Video conferencing en telepresence - Robert Blaas & Daan de Groot - Cloud Xperience

Video conferencing en telepresence - Robert Blaas & Daan de Groot - Cloud Xperience






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  • What is happening in the business world around us is having a dramatic impact on the way we communicate and collaborate. Companies are becoming more globally dispersed, making getting everyone on the same page and staying connected a challenge. Organizations are becoming more complex and need innovative models to support their changing businesses. Operational excellence is top of mind with CIOs around the globe - faster, better, more competitive is the mandate.. Working together and improving collaboration is no longer a nice to have … it ’ s a must have.
  • In fact, in talking with CXOs and LOB leaders, these are the kinds of questions we are actually hearing. These complexities are having a dramatic impact on the bottom line – slowing key business processes, reducing responsiveness to customers and market trends and most importantly - causing missed opportunities for customers. At the heart of most of these issues is the need for better collaboration.
  • Better collaboration occurs when you bring people together.. People collaborate - not documents or tools. Putting people at the center of collaboration changes everything – for the better - and makes the entire experience more powerful.
  • In Cisco’s view, these are the five fundamental elements of collaboration that must be considered for collaboration strategies going forward. People In the past, the people you needed to work with were probably within your organization’s walls. Today they could be anywhere around the world, and they might or might not be part of your organization. Communities We rely on communities of people with those insights and expertise we need to make decisions and do our work. We used to think of communities primarily in terms of departments. In today’s collaborative world, communities are self-organizing. Think of Linked In as just one example. There are many different professional communities all over the globe. All these communities must have immediate broad and deep access to information and resources. Content In the past, the information we needed was text-centric, came primarily from a single source, and was largely asynchronous. Today, information comes from multiple sources, multiple devices and multiple applications. You might need to access that information from your PC, or Mac, or cell phone. It could be an email – or a video on demand or a conference call. Context By context I mean having the background and situation that’s relevant to the problem I’m trying to solve. We need to be able to filter all the information available, so that we only get what we need at the right time, to the right people, and from the right resource. Security Security of course has always been an issue for organizations. Today the increase in technologies that are so central to our efforts at collaboration make it more challenging. Furthermore, security can no longer focus on keeping people outside our walls. Many of the people we work with are outside our walls as are many of the places from which we work. Message to TVSS Let me summarize the key points for this team and do a little translation on what this means to you. There is a new normal at work, and unlike any other technology, Collaboration can unlock business productivity, agility and growth in this new market. In the “old world”, Collaboration used to be about document sharing and unified communications. When Tandberg and Cisco got “married”, we were put in a position of great strength to redefine Collaboration to be real-time, human-centric, rich media communications. That means video is crucial to not only the New Collaboration experience, but also to our ability to move industry and customer thinking about Collaboration. The coming together of the two teams also gave us the ability to have multiple entry points to the customer—our (Cisco) traditional IT buying centers; the business units like HR, Finance, Sales; and as you are very familiar with, the end user. Think about the implication of being able to help our customers marry up their business priorities to their IT strategies as we create value from the desktop to the data center.
  • Video and the visual medium delivers the most natural collaboration experience possible. The Benefits of Visual Communication 64% of communication is non-verbal One third of the human cortex is dedicated to vision 1 Kandola, Pearn “ The Psychology of Effective Business Communications in Geographically Dispersed Teams ” , Cisco Systems, September 2006 2 Vision Group Research, FMRIB, University of Oxford, UK
  • And Telepresence, as the most immersive and natural of all video technologies is at the heart of a new collaboration experience.
  • Let ’ s show you what we mean by all of this – PLAY VISION VIDEO (embed)
  • Business value drivers of telepresence – from IBSG.
  • There is more to video and telepresence than money saved - there is money earned and competitive advantage. Video is known to accelerate decision making, scale knowledge, unify the organization and can even provide better work/life balance for employees. For example … Statoil, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, connects platforms in the Norwegian Sea with support centers on the coast through their Integrated Operations. TelePresence helps shore-based experts diagnose problems immediately from thousands of miles away, significantly reducing downtime. According to Statoil, some issues that used to take two months to resolve now take two weeks with TelePresence. Specialists on Call uses video collaboration to connect stroke victims with emergency trained neurologists within minutes of entering a hospital to help ensure appropriate and timely treatment. As a result, success rates are three times higher than the national average. Volkswagen uses video to train more than 200 dealerships on the latest repair techniques, eliminating the travel costs and lost service revenue of sending the local technicians to training. This helped cut repair times by 50% and travel and communication expenses by 30%, resulting in a 300% improvement in complex repair turn-around time, and consequently, customer satisfaction.. By installing Cisco TelePresence solutions, Telekom Austria has connected employees across the country, speeding decision making and saving a projected 2,000 days in business trips, almost one million Euros and up to 150 tons of CO2 every year. Imagine the impact TelePresence could have on your company’s environmental responsibility goals. Real green, real difference. Apart from appealing to the 500 million consumers who prefer to buy from green companies, it appears that 80% of the global workforce would prefer to work for environmentally ethical organizations. 100 employees using video at home one day a week instead of driving to work would save the equivalent of a forest the size of five football fields. The best business leaders are acting. In the example of TNT used earlier, in addition to saving money, video also helped them become carbon neutral.
  • So what could Cisco TelePresence look like in your organization? Every function could be visually-enabled. Dedicated rooms for truly immersive TelePresence meetings, with the ability to connect ad hoc to the other systems throughout the organization when needed. High definition systems on every executive’s desk to manage a distributed team or for use throughout the day to manage every corner of the business. Multi-purpose meeting rooms for bringing teams together (i.e. Your product team can meet face-to-face with manufacturing to check in on production, get the product out the door faster) Personal systems for everyone at their desks. Everyone can stay connected throughout the day.
  • And you are not only limited to internal communication. You can also reach outside the organization securely with firewall traversal. That means you can see vendors, partners and customers daily to make sure they are on schedule and happy. Employees can be on video from the airport, hotel – or even a coffee shop -- via Movi, a software based video client for PCs and Mac, that keep every individual contributor connected while on the go. Home offices can have business quality video to make telecommuting programs acceptable to managers, and improve retention of your employees and your environmental responsibility goals. Industry applications can be tailored for the customer. The applications of the technology are endless.
  • Based on your need and level of immersion needed, there is a Cisco product right for you. Endpoints: For all environments including immersive dedicated and multipurpose rooms, personal work or home offices, mobile environments and platforms for custom solutions. Immersive Telepresence: For dedicated rooms with an optimized environment for face-to-face virtual communications and collaboration Multipurpose Room Systems: Designed to provide an optimum telepresence experience in the widest range of conference rooms and environments Personal Systems: Optimized for use in personal offices, at home for telecommuting applications, and while traveling. Solution Platforms: Core Cisco TelePresence components for customized and vertical applications Infrastructure: Includes management, multipoint technology, media services and call/session control. Management: Cisco TelePresence Management provides the most comprehensive management with integrated scheduling, network management and reporting capabilities, including ROI tools. Conferencing: includes industry-leading switching capabilities for large high-performance and scalable multipoint meetings with security. Media Services: Provides any-to-any interoperability via multiple offerings: CUVC and MXE technologies in endpoint and infrastructure. Call/Session Control: and comprehensive Cisco TelePresence session control via a comprehensive set of signaling and call control capabilities.
  • And TelePresence is just one component of a much large collaboration experience. By partnering with Cisco, customers can benefit from rich new collaboration experiences; possible through the breadth of portfolio and integration with other technologies. For example: IPC plus telepresence yields virtual meetings. Conferencing plus telepresence yields webex engage Telepresence plus enterprise social software means HD recording studio or classroom of the future Telepresence plus customer care means expert on demand.
  • Cisco TelePresence provides a unique in person experience – it’s “next-generation” video conferencing. QUALITY - It’s All About the Experience: Ultra High Definition Video – 1080p (Twice the video quality of HD today). Every participant has “a seat at the table” – life size images, eye contact, facial gestures and emotion create engagement. Audio is spatial - sound comes from participants using normal voice levels – and latency is unnoticeable. SIMPLICITY - As Easy as Placing a Phone Call: With one button to push functionality and integration of familiar touch screen interfaces, Cisco technology is invisible to the user. And with the most comprehensive standards based (SIP) portfolio, any to any calling delivers the greatest value. RELIABILITY - Uses the Network as the Platform: Along with Cisco Unified Communications to deliver advanced levels of reliability, resiliency, and security. COLLABORATION - New Experiences Through Integrated Technologies: Instant face-to-face access to everyone, everywhere for greater sharing and improved collaboration in real time
  • Flexible solution, easy to scale from 1 to many
  • Today, a telepresence enterprise deployment requires endpoints and infrastructure in a customer data center. These infrastructure boxes can do a lots of important things that make video work At its core, Callway changes the delivery model of infrastructure from the data center to the cloud, and changes the model from capex to opex Customers plug the endpoint in, do an almost no-touch provisioning and activation, and they get full capabilities immediately, from anywhere
  • Interoperability: Callway 2 Callway – Dial a phone number for video Callway 2 PSTN phone – Dial a phone number for audio Callway 2 Standards based video – Dial a SIP / H.323 URI for video Leave the infrastructure work to Cisco Callway. No need to worry about provisioning, firewall traversal, call control, directory service, until your business needs mandates customization and control. Phonebook: All subscribers in the same company configured automatically on the endpoint. B2B phonebook (opt-in to mutually share contacts with other companies) on the roadmap
  • Callway tenets in the black box The tenets make it a fit for gray boxes On collaborative communities – highlight multiple locations and multiple businesses, crossing the network boundaries
  • Low fixed monthly cost No additional IT staff yet full customer service Full video, voice, data collaboration Ideally suited for business to business video Any-to-any standards based platform enables video and voice calls
  • An experience is more powerful than words on a page. Some calls to action: Visit us or a trusted partner for a live demonstration Host next meeting on Cisco TelePresence Try and buy Needs assessment with executives and users Usage and adoption program

Video conferencing en telepresence - Robert Blaas & Daan de Groot - Cloud Xperience Video conferencing en telepresence - Robert Blaas & Daan de Groot - Cloud Xperience Presentation Transcript

  • Working Together Cisco TelePresence Daan de Groot, Partner Account Manager Robert Blaas, Marketing Manager
  • My company expanding across the globe – how do I get everyone on the same page? Am I moving fast enough to keep up? How do I scale scarce resources across to be in more places at once? What are my competitors doing? Our business is becoming more complex, how do we keep up with the pace of innovation? How can I maintain better relationships with my customers, partners and advisors?
  • THEN NOW PEOPLE Inside my organization Dispersed, mobile teams CONTENT Documents, Text Video, Voice CONTEXT Search Information finds you SECURITY Inside the firewall, walled off Inclusive, selective, policy-based DEPLOYMENT On premise Cloud, hybrid COMMUNITIES Hierarchy Self-organizing
  • Words convey meaning, a picture says a thousand words, and video does it all
    • Spend less on travel - more on opportunities for growth
    • Be greener – reduce CO2 emissions and further CSR goals
    • Minimize business travel- related downtime
    • Enhance teleworking capabilities
    • Increase productivity
    • Improve work/life balance
    • Resolve critical problems faster
    • Accelerate sales cycles
    • Reduce time to market
    • Drive innovation
    • Build competitive differentiation
    • Scale expertise across the globe
    • Unify your entire supply chain
    • Redefine customer service and experiences
    • Transform your business and industry
    Reduce travel costs Optimize employee time Speed decision making Transform business models
  • EXECUTIVE OFFICE Manage by “ walking around” right from your desk TEAM COLLABORATION Bring teams together into a virtual meeting room. React, plan, and create at a moment’s notice DESKTOP Daily video that integrates with existing collaboration tools IMMERSIVE Virtual meetings to strengthen relationships and finalize decisions with executives from around the globe LOBBY AMBASSADOR Meet and greet visitors from thousands of miles away.
  • HOME OFFICE Productivity has no boundaries, whether in the office or working from home CUSTOMER CARE Reach subject matter experts on demand B2B Be closer to your customers, suppliers, and advisors every day. ANYWHERE Mobile solutions for those on the go. VERTICAL INDUSTRIES Reach suppliers on the manufacturing floor, technicians on site, and emergency responders in the field
  • In-person feel for strategic meetings Business use case determines the immersive needs Immersive needs determine the product selection Face-to-face for small groups Scale beyond the room Enhancing voice Enhanced presence In office and home Immersive Multipurpose Personal TelePresence Video Enabled Web Video Enabled Voice
  • CISCO TELEPRESENCE CUSTOMER CARE Lobby Ambassador Expert On Demand Virtual Meetings HD Recording Studio Financial Expert ENTERPRISE SOCIAL SOFTWARE CONFERENCING Active Collaboration Room One Button Integration Classroom Of The Future
    • Natural communication
    • Face-to-face, in person experience
    • High definition
    • Low latency
    • Wideband audio
    • The most integrated portfolio of collaboration solutions
    • Interoperability
    • Intercompany
    • New experiences
    • The future today
    • Dial tone reliability
    • Investment protection
    • Scalability
    • Low TCO
    • Standards based
    • One button to push
    • Intuitive controls
    • Active presence
    • Integrated scheduling
    • Ad-hoc flexibility
    Collaboration Reliability Simplicity Quality
  • Cost Complexity Capital investment in infrastructure and systems Ongoing management & maintenance costs, IT staffing ROI is challenging for sub 20 endpoint deployments Video and TelePresence infrastructure complexity IT staff video skills and capacity Technology interoperability: video & interco collab Ease of Use Integration with collaboration tools Intercompany security, connectivity and routing
    • Cloud based Telepresence services address the growing & midsized business collaboration with:
      • Subscription Based Service
      • Plug and Play simplicity
      • Easily scale to your business with video and TelePresence
      • Call anyone with unlimited video
      • Leverage existing broadband connection
    • Call control for basic calling
    • Firewall traversal for intercompany
    • Gateways (including PSTN calling)
    • Mgmt suites (including directory)
    • Multi-conferencing units
    + PUBLIC INTERNET Hosted service Plug and play provisioning Infrastructure Endpoints
  • Select Equipment Select a Plan Activate Service Call Anyone 1 2 3 4 4 Easy Steps Customers just like a cell phone; equipment is purchased separately and partner activates service.
    • Cloud based to Cloud based
    • Cloud based to non Cloud based (Standards based)
    • Cloud based to PSTN
    Cisco Callway to Cisco Callway. Dial a regular phone number for a video call. Cisco Callway to any standards based a system. Dial a URI for a video call. **Endpoint address and Cisco Callway network must be routable between each other Callway to a landline or mobile phone. Dial a phone number for a voice call. * Cisco Callway to PSTN optional feature Cloud based 2 Cloud based Cloud based 2 Non-Cloud based Cloud based 2 PSTN phone SIP / H.323 & URI / IP
    • Up to 6 video or audio users
    • Unlimited use
    • Available for ad hoc use anytime
    • Dial a number/uri to get in
    • Conference code authentication.
    MeetMe Account
    • Plug and play activation
    • Unlimited video calling
    • Supports data sharing
    • Intra-company directory accessible from endpoint
    • Unlimited inbound audio calling
    Cloud based Telepresence
  • Opex driven, pay as your grow Easy to use, easy to scale Open network and standards based Cloud based provisioning & management Plug n play Breadth of endpoints Video, data, voice Ad-hoc, multipoint and interop calling 24*7 Support Phased Video Adoption Collaborative Communities Cloud Centric B usiness Model
    • Buy endpoint, Choose plan, Call anyone
    • Telepresence benefits with plug & play simplicity
    • Minimal upfront investment, pay as you go
    • Low fixed monthly cost
    • No additional IT staff required
    • Full customer service, technical support
    • Video, voice, data collaboration
    • Intercompany calling, interoperate with any standards based video endpoint
    Low Cost Managed Feature Rich