those of our contributors and are not necessarily those of the publishers, nor indeed their responsibility. All Rights Reserved. Copyright Community Voice Publications Ltd. Designed and Produced by noel@sergeantdesign.com H ave you noticed that the feelgood factor has come back into our community and indeed our country? I certainly have, it is evident to me that we have turned a corner economically even though most of us have seen no increase in our income, in some cases perhaps a decrease! But we seem to be moving forward on the back of a wonderful feelgood London Olympic Games last year, Andy Murray winning Wimbledon this year, the birth of a Royal Baby for Will and Kate, and more locally JCB and other local companies clinching massive business deals. Let’s hope our local shops and businesses can continue to fight back with the help of The Voice’s massive readership after dark times during the recent recession. I also think the beautiful Summer we have enjoyed also feeds into everyone feeling happier. Those drives out into the countryside to our fantastic local pubs and restaurants with the sunshine beating down on us, taking the kids into the park and playing soccer and games, waiting for the ice cream van to arrive at our homes, especially the very best Uttoxeter local business Ashmore’s! This is more like the summer I used to remember when I was a child – every year seemed to be wall to wall sunshine during our Summer Holiday break from school! We must have had terrible wet weather sometimes like we did last year, but I can’t remember any! Perhaps this is my mind not wanting too... We used to go brook jumping, swinging from trees with our ropes, go nesting for miles and miles around our homes with our packed lunches made up by mum and nan, nothing special, just bread and jam, a piece of cake and an apple with a little bottle of pop. From my home in Masefield Close in Cheadle, we planned our big adventures and expeditions. At times there would be more than 10 of us involved in creating the perfect trip for the following day. One day we spent hours and hours sorting out our biggest expedition yet, we were to go through ‘hundreds and hundreds’ of fields owned by the legendary farmer Mr Poultney who was a man not to upset! We aimed for Shawe Park which was way outside Cheadle – actually incredibly it was near to Kingsley Holt!! We collected our lunches from our parents and set off undaunted by our task. After hours of traipsing across fields and hedges, we arrived at Shawe Park, triumphant that we had succeeded in our brave adventure, we had made it, we were proud, and the next expedition could be planned. Of course, now I know that Shawe Park is only 2 miles from Masefield Close and I can get there in 2 minutes in my car but in those days the world was our oyster. Happy days, happy childhood, you didn’t have to have money to enjoy yourself, we made our own enjoyment and fun... I hope you enjoy reading this Voice magazine. I’ll speak to you next time... Nigel Titterton, Editor & Publisher HOW TO GET IN TOUCH The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice is wholly independent and is published at 3 Spode Close, Cheadle, Staffs ST10 1DT. 13,000 copies are distributed free to homes and businesses in Uttoxeter, Cheadle, Rocester, Marchington, Denstone, Bramshall, Stramshall, Alton, Oakamoor, Tean, Lower Tean, Checkley, Leigh, Church Leigh, Crakemarsh, Combridge, Kingsley and Doveridge areas. Clients are welcome to view the printing matrix. ADVERTISEMENT SALES AND EDITORIAL Tel: 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970 Email: uttoxetervoice@hotmail.co.uk NEXT ISSUE The next Voice will be distributed from October 4th, 2013 Editorial Deadline: September 25th 2013 Advert Deadline: September 27th 2013 Dear Reader, mmoorfrfrfnneeppOO mmaa77mm ddaaoRoRoRllllaahhssmmaarrBB rinefOfOff grin ,,aaggoYoYoY mmoorfrfrfnneeppOO pp77lliittnnuu yyaaddnnooMM yyaaddiirFrFrF mm::lliiaammEE mmaa77mm mm oott yy FF aa rreetteexxoottttttttUU ssffffffffaattSS 9988002266559988881100::lleeTT cceennnnooccttbb@@yymmeeddaaccaayyaawwddii llaannooiittppeeccxxeerroFFoFooFo eerraaccddlliihhcc nnooiittaaccuuddeeddnnaa eemmoohhaannii yyll 00mmoorrffttnneemmnnoorriivvnnee 55 mmoocc..ttcc eeccnnaaDD na sesclas ithwlonga lloooohhccSS AA dn hhccnneerrFF derefofoff ith ttsseerroFFoFoFo sseeiittiivviittccAA !! yy 00mmoorrffttnneemmnnoorriivvnnee --55 ssrraaeeyy cc,, eeeessoottyybbppoopprroollllaa !!nnoooossssuu
  4. 4. 4 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. Popular Art Exhibition B ramshall Art Group held its Annual Exhibition at the beginning of July. It was preceded by a champagne preview evening attended by members and guests. The exhibition marked the end of yet another enjoyable and productive year for the members of the group. There were approximately 130 paintings on display and they covered a diverse range of subjects. The group meets weekly and members work in watercolour, pastel or mixed media. The event, which has become very popular, was well attended. Visitors were impressed by the high standard of work exhibited and consequently a number of paintings were sold. The group plans to donate part of the money raised at the exhibition to a local charity. Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 5.30-11.30pm Friday-Saturday 5.30-12.30am (Booking is advisable) Not Open Tuesdays Ample parking available • Two party rooms We cater for large parties • Discounts are available on weekdays www.kohinooronline.co.uk Tel: 01889 562153/569646 11 Queen Street, Uttoxeter ST14 8HJ When you spend £25 or more with this voucher. Eat in or collection only orders. This voucher much be produced and the offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offers. £5 off A warm welcome from Kohi NoorRestaurant & Take-Away The finest Bangladeshi Cuisine - Established 1982 Kitchens by Paul Gabriel Ki tchens by Paul Gabri el of K i n g s ton e Affordable Kitchens from the unusual to the straightforward. Practical lay-out from the traditional hand-painted to the modern glossy look. From the cosy farmhouse appeal to the popular ‘Shaker’ touch. Phone Paul for free, friendly advice on 01889 500591 (home), 01889 500674 (workshop) or 079906 22125 Ask for a leaflet or visit website: www.kingsleykitchens.co.uk or e-mail: kingsleykitchens@hotmail.co.uk Also ask about our Bedroom Furniture and Interior Decorating Service
  5. 5. 5Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. See how The Voice can publicise your business Give us a call on 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970 Advert prices start at only £25 and can hit over 13,000 homes Julie & Gaynor welcome you to Also FLABELOS MACHINE - £2 per session or £20 for 10 and get 2 free! NEW - ROBYN - FOR ALL YOUR NAILS Acrylic/Shellac, Henna Tattoos etc UNISEX HAIRDRESSERS 15 Cross Street, Cheadle Telephone 01538 753212 Open 9am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday. Late Night Thursday Appointments not always necessary Uttoxeter Ice Rink Clare Hudson NISA Level 2 Qualified Figure Skating Coach. Inter-gold Medallist, 10 years as an international show skater. Private tuition or group lessons available. All ages and abilities welcome. Please contact me on 07809 330319 or cbailey306@hotmail.com 25%off your first lesson quoting ‘Uttoxeter Voice’ Gift vouchers available We now offerMinx andShellac Nails Mid-Churnet Parishes Comprising: The United Benefice of Saint Werburgh, Kingsley; Saint Mark, Foxt; Saint Mildred, Whiston; Holy Trinity, Oakamoor; Saint John, Cotton Messy Church is coming to St. Mildred’s Church in Whiston, on Sunday, 29th September 2013 between 4.00p.m. and 6.00p.m. Our Messy Church is fun packed and aimed at children aged between 2 and 11. It is open to all the children of the Benefice. Messy Church aims to show that the Church belongs to everyone, you don’t have to attend services to come along, it is a form of informal worship. Messy Church has been running across Britain for several years. Sessions are held regularly throughout the year, each session has a Biblical theme. Below is a brief outline of what to expect:- Welcome You will receive a warm and cheerful welcome in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Craft Craft activities will be aimed at all the ages and will be related to the Bible story of the day. Celebration Worship in the form of the Bible story of the day, prayers and songs for young people. Please bring a cuddly toy to the first session. Meal (buffet) The meal will be shared at the end of the session and will give you a chance to chat together about the afternoon and to make new friends. Messy Church is free (including the meal). All we ask is that the children must be accompanied by 1 or 2 parents/carers. Leaflets will be delivered shortly to all children in the local schools. If you wish to attend please fill in the reply slip of the leaflet and return to the relevant school. If anyone is able to donate craft materials, please contact Sheila Steele on 01538 266142. Don’t forget this is YOUR Messy Church! Calling all children of our benefice - have you heard about “Messy Church”?
  6. 6. 6 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. Blooming All Saints’ R ecently, All Saints’ Church in Denstone was filled with a dazzling array of beautiful frontals, vestments, chalice veils, and chasubles in red, green, white, purple and blue. The Open Day was to celebrate the work of George Edmund Street, one of the country’s most eminent Victorian architects. Street’s most famous building is the Royal Courts of Justice in London, and he is buried in Westminster Abbey. In the middle of the nineteenth century, Sir Thomas Percival Heywood of Doveleys commissioned Street to build a new church – which is reputed to be Street’s personal favourite - at Denstone in the style known as Gothic Revival, and the corner stone was laid in 1860. Street also designed the vestments and altar frontals for use in the church, and those items which have survived the intervening 150 years were on display. The occasion was also used to celebrate the work of those talented artists and craftsmen and women who live in Denstone today, including the WI, the Art Group, the Mother’s Union, the Denstone Spinners and other members of the local community who put on a splendid show of original work. Cream teas were served throughout the day in the church, and the Open Day finished with Evensong at 6.00pm. denstone hall FARM SHOP & CAFÉ Butchery • Deli • Café • Gifts • Bakery • Hampers Located between Uttoxeter & Ashbourne Approx. 1 mile from the JCB Headquarters at Rocester. SatNav: ST14 5HF Open:Tue - Sun www.denstonehall.co.uk Tel: 01889 590050 Award winning Butchery & Deli with a great selection of sausages and meats for the BBQ and homemade deli items perfect for picnics. STA FFORDS HIRE DE R B Y S H I R E Beef from our own farm. New larger farm shop, gift shop & café opening Oct 2013. Award winning Café serving breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.
  7. 7. 7Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. Stagecoach Uttoxeter are recruiting for the Autumn term. Come along for a free trial on Saturday 14th September 2013. Early stages 4-6years 1:45-3:15pm Main School 7-16years 2:30-5:30pm Venue - Abbotsholme School, Rocester, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 5BS. Book your child’s place now! For more information please contact Lucy on 01782 395386, email uttoxeter@stagecoach.co.uk or visit our website www.stagecoach.co.uk/Uttoxeter Uttoxeter ST14 8NS 01889 562083 www.smallwoodmanor.co.uk Smallwood Manor PREPARATORY AND NURSERY SCHOOL Exceeding expectations by fulfilling potential OPEN MORNING 10.00am Thursday 26th September w dard FA ITH UNI TY A N D V I S I O N Photograph courtesy of Faye Mawer, PhotograFaye, Uttoxeter. T he Civic Service chosen by the Mayor was a sung Evensong in accordance with the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, one of the most beautiful liturgies in the English language. The Mayors of all the local Boroughs and Towns attended as well as the chairman of the County and District Councils, Andrew Griffiths MP and the Deputy Lord Lieutenant Humphrey Scott-Moncrieff. This was followed by a Charity Dinner in the Town Hall at which 112 guests enjoyed a three course meal and wine. The Civic guests were piped in by Cllr. Hugh Montgomery’s personal piper. The Mayor thanked all the many individuals and organisations who had very generously donated superb raffle prizes and the raffle itself raised over £700.00. The total amount raised for Charity was in excess of £2000.00. The Charities chosen by the Mayor to benefit that evening were: YESS (Youth emotional support service), The Uttoxeter Drop-in centre and the Fleur de Lys Foundation which supports such causes as Young peoples mobility (Whizzkids), Centrepoint (Helping homeless young people with life skills) and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Malawi Link. Mayor of Uttoxeter’s Charity Dinner
  8. 8. R BA Wealth Management’s sixth charity golf day has raised a record £6,500. The team of financial planning and wealth management specialists, based in Uttoxeter High Street, have chosen to support the 3 Peaks for Lisa challenge this year. The 3 Peaks for Lisa challenge was set up by Glyn Douglas of Uttoxeter in memory of his sister Lisa Oldham who tragically passed away twelve months ago after injuries she sustained whilst trying to light a Bio Ethanol Burner at her home in Uttoxeter. 3 Peaks for Lisa raises money for the charities that valiantly tried to save Lisa’s life, Dove Valley First Responder, Midlands Air Ambulance and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. RBA would like to thank all fifty six golfers who took part on the day, their clients who have been extremely generous with their donations, tee sponsors and raffle prize donators. Tee sponsors are as follows; PJD Engineering, Anthon Marlow Accountants, MJ Lavin & Sons Printers, Uttoxeter Voice, Uttoxeter Racecourse, DK Design, RBA Wealth Management, Hacking Ashton, Wilkins & Thompson, DPC Accountants, ELBAR Worldwide, Food Connex, Andy Carr Electrical Services, Food Search Worldwide Limited, Boulton Construction, Kingfisher Properties, Blythe Insurance, John Daniels Builders Limited and Lyndon Scaffolding. RBA Directors David Booth, Angela Fountain and Andrew Hackney Richard Oldham, Peter Douglas, Glyn Douglas, Douglas Oldham, Andrew Hackney, Angela Fountain, David Booth Winning golfers Jack Nunn and Adam McCandless with the RBA Charity Golf Shield RBA Golf Day raises record £6,500 Raffle prizes (pictured above) were kindly donated by: Horsley Lodge Golf Club, John Capper & Co., Yellow Circle Web Solutions, Doveridge Clay Sports Club, Emma Bridgewater, Opulence Beauty Salon, Uttoxeter Chiropractor Clinic, Fat Boy Trim Hair Salon, Sarah Heathcote Beautician, Denstone Hall Farm Shop & Café, Edmonstons Butchers, Essentials Clothing, Marjorie Centre, Emilie Duclos Florist, Sue Cliff - Virtual Assistant, The Boars Head Hotel and L’Oreal Luxury Products. David Booth, one of the Directors of RBA Wealth Management said “This year’s golf day has proved a real success; it’s been our biggest golf day to date raising more than ever before. We were blessed with great weather and everyone seemed to enjoy their day. The three charities that benefit are so vital, and we’re pleased to be able to do our bit for these charities and support the 3 Peaks for Lisa challenge. Over our six golf days so far we have raised over £21,000 for some important charities; in addition we have given grants to smaller charities via the St. James’s Place Foundation. We are keen to keep progressing our golf day and overall involvement in local charity work. We would like to thank everybody who has been involved in this year’s event.” Anybody interested in taking part in next year’s RBA charity golf day should contact Sarah Edwards on 01889 568444 or email sarah.edwards@sjpp.co.uk 8 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support.
  9. 9. Douglas Oldham, Richard Oldham, Andy Shaw and Steve Shaw Derrick Hardman, Peter Douglas, Alwyn Brooks and David Hayle Gareth Thomas, Philip Ufton, Glyn Douglas and Marshall Black Tim Leech & Lee Finleyson, Peter Gould and Steve Bradley Chris Pettitt, John Colburn, Ian Watt and Gordon Watt James Miller, John Brocklehurst, Alex Ambrosioni and Kev Eley Keith Watson, Alan Toogood, John Daniels and Mark Hopkins Oliver Lewy, David Booth, Paul Innocent and Shaun Campbell Ian Farrington, Jack Nunn, Adam McCandless and Andy Mitchell Elaine Croft, Barry Croft, Gary Haslam and Andrew Hackney Steve Dunford, Andy Williams, Lewis Griffiths and David Ritchie Norman Tweddle, Cliff Cotterill, Joanne Jennings and Adrian Greensmith Andy Startin, Leon Scallan, Kev Holley and Jim Dunn Alec Piercy, Paul Wilshaw, David Patrick and John Wilshaw 9Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970.
  10. 10. 10 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support.
  11. 11. 11Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. Summer/Autumn opening times: Friday 10 - 4pm and Saturday 9 - 1pm
  12. 12. 12 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. A lton’s St John’s Garden Party was held on a searing hot day and the very popular event proved to be a great success! The entertainment was provided by St Thomas’s School, Tean dancing the Maypole, Painsley Music Group playing beautifully and Cotton’s Faber School performing gymnastics - and it was all made for a very pleasant afternoon. The stalls flourished in spite of the heat. A magnificent total of £3,455 was raised - well done to everyone! Alton St John’s Garden Party
  13. 13. 13Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. Best Ever Mobile Offer for Small Businesses Call today to get all this for just £40* a month: • UNLIMITED calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles • UNLIMITED UK texts • 4GB of data • FREE voicemail • FREE next day faulty replacement Brookend House, Crakemarsh, Uttoxeter ST14 5BL Tel 01889 591209 sales@vitalbusiness.co.uk www.vitalbusiness.co.uk Orange Approved Partner for over 17 years *All prices & charges quoted are plus VAT FREE Samsung S4 or iPhone 5
  14. 14. 14 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. Floors • Imprinted yards • Slurry storage solutions • Ménages • Groundworks Concrete laser level machine lay For further information or quotation call Chris on 07972800830 www.industfarm.co.uk Specialists in Industrial Agricultural and Equestrian Construction
  15. 15. 15Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. Proud to be the number one school for academic achievement in Derbyshire T: 01332 514267 www.derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk Educating Boys and Girls 3 – 11 years Girls only 11 – 18 years OPENMORNING Saturday 28th September 9:30am – 12:00noon EVERYONE W ELCOME OP MORNINGCOME MORNING MORNING day 28th September am – 12:00 ONE COME MORNING day 28th September MORNING day 28th September am – 12:00 ONE day 28th September am – 12:00 am – 12:00 day 28th September am – 12:00W EL YYONE VER VERY 9:30EEVER noo COME day 28th September noo day 28th September W EL W EL day 28th September am – 12:00 ONE W EL nCOME n am – 12:00 ONE noon day 28th September 9:30 day 28th September 9:30VER 9:30am – 12:00 Saturday 28th September Saturday 28th September am – 12:00 ONE day 28th September 9:30am – 12:00noonCOME Satur9:30 MORNING day 28th September Saturday 28th September 9:30 EN day 28th September am – 12:00noo ENENSatur ENMORNING OPOPOPENMORNINGCOME MORNING MORNING MORNING day 28th September MORNING Girls only 1 Boys and Girls 3 – 11Educating years88 years1 – 1Girls only 1 yearsBoys and Girls 3 – 11 years years We are Barking out for helpers! W e think you may be able to help, so if you are a dog lover, please read on. Barking Mad offers dog owners an alternative to traditional boarding kennels. After carefully vetting, we place well-behaved non aggressive dogs with loving hosts to be looked after in the home as part of the family while their owners are away on holiday, or business, in hospital or attending wedding or gatherings. We need more host families to satisfy growing demand in our unique service. If you love dogs and would enjoy the company of a visiting dog in your home then Barking Mad could be for you. The host family can specify which breeds they would like to look after and can do as much or as little hosting as suits them- when it suits them - and earn some pocket money as well. It is completely flexible and our hosts find it to be very enjoyable experience as they have all the fun, and we have all the responsibility! All visiting dogs come with food, bedding, bowls, toys etc so there is no cost implication for the host, it is fully supported and, if there are any problems, we are always at hand to step in. If you are interested in joining our host family network or would simply like more information, please contact Craig Cotterill on 01538 702704, email craig.cotterill@barkingmad.uk.com or visit www.barkingmad.uk.com Something missing in your life? Become a host with Barking Mad Craig Cotterill 01538 702704 craig.cotterill@barkingmad.uk.com BarkingMad.uk.com It’s great fun, all of the benefits of dog ownership without the emotional or financial commitment. We carefully match dogs to your home. Why not look after someone’s dog while they’re away.
  16. 16. 16 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. THE MASTER POTTER Tean Road, Cheadle, ST10 1LW Telephone 01538 753196 www.hungryhorse.co.uk Mat (Manager) and Sandra (Assistant),along with a new team welcome old and new!! Opening Times: Monday-Thursday 11am-11pm. Friday 11am-12 Midnight. Saturday 10am-12 Midnight. Sunday 10am-11pm # Wednesday Night - Quiz Night - Cash Prizes!! # Karaoke/Disco Fridays From 9pm # Live Entertainment, Solo’s, Duo’s, Bands & Tribute Acts Every Saturday 9pm Food Hygiene Rating 5 BREAKFAST Served Saturday & Sunday 10am-12 Noon BURGER, CHIPS & PINT £4.99 Monday-Friday. Choose from The Classic Burger or Glamorgan Burger and add a drink from the BIG deals drink selection August Bank Holiday Fun Weekend Signal 1 are broadcasting live from the pub # Friday 23rd # Beach Party - fancy dress & karaoke # Saturday 24th # Bungee Jump - sponsor forms available at the bar # Sunday 25th # Children’s Fun Day - inflatables, face painting, fancy dress competition, games and more... # Monday 26th # Music Festival - live bands throughout the day (in the car park, weather permitting!)
  17. 17. 17Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. The business is headed by Chris Owen and Leon Scallan, who started the company in 2004. Exceptional range of Scholarships available Learning, Living, Leading... Scholarship week Monday 11th to Friday 15th November 2013 01283 840 232 Please contact us for further information: Everyday is an Open Day at AB Flourishing boarding and day school for pupils aged 3 – 18 Small class sizes leading to high academic success Outstanding professional dance and theatre facilities Superb on-site equestrian centre and livery provision
  18. 18. Ladies makeS hould you have gone down to Uttoxeter Racecourse on Friday 26th July, you will have seen a sea of frocks, fizz and fascinators as the annual Ladies Day took place. The racecourse partnered with national charity, Breast Cancer Care, and donated £1 from every package sold, as well as raising funds on the day. David MacDonald, Executive Director at Uttoxeter Racecourse, said “The day was a huge success. The weather was definitely on our side and we had a great attendance, creating a fantastic atmosphere. We had local sponsors Francesco Group here showcasing their talents by offering free up-dos and hair curling. We also had the Crabbies bus here offering samples, and not forgetting Signal Radio, who hosted their afternoon shows live from the racecourse. Our Ladies Day has really grown this year and we’ve raised over £1,300 for Breast Cancer Care. I’m sure everyone will agree this is much deserved for a great cause.” As the temperatures soared, attendee’s saw the parade ring become a catwalk as Miss Staffordshire, along with sponsors, judged the “Best Hat” and “Best Dressed” competition. The ladies lucky enough to come first received a fantastic hamper donated from Uttoxeter hairdressers, Francesco Group, and the runner-ups receiving a meal for two at the Dog and Partridge in Marchington. The event, which is the highlight of the Staffordshire social calendar, attracted nearly 5,000 attendees. The entertainment carried on late after racing with tribute act Black Eyed Peaz keeping everyone dancing long after the sun set! 18 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support.
  19. 19. it their Day 19Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970.
  20. 20. 20 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. CENTRECOURSEFAMILYTICKETONLY£15* TWOADMISSIONTICKETS| FAMILYENTERTAINMENT 7EXCITINGJUMPRACES| PLUSMUCHMORE! www.uttoxeter-racecourse.co.uk 01889 562561 | info@uttoxeter-racecourse.co.uk SUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBER *Terms & conditions apply. Centre course family ticket includes two adults and children under 18 are free within the Centre Course enclosure only. Price includes VAT. For race times and full details please visit our website. CALLUSOR BOOKONLINENOW! KIDSGO FREEUNDER 18 WITHAN ADULT ALLUS CCALLUSALLUSALLUS SUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBERSUNDASUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBERY 22 SEPTEMBER OR BOOK CCALLUS ONLINE ALLUS NO OR BOOK NO ONLINE Y 22 SEPTEMBER ALLUSOR BOOK OR BOOKONLINE ALLUS ONLINE W! OR BOOK W! ONLINENONO ONLINE FREEUNDER 18 KIDS AN ADUL FREEAN ADUL UNDER 18 KIDS FREE GO FREEFREEUNDER 18 KIDSGO UNDER 18 AN ADUL FREEHWITAN ADUL WITH T AN ADUL UNDER 18 WIT
  21. 21. 21Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. JAMES BOND RACEDAY THEMEDFAMILYENTERTAINMENT | 7EXCITINGJUMPRACES | PLUSMUCHMORE! www.uttoxeter-racecourse.co.uk 01889 562561 | info@uttoxeter-racecourse.co.uk SUNDAY 6 OCTOBER *Terms & conditions apply. Under 18s free of charge when accompanied by an adult. For full details please visit our website. Please drink responsibly. Uttoxeter Racecourse encourages responsible gambling. www.gambleaware.co.uk KEEPUPTODATEWITHOURPACKAGEOFFERSONLINE! KIDSGO FREE* UNDER 18 WITHAN ADULT KEEPUP KEEP DA CK TE OURP DA OURP KEEP CK OFFERS WITH AOURPOURPA TEDA OFFERSONLINE! CK ONLINE! OFFERS OTTOUP WITH O GEACKCKA WITH OFFERS ACKCKA ONLINE! OFFERS ARRA FREEFREE KIDSKIDS FREE GO FREEFREE KIDSGO * SUNDAY 6 OCTSUNDASUNDAY 6 OCTOBERY 6 OCTY 6 OCTOBEROBER UNDER 18 AN ADUL FREEAN ADUL UNDER 18 FREEUNDER 18 UNDER 18 AN ADUL FREEHWITAN ADUL WITH T AN ADUL UNDER 18 WIT
  22. 22. 22 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. www.tippers-showrooms.co.uk www.cookersandovens.co.uk Derby Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire ST14 8HR 01889 565151 L U X U R Y BATHROOMS & K I T C H E N S
  23. 23. 23Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. T R E E S & L A N D S C A P E S ALL ASPECTS OF TREEWORK UNDERTAKEN Fully NPTC Qualified RFS cert arb Reductions Thins Crown Raising Inspections Surveys All aspects of gardening & landscaping also undertaken: Lawns Garden Paths Ponds Fencing Patios Borders Decking Stonework Aftercare & Maintenance Pest Diagnosis & Control Fells Conifers Top Soil Landscaping Services Logs Available From the smallest hedge to the largest tree, tree surgery that doesn’t cost the Earth! Fully Licensed Sprayer | Fully Insured EXPERT ADVICE FROM PASSIONATE PROFESSIONALS Call Rob: 01538 361 432 or 07900 995 139 Printed by SO Marketing - 01538 750 538 - www.somarketing.comAll work to BS3998 standard EXPERT ADVICE FROM PASSIONATE PROFESSIONALS All work to BS3998 standard Call Rob: 01538 361 432 or 07900 995 139 Email: rob@newlifetl.co.uk Web: www.newlifetl.co.uk EMERGENCY CALL-OUTS ALSO AVAILABLE The Crooks family would like you to join them to celebrate Christmas 2013 at The Boars Head Hotel 1st to 23rd December Christmas Fayre Lunch £13.95 to £16.95 Christmas Fayre Evening £17.95 to £25.95 Party Nights Every Friday & Saturday Evening throughout December Christmas Eve lunch menu £15.95 Christmas Eve evening menu £19.95 Christmas Day seven course menu £74.95 Boxing Day Lunch four Course menu £24.95 Boxing Day Evening Dinner Dance with six Course Set Menu £20.95 New Years Eve Dinner Dance with five course menu £59.95 New Years Day menu £19.95 Please call for more details The Boars Head Hotel, Station Road, Sudbury, Derbyshire DE6 5GX www.boars-head-hotel.co.uk • enquiries@boars-head-hotel.co.uk Tel: 01283 820 344ST5 1DB 01782 631197 nuls.org.uk An HMC School for Girls and Boys aged 3 to 18 Open Morning Saturday 5 October 10 am to 1 pm • 80% A*, A and B Grades, A level, Summer 2012 • “Outstanding” Pastoral Care, Inspection Report • “Outstanding” outcomes at the EYFS • Transport from Stone, Eccleshall, Nantwich, Leek, Congleton, Market Drayton and Uttoxeter
  24. 24. 24 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. Just the perfect day... Bride: Rachel Kerrigan, Cheadle Groom: Rob Johnson, Cheadle Married: 24th May 2013 Church: St Giles Catholic Church, Cheadle Reception: The Three Horseshoes Inn, Blackshaw Moor, Leek Bride’s parents: Steve & Cath Kerrigan, Uttoxeter Groom’s parents: Peter & Andrea Johnson, Cheadle Best man: Neama Moghadam Bridesmaids: Steph Miszczycha, Natalie Titterton, Laura Johnson, Emily Eyre and Lucy Ring Flower Girl: Eva Johnson R ob and I got married on 24th May 2013 after nearly five years together, two of which being engaged. Soon as Rob proposed to me I knew I wanted to start planning my dream wedding. I love all things vintage and knew this is the theme I wanted to go with for my big day, so I set straight to work. We picked a date and started to visit prospective wedding venues. I’ve always known since I was a little girl that I wanted to get married in a big church, we picked the beautiful St Giles catholic church in Cheadle due to its amazing ornate interior. Followed by a reception at The Three Horseshoes Inn and Country Hotel at Blackshaw Moor near Leek. The venue was a perfect setting with the beautiful Roaches as our backdrop. The weather on the day left a lot to be desired. It was quite windy and drizzly but Ben and Hannah at HBA Photography still managed to capture some incredible shots for us. Soon as I met Ben and Hannah I knew I had found my perfect photographers, their work was everything I was looking for in my wedding pictures. Relaxed, contemporary and above all they were lovely people to work with. I wanted to try and keep all my suppliers as local as possible so I visited various wedding fairs in the area with my mum and five beautiful bridesmaids in tow. I met Teresa Critchlow from Wild Orchid at the Osmaston Park Wedding Fayre. Soon as I met her I fell in love with her work, she understood everything I wanted for my flowers and what she created for me on the day was beyond anything I could have imagined, from my gorgeous oversized bling bouquet to the amazing vintage birdcage arrangements on the tables. I dressed my room with lots of delicate touches; lace chair covers, lots of candles, vintage accessories and my good friend Natalie Steeples made our scrumptious cupcake tower cake.
  25. 25. Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. 25 On the morning of my wedding I wasn’t at all nervous. I was surrounded by all of my nearest and dearest. We giggled and sipped on champagne while my lovely cousin Sophie Shaw did mine and all the girls hair, and we hired a MAC makeup artist from Selfridges in Manchester to complete our look. Soon as I stepped into my amazing Justin Alexander vintage lace gown I knew it was going to be the best day of my life and it truly was. We made our way to the church in a silver vintage Beetle provided by Adam Dronzek. Our vicar was slightly quirky to say the least but we laughed our way through the service and headed onto the reception where we had some very emotional speeches by Rob’s best man Neama and we then partied the night away. We had a close performing magician and party photo-booth in the evening which was lots of fun for us and all our guests. It was truly the best day of our lives and I couldn’t have done it without my lovely mum and dad and gorgeous bridesmaids Steph, Nat, Laura, Emily and Lucy all by my side. Rachel
  26. 26. 26 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. Just the perfectday...
  27. 27. 27Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. Transforming your Conservatory into a Room for all Seasons ABBEY GLASS Wetherby Road, Ascot Drive, Derby DE24 8HL 01332 371883 BURTON GLASS Falcon Close, Hawkins Lane, Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire DE14 1SG 01283 567080 www.abbey-glass.co.uk New Garden Room Roof Weddings at Moddershall Oaks BOOK A TOUR NOW. 01782 399000 www.moddershalloaks.com events@moddershalloaks.com Photo by www.frameworksmedia.co.uk “...the perfect setting for our unique special day.” Rhian & Mark
  28. 28. 28 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. Granite Worktops A Complete Professional Service Designed to Your Requirements • Bespoke Kitchen Worktops • Bathrooms • Bar Tops • Quartz • Granite, Marble & Stone Tiles • Home Visits - No Obligation Nettlebank Ltd Telephone 01782 827313 www.graniteworktopsstokeontrent.co.uk Email: nettlebank@aol.com THE place to go for all the latest games Come and look around our fantastic new premises at 36-42 High Street, Cheadle, (above WHSmith). You are assured of a warm welcome! Telephone 01538 528795 sharon@game-pad.co.uk www.game-pad.co.uk WE BUY, WE SELL, WE TRADE AND OFFER CASH! Foot and Toe Nail Treatments Home visit £25, clinic £22 • Toe Nail Cutting • Hard Skin and Corn Removal • Fungal Infected and Thickened Nail Reduction • Cracked Heels andVerruca Treatment. A general all over foot maintenance Dawn Colclough MAFHP, MCFHP Fully Qualified, Registered & Insured. A member of The British Association of Foot Health Professionals Trained at The SMAE Institute Clinic at North Lodge, Upwoods Road, Doveridge, nr Uttoxeter, Derbyshire DE6 5LL Tel: 01889 564592 Mobile: 07794 344 235 Home visits and clinic appointments available Sizzling Summer Platters We start the cooking - you finish the cooking to your liking. Served with Salad and our Chips. Tune your web browser to www.6towns.co.uk and press the ‘Listen Live’ button on Thursday mornings from 10 til 12. You will hear some darn fine music, from obscure 30’s blues to stomping 70’s soul and much jovial banter as well. For added listening pleasure you could do worse than visiting www.theslaggbrothers.co.uk for more details and also be able to listen to previous shows (press the 6 Towns Radio link). Listen Up!Brought to you by those fine folks at Whateverangleyoulookatit,TheVoicecanpubliciseyourbusiness Giveusacallon01538751629or07733466970.Advertpricesstartatonly£25andcanhitover13,000homes
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  30. 30. Staffordshire’s Top Performing Non-Selective Secondary School and ranked amongst the 100 Top Performing Non-Selective Schools in the country D uring 2012/13 Painsley Catholic College was placed amongst the 100 top performing non-selective schools in the Country. In a letter to Mr Bell, Principal, the Rt Hon David Laws MP, Minister of State for Schools, wrote: “It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on the excellent GCSE performance of your pupils in 2012. There are many ways to assess school performance. On this occasion we have looked at the performance of pupils in five GCSEs: English and Mathematics, and the pupils’ three best other GCSEs. Your results show that you are amongst the 100 top performing non- selective schools in absolute terms on this measure. It is clear that your school has equipped its pupils to be successful hereafter, both in terms of their readiness for further study, and in terms of their readiness to enter the world of work in due course. I would like to congratulate your staff, governors and pupils for their hard work and success and thank you for your leadership in continuing the drive towards high standards of educational achievement.” Mr Bell believes that this high level of achievement is due to having an outstanding staff, outstanding directors, outstanding support from parents and parishes and, crucially, outstanding and respectful students. Mr Bell aims to ensure that Painsley provides top quality state-funded education which is too often equated to fee-paying schools or selective schools. Painsley Catholic College is a unique 11-19 school which reflects the very best of educational institutions. In 2012, the College celebrated yet another record-breaking set of GCSE results. All targets were exceeded and, for the first time in its history, 100% of the Year 11 students achieved 5 A*- C grades – an outstanding achievement. The government benchmark figure of 5 A*-C including English and maths, which is now the key government measure of a school’s level of success, was an outstanding 82% which places Painsley as the top performing state school in the whole of Staffordshire. Painsley has achieved many successes over the course of the last year including an OFSTED survey inspection which rated the College ‘outstanding’ in all areas. Her Majesty’s Inspector described students’ personal development as ‘exceptional’ and commended the ‘exciting experiences’ which the students receive at the College. The College is equally passionate about sport, music, art and drama; a point reflected in the fact that Painsley students are County Champions in many sports and are able to experience a multitude of extra-curricular activities. The College also has an enviable reputation in the creative arts. Indeed, Painsley attained the prestigious Arts Mark Gold during the last academic year for its outstanding work in art, music and drama. It may be tempting, therefore, to imagine that it will be difficult for parents to obtain a place for their child at Painsley – particularly those who are non-Catholics. However, there are more places on offer for September 2014 and parents are encouraged to apply for a place to secure a fantastic education for their child which will set them up for the rest of their lives. We invite you to come along to our Prospective Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 18th September 2013 at 7.00 pm to see our fantastic College for yourselves. The evening also provides you with an opportunity to meet the Principal, staff, students and to have a full guided tour of our superb facilities. If you would like further information about the College or Prospective Parents’ Evening, please contact the College on: (01538) 483944 or email: office@painsley.staffs.sch.uk Painsley Catholic College Specialist Science, Maths and Computing College 30 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support.
  31. 31. Outstanding in every way P ainsley Catholic College is celebrating Diocesan inspectors rating the College as outstanding in every way. The phenomenal report states, “Students overwhelmingly applaud the dedication of teachers and their talent in planning challenging and varied activities so that lessons are enjoyable with rapid progress.” In a highly unusual (if not unheard of) move, the Inspector did not specify any targets from the inspection. Instead the Inspector wrote, “The college is clearly very ambitious for its students with an unrelenting effort in monitoring and evaluation. There is a culture of always seeking ways to improve and this permeates the life of the college because of its determined and uncompromising leadership.” The Inspector highlighted, “The college is not only providing a vibrant experience of living faith but also that teachers and chaplains are working together with students most productively to fulfil the mission of the college.” A delighted Mr Stephen Bell, Principal, said, “To be given no targets is almost unheard of and reflects the dedication of the staff, including the chaplaincy team, who live out their vocation educating our wonderful students. I thank parents for their on-going support which is a crucial part of the College’s success. I also thank the students for their commitment, passion and hard work. They are a credit to everybody associated with Painsley.” Painsley welcomes the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer for the Education Funding Agency O n Thursday 18th July, Painsley Catholic College were delighted to welcome Mr Peter Lauener, Chief Executive and Accounting Officer for the Education Funding Agency (EFA). The EFA is an executive agency of the Department for Education responsible for distributing £52bn funding for 3-19 education and training, including funding individual Academies, Free Schools and post-16 providers, as well as distributing funds to local authorities to pass on to maintained schools and delivering capital programmes. Mr Lauener toured the College and interacted with the students - who were most impressed with his personable and kind manner. Mr Stephen Bell, Principal, commented, “It was a great honour to welcome Mr Lauener. He was very complimentary about Painsley and enjoyed touring the classrooms. He was asked some very intelligent and probing questions by the School Councillors who were very impressed with his replies. Mr Lauener also met Mr Michael Wheatley, Principal of St Filumena’s Catholic Primary School in Caverswall - one of the seven schools in the Painsley Catholic Academy; and Mr John Pennington, the Chair of Directors. We are all very grateful to Mr Lauener for visiting Painsley - he is a true gentleman and was wonderful with the students and staff.” Left to right: Christiana Micallef (Head Girl), Mr Peter Lauener (Chief Executive of the EFA), Mr Stephen Bell (Principal) and Joseph Wilks (Head Boy). Christiana and Joseph are both from Uttoxeter. 31Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970.Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970.
  32. 32. Letter to the Editor, May we through your colour magazine give a huge thank you to everyone for making the ‘2013 Party in the Park’ one to be remembered and the weather did not deter the people turning out for the festivities. The parade got underway with ‘Mr Festival Parade’ Derek Fower and Mark at the front to guide the procession on its way, led by the 5th Leek and District Scouts and Guides Band under the direction of Mr Brian Pointon. The Mayoress and I were accompanied by our grand-daughter Ruby and set off on time from Well Street Car Park which attracted Civic Dignitaries from Ashbourne, Stone, Uttoxeter, Leek and Biddulph Town Councils plus the Town Crier also from Biddulph, The C.A.T.S., Mr Peter Burton with his tractor, a vintage car, The American Civil War and Cllr Gary Bentley bringing up the rear in his classic Mini. The parade made its way to Tean Road Recreation Ground with both Tape Street and Tean Road being lined with people to see the event. We were both taken-aback when entering the ground to see it all set out with numerous stalls, Warwicks Fair, the Huntsman bar, large inflated attractions for the kids, quad bikes, classic cars and tractors, refreshments and the Civil War Camp. Events throughout the afternoon in the main ring saw a breathtaking performance from The Magnificent Eagle Heights and Vulture Display plus The American Civil War Re-Enactment - they certainly know how to keep an audience entertained, for those who did not come to the event, the loud bangs were the four cannons being fired during the display. Stallholders were kept busy by a crowd of over 1,500, music being played by Dennis Wilson, the festivities were brought to a close with a live band performance from Herbaceous Borders who kept the crowd well and truly entertained. Thank you to those who gave generously to my charities. Both the fruit and food hamper have been claimed. So once again to all who took part in the day thank you for your support, special mention to fellow councillors Ian Whitehouse, Ken Riley, Ray Wood, Neil Plant, Gary Bentley, Margaret and Ron Locker, Mrs Sami Norbury, Peter Elkin for his publicity reports, and to both our clerks for all the assistance they all gave to me to make it a ‘Party in the Park’ for us all to remember. Cheadle Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr Ian Plant and Kath Cheadle’s Party in the Park 32 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support.
  33. 33. 33Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970.
  34. 34. 34 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. St. Giles’ Catholic Primary School ‘Money Matters Day’ A local primary school has recently enjoyed a ‘Money Matters Day’, where events commenced with an extended themed assembly. The children participated in two dramas, which were delivered on either side of an excellent and informative presentation by special guest, Mrs. Sharon Jepson, Head of Economics, Business and Travel at the Moorlands VI Form Centre. This also included a money-related ‘question and answer’ session with the children. For this, Mrs. Jepson was joined by fellow business studies staff: Emma Chitty, Head of Public Services, Alex Field, PGCE student at Staffordshire University and students, Olivia Cooper, Rachelle Cooper and Rachael Brindley from the Centre. This is the third year that St. Giles’ have participated in the national event, with support coming from the Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg), who encourage the development of literacy skills, alongside improving financial capability. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the inter-action with their guests and went on to enjoy a day packed with fun, but educational, money- related activities, linked to ‘real life’. The day, which had been organised by teaching assistants, Mrs. Hilary Shaughnessy and Mrs. Helen Wilcox, proved to be a real ‘hit’ with the children, and a great day was had by all involved. Head teacher, Mrs. Anne Green, would like to pass on her thanks to Mr. Steve Bell, Principal of Painsley Catholic Academy, for recommending the excellent Mrs. Jepson for the guest role on this special day. Window Repair Centre Ltd Energy saving window Registered in England and Wales - Company No. 5481160 - VAT No. 874274594 £150 £400 £3995 £28 £150 £400 £3995 £28 Energy saving windows from £150 New UPVC doors from £400 Conservatories from £3995 Glass units replaced from £28 Garage doors & Car ports Repair work to all UPVC, timber or aluminium windows and conservatories Leaking conservatory roofs repaired Locks, handles & hinges Brilliant dealsBrilliant deals we willBEATANYQUOTE we willBEATANYQUOTE * *Terms&Conditionsapply Call 0800 0436744 or 01538 755060 www.windowrepaircentre.com Flexible monthly payments available Subject to status 1/2 PRICE fascias & guttering 1/2 PRICE fascias & guttering New Showroom Open! 32 High St, Cheadle (Next to Britannia Building Society) Brilliant dealsBrilliant dealsBrilliant dealsBrilliant dealsBrilliant dealsBrilliant dealsBrilliant dealsBrilliant deals £400£400 £3995£3995£3995£3995 £400 £3995£3995 £400£400£400 £150£150£150£150£150£150 £3995£3995£3995 £400£400£400£400£400£400 £3995£3995£3995£3995£3995£3995 £28£28£28£28£28£28£28£28£28 Brilliant deals £150£150£150£150£150£150 Brilliant deals QUOTE QUOTE ANYANYANYQUOTE ANYQUOTE BEAT BEAT BEAT QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE ANYANYANYQUOTE QUOTE QUOTE ANYQUOTE ANYQUOTE ANYQUOTE ANY we will we willBEATANY BEATANY we will we will we willBEAT we willBEAT * ANYQUOTE ANYQUOTE BEATANY BEATANYANYANYANYANY BEAT BEAT QUOTE QUOTE BEAT BEAT BEAT QUOTE ANYQUOTE QUOTE ANYQUOTE QUOTE QUOTE ANYANY * ANYANYANYQUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE ANYQUOTE ANYQUOTE ANYQUOTE ANYQUOTE ANY BEATANYANY BEATANY BEAT BEATANY BEATANY BEATANY we will we willBEAT we willBEAT we will we willBEAT we willBEAT wving windogy saEnerEnergy sa dte Ltrenepair Cw RindoW guttering guttering 1/21/21/2 PRICE1/2 PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE1/21/2 guttering guttering guttering guttering 1/21/21/2 PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE fascias &PRICE fascias &PRICE1/2 PRICE PRICE1/2 PRICE PRICE1/2 PRICE fascias & fascias & 1/2 PRICE1/2 PRICE1/2 PRICE fascias &PRICE fascias & fascias &PRICE fascias & fascias &PRICE fascias & fascias &PRICE fascias & fascias &PRICE fascias & fascias & fascias & fascias & gutteringPRICE fascias & gutteringfascias & gutteringfascias & gutteringPRICE fascias & gutteringPRICE fascias & guttering Registered in England and Wales - Company No. 5481160 - VAT N www.windowrepaircentre.com Call o. 874274594 www.windowrepaircentre.com Registered in England and Wales - Company No. 5481160 - VAT N 01538 755060or 0800 0436744Call o. 874274594 www.windowrepaircentre.com 01538 755060 0800 0436744 Children from all year groups in the drama, ‘Money Matters Because...’
  35. 35. 35Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. T he first 2 performances of ‘The Hound of The Baskervilles’ took place onTuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th of July at Thomas Alleynes High School, Uttoxeter, performed by ‘The Alleynes Fringe Project’ a group of students with the ambitious target of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014. Both performances took the excited crowd on an epic journey of mystery and betrayal, with audience members on the edge of their seats as the drama unfolded. Approximately 180 people packed out the theatre at Thomas Alleynes over the course of the 2 nights to find out who or even what was behind the sinister killing of Sir Charles Baskerville, at the hands of a gigantic Hound! The performances proved something remarkably different from anything previously performed at the school, with the initial decision to perform the play as theatre in the round, with the intention of generating the feeling of being in the manor itself, being one defining factor. Audience members revelled in the suspense as the owner of the ferocious Hound was unveiled and afterwards members commented, “A really superb production- all the characters were excellent- and the whole production was of a very high standard.” The performances proved a great success with “explosive entrances” mixed with wit and humour comparable to that of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes novels. The shows proved a vital stepping stone on the group’s journey to the Fringe promoting their cause as well as raising awareness and funding for the Donna Louise Children’s trust in Stoke, which provides care for terminally ill and disadvantaged children. More information and updates about the group can be found on their website- www.alleynesfringeproject.co.uk The group is also looking for business sponsorship to fund their venture as well as support from the people of Uttoxeter, if you are interested or have any further queries about anything you can contact the group on: alleynes.fringe@googlemail.com The Hound of the Baskervilles comes to Uttoxeter
  36. 36. T he second Uttoxeter Food & Drink Festival took place at Uttoxeter Racecourse recently and although the weather wasn’t favourable on Sunday the Event still attracted over 1500 visitors over the weekend. Dan Whitehead, Events Manager at the Racecourse said “We had over 55 Exhibitors selling a variety of delicious Food, Cuisines, Real Ales, Ciders and Spirits and with a selection of indoor and outdoor stalls visitors certainly had a good choice of stalls to visit”. “Our Real Ale Pavilion had a number of micro breweries inside and Acoustic Entertainment on the decking outside which made the pavilion a popular destination during the weekend”. Taste of Staffordshire were one of the Main Sponsors of the Event and played a crucial part in supplying some of the best chefs from around the county profiling their skills on stage including Staffordshire Young Master Chef of the Year Jack Harris from Weston Hall and Matt Davies from The Lewis Partnership, and The Voice’s columnist Pete Rowley. “This year’s Event certainly caught the imagination locally and we would like to say a huge thank you to Amy Tipper and her team from Tippers who generously donated two fantastic range cookers and kitchen display for the cookery theatre which the chefs did their demos from”. This year’s Festival certainly has progressed from last year and the team will be sitting round the table again soon to start planning next year’s Show. Dan Whitehead said: “The plan is to continue to grow the Uttoxeter Food and Drink Festival into an Event that the Town can be proud of”. 36 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support.
  37. 37. 37Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970.
  38. 38. 38 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. Take a drive out to one of the area’s most beautiful ‘olde worlde’ country inns and restaurants - and savour a truly delicious experience! Enjoy wonderful views overlooking Croxden Abbey and the surrounding countryside. Open every day, 12-10pm Pensioners Specials Monday to Saturday 12-2pm Main Meal £4.00, 3 Courses £7.00 Sunday Lunches served all day Take your pick from Beef,Turkey, Lamb, Pork or Chicken Traditional Cask Ales - Marstons Pedigree, Spitfire, London Pride, Black Sheep Heated smoking area Mid-Week Evening Specials Accommodation in superb Log Cabins with Hot Tubs available. B&B and Self Catering. See website for further details. Enjoy a great meal atThe Raddle - The Perfect Country Inn & Restaurant Quarry Bank, Hollington, near Alton Towers Telephone: 01889 507278 www.logcabin.co.uk By Steve ‘Lank’ Lavin Golden Memories from one of Uttoxeter’s Favourite Characters I was in conversation the other week with an old mate of mine Pete Bartram or ‘Barty’ as he is known locally. Pete originally is from Uttoxeter and is now living and running various businesses from Kingstone. He is one of the old Uttoxeter Rockers and is often seen around the town sporting his leathers emblazoned with the wording ‘Uxonians’ a local motorcycle club he runs. He can be seen often riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle around the area. Pete is very well known around the area for his charity work which usually involves putting on various weekend ‘Gigs’ featuring some excellent bands of musicians together with laying on camping and catering facilities for the many hundred ardent supporters of these events. During our conversation over a pint the other week we got reminiscing about a ‘Gig’ Pete and his friend Mick Harper a fellow columnist of this magazine, had organised back in 1970. Pete and Mick approached me in the summer of 1970 to produce for them some promotional material for a ‘Gig’ they were putting on in Uttoxeter Town Hall. After enquiring about the nature of this event they informed me that they had secured and booked for appearance one of the top bands at that time, ‘Status Quo’. You could have knocked me down with a feather. At first I asked the pair of them if they were being serious, after all Status Quo were at that time one of the top bands in the country and although had only been going since 1968 had already had 3 records in the top twenty namely ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’ which reached number 7 in the charts in 1968, ‘Ice in the Sun’ which reached number 8 later that year and ‘Down the Dustpipe’ which had reached number 12 in 1970. The booking of this tremendous band in the area at this time certainly put Uttoxeter on the map as far as entertainment was concerned and was also a boost for the towns’ prestige element. On the night of the ‘Gig’ I attended Uttoxeter Town Hall and was totally amazed at the amount of people that had turned up. They were in the 100’s and the place was absolutely heaving at the seams. Status Quo’s roadies had set up their equipment on a specially made stage which ran the entire width of one end of the Town Hall dance floor. The usual stage that acts used to perform on at the Town Hall would hardly have been big enough to hold the speakers that they had brought with them not alone the masses of other electrical equipment and instruments that they used to create their unique sound. The whole set up reminded me of Jodrell Bank! When they appeared on stage the atmosphere was something else and for most of us who were present it was the first time we had ever seen in the flesh a real famous Pop Band. They played for the enthusiastic audience all their hits and treated us to performing there new single release ‘In my chair’ which again like their former releases instantly flew into the top 20 in the charts. Certainly a night to remember in Uttoxeter. Pete and Mick went on to bring other well known bands to the area, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick & Titch, Ambrose Slade which became ‘Slade’ and The Bay City Rollers amongst others all who were all top 20 charters in those days. Booking bands of this calibre nowadays to appear in such a small venue I would assume would be an impossibility owing to the astronomical fees they now command, so Uttoxeter in the past owing to Pete and his mate has been extremely fortunate to enjoy such delights. Till next time, LANK Barty and I pictured a few weeks ago reminiscing about the good old days
  39. 39. QUALITY LOCAL MEAT, BEEF, LAMB, PORK & POULTRY All meat home killed with complete farm to fork assurance. Personal & Friendly Service Guaranteed YOU CAN TRUST 100% BRITISH MEAT 2 Market Street, Uttoxeter Tel (01889) 565870 Roycroft Farm, Bramshall Tel (01889) 563353 39Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. C headle Flower Club’s Chairman Diane Lucas opened the July meeting by welcoming everyone and introducing Janet Phillips from the Threshing Barn who presented a workshop entitled ‘Rag Bag Summer Flowers.’ Members were asked to bring along scraps of cotton material and everyone had-a-go at producing fabric flowers. Janet first asked members to cut circles of material in five different sizes which were sown together in a rose shaped posy, a further five posies were made and then all joined together with a large wire to create a super flower. Fabric leaves were added to the wire and bound with florists tape. The flower could be used to decorate a wreath ring, vase or provide decoration on any object. All members and visitors were able to take home their own individual completed flower, with lots of fun and laughter taking place during this very enjoyable evening. Heather Bates gave the vote of thanks to Janet for a lovely workshop and for her time and encouragement and sharing her skills with everyone. Congratulations are extended to Cynthia Brassington for receiving a ‘Commended’ and ‘Best Use of Garden Plant Material’ for the whole competition at the Nationals in Bournemouth. It was a wonderful achievement for our Club and Area to have Cynthia represent us. The Club’s next meeting will be a demonstration by the ‘Girls’ from Weston Coyney Flower Club entitled ‘Friends Meet’ at The Guild Hall, Tape Street, Cheadle, on Wednesday 18th September at 7.30 pm - price £4.00 with everyone most welcome to join us. Cheadle Flower Club Sue, Linda and Averil Showing off their creations Mum and daughters Ladies enjoying themselves Sheila and Diane Cynthia, Ros, Elizabeth and Jenny
  40. 40. 40 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. TIMBER DOORS & WINDOWS • PORCHES • HARD WOOD SOFT WOOD • CIRCULAR WORK • GATES BESPOKE JOINERY • SLIDING SASH WINDOW SPECIALISTS Unit 2, Hillside Industrial Park, Draycott Cross Road, Cheadle ST10 1PN T: 01538 755 454 M: 07791 891 393 E: sales@ksbwoodcraft.co.uk WHEEL ‘N’ TYRESLTD 01538 755100 BATTERIES • BRAKES EXHAUSTS • TYRES Performance Tyre Centre WE FIT TYRES ON YOUR DRIVE Stockists of Leading Brands of Food at Competitive Prices Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Cold Water Fish & Tropical Fish Call in to see Chip,our adorable 7 year old Parrott Tel: 01538 753193 8 Cross Street, Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 1NP CROSS STREET PET STORES For all your pet requirements Saturday, 21st September 2013 8pm - 12 midnight. JCB Lakeside Club. Rocester. Bruce Salt Disco And for One Night Only All proceeds to Staffordshire Air Ambulance & Breast Cancer Research. Ticket only event: £10.00 For more information or tickets please call Lisa :01538 724244 or Fiona : 01538 723524 A group of hearty cyclists are set to get back on their bikes to cycle from Edinburgh to Uttoxeter – all in the name of charity. Following on from last year’s London to Uttoxeter ride, The Talbot Charity Bike Club aim to go one better and start the ride from Edinburgh to raise vital funds for the Art and Soul Friendship Group, which helps people suffering with mental health issues. The riders will leave Scotland on Thursday, September 4, and hope to arrive back in Uttoxeter on Sunday, September 8. To raise a little extra cash, the riders have squeezed into their green and black Lycra to launch the Talbot Charity Bike Club wristband at the Art and Soul Friendship open day. The wristbands, costing £1, come in the club colours of green, orange and black with all proceeds go straight to the charity. Councillor Andrew Riley, a member of the bike club and trustee of the charity, said: “The Art and Soul Friendship Group is a fantastic charity, helping up to 180 people a week from Uttoxeter and the surrounding area. “After the closure of Mind, making sure we had a facility where people with mental health issues could go was crucially important. “The friendship group has helped so many people in overcoming and dealing with their difficulties. This is why the bike club wanted to recognise the work they do by supporting them as this year’s chosen charity. “We hope the Uttoxeter community can rally behind us and help to support a great cause. “Buying a wristband will make so much difference and allow us to raise as much money as possible for the group. They do so much positive work for the town, helping to make Uttoxeter a more supportive place.” The charity bike ride has also been backed by television personality Rustie Lee, Labour parliamentary candidate Jon Wheale, councillor Allan Chapman and former leader of the Friends of Margaret Stanhope Dr Matt Long. Jo Cane, chairman of Art and Soul, said: “We are so pleased to be the bike club’s chosen charity and also be supported by Jon Wheale and Allan Chapman. Rustie Lee coming to the launch made it even more exciting.” The open day itself raised £233.53 and The Talbot Charity Bike Club wristbands will continue to be sold in the town centre. The riders have also been sponsored by global skin company Nivea Men. The Art and Soul Friendship Group and The Talbot Charity Bike Group can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Fund-raising will continue to September and those wanting to sponsor the ride or buy a wrist band are asked to phone Andrew Riley on 07970 506834 or Darren Staniforth on 07936 870157. Edinburgh - Uttoxeter 300 mile charity bike ride
  41. 41. 41Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. Talking Pets by Shoshannah McCarthy BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS • Qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London. • Worked as a small animal vet at Blue House Veterinary Centre in Biddulph since 2009. • I have a 14-year-old cat called Orange Cat. An introduction to the Pet Travel Scheme A few days away in the south of France… caravanning across the Alps… a walk along an Italian beach… it all sounds so idyllic, but it’s never quite the same without your best friend by your side. Luckily, it is relatively straightforward to take your dog with you to Europe these days. The Pet Travel Scheme will equip your pet with his or her own passport, which will enable travel around the EU by road, sea or air. Step one: microchip Your dog will need to be permanently identified with a microchip. If your dog is already chipped, your vet will just need to scan them and make sure the device is still working. If not, don’t panic – your vet can chip your dog for you. Step two: rabies vaccination Vaccination against rabies is mandatory for the scheme and also essential for your dog’s protection abroad. One or two injections may be needed. Your vet will be able to advise you accordingly. Step three: passport After your dog is chipped and vaccinated, your vet will issue you with his or her passport. It’s a little blue book with all his or her information in. If you lose it when you are abroad, your dog will have to be placed in quarantine when you come home – so keep it safe! Step four: travel! Twenty-one days after the rabies vaccination course is complete, your dog can travel with you. If you are using the Channel tunnel, your dog can travel with you in your car. If you are travelling by air or sea, you will need to liaise with your airline or ferry for their requirements. Step five: tapeworm treatment On the way home to the UK, your dog will need tapeworm treatment. This must be done by a vet so that they can sign the passport, and it must be done between 24 and 120 hours before your scheduled arrival time in the UK. This is to prevent the introduction of European tapeworm species. If you are travelling outside the EU you can still take your dog with you, but the process will be different. Blood tests and health certification may be required, so do some research online or contact the embassies for that country for information first. There is some more useful information on the government website, and you can always ask your vet for advice. www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad Magisterial Memories by John Glandfield, Uttoxeter’s most charismatic Lawyer M any of you may already be aware of my recent retirement thus terminating, at least first hand, my ability to witness and then relate the future happenings in our Magistrates’ Courts and incidental goings on although I cannot conceive of their providing future Solicitors and the like with the entertainment given to me over the years. To my mind that consideration is a sad and near inevitable bye product of this era of manic caution and fear of taking responsibility for any decision that seems to have infested so many walks of life and shows every sign, unless checked, of permeating and dictating everything that we do sooner rather than later. Indeed someone once said to me that it was only a question of time before no one anywhere would be prepared to take a decision on anything and then where would we go from there? Well, I can’t answer all that and so, hopefully, someone younger and more energetic than me will at least try and succeed in curbing the appetites of those self-appointed and self-opinionated Managers that seems to have infested so many walks of life and aspects of our working lives. To turn to another and, perhaps, lighter vein, I want to return to thoughts about the character of so-called criminals and how you and I might react when confronted by them. Let’s forget, for a start, the heroics, letting off both barrels of a twelve bore and the like since In truth, I suspect most of us would emerge from such encounters looking or feeling rather stupid, By way of an example, some years ago not too far from here two passing Police Officers in a Patrol Car espied a ladder up against the front of a house with an unidentified male person about to climb up it. Quite understandably and properly the Officers approached said male and asked what he thought he was doing. Without a moment’s hesitation they were met with a response to the effect of. “It is a good job you have come along. I have had a row with the Missus, she has locked the house and driven off with the keys and I need to get in but I don’t like ladders”. The Officers duly obliged by steadying the ladder and thus enabled the burglar to gain access to the property. As I mentioned on a previous occasion when I once found an intruder in the Flat when I was living in Brighton we stood and stared at each other without saying a word for what still seems like an eternity and it only dawned on me that there was something wrong when the blighter turned and ran. What does all that tell us? Whilst many might be classed as such, do not dismiss all criminals as mindless thugs. Some may be but many are both skilled and very clever and, of necessity, practised opportunists. To commit a burglary requires a great deal of nerve. Call it cheek if you like. Many such acts require considerable prior thought and planning. What is the point, cash excepted, in stealing anything unless either it is of use to you or you can sell it on. Burglars certainly depend upon the owner of the property concerned, however oblique, providing an opportunity. I have been told that if you consider how long it would take you to access your house if you have mislaid the key then a professional burglar will get in in half that time. A sobering thought for next time you go out and it does not have to be for any length of time nipping next door for a bowl of sugar is more than enough time for a miscreant to enter and trash your house. Before we all rush down to our G.P’s for a bucket of tranquilizers and to thence to the iron mongers for padlocks and chains it is a fact that in this part of the world we are reasonably safe from crime but we should never be complacent. In this Country as whole we have both dependable and reliable Police but they can’t do it all. Crime and criminals only ever exist because they can and in many instances because we let them. So be careful out there. You have probably worked long and hard to acquire your possessions – look after them accordingly. See you in Court John E.Glandfield Stoke legend wishes Cheadle groom the very best for the future A lex Bamford, of Cheadle, and his family and friends were over the moon when Stoke City and England legend Gordon Banks wished him the very best of luck days before his wedding at the Irish Night at Uttoxeter Racecourse.
  42. 42. 42 Fashion Voice by Angela Clinton of Uttoxeter I mentioned in one of my previous articles about skin tone and how that can help you choose the right colours to suit you. Skin tones consist of winter-deep complexions, summer cool, autumn warm and spring light. Winter people are generally Brunettes with deeply coloured eyes. Summers are natural blondes or brunettes with deeply coloured eyes. Autumn are Brunettes with golden brown eyes, Asian, mixed race and darker skin also fall into this category. Spring people generally have straw coloured or strawberry red hair,freckles,rosy cheeks and blue or green eyes. There are colours that I could advise you what to wear or not what to wear but I do feel that is down to common sense. All you have to do is:- 1. Stand in front of a mirror. 2. Place different coloured fabrics under your chin and see how your eyes and complexion react. 3. The colours that lift and brighten your eyes and complexion are the ones that will suit you. It is as simple as that. Summer trends cover a wide range of graphic prints wether it be jumbo size stripes, bold checks, pretty lacework, floral or just putting together a collection of bright colours that clash. Oriental styles with kimono sleeves and vivid prints look fabulous if you are confident enough to wear them.On the high street this season and last patterned trousers have made a come back. The high waisted emphasise your waist, appear to make your legs look longer and skim the hips and that is why I love them. Although I am quite tall I have short legs so this style works wonders for me. Dresses have flown off the shop floor and we can’t get enough of them. The weather as well as what is on the high street dictates as to what we should be wearing each season and because of the high temperatures dresses have been the most popular as they keep you cool and any age or shape can wear them. On the shop floor at the moment we have a ‘classic’ black maxi dress that can and is being worn now but can also be accessorised with a piece of jewellery and worn at Christmas and all this for the price of £11.50. In order to compliment your figure when wearing a dress you need to skip the hips and accentuate the waist but you cannot achieve all this if it is too tight as it just pushes your bumps and lumps (which we all have) up, down and out. Just wear a little looser and they will disappear by skimming those areas and make you appear slimmer. Lingerie plays an important role so always ensure that you seek advice and what better place to do that than at Peaches n Pairs in the Market Place and they also offer you a loyalty card service. Angela Clinton Essential Clothing, Uttoxeter. Nanna B’s Click ‘n’ Yarn by Kerry Hemmings of Uttoxeter Buttons Buttons!!! W ho would have thought you could do so much with a button? I have to admit that I have a bit of an obsession for buttons, I think that when you’ve knitted or made something from scratch, choosing the right button makes all the difference to your finished project. Along with thousands of other households, I own a button box. I cut buttons off the clothes I recycle, save the spare buttons you get given with shop bought garments and always buy an extra button when I’ve knitted something, just so I have a spare. In my Nanna’s house this used to be an old tin full of buttons from over the years that I ‘played’ with many times when I was a little girl. These ‘vintage’ buttons are now being sought after by people who create their own vintage jewellery, decorate book covers and many more creative ideas. Only just recently I bought a birthday card that had flowers on but I wanted it to look a little more decorative, so I glued a few coloured love heart buttons into the centre of each flower, it looked great and felt more personalised. Since opening the shop 5 years ago I have come across many ideas for other uses of buttons including making button necklaces (pic 1). I make these on ribbon so that they can be shortened, lengthened or just changed around when you’re bored with the look. These necklaces are so easy to make and are a great gift idea, there is a pattern available and a workshop coming soon. I have also seen people with a fear of buttons which was a real eye opener, I never knew this kind of phobia existed!! Then I have met people who paint buttons to make jewellery. This is a very creative idea but if you don’t fancy fiddling around with paint there are an extensive range of buttons at Nanna B’s (pic 2). You can also turn a button over, a lot of buttons are different on the reverse side so if I can’t find the correct colour I look at the other side of the button or you can buy a cover button. The garment in pic 3 has knitted covers on the buttons which match the garment perfectly. After writing this I realise how many times I have said the word ‘button’ ! So I’m including a picture of a window display I did showing how many goods and ideas there are available using buttons, including rings, flower brooches, hairslides, picture frames, eyes on toys and even a button mobile which my daughter Tamzin made! Kids and grown ups love BUTTONS!! So see what you can make from those odd buttons in your button box, you might surprise yourself. If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support.
  43. 43. 43Let The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice take your business to 13,000 local homes. To advertise, call 01538 751629 or 07733 466 970. VIVIENNE SHELLEY DANCE STUDIOS Quality Local Dance Tuition For All Ages Now enrolling for Autumn Term Saturday Dance Classes St Mary’s Church Hall, Balance Street, Uttoxeter Pre-School / Beginners Ballet & Tap - 9.30am Preparatory / Beginners Ballet & Tap - 10.15am Primary/ grade 1 ballet & tap - 11.15am Grade 2 ballet - 12.15pm Freestyle Disco and Jazz - 1pm FREE FIRST CLASS for the Rest of the Summer Term All Styles of Classes available Monday to Saturday at our Cheadle Studios Enquiries for these classes or for any of our classes to advanced standard at the Cheadle Studios to 01538 754414 or email vjshelley@tiscali.co.uk www.vivienneshelleydancestudios.co.uk Set menu • Lunch mains £5.95 • Evening mains £6.95 • Children’s menu from £3.50 Plus a quality steak menu and specials board Starters and sweets from £1 with a main course • Sunday Lunch £6.95 We have a wide variety of homemade dishes, served with REAL chips. Food is served from Noon-3pm and 5.30pm-9pm Traditional ales served: Bass, Bombardier, Doombar and Pedigree. We are an accredited Cask Marque pub and also have a wide selection of wines and spirits Our large beer garden is set in lovely surroundings which is both pet and child friendly, with a children’s climbing frame. We also have a large car park. Always a warm welcome at The Plough Open all day every day The Plough, Stafford Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. ST14 8DW www.theploughuttoxeter.co.uk enquiries@theploughuttoxeter.co.uk Tel: 01889 358493 • Find us on Facebook The Plough Inn Heaven on Earth 32 Carter Street, Uttoxeter, Staffs ST14 8EU • Telephone 01889 560645 O p e n 9 . 3 0 - 5 . 0 0 Tu e s d ay - Fri d ay • 9 . 3 0 - 4 . 0 0 S a t u rd ay heavenonearth2013@outlook.com • Find us on facebook The shop offers an Aladdin's Cave of gemstones, jewellery, gifts and collectables. Crystals with healing properties for physical and emotional wellbeing. Fairies,Angels, Buddhas, pictures, cards and a huge selection of figures and trinkets, offering something for everyone to suit their needs, from the elaborate to the inexpensive. The healing centre focus on pain relief, stress relief and general wellbeing. Some of the services offered are: Reiki - Reflexology - Indian Head Massage - Hopi Ear Candles - Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing. Proprietor Jane Bryan will be on hand with help and advice to assure that customers and clients access the best therapy/healing to meet their needs and there will be future training courses covering gemstones, Reiki and various healing and therapies. Our resident Medium Gary Edwards is available every Thursday for private one to one readings, also our Psychic Tarot reader Carolyn is available on Wednesdays. We also have Rebecca Watt who is our expert Reflexologist available to clients on a weekly basis. From September Holly Hinton will be hosting the following workshops and sessions: 14th September Introduction to Crystals Workshop 28th September Therapy Sessions 12th October Crystals and the Chakras Workshop 26th October Therapy Sessions For more information, times and bookings, please call into the centre or phone (01889) 560645 Something Amazing and Exciting has come to Uttoxeter! The long-awaited, original and new Healing Centre and Mystical Emporium, situated on Carter Street, next door to Uttoxeter Museum and Heritage Centre.
  44. 44. 44 If you are responding to an advertisement in The Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, please let the advertiser know. Thank you for your support. Remembering Days gone by... by Owd Ern Hawkers & Traders P ercy worked for my dad and Percy’s brother, Alex ran a butcher’s shop in Marchington village, and somehow managed to deliver meat twice a week. He had a proper butchers bike with his name under the cross bar and a great big carrier on the front, to hold his butchers basket in. Father traded with him, as he was just starting up in business and Pa always had a soft spot for an underdog. Alex struggled to survive for a year or so, until finally the business was taken over by Geo. Brooks of Tutbury. He was to stay with them for years, delivering meat and finally retiring in the 1990’s. Brooks kept us supplied with some sort of meat during the war from goat to horse, old cow to old sheep. Sometimes it was a bit tough but you were glad to get what you were given! Both Grandmas traded with J.Cope butchers in Uttoxeter. Farmers paid for their meat annually. Grandfather said his meat bill for the year would come to ten pounds, for which he would sell a bullock for ten pounds to pay for it. The Co Op would also deliver our bread once or twice a week in what then, seemed to me a massive red van. One day they delivered my mothers basket of bread leaving the door open to the van. My brother had a big soft Alsatian dog called Nigel, he managed to jump into the van and get shut in. The driver didn’t realise until Nigel popped his head through into the cab, which nearly gave the poor bloke a heart attack! Nigel was a very clever dog, he went to church with my sister every Sunday and sat down in the aisle all through the service. The vicar thought it was marvellous, sorry I’m going off my tale! In the summer, peddlers would walk around selling their ware. An old Gent would come every year, with a big suitcase full of pocket knives, scissors and all sorts of cutlery, he said came from Sheffield. We were always glad to see him as we lads/men had usually lost our pocket knives from the previous year. Gypsy women would come with their baskets full of clothes pegs and bits and bobs, and they would always want to tell my mothers fortune. She usually bought some pegs but declined having her fortune told. They mostly had a babe in arms, my mother always said that they pinched it’s bottom to make it cry, so that you took pity on them. Tramps were very frightening - “Just a mug o tea and a bob for summat ta eat ma” they would say. (A bob was 12 pennys or twelve pints of Beer, or from my point of view Twelve Bags of Crisps or perhaps Twelve Mars Bars) Amongst the many travellers that came, the one I really remember was an Indian selling rugs, he was all done up like the man on Camp coffee, turban, the lot. I had never seen an Indian before and I remember peeping at him from behind my mother’s skirt. Sometimes in the summer Bill Rushden would come round with his little horse and dray with green groceries, but I don’t think he sold a lot as everybody grew their own veg, perhaps a few oranges but he would buy a bag of potatoes or turnips off my dad to take back to Uttoxeter to sell there. Knife sharpeners came occasionally on a strange bicycle contraption and when they sharpened a big carving knife the sparks they created, were as good as a firework display. Medicine man was an annual caller, he walked round with a case full of medicines. According to him he had some sort of medicine to cure all ills?? My mother said, “ If he is so brilliant, what is he doing walking around selling such rubbish?” Slowly they all died out or became mobile with cars or little vans. That’s about it So just Tek Care on thee sens Till next time Owd Ern Down on the Farm by Angela Sargent A ugust already and, hopefully, some summer sun still to be had, as harvesting begins to kick into gear.The winter sown arable crops should normally be ready now with the spring sown ones following on afterwards. Our winter Oats failed to grow enough to make it economical to let them grow on, so we silaged them instead. At least we will have some feed from them, but we may be short of grain for our animals. The field is being grazed off with sheep and then may be sown with something else instead- perhaps stubble turnips or similar. As well as arable crops being gathered in, so are the horticultural crops- salad items such as lettuce, cucumbers, courgettes and spring onions, soft fruits- strawberries, raspberries, currants and gooseberries and more exotic vegetables like pak-choi. These plants all need lots of water inorder to flourish and so water availability is important. Irrigation systems can be seen in the fields, particularly in the south of the county where our horticultural farmers are based and water is abstracted, under license, from the rivers or from wells. Obviously, warm, balmy evenings are very welcome so we can get on with harvesting and we notice the moths out as dusk settles. Not as colourful as Butterflies, but with complex patterns on their wings and bodies, they flutter along the ditches and hedgerows. One such is the Magpie moth, black and white with a yellow/orange line across the wings, the larva feeds on Blackthorn, Hawthorn and Gooseberry and currant bushes. Some flowers are at their best as night approaches- We have lots of red and white clover in our fields and the evening scent from them is sweet and heavy. Red clover was used as a herbal medicine to treat respiratory and skin disorders, but, for us, it is useful as it’s high in protein, calcium and phosphorous as an animal feed and it also improves the nitrogen content of the soil, helping to make other nutrients more easily available. When we are out in the fields at night, we can’t help but look up at the stars on a clear night and this month we may be able to see some of the best meteor showers- Delta Aquarids and Perseids, peaking about the 11th/12th and later in the month, maybe even a comet- Ison- as it returns from behind the sun. Lets hope the ‘shooting’ stars foretell of a really good harvest this year! Our bulls have been out with their lady friends and we hope that the cows are all pregnant by now. This year we have introduced four young home-bred heifers into our herd, to make up numbers (although this means we have four less to sell). They have been put with our young bull as he is not related to them. Our other bull, Dallas, is their father. We will be weaning our lambs too, to give the ewes chance to rest before the Tups(rams) go in with them.All need good grass to get into tiptop condition ready for the next breeding cycle- for that is what farming is- one continuous cycle of life. When you read this, I should have completed the London 10k in aid of RABI, the agricultural charity. Thankyou to all of my sponsors for this and the other fund raising events we have organised, it is very much appreciated . Angela Sargent,www.baldfields-farm.co.uk And now join me on twitter @bythebarn for all things farming! Trefoil Cookout T hreapwood and Uttoxeter Trefoil Guild enjoyed a Cook-out at Woodhead Hall, Cheadle on recently.They returned to their Guiding roots and cooked chicken, sausages, salmon and burgers over a wood fire. Anne looked at hers and was not sure whether to eat it or pray for it !!! A lovely evening and excellent company - next month’s meeting will be for Bell- boating with the Manor, Kings Bromley where members will join forces with Whiston W.I. for what has always been a hilarious evening “entertainment”.