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Graduation 2013 slideshow

  1. 1. Class of 2013Announcing The Graduation Of The Grade 8 Class Of Whitefish 2013 Whitefish Elementary June 21, 2013 at 6:30pm Whitefish Valley School Gillies, ON
  2. 2. Staring our Graduation pictures Cayden, Tim and Liam pose outside of school Keith in his white tux. We all were shocked when we saw himThe ladies waiting to start. (left to right) Brianna Jewett, Maija Erickson, Nicole Lex, Hailey Kennedy and Robin (Robyn) Lyons The “men” posing for a whored of adults. (left to right) Tim Matson, Noah Ogima, Austin Hari, Keith Noy, Kolten Hickman, Liam Grieve, Cayden Boucher and Gabe DaSilva Another photo of the ladies waiting to start. (left to right) Hailey Kennedy, Brianna Jewett, Maija Erickson, Nicole Lex, Robin (Robyn) Lyons and Faith DuVall
  3. 3. The ceremony Kolten Hickman receiving his diploma Cayden Boucher and Liam Grieve waiting for the ceremony. (in the back left to right) Tim Matson, Austin Hari and Colin Whier Gabe DaSilva receiving his diploma Keith Noy receiving his diplom a
  4. 4. After the ceremony, before the limo… Some random picture of Kolten Hickman. Some random picture of Faith DuVall 4 ladies standing in front of the desserts. (left to right) Robin (Robyn) Lyons, Maija Erickson, Brianna Jewett and Faith McDonald. (Back row left to right) Keith Noy, Kolten Hickman, Travis Nyman (Noah’s brother creeping in the picture), Faith DuVall and Robin (Robyn) Lyons. (Front row left to right) Cayden Boucher, Noah Ogima, Liam Grieve, Doug Jones, Colin Whier and Austin Hari. The whole class posing for the giant crowd of Adults.
  5. 5. Party in the bus!!
  6. 6. Austin Hari and Keith Noy enjoying their wings Cayden Boucher “smiling” for the camera The dinner table at Mario's Bowl. A picture of Kolten Hickman smiling with Faith DuVall in a, “Oh no you didn’t” face Bowling bro’s: Liam Grieve and Keith Noy Cayden Boucher and Doug Jones Seeing who’s phone is shinier in Noah’s camera flash. Austin Hari In the middle judging Faith DuVall seems to be in a bad mood… but Nicole Lex shines with happiness(left to right) Doug Jones, Cayden Boucher, Noah Ogima And Tim Matson chilling in the Laser tag lobby. Ending the day…
  7. 7. Special Thanks… Thank you all from whitefish valley school for making my 6 years there awesome! Thanks to all the people who posted photos of our grad on facebook so I could snatch them up and apply them to the slide show. The graduation was amazing and I was glad everyone showed up so we could celebrate our final year of elementary school together. I wish you all good luck in your high school years and your adulthood. I know that you guys can accomplish anything If you put your minds to it. We all are going to miss Mrs. Murdoch but I was glad I could have her as a teacher. So thank you all whitefish people and have a good life! I am now going to post Cayden’s epic speech because I liked it and I’m sure all of us did… I’d like to start my speech by thanking my classmates for electing me for Valedictorian. It is a great honor to represent all of us as we begin a new chapter in our lives. I’d also like to thank Mrs. Murdoch for helping us become well mannered young adults. I don’t think we will ever be able to use improper grammar without thinking of you. This school year has been great! Everything, from field trips to broken bones. Boy, did we ever have a lot of those. It all with you, Keith. You put us on the wrong track. But I think Kolten takes the hat in the bone breaking category. Kolten broke his collar bone by slipping on some ice and then a few weeks later after it healed, he broke his wrist. Then Mrs. Murdoch broke her wrist and all of the times making fun of Kolten came righ5t back at her. How Mrs. Murdoch broke her wrist is surrounded in controversy. Some will say she punched a shark, others will say she, “fell off a donkey in a sugar cane patch.” But that was just this year; we still have our entire school career and many more broken bones and adventures to look forward to. I’m sure we can all remember being in grade 4 when we all did our first sports. I remember being really nervous and wanting to impress the big kids. Now, we are the big kids that the little children look up to. But, in a few months we are back to the small fish in a big a big pond. I think the saying, “out of the frying pan and into the fire”, would suit here. Over the years I think all of us have a special bond, after all, we have shared about 10 years of our lives together. But, some of us moved away before reaching grade 8. I think the most recent and memorable one is Vincent. Whenever I think of the sixth grade I can’t help but think of him. Another thought that comes to mind is ‘poor Mr. Sandberg’. I have to say grade six was pretty fun even though we made it pretty hard on Mr. Sandberg. I think all of us can remember the huge eraser fight we had on that one day. I think we can pin the blame on Austin for that one. We were “bad” but in a good way. In high school some of us will break apart and go on our own ways but whenever we think back on our public school live we will all remember the great times, friends, and experiences as a community during our time at Whitefish Valley School. Well, that was really well written Cayden Boucher and we will always remember all those moments. This concludes the slideshow of our graduation. Enjoy your life to the fullest people! -Slideshow By: Noah Ogima
  8. 8. Enjoy the rest of the song!