NoTube: experimenting with Linked Data to improve user experience


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NoTube: experimenting with Linked Data to improve user experience

  1. 1. R&D © BBC MMX NoTube - Experimenting with Linked Data to improve user experience Vicky Buser, Information Architect September 3rd, 2010 – SSMS’10
  2. 2. R&D © BBC MMX NoTube is an example of using Linked Data for user- facing apps as these two short videos explain… 1.  Strategy & Direction 2.  Highlights 11231965for each area
  3. 3. R&D © BBC MMX A bit about my background…
  4. 4. R&D © BBC MMX I’m an Information Architect
  5. 5. R&D © BBC MMX The BBC and the semantic web Some background
  6. 6. R&D © BBC MMX It started with the BBC Programmes site…
  7. 7. R&D © BBC MMX …following Linked Data principles, it ensures ONE page per programme
  8. 8. R&D © BBC MMX And it uses the BBC Programmes Ontology Drawing borrowed from Michael Smethurst at the BBC
  9. 9. R&D © BBC MMX Similarly, each artist in BBC Music has an RDF representation
  10. 10. R&D © BBC MMX BBC Wildlife Finder provides a URI for every species, habitat and adaption
  11. 11. R&D © BBC MMX The BBC’s World Cup site uses RDF and Linked Data to build and manage the site of 700 aggregation pages
  12. 12. R&D © BBC MMX
  13. 13. R&D © BBC MMX The NoTube Project Networks and Ontologies for the Transformation and Unification of Broadcasting and the Internet
  14. 14. R&D © BBC MMX NoTube is part of the wider trend of TV and Web convergence
  15. 15. R&D © BBC MMX The BBC is leading one of the Use Cases in NoTube
  16. 16. R&D © BBC MMX The BBC’s Use Case: TV and the Social Web demonstrates APIs for linking the Social Web with broadcast and on-demand television, using linked data from broadcasters, audiences and across the web, to help make social content navigation applications and active TV communities.
  17. 17. R&D © BBC MMX Focus of the rest of this talk How we can use linked data to improve the user experience
  18. 18. R&D © BBC MMX Some observations relating to TV watching…
  19. 19. R&D © BBC MMX 1) Deciding what to watch on TV is hard
  20. 20. R&D © BBC MMX 2) People would often like to know more about a programme they’re watching (e.g. BBC Red Button)
  21. 21. R&D © BBC MMX 3) Watching TV is still predominantly a social activity
  22. 22. R&D © BBC MMX From a recent (Aug 2010) YouGov/Deloitte report •  42% of those UK adults who use the Internet while watching television do so to discuss or comment on the programmes they are watching at the time. • -social
  23. 23. R&D © BBC MMX So, how can we use Linked Data to help people to… •  Decide what to watch •  Discover more information related to a programme •  Have smarter conversations and social engagement around TV programmes
  24. 24. R&D © BBC MMX In our part of NoTube we are using three core techniques to help with this… •  Dereferencable URLs •  Semantic enrichment •  Social APIs
  25. 25. R&D © BBC MMX 1) Using dereferencable URLs to identify programmes
  26. 26. R&D © BBC MMX 2) Enriching programme metadata with Linked Data from the Web •  Using Ontotext's LUPedia and NoTube’s vocabulary alignment service to: –  Add background knowledge and context –  Make new connections –  Support serendipity
  27. 27. R&D © BBC MMX 3) Linking the dereferencable URLs with Social APIs •  The idea is to connect people, their friends, their activities, and their televisions in a suitably privacy -preserving way in order to make TV in the future a more enjoyable and interesting experience. •  E.g. by creating linkage points into social network discussions, as well as shared bookmarking and commenting systems •  Using Semantics to enhance the data •  Using community features for smart sharing and discussions
  28. 28. R&D © BBC MMX Our experiments… What we’ve been doing
  29. 29. R&D © BBC MMX Deciding what to watch – recommendations/filters POTENTIAL UX BENEFITS OF USING LINKED DATA •  Recommendations are pushed in unobtrusive manner •  Interesting explanations provide context •  Can surface programmes of interest buried in the long-tail
  30. 30. R&D © BBC MMX Interesting explanations…
  31. 31. R&D © BBC MMX Surfacing programmes of interest buried in the long-tail
  32. 32. R&D © BBC MMX Recommendations – Year 1: matching up graphs
  33. 33. R&D © BBC MMX What we learnt… •  DBPedia-based recommendations not specific enough - “Eastenders recommended because you like programmes made in the 80s” •  Recommendations based on BBC’s Lonclass might produce more interesting and useful results because Lonclass is: –  more TV-centric –  more granular –  used by human indexers BUT it’s BBC-centric
  34. 34. R&D © BBC MMX Recommendations – recent Lonclass work •  DEMO: Two-screen prototype for web-based on -demand video
  35. 35. R&D © BBC MMX Recommendations – some challenges •  Generating interesting links is difficult •  We can't do Lonclass-based recommendations for recent content
  36. 36. R&D © BBC MMX Recommendations - what’s next? •  Reverse engineering user recommendations data to discover more about what makes interesting links •  Looking at auto-classification of recently broadcast programmes with Lonclass •  Mixing and matching Lonclass and other recommendations work with social influencers •  Testing
  37. 37. R&D © BBC MMX Recommendations – reverse engineering interesting links Users A, B and F like programmes 1 and 5 which are both about Amsterdam, therefore location might be interesting to users…
  38. 38. R&D © BBC MMX Or the pathways through the graph could be further apart…
  39. 39. R&D © BBC MMX Recommendations – mixing with social influencers •  Such as: –  Twitter TV trends amongst my friends –  What my friends are watching –  What's most popular on Twitter right now
  40. 40. R&D © BBC MMX Cross-domain recommendations
  41. 41. R&D © BBC MMX Bearing in mind privacy implications
  42. 42. R&D © BBC MMX Finding out more about a programme POTENTIAL UX BENEFITS OF USING LINKED DATA •  User is pushed relevant background information •  User doesn't have to search for anything •  Supports content discovery/broadens knowledge •  User is in control: now or later
  43. 43. R&D © BBC MMX Finding out more – in our year 1 demo
  44. 44. R&D © BBC MMX Finding out more – what we might do next
  45. 45. R&D © BBC MMX Creating the infrastructure to support online social activity around video content POTENTIAL UX BENEFITS OF USING LINKED DATA •  Unique URLs support UGC •  This enables all sorts of things to happen – “like electricity”
  46. 46. R&D © BBC MMX Creating the infrastructure: Libby’s Resolver •  Goes from broadcast TV to a webpage describing what's on • -tv-and-the-web-using-a-resolver/
  47. 47. R&D © BBC MMX Creating the infrastructure – what’s next •  Starting by linking up disparate sources of programme data internally within the BBC •  Good business value for the BBC and good for end users •  Deep/rich links into a part of the content, to provide a unique identifier for a particular in-programme event •  Developing APIs for social TV apps
  48. 48. R&D © BBC MMX Summary and conclusions Within the context of the NoTube project , Linked Data techniques can improve user experiences by…
  49. 49. R&D © BBC MMX Supporting content discovery and serendipity •  Follow your nose •  Find new video content •  See related information •  Find people with similar interests
  50. 50. R&D © BBC MMX Reducing the burden of choice •  Automatically filtering of programmes of interest •  Delivering a more personalised experience
  51. 51. R&D © BBC MMX Allowing for smarter conversations around video content •  *This* is what I'm talking about •  I like/don't like/recommend/disagree with *this* •  *Here's* the evidence - using video rather than text to explain things
  52. 52. R&D © BBC MMX Call to action For maximum impact, consider how your work relates to real-world scenarios and how it can be used to improve the user experience
  53. 53. R&D © BBC MMX We start the process by making storyboards
  54. 54. R&D © BBC MMX Now, over to you… •  Postcards and stickers to give you inspiration!
  55. 55. R&D © BBC MMX Further reading • • /bbc_world_cup_2010_dynamic_sem.html • -Linked-Data •
  56. 56. R&D © BBC MMX Photo credits • /set-72157613720528518/ • • • •
  57. 57. R&D © BBC MMX Thank you •  Questions/comments