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Noble Truths
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Noble Truths


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Noble Truths - By Buddha
  • 2. The Noble Eightfold Path
    • Right Understanding
    • Right Thought
    • Right Speech
    • Right Bodily Action
    • Right Livelihood
    • Right Effort
    • Right Awareness
    • Right Concentration
  • 3. Right Understanding
      • How we perceive things conditions our actions, and the outcome of our actions can be neutral, happiness or misery. Right understanding is fully grasping this.
  • 4. Right Thought
      • If we see the world as it is, our thoughts will reflect it. However, usually we don’t – we are full of thoughts of “ought”, “must” and “should”, and we spend huge amount of energy trying to square the world with our own individual view of reality. We also take things personally and feel resentful; the consequence is angry or greedy thoughts.
  • 5. Right Speech
      • If we can be restrained but truthful and kind in how we speak to each other, our natural tendency to ruthlessly grab what we want from life will not take hold of us and lead to unhappy consequences.
  • 6. Right Livelihood
      • If we can avoid trying to fill the spiritual void with talk, actions and work, we shall be able to choose work that satisfies the heart, which in turn brings social harmony and the capacity not to take oneself too seriously.
  • 7. Right Effort
      • Cultivating right effort helps us to give ourselves to each day, no matter how difficult, and to avoid shrinking from life’s challenges.
  • 8. Right Awareness
      • Without awareness practice of meditation is impossible, for how could we familiarize ourselves with the inner life and open up to our surroundings?
  • 9. Right Concentration
      • Meditation practice helps us to become quite inside, and as we become quite, we become aware of our bodies, feelings, perceptions and thoughts. This familiarization begins practice.
  • 10. The Four Noble Truths
    • The First noble Truth
      • Suffering exists and all state of being are essentially unsatisfactory.
    • The Second Noble Truth
      • All suffering and rebirth are caused by craving for existence, for non-existence or for pleasure.
    • The Third Noble Truth
      • The extinction of desire will bring an end to suffering and rebirth.
    • The Fourth Noble Truth
      • There is a way to relinquish the constant agitation of desire; the noble eightfold path.
  • 11. Last words of Buddha
    • “Impermanent are all compounded things. Strive on heedfully!”