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Dhr. Van der Spek zal namens de vooraanstaande vermogensbeheerder Robeco, in deze sessie ingaan op de inzet van de Cloud Spend Management oplossing van Esize. Esize is marktleider op dit werkgebied en helpt organisaties om meer inzicht en controle over hun bedrijfsuitgaven te krijgen. Met als doel om uitgaven beter te sturen en besparingen te realiseren. Dit doet zij door alle stappen van inkoop en factuurafhandeling eenvoudiger en transparanter te maken.

Esize biedt met haar software een cloud platform waarop inkooporganisaties en leveranciers efficiënter en makkelijker met elkaar samenwerken. Door inkoopexpertise en kennis van financiële processen te bundelen heeft Esize een passend antwoord bij vraagstukken rond spend management. Dit laten Esize sinds1999 zien bij multinationals en grotere (inter)nationaal opererende ondernemingen. In internationale onderzoeken, door onder andere Capgemini en Forrester, komt Esize steevast als één van de koplopers naar voren.

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Cloud Spend Management - Robeco

  1. 1. Cloud Spend Management at asset manager RobecoPresentator: Rard van der Spek Senior Buyer Robeco
  2. 2. Robeco at a glance > Founded in Rotterdam in 1929 > 100%-owned by highly rated Rabobank > A pure-play asset manager: investing is all that we do > Assets under management: EUR 186 billion (as of 31 July 2012) > Active investment style > Full range of products > traditional asset classes (equity, fixed income, money markets) > alternatives (private equity, managed futures) > Core investment capabilities complemented by a ring of investment boutiques > Balanced client mix (retail/institutional) > Global leader in responsible investing > 1,535 employees in 13 countries across Europe, the US and Asia3 Robeco
  3. 3. A trusted global asset manager > Founded in 1929: tried & tested over many market cycles > 100% owned by highly rated Rabobank > 10 investment centers > Sales & service teams across the globe Boston Robeco Investment Management Rotterdam HQ; Investment management; Transtrend & Boston Partners Mumbai Canara Robeco Luxembourg Shanghai Robeco Luxembourg Robeco Mainland China Chicago Harbor Capital Advisors Tokyo Madrid Frankfurt Robeco Japan Robeco Spain Robeco Germany Seoul Robeco Korea Greenbrae; Los Angeles Robeco Investment Management Paris Taiwan Robeco France Robeco Taiwan Hong Kong Zurich; Zug Robeco Greater China New York Robeco Switzerland = investment management and South East Asia and sales Robeco Investment Management SAM = sales only Corestone Dubai Sydney = representative office Robeco Middle East Robeco Australia4
  4. 4. Well-diversified asset base & business > Institutional clients since 1974Assets breakdown Client type breakdown Institutions by client type Institutions by location Equities 53.7% Institutional 50.6% Pension funds 58.3% Netherlands 61% Fixed income 24.2% Retail 49.4% Insurance 13.5% Rest of the world 39% Balanced 11.4% Bank & other financials 7.0% Alternative investm. 6.4% Corporate 6.1% Money market 4.3% Public/government 6.0% Sovereign wealth fund 3.8% Other 5.3%Data as of end Q2 20125 Robeco
  5. 5. M a n a g e m en t B o a r d Investments Sales & Marketing CEO CFO COO Hans Rademaker Hester Borrie Roderick Munsters Jurgen Stegmann Leni Boeren–Investment Products/ –Sales Offices NL & –Group Compliance –Group Corporate –Group Information Specialists International –Group Internal Audit Development & Services–Investment Solutions –Global Key Account –Group Human Business Control –Simplicity program–Investment Services Mgmt & Consultant Resources –Group Finance –Vendor Management–Quantitative Relations –Group Corporate –Group Fiscal Affairs –Financial Service Center Strategies –Group Marketing & Communications –Group Risk –SAM–Financial Markets Business Support –Company Secretary Management –Robeco Inv Mgmt (RIM) Research –Robeco Direct Client –Group Product –Group Legal Affairs –Private Equity–Corestone Relations Management –Central Purchasing–Robeco Gestions –Canara Robeco –Harbor Capital –Treasury/ALM Advisors –Transtrend –Responsible Investing
  6. 6. Central Purchasing (1)What is foundation of central purchasing?User oriented : quality is one of the key driverswithin RobecoCross functional : reducing costs can only beachieved with team work across the domainsResult oriented : competition will reduce OoP costs
  7. 7. Central Purchasing (2)What are goals of central purchasing? Central purchasing : one approach to market Aggregation of demand : standardize and reduce number of suppliers Maximize use of master contracts Use internal purchasing knowledge  not accept do so called “maverick buying” Key budget owners are responsible for budgets and requirements : purchasing gets best supplier, product and price
  8. 8. Why Cloud Spend Management (CSM)? Inefficient order and paying process, created by a difficult authorisation process Contract management should be more clear within the organization and available for more departments No product related catalogue; gives no information about existing contracts and causes several different contracts for the same products or with one supplier different contract at different BU’s. Buying without the use of existing contracts (“maverick buying”) Better information about the budget; earlier informed about the depletion of the budget, not depending on when the invoice is paid18 September 2012 9
  9. 9. Advantages of Cloud Spend Management Aggregated a grip on the purchase process; Fast acceptation in the organisation because of the user-friendliness of the application; Sustainable purchase profit possible; Lower process costs; Less administration.
  10. 10. Reasons for Robeco to use CSM? Cloud Spend Management is used for: Contract management Hourly records of external staf Accountability of invoices Ordering of books, subscriptions and papers Ordering of IT supplies Ordering of office supplies Vendor management Sourcing11 Robeco
  11. 11. Saving potential with CSM Potential Direct Savings Buying cyclus Indirect SavingsSaving potential (hidden costs)on actual spend Sourcing cyclus Besparingpotentieel op huidige administratieve kostenIntegration of Sourcing & Buying cycles essential for reducing total costs
  12. 12. Architecture (1)
  13. 13. Architecture (2)
  14. 14. Benefits of Cloud Spend ManagementWhat are the benefits of using Esize for Robeco?Available through internet, anytime & anywhereNo cost of hardware and service delivery organizationUpdates from a central point with hardly effort for our ITorganizationFlexibility in use and in storing data 2009 2010 2011 Relative to Relative to Indicators Absolutely Absolutely Absolutely 2009 2010 Amount of suppliers 1.359 1.363 0,3% 1.307 -4,1% Amount of invoices 14.654 9.468 -35,4% 8.347 -11,8%
  15. 15. Partners
  16. 16. Bedankt voor uw aandachtU kunt deze en alle andere presentaties terug zien op: