Scary Movie


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First teaser trailer analysis done

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Scary Movie

  1. 1. “Scary Movie 4” Trailer The establishing shot of the trailer is of the earth turning on its axis. This gives the trailer an epic appeal straight away. The red dot – central to the screen – makes the audience suspicious. However, when the frame develops it turns into a traffic lights, which brings the audience further into the film teaser trailer. The frame then turns all black with just a single red dot. After the traffic light shot dissolves a mock of “War of the World” starts. The voiceover is saying “Our world is being watched by intelligence greater than our own”, before a “triPod (iPod)” appears. This is mocking the latest revolution in the music world, and is laughing at the fact that everyone has one. It is also from a low angle to show its dominance in society. After the crowd speculate about the choice of music and seem unaffected by the vast “triPod” that’s just appeared, ‘Destroy Humanity’ appears and people begin to flee. Then the mocking of “War of the Worlds” continues with the “triPod” starts to laser people. this follows the conventions and camera work of the original but just spoof the evil that is controlling the human race. These black men are laser by the “triPod” as they run away. After they are struck loads of jewellery is left on the floor. This jewellery is cheap and a ‘wannabe gangster’ style type of chains etc which highlights the cheap parody the film possesses and the representation of the society in America. We will do similar with the stereotype of a British boy and a traditional tennis player.
  2. 2. “Scary Movie 4” Trailer This scene shows the president in a school with one of his assistants coming in to explain about the “tripod” putting his people in danger. He accidently says in front of the class, “so these children’s parents are in trouble”, causing them to scream. He isn’t bothered and leaves the classroom, obviously mocking the presidents commitment to his people. This writing appears regularly in the movie teaser trailer and is used to introduce the next group of scenes about to mock a film. It brings the whole idea the producers have together and bring out and establishes the obvious mockery of every film to our attention with the clever one liner. The black behind the white also makes it stand out. This particular black screen is mocking the film ‘The Grudge’. It portrays ‘The Grudge’ as being lame and states it isn’t strong enough. We then see a female in the shower and a mysterious green hand shampooing her hair and shaving her armpit. This suggests that the producers thought ‘The Grudge’ was a bit weak and portrayed this through pampering the female. This is a clever way of mocking the film and is a classic parody technique. The writing at the end of the film is big, bold and bright and will last long in the memory of an audience member. The capital letters make it stand out too and emphasis the date and ‘everywhere’. The smoking ‘4’ is another element of parody comedy and distinctiveness.