Presentation for EPT - Strategies for inclusion


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Presentation for EPT - Strategies for inclusion

  1. 1. InclusionInclusion is fundamentallyis fundamentally about CARINGabout CARING Caring requires expanding our comfort zone (real Observation) & questioning our prejudices (actively wanting to know people not like ourselves)
  2. 2. To include people who have difficulty attending or being able to pay for standard residential Permaculture Courses Strategies for InclusionStrategies for Inclusion
  3. 3. Rooted People who can't travel because: • they have animals & farms Being rooted (grounded) is an essential quality to be able to transmit PC from
  4. 4. People who need ongoing mentoring & support with big projects Often have lots of knowledge already, but no support group or stable (ongoing) mentors Pau was instrumental in setting up the animal husbandry support group
  5. 5. Rooted People who can't travel because: • they have children Set up the PermaCulture for Children Group Adriana Journalist & Editor of Positive News
  6. 6. Rooted People who can't travel because: • they 'don't do' big groups Many people (who are great permis & great potential permis) don't like crowds at all so would not consider going to any group event, especially for several days. They are often well-rooted in their local community, much more comfortable with people they know well, but not with strangers. Can be difficult to imagine .. that this >> happy scene ... is a nightmare scenario for some people There are more introverts than extroverts in the world (50.7% in USA, random sample by the Myers- Briggs organization in 1998)
  7. 7. Poor People who can't afford to pay: • Young people • Unemployed & Low Income people • People with big families & dependants • People from poorer areas • And those nowhere near a Course Eliminated travel & residency costs. Our PDC is 241€, or less & provides much more personal design support (life-coaching). We also use Permis (internal currency) many students paying for their diploma in Permis.
  8. 8. Rooted People who can't travel because: • they have full-time jobs & spend holiday time with family Pepa works full-time + is a shop-steward + mother of 2 teen-agers Doing diploma with us (over 3 years) Transiting her life by creating own eco-business Was instrumental in creating the Study Circles Network
  9. 9. Some Group Designs Much of the prejudice against 'internet relationships' is that they are 'less real' ... in fact long-term close relationships have created a stable Network of Projects with lots of edge ... & doing daring 'edge' work All offer on-site events & courses (Integral PC), inter-connected Study & Support Groups (various) Women's & Men's Circles Integral Health Group Lots of Free Mini-Courses a great online Integral Permaculture Designers Manual (7yrs of collective work, a modernized & constantly improving PDC curriculum) the Study Circles Network
  10. 10. Strategies for InclusionStrategies for Inclusion Observing what people NEED - mostly it's a PC community & support, long-term (lots of CARING)